Cat caught your tongue?

A/N: I noticed that was a distinct lack of MiSaru fanfics around, so I decided to contribute what may be one of the weirdest things I've ever enjoy.

Misaki x Saruhiko

Rated M for sex and swearing

You have been warned.

Saruhiko considered himself as a cynical man...well, realistic. Miracles never happen, it's just luck by coincidence. He knew deep down that he would never be able to attain the relationship he craved with Misaki. It was impossible. He could never compete with Misaki's precious "Mikoto-san".

If I can't have your love, then I'll have your hate. Only look at me with those passionate eyes, Misaki~

This was what he thought as he watched Misaki skating by with his clan. Tagging along like some pathetic dog begging for attention. It was sickening to witness such a sight, seeing him smile so joyfully.

"You should only be smiling at me...only looking at me." he whispered to himself.

Leaning against the alley wall, he sighed, raising his hand to scratch at the wretched red mark that cursed his skin. Oh how he wished he could burn it away completely...

"I should probably head back to Scepter 4. Better to bury my head in paperwork than to deal with this".

He was then brought out of his thoughts when he felt a slight tug on his sleeve.

"What the?"

Looking back up at him was a young girl. She had golden eyes and dark hair, with cat ears adorning her head. She smiled impishly.

"Hey hey! Are you a spy?" she asked.

Saruhiko was completely confused. Shaking his head, he let out an irritated sigh.

"Look, I don't have time to play games of Q & A. So can you please just get lost?".

The girl puffed out her cheeks angrily. "Meanie! I was just wondering why you've been following that guy with the skateboard around..."

He froze in response. "Tch. A stalker calling out a stalker? Hypocritical brat".

She then stared into Saruhiko's eyes. They showed a certain emptiness and longing, a lonely sadness.

"Oh~ I get it. You're not a spy. You just want to mate with him!"

Saruhiko blushed bright red, gritting his teeth in annoyance. He really didn't want to be reminded of his feelings for Misaki right now.

He turned around to look her in the eyes.

"Listen, little cosplay freak..." he replied angrily. "Young girls like you should just mind your own business, okay? Go play with your freak friends or something. Unless you don't have any? Which would make sense since you obviously have nothing better to do than to follow me around?"

Hurt flashed in the young girl's eyes before they began to narrow.

"It's no wonder he doesn't want you. You're not a very nice man..."

Saruhiko scoffed. "Like I care? Move out of the way, brat" he said coldly as he shoved past her, only to be stopped by a firm grip on his arm.

"You don't deserve happiness. Just like me you don't deserve anything" she said, with a cold and vicious look in her eyes.

Saruhiko turned around, slightly unnerved by her words and sudden boost of strength.

"You should become like me. Us slave strains have no use in this world. I wonder how your precious love would react to seeing you become one, hmm?"

"What?..." he gasped out.

A menacing grin and a flash of light was all Saruhiko saw before falling into a pitch black darkness...

Meanwhile at Homra...

Misaki sat at the bar with his comrades, his smile turning into a slight frown as he thought of Saruhiko.

"I rarely see him around anymore. Not that I want to! It's just that it's so weird not having someone bugging me now and again..."

It seemed Saruhiko had been avoiding him ever since their last fight. No longer would the blue just 'happen' to bump into him by surprise, no longer did he gets teased or hear any more of the monkey's typical cryptic lines about their past friendship or Homra. It was strange.

He slumped his arm down onto the bar, leaning his head on top of it.

"Stupid monkey..."

It was then that they heard someone come through the door. Misaki didn't bother to look, until he heard Anna say "Is that you, Fushimi-san?"

Misaki stiffened as he turned around in her direction. The rest of the group looked just as shocked as he did to see Saruhiko here. Though that wasn't the weirdest part.

The man had two fluffy ears upon his head. A dark blue colour. And a tail that poked out from behind. It was a strange sight to behold, seeing the normally stoic male dressed in such a ridiculous manner.

"Why is he wearing cat ears and a tail? Is this some kind of twisted joke?!"

Hopping down from the bar stool, Misaki stormed past Anna to grab Saruhiko by the collar.

"What the hell are you doing here? Damn traitor! And what's with the ears and tail, huh?!"

"This is just way too weird. Why did he have to come here now? And why like this? I know I said I wanted to see him, but this is just ridiculous!"

Saruhiko looked at him quizzically before leaning forward to lick his cheek.

At this, Misaki froze, blushing bright crimson when he felt the sly tongue brush against his skin.

"S-Saru?" he said in surprise.

The Homra gang started snickering at the scene, obviously finding the couple's antics amusing. Hearing the laughs instantly broke Misaki out of his stupor.

Feeling embarrassed, he quickly pushed the blue away, and was about to yell at Saruhiko before he noticed the right ear twitching.

"Huh...?" "What the hell?! Did it just...just move?!"

Misaki slowly reached forward to touch the ear, feeling along the edges down to the scalp.

Saruhiko purred in response, leaning into the wandering hand.

Misaki blushed slightly at the cute noise before noticing that the ears were in fact, ATTACHED to Saruhiko's head!

Retracting his hand back in surprise, he stuttered "Wha what?! What the fuck happened to the monkey?! Well, he's not a monkey now, but...the fuck?!"

Izumo raised an eyebrow as he saw the ears move. "What are you trying to say, Yata? They're real?"

Misaki turned around, still feeling slightly hysteric. "Of course they're fucking real! I just checked!"

Misaki slumped down onto a chair, holding his head in exasperation.

"What the hell is going on?..." he said to himself.

Saruhiko, seeing his love's distress, walked over and sat down on the floor beside him, leaning his head against Misaki's knee.

Feeling the contact, Misaki looked down at his former comrade. There's no way he could throw him out while being in this state. Saruhiko came here for a reason, and it seemed the monkey (err, cat) really wanted to be near him right now.

Misaki slowly reached down to pet Saruhiko's head, hearing a small purr in return.

The boy looked up at his comrades, confusion clear in his eyes.

"What should I do?..."