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Misaki knew that it would be better if he and Saruhiko waited till they got home, but right now, waiting wasn't an option. They were both too aroused to leave things as they were. The way Saruhiko was whining and bucking against him, made all rational thought fly out the window.

"Misaki, Misaki~". The blue whined desperately to get his attention, much like a cat would.

Seeing how riled up the cat eared male was getting, Misaki decided that it would be best to keep Saruhiko restrained. Pinning him down, the red took off his belt and wrapped it around his blue haired lover's wrists, tying him to the headboard.

This made Saruhiko even more excited.

"Oh, I didn't know that Misaki was into bondage~" he teased, his tail waving back and forward in an enticing motion.

Misaki blushed at the accusation. "It's...it's not something I'm into, stupid monkey. It's just that you keep squirming around...".

Saruhiko was glad his mind was back to normal, otherwise he wouldn't get to tease Misaki like this.

"Is that so? I thought you liked it when I'm squirming beneath you?". To make his point, Saruhiko lifted his hips to grind against Misaki's, making the red gasp at the contact.

"S-sneaky Monkey!" he gasped. "You do remember that I'm the one in control here".

Misaki lowered his hips down hard onto Saruhiko's, rocking back and forth against his groin. This caused the blue haired male to whine and moan. His ears began to lower in submission.

"Ahn! Mm!". Saruhiko's resolve began to weaken. The way his owner was moving against his lower half was enough to make the blue submit. It felt good, and he wanted more.

It seemed that Saruhiko had learned his lesson. His eyes looked up pleadingly at his owner.

"All right, Misaki. You're the one in control. Please, just take me!" he begged, feeling his arousal rise by the second.

Misaki loved having this level of control over the cat eared male. Usually Saruhiko would always find some sort of snide remark to put him down, but not now. He was completely at his mercy, and Misaki could do whatever he wanted to the submissive male beneath him. Just the thought alone made the red's pants feel tight.

Not wasting anymore time, the red began to undo the buttons on Saruhiko's shirt, marveling at the pale smooth skin that lay beneath. As he unfastened the last button, he ran his hand over an erect nipple, pinching and teasing it. This caused Saruhiko to mewl and shiver.

"You're really sensitive here" Misaki jested, watching as a faint blush appeared on the blue's face.

It looked like the cat eared male was going to say something in return, but he didn't get a chance as Misaki leaned over to take the other erect nub into his mouth, sucking harshly as he twisted and pinched it's twin.

Saruhiko moaned, feeling a strange sensation wash over his body. What Misaki was doing to him was really pleasurable. With every twist and suck, his body temperature began to rise.

"Ah Misaki! Please, I want more!~" he purred, squirming as he tried to calm his arousal. He silently cursed the belt that restrained him.

The red enjoyed every moment of Saruhiko's begging. Seeing the cat eared male look so needy, flushed and aroused...it was an amazing sight. He secretly hoped that he would be the only one to see Saruhiko like this.

Misaki released himself from the male's chest and smiled impishly. He ran his hand down towards Saruhiko's crotch.

"Is this what you want?" the red teased, giving the lump a firm squeeze.

Saruhiko gasped in reply. Even though he enjoyed the attention Misaki was giving his crotch, there was another part of his body that craved more attention. The blue shook his head, too far gone for words.

The red raised an eyebrow, but soon caught on to what Saruhiko was craving. He began to undo the man's pants, sliding them off along with his underwear. The immediate relief was clear in the blue haired male's eyes.

Misaki blushed. Saruhiko's erection was already leaking with pre-cum. His attention was then diverted when the man beneath him began to spread his legs, raising his lower half.

"Enough teasing" Saruhiko pleaded. "I need you to fuck me, Misaki~ I want your cock inside me!"

The blue's words went straight to Misaki's arousal. It was confirmed. Saruhiko is way sexier than any girl, he was sure of it.

After making quick work of undoing his shorts and underwear, the red lifted his partner's hips to place himself at Saruhiko's entrance.

"Remember, you're not to complain if this hurts" Misaki said softly.

Saruhiko gave a small laugh. "It's better if it hurts. The pain will be a reminder of what we did. I want you to mark me as yours, Misaki~" he purred.

The red haired male felt his heart jump in response. He wanted to claim Saruhiko so badly.

Making sure he had a firm grip on the blue's hips, Misaki began to slide his length inside Saruhiko, feeling it throb as the hot walls clamped down around it. The male beneath him tried to relax as he was penetrated. It felt uncomfortable, but the pleasure of having his Misaki inside him, far outweighed that.

Moans began to leak from both the male's mouths as Misaki set a steady rhythm, plunging in and out of the tight heat that surrounded him.

Saruhiko was in complete bliss, moaning and mewling as his owner's hot length penetrated deeper inside. His mind almost went completely blank when it hit that special spot.

"Misaki! Ahhn! Misakiii~" he moaned, eagerly pushing his hips against the red's in unison.

To Misaki, the blue's cries were incredibly erotic. He loved hearing him scream his name like that. It didn't matter to him if the whole building heard, he wanted Saruhiko to make more of those sexy noises.

"Ah! You feel so good, Saruhiko!" Misaki moaned, increasing his speed as he plunged harder into the blue haired beauty.

Saruhiko shivered. It made him happy to know that Misaki was enjoying his body.

The blue wrapped his legs around his lover's waist. "Deeper! Come inside me!" Saruhiko purred, feeling his arousal climb higher with every thrust against his prostate.

The sounds of their combined pleasure ricocheted off the walls, bed springs creaking loudly with each movement. Saruhiko almost felt like a rag doll as he was fucked harshly into the bed.

"Ah! I can't! Misakiii~ Going to cum!" with one last shout and thrust against his sweet spot, Saruhiko finally came undone, cumming hard onto them both.

Misaki couldn't hold back when he felt his lover's heat clamp down onto his cock. Combined with seeing Saruhiko cum right in front of him, it only took a few more thrusts before Misaki reached his climax.

"God! Saruhiko!" he moaned, releasing deep inside the blue haired male.

Saruhiko let out a satisfied sigh when he felt Misaki fill him. Whether it was because he was part cat or just because he loves Misaki, he wasn't sure why it made him feel so happy and content to have his cum inside him.

After getting his breath back, Misaki pulled out and untied Saruhiko. He then lay down beside him so the blue could hold him in his arms.

A relaxed feeling washed over them both. Even though this wasn't technically their first time, it felt like it was. Saruhiko's mind was completely blank before, but now Misaki had his full consent.

Misaki raised his head to kiss his blue haired lover on the lips. "I love you, Saruhiko" he said softly.

The red's sweet gesture caused Saruhiko to blush. He smiled in return. "I love you too, Misaki~".

The blue then leaned in to give Misaki a passionate kiss.

Saruhiko finally obtained what he'd always wanted. He'd finally won the heart and body of his one true love. And the best part was, they had plenty more sex to look forward to.


xxxMeanwhile, downstairs in the barxxx

Everyone made a collective sigh of relief as the noise from upstairs finally ended.

"Looks like I'll have to clean the sheets in the spare room" Izumo complained, lighting himself a cigarette. "In fact, you know what? I should just let them clean it. They made the mess, they tidy it up".

Kamamoto was completely red faced. He really didn't need to hear that. What happened earlier was bad enough. Now he really wouldn't be able to look either of them in the eyes again...

As for the young cat girl, she didn't seem the least bit bothered. She began singing a small tune in her head, smiling.

"Mating~ Mating~ The beautiful sounds of mating~".




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