"Okay, tell me one more time why this is a good idea?"

Tamsin sat on the exam table in Lauren's medical suite anxiously awaiting to be injected with Bo's blood. The idea had seemed brilliant earlier but the more she thought about it the more nervous she had become.

"It's a good idea because it will be easier to help Bo if we can convince her inner self to fight back. Plus, I don't think Trick's option is going to do anything more than make things very complicated," Lauren said as she placed some blood in a syringe.

Tamsin shook her head, "And this isn't complicated?"

"Oh it is but it's more of a known factor. I admit, I kind of liked the idea that Bo could become fully human," Lauren said as she turned around. "But that was selfish thinking. I want her returned to us, all of her."

Tamsin lifted up her sleeve and turned her face away as Lauren came towards her.

"Please do not tell me that you're afraid of needles? Seriously Tamsin," Lauren said as she prepped her arm.

Tamsin continued to face the wall and chuckled. "Hey, even bad asses are afraid of something. I've never been a fan of being punctured by tiny needles. A knife okay, a sword even better, but something about the way a needle slides inside...oooouch."

Tamsin fought the urge to yank her arm away as Lauren injected her. When the doctor was done she snatched her arm back and hissed at her.

"See that wasn't so bad."

Tamsin grimaced and rubbed her arm. "Yeah, says the lady with the weapon. Anyway, what's next?"

"Well, I guess you need to go to sleep right? That probably isn't going to be so easy considering everything that's going on so these are for you," Lauren replied as she handed over a few pills.

"Sleeping pills. You do think of everything doc."

"I try. So here's some water," Lauren said as she handed her a cup. "I'm going to let down the exam table and go get Dyson. We're going to monitor you while you're asleep."

Tamsin nodded as she threw back the pills with the water. As the doctor moved to leave the room, Tamsin grabbed her into an awkward side hug. The doctor patted her arm and smiled.

"And to what do I owe this unusual display Tamsin?"

Tamsin let her go and sat back down. "Sorry, I just... you've become a good friend Lauren. I appreciate everything you've done. I used to be so jealous when I would see you and Bo together, used to wonder what she would want with a lowly human. Wait, "Tamsin held up her hand as Lauren attempted to respond. "That was the old me. I made ignorant judgements about all of you. I can see now what she saw and why she was so protective."

Lauren turned and folded her arms, a smirk on her face. "You have turned out to be someone I really admire. And in another life perhaps our relationship would have turned out quite differently."

Tamsin felt a blush creep up her cheeks. "Why doctor, are you flirting with me?"

Lauren laughed, "I will neither confirm nor deny that statement."

The Valkyrie winked at the doctor and laid back on the table. She knew that neither of them was serious about a possible relationship but the idea was nice. Tamsin had spent so long holding off people from getting to know her that it was odd to have people in her life who got to see her for who she really was.

Lauren dimmed the lights in the exam room and Tamsin gazed at the ceiling, her eyes adjusting. She didn't want to let on to anyone that she was actually looking forward to seeing Bo again, the way she was before the changes. The last time she had seen her in a dream was one of the happiest she had ever felt. It saddened her that so many of their recent real life interactions were tinged with the stain of evil. Her eyes blinked heavily and she could feel herself reacting much faster than she expected to the drug. As she drifted off she smiled at the blurry image of Bo that flickered in her lashes.

Tamsin opens her eyes and is startled by the brightness. It's day time and the sky is blue and full of clouds, nothing like the other visits to Bo's mind. She looks ahead and sees the cabin that has become something of a safe haven. Her heart pounds as she moves towards it, anxious to see if Bo is okay. Her hands hurriedly pull open the door and she makes her way inside. Everything is as she remembers, the bed, the fireplace even the table on the side but the space feels strangely empty. As if Bo hasn't been there in quite some time.

The Valkyrie tries not to let the sadness she feels enter her thoughts. She spins around and exits the cabin, her eyes darting among the forest to see if anything stands out. She squints and notices a gleam in the distance that resembles a lake. She begins walking towards it keeping her eye on the surrounding area. The forest is eerily quiet except for the subtle sounds of movement near the water. As she gets closer her nose flairs at the familiar scent of Bo. She has never been able to put her finger on what the succubus wears that emits the smell but it is enchanting, a mix of lavender and vanilla.

Tamsin stops when she reaches the edge of the lake which is bathed in sunlight that makes the water appear to sparkle. A sound draws her attention to the right as movement disturbs the otherwise placid scenery. A body slowly ascends from the water's depths and a small gasp escapes from Tamsin's lips. Bo slowly rises flinging her head back and swimming towards the surface. She smiles as she exits the water not even acknowledging her lack of clothing.

"You're probably the only thing that could have made this day any better," Bo says as she steps towards Tamsin wearing a seductive smirk.

The Valkyrie watches as she moves closer and knows her desire is written all over her face but doesn't care. She pulls Bo in the moment she is close enough and brings their lips together. Her hands roam all over the succubus gripping their bodies together. The moans that accompany the exploration of Bo's flesh make Tamsin feel as if she is on fire.

"I know who you are," Tamsin says as she finally breaks their kiss.

"Do you? Who am I my Valkyrie?" Bo replies as she gently cups Tamsin's face.

