This story is my own creative version and storyline for the game "Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines" using a main character of my own idea. Note: I have made slight changes to some of the recognized game characters in the story.

00.30 hrs

It was a rainy night and I was glad to be indoors right now, with the company I had. I wished I had managed to clean up the apartment a bit if I had known I was going to have a guest, but then again I didn't expect to bring anyone back here. The apartment itself only had one word to describe it: shite. Bottles of beer all over the floor, dust which hadn't been cleared up in a while and walls painted in a dirty beige colour that had areas pealing away. As the old saying goes; you get what you pay for. I'm just glad the beautiful redhead I met, just a few hours ago, didn't mind it. She was very pale and her skin was quite cold and her eyes were the strangest colour of brown I'd ever seen before in my life.

We both lay bare on the bed with the quilt only covering us up to our waist. I kissed her neck and then moved up to her lips, she gripped tightly on my back as the climax passed and she took a deep breath. I however was absolutely drained. I lay on my back with my head facing the ceiling; my eyes were slowly shutting as I listened to the ongoing beat of my heart. There was sweat all over my forehead so I wiped it off with my left arm. I took deep endless breaths as I waited for my heart to calm. Little did I know, the redhead was slowly bringing her head closer to my neck.

'I wanna show you something,' she whispered.

Then… everything went dark. It felt as though my life was slowly fading from my body. I didn't know what she did but something just left me drained and lifeless. I could feel my heart slowly stopping and my mind entering a void I saw no end to. What the fuck just happened, I asked myself.

I wasn't sure how long I'd been unconscious, but when I opened my eyes and looked around I swore I had been dreaming. I sat up slowly, rubbing my forehead with my left hand; I then noticed the feel of something dripping down my neck. Instantly I checked my neck and felt something oozing out of two holes. Then when I looked at my hand I saw blood. I noticed a figure sat in the chair just in front of the bed. The redhead was sat, in her underwear, with both her arms spread across the chair and a devilish smirk on her face. In that smirk I saw something I couldn't believe was real: fangs. They were white as ice and sharp like a razor. I didn't want to say it but I was now certain she was a vampire.

Just moments after I noticed the fangs a sudden force kicked open my door and in came an unknown male. The man threw something at the girl's chest. A stake! It didn't kill her from the looks of it but just before I could react, a second male entered the room and pierced a stake through my heart. I fell unconscious once more, but at least this time I knew I wasn't dead.

When I awoke the second time I found myself on my knees, still bare, with my hands tied to my back. My vision was blurry and all I could see was the stake being removed from my chest. I looked and I saw no mark or hole from the stake. What had I become I wondered.

As my vision cleared up a bit I saw row upon row of chairs. A theatre? I asked myself. Sat in the chairs was an audience, at least over two dozen, all staring at me. I turned my head to the right and saw the redhead. She too was on her knees with her hands tied; still only dressed in her underwear. I then heard the sound of two pairs of footsteps approaching from backstage.

'Good evening,' said a tall blonde haired man in a black suit, wearing a grey shirt and black tie. Beside him walked a large man, carrying a massive blade on his back. The man's face was gruesome and his eyes were bright red.

The man in the suit stood in the centre of the stage.

'My fellow Kindred,' he began, 'my apologies for interfering in any business, or disrupting any affairs you may have had this evening. It's unfortunate that the affair that gathers here tonight is a troubling one. We are here because the laws of our society have, unfortunately, been broken.'

I looked over and saw the redhead lowering her head with shame, but then one of the males' lifted her head up by the back of the neck.

'It pains me to announce the sentence,' said the man in the suit, 'as up to tonight, I consider the accused a loyal and upstanding member of our organization. They were caught shortly after the embrace of this childe. But the penalty for this… is death. Less we endanger all of our blood.' He then went up to the redhead and caressed her left cheek. 'Forgive me… let the penalty commence.'

The tall man pulled out the blade and aligned it with her neck. As I turned my head slightly to the left, unable to watch, I saw a woman sat in one of the chairs. She had bright red hair, red lipstick, pale skin and wore a brown jacket. She covered the view with her left hand and just as she turned her eyes she made contact with me. I looked at her until I heard the blade slash against her neck and in an instant I saw her body burn to ashes on the stage. Looking around I could see that even some of the others had a look of disgust on their faces.

'And now for the childe. Without a sire, most are doomed never knowing their place. Therefore, I have decided—'

'THIS IS BULLSHIT!' cried a member of the audience.

