Before we get into this story guys I just wanna clear it up that kojin no Kotei is still under development so no worries there. Now this story is my way of trying to put my faith back in Fairy Tail because to be frank with you all.

I'm disgusted with what I've seen...

I've tolerated the eternal fan service, the sheer naivety of Fairy Tail and its guild master, and even the 'lightness and Nakama Power' though I cringe just hearing that despicable word. But now I've lost nearly all my faith in it, and this is my try to bring that faith back in. This story was born from reading and watching the Battle for Tenrou Island, and a what if scenario popped into my head then I had crazy idea form.

This was the result...

I admit a lot of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is in this story just letting you all know, and additions of my own design so go easy on me.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail nor do I own any of the techniques or powers used from other animes and or games; only the techniques, OC's and plot of my own self creation

Anyway let's get on with it!

Rise of Dragneel: The Ryūjin of Chaos

Prologue: The Genesis of Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel was a man of many things, a Mage of the world renowned Sorcerer Guild called Fairy Tail, a Dragon Slayer by trade, foster son of the great dragon named Igneel, a friend amongst countless and a loyal bound teen that would stare into the face of overwhelming odds just to protect a friend and even go past his limits to defeat those that wronged him and his guild resulting in most things being destroyed in widespread destruction or burnt to a crisp. He had fought a many of things in his life, beasts to monsters and demons to dark mages and the normal scrapped bandit, monstrously powerful foes able to reshape the landscape, entities that could bring down an entire country in mere days.

Natsu however was known not just for his deeds as a Fairy Tail mage and his rampages in cities or villages when doing a quest resulting in major collateral damage of homes, churches, port towns and anything else basically caught in his path. He was also known for his personality, being a friend within Fairy Tail as he considered each and every person within said guild his family, loyal to no end and also quite the stubborn hot head at times, some call him reckless and that was true for out of battle he was mostly a carefree teen that some would call him an idiot, clueless and pretty dense about most common knowledge.

However that all changed when he was in battle, for in combat Natsu was undoubtedly the most perceptive man on the battlefield, an aspect of him most of his friends could agree on. Since he was young he always loved a good fight and always wanted to fight anyone within the guild whether it be with his friends or against S-Ranked mages that came back after a S-Class request. No one could argue that in the heat of battle Natsu Dragneel was an unprecedented genius that left those after one of his many battles in a state of shock and awe.

By both the ingenuity he accomplished it and in the widespread destruction that resulted in each clash making many wonder if Natsu was even human due to the excess carnage he could wreak after just one battle more so then any other Fairy Tail Guild Member. Understandable seeing as Natsu was the adopted son of Igneel the Great Dragon of Fire and raised since he was a toddler in Igneel's brand of Dragon Slayer magic called Ka no Metsuryū Mahō, but also in strengthening his body through both physical mental means giving him both the knowledge on how to read, write and speak yet also strengthening his physical capabilities to such a degree that it was beyond mortal limits.

Truly Natsu Dragneel was indefinitely a man of renowned status as both a troublemaker, but a dearly loved individual of Fairy Tail.

However on this day, all of this meant nothing as the rosy pink haired Dragon Slayer stood upon the burnt ruptured soil of what was once Tenrou Island, the very island where Fairy Tail's S-Class Exam took place. He stood there amongst the smoky black pitched soil with his pink bangs shadowing his eyes, whilst a monstrous behemoth of a winged creature stood before him baring its mighty fangs and white eyes narrowed at his form in a twisted amusing glow in the creatures eyes. It's mighty wings flapped once or twice uprooting tree's and cause a strong wind to swirl around them.

Amongst Natsu's very feet were the smoky cratered remains of his friends, his family, everyone he loved and held dear to him were dead right before his very eyes, his guild mates participating in the exam were dead, his comrades and closest friends since his childhood were gone. His grandfather in all, but blood was dead, every single one of them vaporized by this monstrous killing machine before him whom did it so casually as if it were toying with them.

He could hear it, their screams of terror, their faces filled with fear even as they stood trying in futile to defeat the beast even as it tore through them with a roar of such energy vaporizing all of them their terror filled faces, gut wrenching screams echoed within the young Dragneels mind haunting him yet taunting him that despite all his power he was weak and due to that weakness he was unable to help them and had to watch as everyone of them was killed.

Right infront of him...