"You kiss to possess while she kisses to give pleasure. It's a very distinct difference," Tamsin says as she nuzzles Bo's hand. "Where is the other Bo, the one I've come to see? Have you done something to her?"

"You think so badly of me. I would never harm myself, there would be no point. Besides, soon enough I will be whole."

"You say this and yet every time we meet here it is to keep me away from her. I think there is more to this game then you let on succubus."

Bo smiles and pulls away from Tamsin. She bends down and picks up the dress strewn upon the grass.

"Not really, it's just a game I like to play. I won't stop you from seeing her, the end is too near and it isn't worth the effort. But should you feel compelled, come find me when you're done," Bo says with a wink as she pulls the dress down over her body. "Who you want is that way." She points to a clearing in the distance and walks off.

Tamsin watches her, the temptation to follow strong but she turns in the direction Bo pointed. She runs towards the clearing looking for signs of Bo's presence but sees her nowhere.

"Bo?" Tamsin yells out turning in circles.

"I'm here," answers a voice.

She hears rustling to her left and runs towards it. She smiles when she sees Bo sitting on the ground, the head of a deer in her lap. Its body is laid out beside her and Tamsin can see an arrow has pierced its side.

"What happened here?" Tamsin says as she kneels beside the succubus.

"I'm not sure. I was taking a walk and heard it making these noises. I came over and have been giving it some of my energy to ease the pain. But I'm weak so there's only so much I can give," Bo says before looking into Tamsin's eyes. "Hi there stranger."

Tamsin smiles and leans in to kiss her softly. They lean foreheads together and stay like that for a few minutes.

Letting out a long breath, Tamsin sighs. "I wish I was here under better circumstances."

"How did you get my blood in you again?"

"On purpose, because we need your help. I couldn't figure out any other way to handle this situation as it stands. Things are really bad out there Bo. I'm not sure how much you know..."

"I know, I can see what's happening but I can't stop it. It's like I'm a spectator over my own life. It's killing me," Bo says choking back a sob.

They both startle as the deer jerks its head up then brings it back down letting out a low death rattle. Bo pats its head one more time then slowly lays it on the ground. Tamsin helps her up and brings her in for a hug.

"She's become too strong baby, you have to fight this," Tamsin says pulling back.

Bo nods her head and holds onto Tamsin's hand as they begin to walk. "I've tried but it's like all of my abilities have been siphoned by her. I'm like who I would have been had I never had powers. Notice I'm outside now, she doesn't even come after me anymore. I'm not a threat."

"See that's where you're wrong," Tamsin says as she makes her stop walking. "She's underestimating you and using your humanity against you to make you feel weak. But that is the very thing that can stop her. She is the id, you have to be the ego."

"Did you just get Freudian on me Valkyrie?" Bo says with a chuckle.

Tamsin smiles, "Yeah, I've probably been hanging out with Lauren a little too much. But she and I talked and she told me that you are the moral center, the mediator of the id and the superego. I don't know it got a little complicated. But what I understood is that you are what keeps your mind in balance. She is out of control and you need to bring her back in line."

"And how exactly am I supposed to do that?"

"You have to fight. It's your mind Bo and even if you don't have powers that doesn't mean you don't have the ability to manipulate things."

Bo shakes her head in understanding. "I get it and I will try. Just know, she's going to come for you and you have to be prepared. She knows you have the vessel so it's only a matter of time."

"That's what I'm counting on. She'll be angry and rearing for a fight and I'm going to give her one. I just need you to intervene at the right moment."

Tamsin feels her thoughts becoming cloudy. She forgot that Lauren was going to wake her up within half an hour to ensure nothing happens to her in the dream world. It doesn't feel like enough time, she wasn't able to say everything she wanted. The Valkyrie looks into Bo's questioning eyes and smiles. She whispers as much as she can in Bo's ear of what she has planned. She notices the fear that enters the succubus's brown eyes but she assures her it will work. As the landscape begins to fade, Tamsin kisses Bo again and holds her close.

"Shit!" Tamsin yelled as her eyes popped open and squinted at the brightness of the room.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Dyson asked placing his hand on her shoulder.

Tamsin nodded as she began to sit up. "Yeah, I just. I feel like she was going to tell me more..."

Lauren gave her a glass of water. "What were you two discussing? You seemed a bit distressed."

"Oh, that wasn't distress you heard," Tamsin said with a smirk as she downed the water.

"Okay, okay we don't need to hear about all of that," Dyson said with mock anger in his voice. "Do you think she'll be able to help on her end?"

"We came up with a plan of sorts."

"Okay good, what does it entail?" Lauren asked.

"I think it would be best of we all get together and discuss it," Tamsin said grabbing her jacket. "Have everyone head over to the Dal. I'll be there within the hour."

Dyson and Lauren nodded as she headed out the door. She couldn't get to her car fast enough because if what she had planned was going to work, she was going to need the help of someone more powerful than herself. And she knew just the goddess to seek out.

Tamsin pulled away from the curb and sped away. Her mind racing almost as fast as the car she tried to remember the last thing Bo said. For a moment she pulls up the dream in her thoughts and pictures Bo's lips moving. She smiles when she realizes what she was mouthing.

"I love you my Valkyrie, we'll be together again soon."