The Great Warrior vs The Great Power (Part II)

Explosions animated out on the ground as more blows were exchanged between two, very powerful mega-level Digimon. While being vaguely similar in appearances (if you perhaps squinted), the two of them were matched evenly as their fight stretched out along the barren plains. Craters formed from the various Terra Destroyer attacks that were hurled at random intervals and explosions formed as the force of the attacks were retaliated in all directions as the defender tried to keep himself from harm.

The two Digimon came together again, sword versus claw, and sparks flew from the blows and clangs resonated throughout the area as blow matched for blow. They flew apart yet again, and the black Digimon, though thoroughly and obviously tired and beaten up, looked absolutely ecstatic.

The thrill of this battle kept him going. Even if he couldn't quite remember why they had started fighting, or even when, he revelled in the way that this other Digimon fought. They hadn't learnt each other's names, but they hardly seemed to care. They had learnt each other's dance, and that was all that really mattered.

They had been on the same page for the first hour, both of the Digimon wanting to find the source of the sudden, evil change in the world, but as they kept flying together, the Digimon with the sword eventually stopped dead, as if finally realizing what he was doing.

That was the moment this whole fight started.

It had been almost a day since then.

BlackWarGreymon raised an arm and wiped at his face, grinning like a madman. He had never had a fight this indecisive. One moment, he had the upper hand, but this other Digimon learned swiftly and his overly powerful sword was a pain-in-the-ass, and then he lost that upper hand and usually ended up eating dirt.

Now this was something worth living for.

BlackWarGreymon launched himself at the other Digimon, and they both hurtled off in the air. The dark Digimon tried punching his opponent, but was abruptly stopped by that damn sword. They still hurtled through the air as BlackWarGreymon roared fiercely and pushed himself up off his opponent and higher into the air. The other Digimon followed underneath him, but soon changed course and moved up, ultimately causing the two of them to crash into each other. This didn't deter BlackWarGreymon, however, as he raised shining claws and thrashed them into this other Digimon, who crashed into the ground below because of the impact.

Dust flew into the air as yet another crater formed. The collision of the other Digimon against the ground seemed to shake the whole world below BlackWarGreymon and he found himself nodding with approval.

As the dust started to clear, you could see the other Digimon lying in the crater, looking up at the sky and breathing heavily. His whole chest heaved with the effort of breathing and his large sword lay next to him, half sticking out of the crater.

BlackWarGreymon floated to the ground and planted his feet right in front of the crater. He strode into the hole and looked at his pitiful opponent, not quite realizing that he looked even worse since he was in such high spirits from the long fight.

"Is it really time?" The dark Digimon asked, eying out the sword.

The other Digimon nodded his head slowly and opened his mouth, struggling to speak. His mouth closed as if he reconsidered talking at all, but then it opened again as his eyes closed. "It is time." He said slowly, trying to figure out if he was speaking correctly. "But, what is it time for?"

"You don't know?" BlackWarGreymon scoffed and suddenly swayed a little. He seemed surprised that such a little action could cause his whole body to be affected, but he supposed he was just a tad tired.

"It's time." The other Digimon repeated, nodding his head.

BlackWarGreymon stayed silent as he looked over the barren land. Their fight had wrecked it even more than it had been, and he couldn't help but feel the slightest twinge of guilt at also having been cause for his world's destruction.

"Does this have to do with the evil?" He asked, not casting a second glance to the other Digimon, who appeared to finally catch his breath.

The other Digimon opened his eyes and glared at the sky, as if it was meant to give him the answers. He struggled to find the words that would end up helping him explain, but found his vocabulary limited from his lack of communication over all the time he had spent in that cave.

So instead, he muttered, "evil."

BlackWarGreymon sighed, not quite sure how this Digimon was so powerful… yet had a certain quality of inexperience that indicated he should not be as powerful as he is. Perhaps he had been forced to Digivolve when he was not ready. Maybe he was confused about what to do with all his power that he just aimed it at whoever was nearest, which was, whether it be fortunate or unfortunate, BlackWarGreymon.

The dark Digimon then shook his head, getting slightly annoyed with himself. Whatever his reason for fighting, it didn't matter to him. BlackWarGreymon dropped to the ground in a huff, finally realizing what a toll all of the fighting had taken on his body. His arms hurt, his legs felt like they really shouldn't move anymore and his torso burned like hell. He also had a splitting headache, but decided to ignore it like the tough Digimon he was.