Natsu's body trembled and twitched even as the spirit of the first Guild Master of Fairy Tail shed tears at the sight as she was too slow to stop this from happening, to stop this genocide and this one young soul to witness it all brought her to tears and pulled at her very being at how devastated the young boy was.

'I am so sorry young one...'

However her sadness could not compare to what Natsu felt as his hands clenched with veins pulsating from his fists up through his arms bugled in full view. His friends, family all of them were killed and he could do nothing as all of them were killed before his very eyes unable to do anything to help them. First his foster father Igneel abandoned him, now his friends were dead and gone because of his own weakness!


Somewhere deep inside Natsu's mind something happened, something broke and shattered, something very important seemed to have been cut as in a split second Natsu stopped trembling only for the an invisible explosion erupt from Natsu's body before the ground itself started to smoke and even what remained of trees were set ablaze by the intensity of Natsu's emotions. Natsu's form seemed to go rigid whilst the area around him seemed to be affected by his emotions and watching this was the great black dragon itself seeming as if it was staring down at Natsu's form in a keen look of interest.

Within the young Dragneel's mind he could feel himself collapsing, his mental state breaking apart at the seems as realization dawned on him. 'Erza, Lucy, Gray, Cana, Mirajane, Gildarts, Jii-san, Elfman, Lisanna, Laxus, Happy, Levy, Wendy...everyone, their all dead...this...thing killed them...I-I...' Their faces flashed within his mind making his hands snap up to clench the sides of his head in a vice-like grip, his eyes shut tight as memories of them, their faces, voices, moments with them up til now flashed within his mind.

He couldn't take it...

''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'' Natsu let loose a gut-wrenching scream it being so loud it echoed all through the desolate Tenrou Island. Falling to his knees, he slammed his fist repeatedly causing it crack and shake the island and with each impact he created a crater twice the size as the original. Not only this, but following his action the Dragneel's body started to glow a dark crimson, his arms and face gaining the characteristics of his Dragon Force transformation, scales appeared from his arms and face and even his hands, his canines lengthened beyond normal and his fingers started to resemble that of claws. Yet even then Natsu did not stop hitting the ground as his mind started to truly break down causing the teen to not see the vast differences in his body then normal as the scales started actually become completely crimson whilst his body itself began to let off an aura of pure rage.

Watching this both the dragon revered to as Acnologia and Mavis Vermillion at the edge of said crater watched in both interest for the former and shock to the later. Such power, such raw uncontrolled power surged from the young Dragneel that is started to even cause what was left of Tenrou island to tremble and the very skies to blacken whilst Natsu's scream slowly, but surely was turning more into a roar.

''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!'' he let out the beastly roar, his voice deeper and more feral then before whilst causing a shockwave to erupt from his form. His hair whipped wildly whilst his fists pounded into the ground with each earth shattering slam whilst causing the ground itself to blacken over by the intense blazing fire of Natsu's magical aura.

'S-such power...' Mavis thought as she watched the young Dragneel's body just radiate such magical power that it made even her in spiritual form extremely nervous.

However for the Legendary Acnologia, the Dragon of the Apocalypse felt only one thing as he stared down at what it once thought as a mere insect before now looked upon the boy with an interested gaze. It gazed down at the boy whose body now seemed to glow a shade of pure crimson as a rational thought seemed to cross its mind.

'This power...I have only felt once before...could it be...' the mere thought sent a shock of excitement down the dragons body as it prepped itself for the inevitable battle. It could feel it, this boy's anger, hatred and rage was so strong and it only kept getting stronger by the second. Oh yes, Acnologia found itself waiting in anticipation for the boy to come at him for it knew without a doubt he would, once more it flapped its massive wings in preparation.

And just as Natsu's body was covered and bathed in that supernatural hue of crimson did the teen merely snap his head upwards only now his eyes opened to reveal no pupil and no iris not even the whites of his were present for all that was there was a pair of scarlet orbs filled with such anger and hate that one could not even begin to comprehend. Slowly Natsu's head swerved directly in Acnologia's direction and let loose an unearthly growl.

''I'll kill you...I'LL KILL YOU!'' and just as he said this his body literally erupted in a pillar of crimson magical power, surging out of his body in such a way that destroyed the ground beneath him as the scarlet pillar pierced the very skies themselves. Such was his power, uncontrolled and raw as it was the trees outside of the crater were blown away whilst a shockwave shot out from outside his body causing widespread destruction rupturing the land itself.

