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Summary- The Straw Hats could be on their most dangerous adventure yet! While sailing through the New World, Luffy and the gang find a castaway in the middle of the sea: a man who goes by the name of Z. At first, Z seems grateful to the Straw Hat crew, but when he finds out they're pirates, he immediately turns on them! Not just that, but Z's minions, the Neo Marines, have a plan to carry out: eliminate all pirates. Nami, Robin, Chopper, and Brook's ages have been reverted ten years back, and Luffy finds that he may be facing his strongest foe yet! Will the Straw Hats thwart the Neo Marines and restore their rejuvenated crewmates? What is the story behind Z and the Neo Marines? And why is Kuzan, formerly known as Marine Admiral Aokiji, deciding to help the Straw Hats? Find out in One Piece Film: Z!


Firs Island, one of the many places in the New World where a Marine base is stationed…is under attack.

"The sea is watching the beginning of the world~

The sea also knows of the end of the world~"

KLANK! A huge mechanical arm with three pronged fingers is attached to his shoulder. It appears to be rather painful, for he grunts, but perhaps that's not really the case.

"So it shows the path to be followed~"

WHIRR~! The arm is automatically screwed on, and he grunts in pain.

"So it guides to a better world~"

The arm is now attached, but he still struggles. It appears that this pain was more…internal.

A Shepherd dog with a purple collar, bandages wrapped around his scarred eyes and his left hind leg, which hangs limply behind him, sits by his side, his head resting in his master's lap in hopes of consoling him. The dog is given a hearty pat to his head, but still, his breathing seems erratic.

BOOM! KABOOM! BOOM! Outside, cannon-fire is heard. Ships sail towards an island's shoreline, which is lined with Marine soldiers attempting to hold off enemy lines…and so far, it didn't appear that luck was on their side.

"Pain and suffering, it gathers it all~

Big and gentle, it carries them all~"

"CHARGE!" shouted a Marine captain before he and the soldiers ran out and rushed the invading enemy.

"Hold them back as long as you can!" shouted a Marine Vice-Admiral.

KLANG! Swords clash, but the Marines are forced back not just by weapons, but also by brute strength alone.

Whoever these new enemies were…they were trained just like them.

On board his ship, PSSSSS! He pushes down on his aerosol and takes a breath, and almost instantly, his breathing seems normal, and he lifts his mechanical arm without effort…for the time being.

"Blight…" he says to the Shepherd. "It's time to go."

The Shepherd nods his before following his master out on the shore of the island, dragging his bandaged leg along the ground. One might think that doing so must've hurt the Shepherd, but he couldn't really tell anyway.

The dog had lost feeling in that leg long ago.

The man in charge of this whole invasion is revealed to be big and muscular, about half the height of a giant. He has short, purple hair. His mechanical seems to be held at the hip with the kind of mast rigging that would be used on a ship. He wears a black captain's coat, similar to that of the coats worn by high-ranking Marines. However, it does not carry the kanji for "justice" on the back. Instead, it dons what look like a Jolly Roger with slanted eye sockets while the crossbones appear to be an inverted Marine symbol with a golden cross going down.

As his men go out, practically armed to the teeth with rifles, sabers, and bazookas, the man only says these words…

"I will destroy all pirates…!"

Just then, he ran, rushing the Marines, and with a mighty swing of his mechanical arm, WHOOSH! BAM! He sent them flying.

"Fire!" shouted a Marine captain.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The Marines fired their rifles at the blind old Shepherd, Blight, who quickly whipped around and charged the Marines, dragging his bandaged leg along. Despite this, he deftly dodged the bullets and then jumped on one of the soldiers. CHOMP! He dug his fangs deep into the jugular vein, causing blood to spray out. Before long, the soldier fell in a pool of his own blood. Blight turned to face the Marines, growling viciously.

"This is unheard of!" said the Marine captain. "He's blind, yet he seems to predict our movements! It's like he has Haki!"

Blight suddenly lunged at the captain, biting down hard on his face, causing him to scream in pain as he struggled to pull him off, but it was too late. He, too, soon perished from the dog's bite.

Blight then stood up and turned away from the Marine troops. Even without his eyes, one could tell that he is facing the direction where his master is.

I must follow Zephyr, he thought before dashing off.