The man was dressed in black jeans, a white vest and blue short-sleeved shirt with the buttons undone. He had short black hair, a moustache and goatee. Two other members sat next to him were holding him back. Chatter began amongst the audience and very soon I noticed all of them standing up in my defense. When I turned my eyes to the man in the suit, he just stared back at the man in blue shirt.

'If Mister Rodriguez would let me finish… I have decided to let this Kindred live.' I sighed in relief. 'He shall be instructed in the ways of our kind and be granted the same rights.'

Rodriguez and his lot started leaving the theatre, walking to the entrance. As I looked back at the other redhead, she smiled at me. In return I smiled back just before the rope was cut and my hands were set free.

'I thank you all for attending these proceeding, and I hope their significance is not lost. Good evening.'

Moments after that, the curtains closed and I was helped onto my feet. One of the men handed me a bag filled with my clothes from the apartment. At least I had clothes my size to change into.

'Go get changed in the bathroom,' he said. 'We'll lead you.'

I was then lead to the backstage area and directed to the restroom. Once inside I slipped into the black jeans, blue shirt, purple blazer and pair of trainers I wore earlier ago. I walked up to the sink and ran the tap, splashing some water on my face. I felt more relaxed now, even though I was now involved in something bigger than anything I could ever imagine. However, when I looked up into the mirror, to my horror I saw my reflection had gone. I was now… a vampire.

Just then, there was a bang at the door.

'You done?' said the guy.

'Yeah, yeah… give me a minute,' I said.

I gripped down hard on the sink with all my strength, not knowing I had actually just cracked the sides of it. I let go and sighed. After that I walked out of the restroom and saw the man in the suit approach me – thankfully without his executioner.

'Your sire, tragic, my deepest apologies. Your name is?'

'Derek… Derek Williams.'

'Mr. Williams, I am Sebastian LaCroix, prince of the Camarilla. Now as for your sire, you see… there is a strict code of conduct that all of us must… must, at hear to, if we wish to survive.'

'So you leave me with no answers to what I've become?'

'Again, my apologies but in order to prevent any danger to the rest of our blood, there must be server consequences to those who break the law. Understand my, predicament.' The prince then walked off so I followed him. 'Allowing you to live makes me directly responsible for your behavior. So, what I'm offering is the opportunity to transcend the fate, woven by your sire.'

'Very well,' I said.

We then approached a corridor and at the end was a backdoor. LaCriox stopped as we arrived at the door and turned round to face me.

'This is your trial; you will be brought to Santa Monica, there you will meet an agent named Mercurio. He will provide you with your instructions.'

'Fare enough.'

I took a step forward but then LaCriox put his hand to my shoulder, stopping me.

'But know this. I have shown you great clemency. Prove it was more than a wasted jester, fledgling. Don't come back, until you do. Good evening.'

LaCriox began walking back to the stage so I grabbed the handle and opened the door. Once outside I walked down the steps and took a deep breath. Just then I realized something was in my blazer pocket: my cigarettes. I took one out and tried to light it up, but the lighter wasn't working. Then, out of nowhere, a lighter appeared under my cigarette so I turned my head left in an instant. There was a man leaning against the wall.

'What a scene man! Hoo-wee!' he said with a big chuckle.

He had black hair with a long black beard, dressed in a pair of black pants, black boots and just a black vest that showed the majority of his chest hair.

'Here, let me light that up for you.'

I analyzed him for a moment, wondering if I should trust him. I decide to just go with it, so I covered the lighter with both hands until the tip of my cigarette lit up and then took a puff out of it.

'So who are you?'

'I'm Jack, what's important is I'm willing to help you.'


'Yeah, you get your hide back from Santa Monica, and we'll trade life stories. Until then, I got about this much time, OK? You in or out?'

I shrugged my shoulders.

'Why not, I could use the help for this fucked up life.'

'Hey, kid, I know this is a lot to take in, but trust me, the life of an undead vampire is a lot better than a weak, fragile human.'

'Believe that when I see it,' I said.

Jack chuckled.

'I like you kid, and trust me… you'll be grateful I helped you. Some of the other Kindred might not be so, helping, if you know what I mean?'


'Ah! Kindred is, err… well, it's our word for vampire, OK?'


I suddenly felt weak and my head began to ach.

'You look wobbly kid. You even had a drink yet?'