However Acnologia was unshaken by the explosion of magical power and by some extent so was Mavis though that helped with her having no physical body to speak of, the awe and shock filling her were completely evident however at the scene happening before her, something she had never seen when she was alive and most certainly now. Her eyes glistening in tears watched the scene in both sadness and peaked curiosity.

Why was because Natsu's form was engulfed in a fiery aura of bloody shade of maroon, his arms and face now covered more then ever before in crimson scales and his hands now slowly resembling a pair of dragons claw. His teeth sharp whilst his canines revealed to be 4-inch fangs, his pupiless crimson orbs glared up at Acnologia who could only stare back at him with a more tense look in the dragons eyes.

'It can't possibly be...'

As the dragon thought about this it flapped its once again while Natsu's fiery engulfed form crouched on the ground causing it to burst into flames not his normal flames either, but pure red flames that scorched the very ground turned it into a small puddle of lava such was the heat Natsu's form gave off. His aura flared outward that brief as it was Acnologia and Mavis swore they saw the brief impression of something standing behind Natsu.

What that was, was simply a giant crimson dragon...

Natsu's crimson scaled face glared up at Acnologia, his canines now fangs, his glowing crimson orbs glared at the black dragon with such anger and rage that is almost seemed unnatural.

''You killed killed them...I'll DESTROY YOU!'' and so it was with a monstrous roar of pure anger that Natsu's form exploded in raw magical power as the pillar of crimson surge piercing the very skies exploded outwards scattering the very skies themselves and causing a second shockwave.

Grimoire Heart's Ship-Deck

Standing atop the deck, Zeref's form could be seen standing on the deck of the flying ship once belonged to the Guild Master of Grimoire Heart Hades now unmanned and controlled via by his own magical prowess. His robed form blew in the vast raging winds sweeping all across the sea and skies, his pitch black orbs stared down at Tenrou Island with a look of both shock and surprise, his usual nonchalance erased and replaced with a sense of foreboding as he beheld the sight before him.

Even from where he was he could feel it, Natsu's anger, rage and hate flooding everything, such emotion such a powerful hatred the likes of which Zeref had himself only felt back in his past. It brought a small chill up his spine, yet the small sad smile was evident on the Dark Mage's face. His hands clenched as Acnologia's giant form flew up above Tenrou Island whilst a bright crimson star seem to pulsate down below on the island.

''Natsu...'' he uttered as a frown etched onto his face, he could feel it the raw magical power seemed to gather in that one spot swirling and gathering in a giant maelstrom of power, getting bigger and stronger by the second. He looked up at the skies, the building storm and raging sea's...

Truly it looked as if the apocalypse had come down upon them...

'The very planet can feel your turmoil cries for you my friend...'

Unknown Location

At the same time, a dual pair of golden slit orbs full of both power and wisdom on a level rare few could understand snapped open only to slowly glare at seemingly nothing yet it too sensed the magical surge even from where it was and though its face was hidden a frown of uncertainty came up upon its face.

'Could it be...?' with that thought it felt yet another surge much more powerful then the second causing the beings eyes to widen marginally before it reared its head directly to the other side of the room where another pair of golden orbs stared back him only with the anxiety mixed in with both that power and wisdom no mortal could match.

''Go...'' with a simple command the second pair of golden orbs blinked away as a great rumbling could be felt as the being flew off into the deep blue sky. A flash of red was all that could seen before a flash of light erupted before the light and said being vanished leaving behind the first. Who's eyes narrowed out into the sky, with a rumble it too stood up and moved forward as that surge of power washed over him.

'It is you no doubt...I can feel your anger, hatred, rage and sadness from even here and you're power is absolute...we are coming to your aid young one'

Tenrou Island-Crater

Mavis Vermilion had done and saw many things in her lifetime when she was alive, she fought in wars, formed a guild that later became one of the most world renowned guilds in all of Fiore, fought against demons of old and even fought against some dragons and alongside some others. By all rights Mavis thought she had seen everything life had to offer, but it would seem in death that was not the case as the woman was bearing witness to something that was quite literally the equivalent of the prophesied sundering.