BAP! A Marine soldier is kicked in the chest by a slender, curvaceous young woman with auburn eyes and long, wavy, indigo hair framing her face. The hair is held back by a hairpiece that resembled the mark that the ringleader wears on his coat. She also wears a captain's coat just like the ringleader's, with a beige suit and brown leggings, complete with high heel shoes.

SLASH! A Marine attempted to cut the woman down with his cutlass, but she deftly dodged the attack and pulled out two short knives from her coat. SLISH! SLISH! SLASH! In no time at all, she actually managed to shatter the Marines' swords, and cut them all down with not even so much as a scratch on her!

As she landed on the ground and faced another group of charging Marines, she simply said, "I have to follow Master Z."

With that, she, too, dashed away.

But meanwhile…

"Moss, moss~!"

The Marines had opened fire on a rather odd but still possibly dangerous enemy. He is a tall and lanky man with thick lips and broad shoulders that appear to be disproportional to his long arms. He is dressed in a flamboyantly colorful outfit with a black over-suit with a yellow, cloud-like pattern, as well as a hot pink body suit and a hot pink hood tied around his head. He wears a green sash around his waist and tied to his back by a light pink cloth is a long sword and a giant shuriken. If one didn't know any better, he appeared to be dressed like a ninja.

For some reason, this man was swaying his hips and snapping his fingers back and forth, chanting, "Moss, moss, moss!" As he did this, large vines began to appear out of the ground and surrounded him while the Marines still fired their rifles at him, but since the vines were in the way, they acted like a type of shield for the man.

"Eat this!" shouted a Marine captain, armed with a bazooka.

KABAM! He fired it, creating a huge blast, but the ninja emerged from the smoke, completely unscathed.

"I, too, shall follow Master Z!" he declared.

WOOSH! SWISH! SWISH! The man jumped onto the vines, practically surfing along them to gain extra speed, as well as whipping the Marines around him.

Meanwhile, WHAM! Z slammed his arm into more Marine soldiers, sending them flying away. That's when he is confronted by two giants.

KLANG! One giant threw his club down on Z's mechanical arm, and although it did manage to push the man who was half his height just about a couple of inches, Z managed to push him back.

"Smasher BUSTER!"

POW! Z punched the giant in the gut, but as he did, his arm started to glow, and then, KABAM! Something was fired out of the gun, sending the giant flying back and landing on the ground with a colossal THUD! The other giant, the one with the iron mask, didn't seem to be giving, however, for he stood right back up and prepared to swing his axe at him with a fierce battle cry, but then, Z turned to face him, pointing his right arm at the foe.

"Smasher BLASTER!"

KAPOW! A huge blast came forth and struck the giant down.

Down below, Ain had just dispatched a few more Marines before looking up at a bridge when she heard an explosion coming from it.

"Binz! Blight!" she called to the ninja and the Shepherd, who turned to her when they heard her call.


A moment later, Z is seen walking through the base with Blight following not too far behind. Ain, Binz, and the rest of Z's man charged onward before him, taking out any Marines in their way. Once they had been dealt with, they turned to face Z before nodding to him in approval.

Z stood before a huge steel door with the Marine insignia on the front.

"Stand back, all of you," said Z to his men, who heeded his orders and stepped far back.

KAPOW! Z punched the door opened with his right arm, completely destroying it, and entering a room filled with strange canisters. PSSSSSSH! Z pulled out one of the canisters, revealing a gray, football-sized, egg-shaped object with jagged red marks inside, floating in some purple fluid.

Z seemed to grin.

"This is it, men," he said. "The Dyna Stone."


KABOOM! A beam of light seemed to appear out of nowhere and destroyed one of the enemy ships. Another one just like was fired not long after, nearly hitting Z's men.

Ain gasped, realizing it only meant when one thing: Borsalino, A.K.A. Admiral Kizaru, had arrived.

Z gave his men strict orders to hurry to their ships, saying that he would off Kizaru for them. Although Ain, Binz, and Blight were worried, they complied with his orders and boarded their ships.

FWASH! KABANG! Kizaru fired a laser beam from his leg, but Z managed to block the attack. Z charged at Kizaru, preparing to land a punch on him with his right arm, but the Admiral seemed to be one step ahead of him.

"Sacred Yata Mirror!" Kizaru exclaimed.

