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This is my first ever fanfiction that I've ever done as a result of extreme boredom over the 2012/2013 summer holidays at my grandfather's place. I needed to do something. There is no set day for updates, I don't know when I have assessments and weekends are usually when they get done but I will try to get as much of this story done during the holidays.

Hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1: End of school, start of the holidays

Xana looked up from her exam paper, French translations were hard and it was the last thing she wanted to do before summer break started. She knew Nix was thinking the same thing. The 2 girls had met in elective history in yr 9 and were always talking about the Lord of the Rings.

Xana's parents and brother were taking a holiday in Europe and Nix's family were in America. The adults agreed that since the girls both had their P plates that they were responsible enough to live together for the duration of their trip.

As soon as the last exam paper was collected and the year dismissed, Nix and Xana made their way to the student car park. Xana was following Nix to her place to help her grab what she needed and then take her to her home.
"So, what are we having for tea?" asked Nix, she was tired after exams and wanted nothing more than to sit in front of the television.
"Nix, for the last time, we're having leftovers before I go and cook a new dish." Came Xana's reply. She was a die-hard lord of the rings fan and often could be found re-reading the books or enlarging pictures of the members of fellowship that were deemed hot.
"And I'm going to sleep where?" asked Nix in a questioning tone.
"Where ever I tell you to, my house my rules. But since I have a bunk bed..." she never finished that sentence as she was cut off by Nix calling bottom bunk.

The evening progressed as they thought it would with Xana and Nix trekking across the paddocks to get the horses and lock them in their yards which Beauty the horse did not seem to like. By the time they got to their marathon, a large storm blew up and resulted in Xana letting the horses out. When she returned the VHS was played.

They had just reached the boarders of LoriƩn when the TV turned off as if it had lost power followed by the lights.
"Da fuq is going on Xana?" asked Nix
"Nix, you say that as if you're an elf trapped in Moria. Don't worry it usually comes on about now." But the lights didn't come back on. Instead when Xana walked over to wack the TV she was hit by 9 shadows. After she threw them off she ran back to Nix who was overwhelmed at what was happening...