She was sad, utterly and terribly so at the sight happening before her as she watched her little fairies all killed before she could step in and now because of that the young one called Dragneel Natsu bore witness to it all and was now in the state he was. She could see it, his mental state was in pieces at seeing his friends killed before his eyes, nothing could quell her eternal sadness for the boy who was by all rights was broken. Tears fell freely at the sight of the young mage, looked ready to kill and besides her sadness Mavis couldn't help herself, but be confused at the sight of the boy and shocked at how much the one boy was excluding off his body.

By Gods the magical power he was giving off was practically enormous, in size and density it would have suffocated any other mage below S-Rank and killed anyone else in the vicinity in a blaze of fire. Not only that, but the additions of the yellow almost golden bolts of lightning coming up at random points around Natsu's body were there and only came in more frequent variations showing the power he gained from Laxus Dreyar was soon coming into the fray.

Truly whilst crimson fire engulfed and circled Natsu's form golden bolts lightning started to course throughout his body just as it did when he first used his Mōdo Raienryū gained from eating Laxus Dreyar's Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic against Hades. Only now it was activated on an unconscious level further strengthening Natsu's power second by second. The Dragneel spite of this only had one thing going through his shattered mind, that being to attack and kill this dragon, rip and tear it apart for what it had done to his friends, his nakama, his family!

Watching from outside the crater Mavis Vermilion's saddened emerald orbs looked upon Natsu with pity as the teen's form in a expression befitting the epitome of sadness. She could feel his emotions, his anger and hate toward Acnologia was great, greater then she had ever felt when it came to the emotion and thus it only fueled Natsu's power further and further.

'He saw them all he's lost himself...' another lone tear fell from her eyes as she looked upon Natsu as did those that could see him.

Said Dragneel no longer resembled himself as most of his body was covered in bloody crimson scales, most of his face and arms were nothing more then crimson scaled arms, hell most of his body was covered in these red dragon scales. It was painfully clear however that Natsu Dragneel no longer resembles himself any longer as he now resembled that of a hybrid between that of a human and a dragon itself. Said mage merely glared up at Acnologia and just as his eyes narrowed further did it happen.


Such was the explosion of dirt, fire and lightning as Natsu's form merely seemed to vanish and only to appear heading directly toward in such speed that it left the first master of Fairy Tail baffled. His resounding beastial roar echoed as he charged directly toward the black dragon fire and lightning coursing through his ever constantly changing body.

''ROOOOAAARRRR!'' roaring as such Natsu reared back his hand ever coasted in his magical unsuppressed power, his hair whipping wildly he lashed out toward Acnologia whom in preparation met Natsu's attack head on resulting in both his fist and the dragons giant claw collide; what followed was the resulting explosion of magical power clashing against one another, one being a supernatural creature of nigh catastrophic power and another with the power to slay dragons whom ironically looked like a dragon himself.

But it was for not as the struggle of dominance last only a few second's before Acnologia spun around batting Natsu back down toward Tenrou Island with one of his giant wings. Causing said Dragneel to grunt before he plummeted into the island crashing down causing a long trench as he dragged through the ground by the sheer force of the dragons attack.

Yet the damage was done as Acnologia briefly looked down at its claw only for its white eyes to widen when he saw his hand to actually be scorched and slightly numb from the young ones attack on his person. Its maw formed into a scowl baring its giant fangs while it swung its gaze down at where the young whelp had hit the ground.

'The whelp actually injured me...he has the true power of a dovah coursing through him...what is this?!' these were the thoughts coursing through the legendary dragons mind such was the intensity of his musings he couldn't react in time when Natsu appeared right infront of him fists ablaze in both fire and lighting. Once they hit the dragon directly into his jaw causing it to actually stagger whilst it flew backwards from the force of Natsu's attack.

''Grrr!'' snapping in a snarl Acnologia charged as did the enraged Natsu only now the dragon didn't let up as it merely swung its tail swiping down Natsu causing the young mage to rocket down toward the ocean itself just off course from the island itself, crashing into the ocean did it cause a giant pillar of water to erupt.

Now it was during this battle that on this very ocean was a small little un seemingly boat where two occupants were holding on for dear life as the battle between the two supernova's went on. These two people were none other than the former Grimorie Heart mages Ultear Milkovich and Meredy both of which was holding onto the sea vessel as it rocked back and forth from the raging waves from the recent explosion of water.

''W-what's going on Ultear!'' Meredy shouted over the crashing waves and rumbling of the storm, the pink haired mage cracked open her eyes to look over at her friend and possibly best friend only to see her looking up into the sky with a terror filled expression, her eyes were glazed in a full out fear.

