The Great Warrior vs The Great Power (Part I)

About a day after Chip and BlackWarGreymon's encounter:

Water trickled in through a small crack from the top of the cave. The tiny droplets dropped down from the jagged ceiling, making the only noise in the dark area.

Drip... drip... drip...

Great power rested inside the darkness. He was hidden well from the world, yet all alone save for the very few times he was granted the pleasure of two glowing eyes just making sure he still remained there. The great power had been resting inside for so long, he couldn't remember what the outside world looked like. He's never even dreamt of the bright sunlight shining on his armoured plates with gentle warmth. He doesn't know the beauty of others. He's never had a friend. All that he knew was the darkness of the small cave and the constant drip from the water that trickled down to the cave floor.

He would get curious about this sometimes, but never made a move to examine the shallow pools in the darkness. He hasn't ever felt the sensation of water running down his armoured arms, or known the cleansing properties it contained. He only knew about the cold steel he possessed that lay across his bulky legs. He never lifted this and had occasionally thought about doing so, but found that he couldn't.

The great power had rested for so long, it felt like he was stuck in some sort of trance. His thoughts came on slowly, and his movements barely even looked to happen. He remained still and quiet and thoughtless; exactly how Akiramon wanted him to be.

An almost-silent brush of fur against the cave wall announced to the power that it was visiting time. The two glowing orbs he had come to get used to had now turned to just one and for the first time in his life, a voice called out to him.

"It's time."

It was just over a whisper, but the noise sounded extremely deafening to something who had only known such a lonesome silence. The words seemed to bring life to the great power, and he turned his large head slightly, producing a deafening cracking sound. His limbs moved of their own accord, taking their time to get the large creature in the cave standing. His head hit the roof of the cave, but it looked as if he didn't feel it at all. A shower of droplets consumed the power for a few seconds, coating him in shiny, little diamonds that he didn't even notice.

The glowing eye had disappeared by the time the creature took his first step. The sheer force of that one step had the cave let out a rumble and shook it slightly. With each step he took towards the opening of the tunnel that had shown him those orbs, the cave rattled even more, threatening the Great Power with the fact that the roof may crumble down if he were to take any more powerful steps. The warning was not heeded though.

The cave continued to shake and rumble as the creature stumbled on towards the tunnel, making a screeching sound as he dragged his steel weapon along on the cave floor next to him.

The minutes dragged on until the creature finally saw an almost blinding light burning up from ahead. The exit to the tunnel was in eye's view now and The Great Power trudged on forwards, not knowing where he was going or what he was meant to do. All he knew what that it was time.

Time for what, though? Time to fight, to embrace war's cold grip, to find salvation, to conquer the world, to love. None of these things meant anything to the large creature as he took his first glance at the outside world.

The barren land ahead of him hid nothing but the remains of a struggle now long forgotten. Homes of other Digimon lay in waste, crumbled down into mere piles of rubble. The tunnel he had emerged from was just at the edge of this destruction. His home may have once been standing tall and filled to the brim with honour and family ties, but he would never know. He could have been raised in this small town, where peace once reigned. But, sadly, there were no recollections of the memories that made up this beaten-down area.

Akiramon drifted in the sky, hidden by puffy, white clouds as she watched this thoughtless creature take a large, earth-rumbling step into the outside world.

The sun shone directly on him, highlighting his armoured body and long, powerful sword that he was slowly pulling up. You'd think that the warmth would be welcoming after so long in hiding, but as the creature grumbled in discomfort and rolled his shoulders, it appeared that all the warmth and light that was provided to him only seemed to burn him.

With that, his legs bent slightly and then he rocketed up into the sky. leaving behind a crater in his wake and adding on to the destruction of the ruined town outside the tunnel.

Cowards, BlackWarGreymon thought, clearly irritated as he flexed his arms and stretched them to rid of the stiffness caused from yesterday's fight. That human-Digimon creature was certainly worthy of fighting him and he couldn't help but hope they would meet again. The fight had been exhilarating, yet now he found himself sitting cross-legged on a hill. The hill wasn't large, but allowed for just enough height for him to see as far as the horizon over the large grassland he found himself in. The sun had risen a few hours ago and it was about midday as BlackWarGreymon contemplated on how he would go about finding Akiramon.

Twice, she had attempted to kill him, and once he tried to kill her. It seemed a little pointless that they were going after each other like this. He was used to senselessly beating the life out of anyone who dared to want to fight him, but these constant unfinished battles were starting to unnerve him. Nothing felt better than delivering the final blow after a rather enduring battle of strength and the fact that he hadn't been able to do that yet had him grinding his teeth in frustration.

The dark Digimon stretched out his arm to the side, clenching and unclenching his fist. He stared at it for a few minutes, swivelling his claws around to look at it in different angles. They were scratched slightly, no doubt from his previous scuffles with Akiramon and Chip, but when they caught the light of the sun at the tip of them, he felt strangely... content.

There was no confusion rendered in his eyes as he drew his arm back to his body. As he dragged the claws along on the grass to clean them simply, he thought about what he should do.

