I realize that it has been awhile since I have updated "What Is" or "Fighting" but, I have been suffering from severe writer's block on both. So I decided to start another story and see how it goes. This one takes place after Mark tells Lexie that Callie is pregnant. I hated how that storyline went and I thought I would put my own Slexie twist on it. Plus, it is the first of my stories that will feature Sofia. Yay! I hope you enjoy. Let me know if I should continue or cast this story into the wind. Thanks!

"I'm putting in tarragon." Lexie stated as she stirred the contents in the pot in front of her. "Not that I have any idea what tarragon tastes like, but I think when people use tarragon it makes them seem like they know what they're doing."

Mark fidgeted with his watch, hands in his lap as he sat at the bar, his breathing increasing. He knew he had to tell her and he knew he had to tell her now. Callie was right.

"Basil can't do that." She continued, causing him to smirk. "Anynody can sling some basil around the kitchen."

"Callie's pregnant." Mark blurted.

"Oh, my god." She reacted trying not to spit out the food she just sampled. "That's great! She loves babies!"

Mark nodded in agreement.

"Did they do a turkey baster thing or something? I mean...wait a minute so, wait...Arizona just got back and they...wait was this before they-"

Lexie looked at Mark. His expression read louder than any possible words could. Slowly, he could see it adding up in her head and the realization began to hit.

"I saw the heartbeat today." He said, simply. "This is my kid. This is a part of me." He paused, watching as she fiddled with some napkins, clearly upset. "Please, is there any way that we can-"

"How the hell...did you get me in this position...twice!" She emphasized, slamming her hand on the counter. "It...unbelievable. You are unbelievable!"

With that, Lexie had grabbed her coat and stormed past Mark and out the apartment door. As the door closed, a piece of her heart broke. She walked down the hall and pressed the button for the elevator. Once she stepped inside, she pressed "L" for the lobby and slowly sunk to the ground in tears. Twice. This had happened twice. Her brain became riddled with questions. When did he sleep with her? Did he just assume she would be on board this time? Was this planned or was it just a night of passion gone too far? The more she thought about it, the more it hurt.

Meanwhile, inside the apartment, Mark tossed out the now wasted dinner that Lexie had prepared. He couldn't eat, not after the way everything happened. He knew it wasn't ideal and he wasn't so stupid as to think that this didn't hurt her, but he couldn't turn his back on his best friend or their child. His child. He didn't want to be the same guy he was with Sloan, the guy who tosses some money her way and tells her to 'take care of it'. What was he supposed to do? He picked up the phone and began dialing, before shaking her head and placing the phone back in the cradle. There was no way she was going to answer him and she wasn't going to return his call if he left a message. After a couple minutes, he grabbed his coat and stormed out of the apartment.

"What are you doing back so early?" Meredith asked, emerging from the kitchen. "I thought you were having dinner with Mark?"

"I don't wanna talk about it!" Lexie yelled as she stormed up the stairs.

"Oh." Meredith replied, more to herself, turning around and returning to the kitchen.

"What was that?" Derek asked, looking up from the Chinese food they had ordered.

"I have no clue." She answered. "Should I go talk to her?"

"Give her some time. Let her cool off." He suggested, pulling out the fortune cookies. "Story of Mark and Lexie."

"Tell me about it." She chuckled as Derek's phone began to ring.

Derek groaned in response. "I'll be right back." He kissed her on the cheek as he walked over to grab her phone.

"Shepherd." He answered. "Mark...whoa, slow down." Meredith turned to look at him, confusion all over her face. "Okay...okay. Yes, we are. Okay...I understand."

"What the hell?" Meredith asked as he hung up.

"Mark." He replied, walking over and taking his seat. "He screwed up...bad and he wants to come over and try and talk to Lexie."

"And you said yes?"

"What was I supposed to do? You're here. I'm here. She has backup if she decides she wants him gone. The least I can do is open the front door for him."

"Okay." She sighed, defeated. "Wait...what did he do?"

"He told Lexie that Callie's pregnant."

"Callie's preg- Wait...Mark knocked her up, didn't he?" She grew angry. "That smug son of a bitch."

"It happened before they got back together." He explained. "He's really beating himself up over this, Meredith."

"If I hear Lexie yell for him to leave one time, I swear, I will throw him out on his ass. Understood?"

"Understood." He smiled as she leaned in and kissed him.

About fifteen minutes later, Mark knocked on the glass door.

"Come in." Derek called.

"Is she here?" He looked frantic.

"In her attic." He stated.

"Thanks." He bounded up the stairs. He arrived outside her door and stood there for a couple minutes, thinking. He had no game plan, other than telling her how he felt. And slowly, he raised his fist and tapped.

"I said I don't wanna talk about it, Mer." He heard from the other side. Slowly he turned the knob and pushed the door open. Lexie was buried in her comforter, sobbing, her back to the door.

"Please, just go away, Meredith." She said, turning over. "Oh." She froze.

"Hear me out, please." He begged.

"Go home, Mark." She sat up. "I don't wanna talk right now."


"No." She interrupted. "I already know everything you wanna say."

"You do?"

"'I never meant to hurt you. Is there any way we can work this out? I love you, Lexie. I need you.' Am I close?"

"Lexie, please."

"Just go. Seriously." She laid back down. "I really don't care if we talk or not."

"You don't mean that." He was heartbroken.

"Actually, Mark. Right now, I do."

He nodded and hesitantly turned around, exiting the room and trudging down the stairs.

"Mark?" Derek asked, when he saw his friend emerge.

"It's over, man." He shook his head. "It's just done."


"I'll see you at work tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay." He answered sympathetically.

I didn't want Lexie to give into his attempts so quickly as getting another woman pregnant is a huge and bitter pill to swallow. It's gonna take time. Anyway, if you guys think I should continue, let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts. I am thinking of bringing "What Is and What Could Have Been" to a close soon and I will update the other ASAP as well. Read and review! It makes me smile! XOXO