''I-its here...the great dragon from the book of the Apocalypse, Acnologia is here!'' hearing this Meredy knowing of the great legend went wide eyed as she too looked up only to gain the same expression as her friend as she too beheld the giant behemoth floating upwards in the sky, the black ominous clouds and bolts of lighting only seemed to heighten the young girls fear for the monstrous dragon.

''B-but...who's fighting it...who in their right mind is trying to fight this thing!?'' Meredy asked the unasked question which Ultear also wished to know who or what was facing down this being. It had to be the very thing that hit the water to cause that plume of water so close to them.

'It has to be the one who released those shockwaves...but who is it?' was her thoughts on the matter.

Yet it would seem her and Meredy's question would be answered...


For nearby an explosion of water gained their attention as another pillar of water ruptured into the air along with a intense steam, however what followed was what got their attention as a disturbing shade of hue followed up the stream of water before athe two women's eyes did a figure slowly rise from the watery depths. Their bodies went rigid as a pair of blood red orbs pierced through the watery mists, flooded with such bloodlust and rage of which they had never felt before they could only look on as the figure was revealed causing Ultear and by some extension Meredy's eyes to widen.

''...Is that...Dragneel?'' Ultear uttered her voice quivering in unbridled fear as she recognized the sight of her former enemy who now looked like something befitting a namesake. The Salamander as was his title was all Ultear could think of as she beheld the crimson scaled body of one Natsu Dragneel, his body overflowing in a deep crimson hue whilst his blood red orbs seemed to ignore all things in existence as they were dead set on Acnologia's form.

''T-that's...Natsu Dragneel?! But...what happened to him!?'' Meredy spoke beside her and she could understand her shock for before the young mage looked normal with flesh like the rest of them, but now he wasn't the reckless teen that met on the island, but now...

Entirely someone or something else...

They weren't prepared for when Natsu's sped off toward Acnologia's form hurdling toward the dragon in such speed that it left a long stream of fire and lightning trailing behind him. Doing so he also left the two sorceresses gaping in both fear and awe.

With Acnologia it too saw the young whelp speeding toward him and doing so the dragon let loose a growl before it dashed through the air to meet the young whelp head on. This resulted in both the Dragon and Dragon Slayer to connect in a collision causing a sonic boom to erupt from them, however as their magical energies conflicted did Acnologia seem overpower Natsu before swiped Natsu making him fly backwards.

Only for the teen to stop before he seemed to breathe in gathering up his magical power into his lungs to unleash his attack and seeing this Acnologia decided to meet the attack head on with his own. Thus the two beings of power seemed to gather up their respective magical power for their inevitable release.

And it came in the form of the two giving a dual roar...



A combined roar of fire and lightning shot out from Natsu whilst a giant beam of energy shot out from Acnologia, the very same attack that had killed his nakama. The two attacks in such size and power lit up the sky, the sheer power of the two attacks could have been felt from miles away, even the city of magnolia could feel and see the two giant attacks collided. This both caused a shockwave to erupt only to be followed by a bright flash of light as the two attacks clashed violently against one another.

Those that saw this fight were left in a state of shock more so then others, for those that saw the two attacks clash was Mavis watching the fight with a sense of foreboding. She had been watching the fight and although Acnologia seemed to be overpowering Natsu at every moment the mage only kept going at him disregarding the state his body was in, ignoring the vast injuries he was getting from fighting the destructive dragon.

'Natsu see all of his friends and killed before his eyes...has his broken state broken into an untapped power...for unreal' was the musings of one Mavis Vermilion who was the two titans struggle for dominance in their attacks. This was something she had never saw before, someone to actually fight the great dragon Acnologia was never recorded in history, but to witness it right before her eyes.

It was quite honestly something she wouldn't forget nigh it was impossible to forget something like this...

However besides Mavis there was one other person watching over the battle, that person being only Zeref himself, who watched over the battle with a awe yet saddened gaze. Unlike the majority Zeref knew first hand of Acnologia's terrifying power and he knew without a shred of doubt that the dragon was merely toying with Natsu so far. It was surprising to see his old friend was able to injure the dragon, but still Zeref knew when the two attacks were released did he know this was the end.

He closed his eyes letting a lone tear fall, ''I'm sorry Natsu...this is where we part ways...'' then as Zeref tore his gaze away from the battle.