FWASH! He disappeared in a flash of light, just before Z could strike, and reappeared right above him, sending a laser beam from his leg, once again, but even still, Z managed to block it.

"Retreat!" Binz called as he rounded up all of Z's men and boarded them on their ships. "Fall back!"

Ain and Blight looked back, the latter of the two whimpering worriedly, receiving a gentle pet on the head from the former, who also appears to be worried.

"Master Z," she whispered.

Back on the island, Kizaru materialized in front of Z after the smoke from the blast had cleared.

"Well, well," said Kizaru. "Long time, no see, eh, Master? What brings you all the way here?"

"Borsalino," Z said with a grin. "I thought I warned you not to be too dependent on your Glint-Glint Fruit powers."

"You're still as hard as ever," said Kizaru as he began to form his Amo no Murakumo Sword, "Master Zephyr."

"Tch," Z grunted. "I've given up that name a long time ago. My name…IS Z!"

KLANG! KLANG! KLANG! Z's mechanical arm clashed with Kizaru's sword, and it appeared the two were at a bitter stalemate.

"Don't you think you're being a bit too sure of yourself," Z started, "by carrying the title of 'Admiral Kizaru' of the Marines?!"

"I'm not here to remember the good old days," said Kizaru.

FWASH! ZAP! He fired a laser from his index finger, but still, Z managed to block the attack before he charged at Kizaru again. As he reeled back his mechanical arm to prepare for a punch, the Admiral held up his sword, but Z proved to be too strong. KABOOM! With a blast from his mechanical arm, he sent Kizaru flying a short distance before the Admiral disappeared.

However, Z suddenly fell to his knees, breathing rather hard. KOFF! KOFF! He began to cough a little before he reached into his pocket and pulled out his aerosol. FSSSSSH! He pushed down on it and took in a deep breath, and his breathing returned to normal. Just then, he turned and saw Kizaru materializing behind him, and just in time, too, for he just barely managed to block the Admiral's sword.

"You know you won't be able to match my speed with such a heavy weapon," said Kizaru. "So tell me, what do you want the Dyna Stones for, hmm?"

"Since days long passed," Z began, "I never got along with you, Borsalino!"

WOOSH! Z attempted to punch Kizaru once more, but the Admiral disappeared and rematerialized behind him.

"Just return the Dyna Stones and we'll all go home happy," said Kizaru.

"Not likely," said Z. "They say that the Dyna Stones rival the power of the Ancient Weapons, themselves. How about we use one to celebrate our little reunion, shall we?!"

WHUP! Z jumped back and grabbed one of the canisters that contained one of the Dyna Stones inside, and for once, Kizaru actually looked rather shocked.

"The Dyna Stones cause a massive explosion when exposed to oxygen," said Z.

"Oh…oh, no!" Kizaru cried.

"Here we go!" Z exclaimed.

SMASH! He crushed the container, thus releasing the Dyna Stone, which began to glow purple.

FWASH! Kizaru disappeared in a flash of light in at attempt to flee, but this time, it appeared that Z was one step ahead. He held up the Dyna Stone, which began to flash red, and using the Smasher Blaster, he fired up into the air, where Kizaru rematerialized, and it came chose mere inches in front of his face. The Admiral's eyes widened in pure horror until the Dyna Stone flashed purple, and then…KABOOOOOOM! It detonated, and the resulting explosion was so huge, it covered the entire island.

On board one of Z's ships, Ain, Binz, Blight, and Z's men saw the explosion, and the former gasped.

"MASTER Z~!" she cried.

KABLAAAAAM! A massive eruption of magma emerged from Firs Island and shot up into the sky…completely destroying it, much to the horror of Z's men.

AWOOOOOOOOOOOO! Even though Blight could not see, he heard the eruption, and all he could do was howl, hoping that his master had survived.

At a nearby rock outcropping, Kizaru materialized there, apparently unharmed.

"Damn," Kizaru cursed. "That was a close one."

Nearby, a shadowy figure riding on a bicycle that stood on a road of frozen seawater stared at the ever flowing eruption of magma.

"What the hell are the Marines up to now?" the figure asked before peddling off on his bicycle, making the icy road grow as he did.

Whatever happened here…it could possibly spell disaster for the whole world.


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