'Huh? Drink of… drink of what?' I said feeling a bit faint.

'Oh man! We're popping a cherry here. OK, I'll put it this way… blood, it's your new rack'a lamb, your new champagne – blood's your new fuckin' heroin, kid!'

Jacked gave another chuckle.

'Makes sense, I guess,' I said. 'So what do I do?'

'Well, down around the other alley I saw this human – poor SOB can't find his car, heh, heh.'

'So you want me to kill him?'

'Ah, ah! You feed off him, not kill, understand? The whole point of being a vampire is not leaving a trail of bodies around for people to get too suspicious.'

'Understandable. So I just go up to the guy and—'

'Bear those little fangs on him and get off him what you can – just don't drain him, even if you don't get much off him, never kill 'em.'

'All right, then I'll be off then.'

I turned round and walked down the back of the theatre to the alley. My hand was beginning to shake as I took a puff out of my cigarette, too deep in thought of what I was about to do. In my mind I kept asking: why me, for God's sake? I moved from the UK here to find a better life… not literally the end of it. Jack was still watching me until I turned right and went down the alley. The human was directly in sight in a dark corner. There was no light, nor people in sight, so I put out my cigarette, took a deep breath and approached the man. Aside from being lost, he also seemed to be intoxicated with alcohol and no wonder; there was a party going on in the floor above us. Guess that explained where he just came from. He was on the verge of passing out, which I thought would be better than having to force myself on the guy. The man slowly walked towards the wall on his left and started undoing his zipper, desperate for a piss. Now's my chance, I thought.

I walked up to the guy as quietly as I could, praying he wouldn't turn round. Judging from how much he had to drink I reckoned he be a while before finishing his piss. So without hesitation I grabbed the guy from behind, held both his shoulders and dug my head in his neck, digging my fangs into him until I felt the warm liquid run down my throat. He yelped so I covered his mouth with my left hand and continued to feed. I couldn't believe how satisfying the taste of his blood was, I almost didn't want to stop and drain him dry – but I couldn't. As soon as I reckoned I had enough, I pulled my fangs away from his neck and gently lowered him to the ground, laying him on his side I took a few steps back. He was still breathing so at least I hadn't taken too much. Is this what it felt like to drink someone's blood, I wondered. The very sensation of the blood coursing down my throat gave me the feeling of satisfaction, but there was also that feeling of a cold shiver going through my body.

I was damned and that was that.

When I returned to Jack he was leaning up against the other wall on the right, standing beside the back entrance of the building. The moment he saw me I could see it in his eyes he knew what I felt when I drank from that human. His smirk said it all.

'Yeah I can see it in your eyes, kid, you're a born-again predator. Feel that blood bubbling inside you? That's what it's all about.'

'But do I really have to spend the rest of my existence doing that, just to survive?'

'Kid, a vampire's a vampire. You don't drink that undead life of yours is gonna turn into some a lot worse.'

I gave a gentle chuckle.

'Like what?'

'The Beast,' Jack replied.

'What's the "Beast"?'

'The Beast… is a vicious animal, living under your skin. When you start holding back on blood, that animal is gonna take over your entire body and mind, going on a rampage, killing everything and anything in its path, searching for blood.'

'Is it that bad?'

'Bad enough that vampires who break the masquerade by going wild get put down by the Sherriff, like your sire back there.'

'You mean that big ape with the blade?'

'Yep. He's LaCroix's… bodyguard. Don't know where he found him, but he sure knows how to make a mess out of things.'

'I'll keep that in mind.'

'OK then, now—' just then there was a massive explosion in the background. Jack hissed. 'What the fuck is this?'

'You tell me, mate?'

'Look we gotta get outta here, follow me into this building and keep quiet, OK kid?'

'No problem.'

Jack kicked opened the door next to him which lead to a mechanics garage. I closed the door behind us and looked around. The place was filled with very little tools, equipment or even cars for that matter. We saw some stairs that lead up to the first floor of the building. Jack led the way so I followed from behind. At the top of the stairs was a small corridor, with two big windows on the right, that turned left at the end of it. Jack went on ahead and then waved his hand back for me to stop.

'Watch it, kid. Stay away from the windows.'

'What's going on?' I asked.

'Urgh… it's a Sabbat raid.'


'The Sabbat, they're, err… Christ… well, they're mostly mindless, bloodthirsty assholes, that's all you need to know about 'em.'

'I see… and these guys are the bad guys?'