And it seemed Zeref was right as Acnologia's attack was already overpowering Natsu's own, overcoming it bit by bit yet the young mage wasn't showing signs of giving in while the dragon seemed to lose its patience and was adding more and more power to destroy this whelp. At first it was a mere insect in its eyes, but now he was wrong, severely wrong as the the apocalyptic being could feel the young whelps power, it wasn't normal by any means. He knew what it was and it didn't categorize itself with the magic its brethren taught.

This was something entirely different...

'His power is that of a Dovah, of my own kind yet that's impossible...unless...' Soon enough Acnologia's stared at its opponent with a keen gaze. It just couldn't understand the anomaly of what this mere child was, it had injured him though it was already healed from his supernatural healing, but the fact the child injured him rattled his mind.

But that was where his thoughts ended, one way or another he could feel the boys power growing more and more and becoming unstable as well and that only made the dragon want to end the boys life all the more.

Giving a roar Acnologia powered his attacked causing it to ripple and surge before it blasted Natsu's own attack back inch by inch, feet by feet steadily growing closer to the Dragneel by the second. The struggle was futile as the dragon was no longer playing with him, it was going to end his life, he wished to have nothing more then this child to die by his hands alone and nothing more!

And it was through this thought alone and the powering of Acnologia's attack could we see Natsu's being growing close to being engulfed by the giant surge of magical power caused by the legendary dragon. Such was the intensity of its power that the sky itself seemed to ripple from the sheer magnitude of Acnologia's power.

And it was all headed directly toward Natsu...

Seeing this Mavis's eyes widened as the attack sped fast toward the Dragneel's form intending to vaporize him just as it did those to his friends and family. White light erupted the vision of those watching the battle as Acnologia's heading lit up the sky whilst it closed in on Natsu. And it was because of this that everyone excluding the Black dragon missed the slight spike of magical power a few meters away.

The dragon blinked before it felt a second magical power to appear and just as the its attack was close to hitting the young whelp...

A flash of red was all it saw before...

''RRRROOOOOOAARR!'' another ear shattering roar erupted from the bolts of lighting and ravage winds, but what happened was what surprised everyone and only made Acnologia let loose a growl. For just as its attack was about to come in contact with the whelp a giant stream of pure fire came through which connected with Acnologia's attack causing it to halt in its trajectory before it quickly blew up causing a wide spread sphere of crimson and white magical power and elemental prowess to surge outward in all directions.

The explosion however big as it was didn't perturb Acnologia even as it dissipated did the dragons eyes glare hatefully in disdain at what was infront of him. Its maw snarled as its growled at that being before it when clear annoyance mixed with slight surprise, he wasn't the only person that saw this however for Mavis from where she stood was also in a state of shock at what she was seeing.

For where Natsu once was, in place was a dragon...

To be precise a giant dark red scaled dragon with beige bony bat-like wings and underbelly, scars adorned the great dragons on his belly and neck with a larger one in the shape of an 'X' in the center of his belly. Blacks spikes ran along the length of his back till it reached the end of his long red tail, its triangular head with horns pointed forward at Acnologia in a form of defiance.

Finally golden narrowed orbs peered through the smoke of Acnologia's attack colliding with the dragons own with a glow raw power mixed in with a cold hatred for the being before him. Closely held in the dragons claw was that of the unconscious form of one Natsu Dragneel his body same as it was when fighting Acnologia, but no longer did it exclude that uncontrollable power.

The great dragons eyes stared down Acnologia's own ignoring all other lifeforms then the dragon before him whom of which growled before roaring out his name in irritation.

''IGNEEL YOU WORM!'' the Apocalyptic dragon of legend roared out whilst the now revealed Dragon of Fire and adopted father of Natsu merely narrowed his eyes. Flames of scorching red fire lit ablaze and coursed through and all around Igneels body beckoning forth to its masters call and seemed to encircle Natsu in a protective shell of fire. Igneel's glowing golden eyes glared down Acnologia and spoke in a threatening tone.

''Acnologia...'' his voice rumbled in the stormy sky as the two great dragons stared off ignoring those that watched from below, witnessing the two entities before them. Meredy and Ultear from the rickety old boat drifting along the sea watched with wide shocked filled eyes at the sight before them. Legends foretold of dragons to be praised as deities, masters of the elements and harbingers of untold destruction. Yet to the two young women to see not only the fabled Dragon of the Apocalypse Acnologia, but also the legendary Dragon of Fire Igneel was a sight to behold.