As the two of them just sat in silence, trying to recover, they both picked up on some strange presence in the area. BlackWarGreymon growled, thinking that he would have been able to pick it up a lot sooner had he not been in the middle of a long fight.

"Evil." His fighting partner repeated, his eyes sharply looking up at the sky.

The dark Digimon couldn't help but nod in agreement at his word. Perhaps it was just intuition, or maybe he had acquired a new skill that allowed him to declare whether another Digimon had evil intentions or not, for this strange presence was indeed a Digimon, but it was kind of weird for BlackWarGreymon to know this sort of thing.

Was he not the one who was meant to be evil?

Before he could further contemplate on his own question, screeching sounds echoed out over the grassland and a flying figure appeared in the sky.

Not quite having the energy to move their limbs yet, all the two of them could do was watch as the large Digimon hurtled through the air at neck-breaking speed. It screeched all the while, its ear-shattering sounds disturbing the almost peaceful silence that had enveloped both the Great Warrior and the Great Power.

The Digimon stopped his screaming and clutched at its head, like it was in great pain. A staff fell from its grip and flew through the air to land a few metres off from the two Digimon still lying on the ground. The staff was long and had a red orb-like object connected to the end of it.

The large Digimon appeared to be some sort of SkullSatamon, but this one was much bigger than a normal one would be.

The two Digimon watched as SkullSatamon eventually stopped clutching its head, and losing its floating ability, started to drop to the ground. It started floating just before it hit the ground and placed its legs securely on the grass before it started walking around. It paced back and forth, seeming to not notice the mega Digimon laying a few metres off, and eventually stopped, its hands going to its torso and wrapping around it.

It bent over, as if it wanted to upchuck, which was highly unusual for a Digimon to do. Only gagging sounds emitted from the Digimon for a while before it seemed to give up and scream again.

Had BlackWarGreymon been capable of actually moving, he would have destroyed this annoyance before it had even dropped to the ground.

The skull Digimon then proceeded to scream a little more before it stopped and dropped to its knees in silence. A few moments passed of it just being completely still and then it started swaying slightly. Its hands clenched and unclenched, scratching out dirt and grass from the ground, and then its whole skeletal body began to shake violently.

It seemed to be fighting some sort of pain.

The longer SkullSatamon crouched there for, the more it moved all until it was literally writhing along on the ground, rolling here and there with bony hands clutching at nothing. It let out a few more screeches during this time, but it eventually stopped once it started convulsing there on the ground.

Dark shadows seemed to creep out from the skull Digimon as it continued its fight against what appeared to be itself, and eventually and thin, black cloud started to swirl off from it.

Its body shuddered as the darkness wrapped around it, and it could do nothing but writhe as the darkness seemed to swallow it. SkullSatamon was soon completely covered by the cloud and in the next few moments, a bright light appeared and by the time BlackWarGreymon could see again, both SkullSatamon and the dark cloud had disappeared.

As BlackWarGreymon realized that he could hardly feel the skull digimon's presence anymore, he also realized that there were other Digimon around. At least two of them, and judging from their power-levels, or rather lack of, they were most likely at a champion level.

They were slightly different though, as if the two Digimon did belong to the Digital World, but not his Digital World.

He scoffed as he felt their presence wither away, as if they had just teleported. It was like they were more magical than Digimon, and maybe that's why their presence had felt so... different.

It took a few hours for BlackWarGreymon to recover from the fight and to rest up a bit, because it felt like he hadn't done so in days. His stiff arms pushed his body of the ground until he was standing.

He turned to the other Digimon to find him just sitting up and looking at his sword as if it would give him the answers to all of his questions.

BlackWarGreymon frowned at this and turned away. They were not as different as he had originally thought. They were both looking for answers.

Without another word, BlackWarGreymon started walking in the direction his gut told him to go. He wasn't sure where he would end up, but he was sure he would get to where he needed to, wherever that may be.

There was something strange going on, but he couldn't place his claw on it. It was weird, the way his world was, but he needed time to think. He needed to figure out what was going on and what that pure evil was when he had felt it earlier. He just needed to... do something. But what?

As he left the other Digimon behind, he figured they would see each other again. They still had an indecisive battle to finish off and, well, this other Digimon was certainly worthy.

EDITED: 11/10/2015