Chapter 50- At the end of our story another starts...
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Yours in The Lord of The Rings

Xana pulled her hair out of her face as she and the other elves walked forward just after Gandalf announced Aragorn as the king
"Now come the days of the king. May they be blessed." He said with a smile. Although she hadn't seen the hobbits since the previous night but she had a good idea where they were
"This day does not belong to one man but to all. Let us together rebuild this world that we may share in the days of peace." Aragorn said as he made his first speech as king before launching into the words of Elendil "Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world." The elves were walking up to congratulate him Xana behind Arwen, who she got on with well and next to Elrond. Since Legolas was his friend since he was a child he led the procession as part of the fellowship
"Thank you" Aragorn said as he hugged him before Xana stepped forward to show her own homage. Aragorn pulled her hand to his lips and did the polite thing to do and gave them a soft kiss before hugging his adopted family's youngest daughter. Behind her back she motioned for Arwen to come forward to meet her husband
"He is approved!" she hissed as she and Legolas returned to the group
"He always was!" the elf smiled as she walked forward. At the sight of his girlfriend/wife Aragorn instantly moved the banner she was carrying and kissed her...'
"YUCH MUM! THAT"S DISGUSTING!" yelled the child in bed listening to his mother tell the story. His younger brother had fallen asleep in his mother's arm and his cousins were asleep on the foot of his bed
"Denethor, do you want to know how the tale ends?" asked the wizened women as she adjusted her two year old in her lap
"Sorry mum, I do want to hear how it ends though!" exclaimed the child
"Soooo, now where was I? Oh yes... after the king and queen walked through the crowd with your father and I as well as the elves behind him, he found the six hobbits that had taken part of the fellowship. The hobbits looked up at the man and the royal party. Crystal had a smirk on her face, remembering how Xana's brothers had dragged him into the bath and scrubbed him until he was red raw. They all bowed out of respect to the new king but just as they had all started their bow or in Crystal's or Courtney's case, a curtsey. Aragorn said
"My friends you bow to no one..." before he and the'
"Didn't he say 'I owe you one.' Dad said he did!" exclaimed the boy looking up suddenly startling his younger cousins
"Dene!" they both yelled at him before Alyss tackled him
"Alyss, a lady does not act like that!" said the mother as she separated the cousins
"Sorry aunty Miki..." said the little girl as she sat waiting to hear the rest of the story. She had too much of her mother in her to be deemed ladylike. In some ways she reminded her of Xana. Her friend she hadn't seen since her wedding about ten years ago
"Anyway, as I was saying... the whole of Minas Tirith bowed to those hobbits. That's why King Elessar's first decree was to ban all men from the Shire unless he or the steward and the Mayor of Hobbiton gave permission. That rule also extends to elves. And thus it was, the Fourth Age of Middle-earth began, and the Fellowship of the Ring, though eternally bound by friendship and love, was ended. Thirteen months to the day, since Gandalf and fate sent us on our long journey, we found ourselves looking upon a familiar site. We were home." Finished Miki as she tucked Denethor in and lifted Alyss and her brother and took them to their rooms then returning for Richard to take him to bed before returning to blow out the candle in Denethor's room
"Mum, what happened to Gandalf? I mean, where is he? He can't simply have vanished into thin air. Can he? And what about Nix?" asked Denethor sleepily
"Gandalf left the same way as he had arrived in Middle Earth by. He left on the sea with Bilbo Baggins, Galadriel and Celebron who wished to see their daughter again. Nix and Haldir and all the elves who choose to remain in Lorién all moved to either Rivendell or East Lorién or Mirkwood. Elrond choose to remain in Middle Earth to watch over his own grandchildren. I guess one day we will all face the same journey. Goodnight, little one." She said as she left the room and prepared for the arrival of the elves of East Lorién and Rivendell the next day. After that she wouldn't know what fate would throw at them next. Some witch she was. Although Faramir had tried to hide it from her, she knew that the hobbits were also summoned. Something was wrong that much she could tell. The men were silent and the guards on constant stand by. Something was about to happen...

It's over. It's finally done!

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