However what caught their eye was held in the claw of Igneels hand was the unconscious form of Natsu Dragneel with fire seemingly forming around him in a protective sphere.

'' going here?'' Ultear uttered as Meredy was too shocked to even speak

On the remnants of Tenrou island Mavis Vermillion upon seeing the timely and newly arrival of Igneel the Dragon of Fire seemed to narrow her emerald eyes slightly though she was happy to see the young Dragneel safe in the hands of Igneel himself.

'Why has another dragon come, usually they don't interfere in the affairs of mere mortals, and Acnologia's return was foretold long before. So why has one come down and among them all Igneel himself?' it made the creator and former first master of Fairy Tail think as to why this would occur, a disaster such as this wouldn't have need to gain there attention besides that of Acnologia's return.

So what was so important to cause them to heed and send one of their best down to the mortal plane?

A crushing realization came down on her when she spotted Natsu's unconscious form held in Igneel's claw, the sudden outburst of magical power causing even Acnologia himself to hesitate and cause such a rupture within the mortal realm, and by only one person taught and raised by a dragon. Her eyes looked jump into the sky staring up at the two behemoth entites flaring their magical power against one another causing the area around them to be affected via quake, ravaging elements and thunderous rumbling of the sky.

A small sad smile graced her face as she stared at the mop of spiky rosy pink hair in Igneel's hand...

'He truly is loved by the Dragons this incident has garnered there attention and centered on a Dragon Slayer...truly he is the Child of a Dragon'

Amidst this though Igneel only kept his stare dead even with Acnologia's own he flared his power out to keep it even with the black dragon of legend to show he wasn't going to submit to it. However the silence became too much for Acnologia who promptly growled.

''Why have you come Igneel? You and the rest of my pathetic brethren were not meant to come into the mortal realm, so why come now of all times?!'' Acnologia spoke, his voice boomed and rumbled across the thunderous skies while Igneel only kept his eyes dead set on the black dragons form. Cradling his adopted son within his claw Igneel only snorted causing his nostrils to flare out a stream of fire.

''Be silent Acnologia for you do not know of the situation at hand only know that our Lord has asked me to come directly to intervene in this fight.'' the dragon of fire spoke only for Acnologia to snarl in his direction before the dragons eyes moved toward the unconscious form of his former opponent before a twisted grin came upon the beasts maw.

''Is it because of this whelp you hold so tenderly in your claw? That boy is no longer human Igneel to be precise in battle his power actually started tom feel more like that of dovah...''it trailed on only for Igneel's golden eyes to narrow before growled out in a threatening tone.

''Be silent you wretched cur! This kiir is my kul and he hold's more importance then you could possibly understand!'' Igneel finished which Acnologia glared at the great fire dragon before its eyes took on a glaze of apprehension as they settled upon the unconscious Natsu. It took a mere second or two before a startling realization started to appear in the dragons eyes.

''No wonder that old fool sent you here we and by means you and my other brethren have no business interfering in the affairs of mortals, but then again this isn't a mortal affair is it?'' it spoke stating a fact as it glanced toward Natsu's changed draconic body. The crimson scales covering Natsu's form and his limbs resembling that of a dragons, his canines jutting out from his upper lip.

It was painfully clear what the black dragon was implying...

Igneel didn't respond to Acnologia's question as he too glanced down at his child for the first time in years and a sorrow look started to glimmer in the dragons eyes. The sight of his child in such a state only made the great dragon close his eyes to hide shame and self guilt upon himself, it seemed all that had been planned had gone wrong on this day. He never wanted this for Natsu, not to witness such a sight as this to see all of his friends and guild butchered before his eyes, and it seemed fate played against him and destroyed his child's mental state and in turn made him into what he was now.

'I'm so sorry my kul that fate has cast this tragedy upon you...'

Acnologia not getting a response from the dragon only give a thunderous chuckle of amusement, its eyes glowed ever so briefly forever memorizing Natsu's form and the way the whelp had fought mere moments ago with such ferocity that it piqued the dragons interest in him. And if it's theory was true then this whelp was gonna prove to be all the more interesting.

''Hehe I see very well then Igneel I will leave...''once the dragon heard this it shook itself of his thoughts and looked to Acnologia's way in slight disbelieve only to see in the dragon's held honesty, but the slight glow of anxiety was clear as day.