There were many things that had to get done, such as beating Akiramon to a bloody pulp, but then again, there were other pressing matters to attend to. The mystery of the glowing cave, that strange human-digimon child, the search for something more was to name a few. There was so much to do, too many things to figure out, too many thoughts that plagued his mind and all that BlackWarGreymon could do at the time was sigh.

Sitting there on that hill, he felt like he could sense the whole Digital World. There was brutality scattered across the lands. From far and wide, destruction laid its dirty hands on everything and stained it with filth and the rot of war.

This world was not what it had once been when he had first been created. It's now merely a shadow of all its former glory. He remembered that pain that was evident back then too, but at least there had been a little spark of hope to light the flames of rebirth and redemption.

It seems different this time. There doesn't seem to be anything bright in the future of this world... and BlackWarGreymon isn't quite sure if he likes this fact or not.

Growling in pure frustration, the black Digimon shook his head. There was something new this time as well. He couldn't quite put a name to this odd feeling that has kept gnawing on him for the past few hours, but it made even him feel uneasy.

A sudden sound from behind him made BlackWarGreymon leap to the side. His reactions were sharper now, after all the fighting that has happened, and he rolled effortlessly to the side to come face to face with the edge of a large sword. Or more like three swords combined into one huge one at the hilt.

Time seemed to pause for a while as BlackWarGreymon's gaze moved to his attacker's face. A helmet with a red and white horn at the front covered his whole head. The top was yellow-golden while the bottom was white and red hair sprouted out from the back of the head. His eyes were what really got BlackWarGreymon to pause for a few seconds. There was no light in them. They were bland; merely little orbs ripped of any emotion and soul. It kind of reminded him of himself.

A quick adjustment made from his attacker's hands had the large sword tip his way again and BlackWarGreymon quickly placed his armoured arm in the way of the sword. He had thought his armour would be fine against protecting against such a weakly swung attack, but a clang sounded out and small sparks flew and BlackWarGreymon shifted a little to the side, new scratches added on to his already scarred armour.

A huff of surprise came from the dark Digimon as he boldly swung his claws to meet his attacker's torso. He came into contact with only air.

He's fast, BlackWarGreymon thought as he straightened himself swiftly. Before he could turn around, he was knocked forwards and a heavy weight on his back sent both him and his opponent sprawling down the hill. The grass tore away underneath his body and left a long hole where both of the Digimon had been going through.

Once they hit the bottom, the weight was lifted and BlackWarGreymon sprung to his feet immediately, only to be confronted with his attacker laying down in front of him.

Yet, he appears to be careless with his body and movements.

BlackWarGreymon became amused thinking that such an amateur would even try to attack him. Building up energy in his left hand, his claws started to glow slightly as he walked on towards this ridiculous Digimon.

The other Digimon seemed to respond to the glowing claws and narrowed his eyes at the advancing BlackWarGreymon. A second later, the dark Digimon was in front of the form on the ground and was swinging his claws at this Digimon's exposed chest.

"Mega Claw!" BlackWarGreymon shouted, but immediately came into contact with the gigantic sword as the Digimon wielded it in front of him quickly to protect his body. Another clang sounded and the dark Digimon was sent backwards from the impact.

He crashed through the ground and made a slight denture from the force that sword had replicated back at him. With a grunt of both frustration and surprise, he hefted himself up and stared at the other Digimon who was already up and holding the gigantic sword over his shoulder. The sword was just taller than the Digimon and almost as wide.

It must be the sword that makes him so powerful. BlackWarGreymon thought, taking a deep breath. He looks like a WarGreymon, yet different. I've never seen a Digimon wield such a weapon before.

The Digimon in front of him rolled his shoulder and moved his sword so that all three of its points were aimed directly at BlackWarGreymon.

For the first time, the Digimon spoke up.

"It's time." He said, his voice cracking with the difficulty that it took for him to say anything.

Without another word, the digimon sprung at BlackWarGreymon, aiming to stick his sword right through his chest.

BlackWarGreymon dodged to the side, the sword missing him as the other Digimon flew past him. The sword he carried now stuck itself a few metres into the ground and without any effort at all, the strange Digimon slid it out. He placed it over his shoulder and eyed out BlackWarGreymon. It seemed this Digimon was becoming more intelligent by the minute and the two now stood across from each other, emotionless eyes staring at the other emotionless pair of eyes.

Before the two of them could go at each other again, something strange happened. Silence still reigned supreme over the field they were in and no other Digimon could be seen, but the two of them felt immense power come to life in the Digital World.

It was like a a tightly held string suddenly snapping and the two paused to be in awe. This wasn't any ordinary power; it was one of pure evil and they both knew it. It was like a sixth sense that they both had and BlackWarGreymon looked away to where he felt this strange disturbance.

Without another word, he drifted into the air and sped towards the source, leaving the other Digimon with only his overly large sword and slow thoughts.

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Who is this strange Digimon with the sword? Why does everyone want to go after BlackWarGreymon? What is this strange evil that so suddenly showed up in the Digital World.

Hmm... Hell if I know! But to find out; watch for the next chapter of Digimon: BlackWarGreymon's Destiny!

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