'Well, none of us are actually good guys here, but basically you just don't wanna be on the side of some shovelhead, if you know what I'm sayin'?'

'Uh-huh… and what do you think they want, here?'

Jack cleared his throat.

'Well… from what I can assume, they got word of the gathering here and figured they'd rain a little hell on the new, prince.'

'And I take it you don't like LaCroix?'

'Kid, that's a long story I'd tell you another time. Right now we gotta focus on getting the hell outta here before some Sabbat find out we're here.'

'OK, so what's our next—'

'Shh, shh, heads up, back away,' Jack said looking through the window.

Three males were just approaching the back entrance of the theatre. Two carried Uzis on them and the third one moved like some animal, with long arms and sharp nails. Just as he stood in the centre of the two, a few feet away from them, he hauled like a dog at the moon. I could see the Sheriff entering the alley from the back. One of the Sabbat fired his weapon into the air and then started shooting at the Sherrif, as the other one began to fire also. The Sherrif raised his arm and out of nowhere, two gigantic, white glowing wolves appeared from behind and attacked the Sabbat. When the howling one realized what had happened he made a dash for the Sheriff. The Sheriff placed his hand to his mouth, blew something and then a cloud of burning smoke surrounded the third Sabbat, turning him into ash shortly after. The Sheriff turned his head to the left, looking up at the window, he saw me poking my head through. He then turned round and went back inside the theatre, closing the door behind him.

Honestly, I couldn't believe what I had just seen. I wondered if this is the type of thing I would eventually come up against as a vampire.

'Dumb, frenzy Sabbat bastards,' said Jack.

'Well, that sure was something,' I said.

'Yeah, well compared to how going up against a full pack of 'em is, you really don't wanna be around to watch.'


'All right, let's go kid.'

We continued down the corridor and turned left, only to arrive at a locked door. Oh Shite, I thought to myself. Then, out of nowhere, Jack handed me a lock pick. 'That should come pretty handy in time,' he said. I took the lock pick and tried to pick the lock on the door. Once I felt all the pins rise I opened the door and placed the lock pick in my pocket. The room was a basic office with a computer on a desk, a sofa and some cabinets filled with files and stuff. On the right of the room was a door with stairs that led down to the alley. Jack opened the door and in an instant he was thrown to the ground by a Sabbat. I rush out to help and before I could react a Sabbat hit me if a bat, dropping me to the ground. The Sabbat pinned me down, trying to go for my neck with its sharp fangs. I felt like a wild dog was on top of me trying to chew out my face. The demon's face was vicious and bloodthirsty; I could see in his eyes the thirst he had for my blood. I was using every bit of strength in me to hold him off that I couldn't see what was happening to Jack. In the back of my mind I was hoping they hadn't killed him. I couldn't hear anything from his direction and I was almost certain he was dead, until I suddenly felt the weight of the Sabbat lift from me and saw Jack with a smirk on his face. He picked up the Sabbat, took out a blade from his pocket and stabbed him in the throat, then used his left knee to break the guy's back and dropped him to the floor.

Jack went up to me and offered his hand to help me up. I took it and stood up from the floor.

'Fuckin' waste of unlife these Sabbat vatos! You OK kid?'

'Yeah… yeah I'm fine. Just a bit shaky, is all. I thought that bloke was going to rip my bloody throat out.'

'Don't worry kid, most of these Sabbat aren't entirely strong or capable of doing anything other than make a lot of noise and break public property. Think of them as smalltime thugs with nothing better to do.'

'Yeah, well then I don't want to be around the next time they feel like having a go for my neck.'

Jack chuckled.

'As long as you know how to handle yourself out there, kid, you'll be fine.'


'Now let's get out of this alley and get you to your cab. The Prince is gonna want you in Santa Monica as quickly as possible for what he's got lined up.'

'Whoop de doo,' I said very sarcastically.

'C'mon kid,' said Jack as he placed his arm round my shoulder and walked me down the alley.

We cut through an alley on our right which led us to the street. The street was pretty empty and it had just begun to rain. We heard a car horn to our left and saw a taxi waiting to take me. I turned to face Jack and say my goodbyes but he was gone. I smiled to myself and took out my pack of cigarettes as I walked towards the taxi. This pretty much marked the beginning of my nights as a vampire, so I figured I'd light up a cigarette in celebration of surviving my first income with the Sabbat. I just wondered what I was going to encounter next.