''However I will come for the child and seek him out for battle one day, he has proven to be an interesting whelp that I find to be more fierce and ferocious then any other dovah I have ever come across, more so then even that decrepit old fool you serve.'' it stated to Igneel's slight surprise however he didn't show it outwardly, but the fact that his son Natsu who suffered such a loss to the dragon had gotten that dragon's interest had to either be a good or bad thing and of which Igneel didn't know, but strangely he felt a small sense of pride nonetheless for his adopted son.

What mattered was getting himself and Natsu out of here he had overstayed his welcome and seeing as Acnologia agreed to leave them be he could only sum up for him and Natsu to leave. He watched with as Acnologia made good on its word as it cast one more glance toward Natsu before it turned around and flew off disappearing into the black sky its form disappearing into the black clouds.

Sighing Igneel closed its eyes to the world around him for just a moment to reel in all that's happened only for him to feel a presence at his side causing him to open his eyes to see the sight of Mavis hovering at his side looking down at his unconscious son with a sorrow expression. He didn't say a word as he knew the woman was known by his kin from the old times was in a state of misery that much he could tell.

He watched as Mavis dull emerald orbs looked over Natsu's changed form they grew ever so more confused and distraught as she beheld the sight of what was once the most passionate of her fairies. Now due to witnessing the loss of his entire family his form had changed and she could only wonder how his mental state was now knowing they were all gone. Gently as she could Mavis ghostly hand trailed over Natsu's face somehow caressing his face and though she be dead she could feel the inner turmoil he was going through from just being near him and by touching him she could feel the sadness, anguish and torment he was going through.

It broke her heart entirely...

Hesitantly she pulled her hand away yet kept her gaze solely on the young Dragneel only even as she spoke, her words pointed to Igneel.

''I'm surprised you're here Igneel-sama from what I know you dragons don't meddle in the affairs of mortal's when the time has come for you to return to you're realm...yet here you are...I find myself curious to that.'' she spoke her voiced laced with curiosity and apprehension however Igneel only gave a grunt before his eyes fell upon his adopted son. Normally if Mavis were any other human he'd warn them to leave him be, but he knew her and respected her as do all dragons do as she was a very powerful mage in her time and even more so to live beyond death as she does.

''You're right Mavis Vermilion however as it is as of now with the prophesied return of Acnologia we dragons as a whole are on full alert. However you know by now we can sense shifts in the mortal realm, and I was sent here to investigate.'' here he gave a gruff yet sad chuckle as his eyes laid solely on his son which Mavis seemed to notice.

''Only to find out the shift we felt was caused by Natsu, my own kul no less, but I do not know how it happened yet this action has caused him to be sighted by we dragons as a whole and thus I was sent to retrieve him.'' Igneel spoke, but he and she knew that it was a lie due to how Natsu looked and the appearance of a dragon after such a surge of uncontrollable power meant it had something to do where mortals alive or not had no business poking their noses where they don't belong.

Nonetheless Mavis closed her eyes to suppress her sadness before she opened them once more, calm as can be Mavis seemed to give a bitter smile as she gave one more-and possibly last-look at the rosy pinked hair Dragneel before she let her hand glide over his chin to his mouth and nose before she stopped at his forehead.

''I see, then do what you must, but all I ask is that he be treated with care even now with this tragedy he is and forever shall be one of my little fairies.'' she spoke with tears rolling down her eyes while it was unseen by Igneel those droplets of tears fell upon Natsu's face. Nor the nearly broken face of a woman crying above the unconscious dragon slayer.

''Don't worry, he will be taken care of that I swear...'' he spoke causing Mavis to give a slow nod, and just as she was pulling back she smiled down at Natsu's form.

'Natsu Dragneel...though I knew you briefly, I saw you upon my island your passion as a Fairy Tail member was unmatched, your power, strength and voice was the very spirit of my guild. Though you may not be able to hear me I just want you to know, you will always be a matter what happens to you.'

With that unspoken message Mavis pulled away suppressing the pain in heart for doing so looking toward Igneel she nodded causing to Dragon to give one in return before he closed his eyes before flapped his wings before he carrying Natsu with him into the sky where Mavis watched the dragon start to glow before he along with Natsu vanished in a bright light.

This would be the last time Fiore would ever see of Natsu Dragneel for a long time...

However watching this Mavis had a small smile on her face as she uttered one last thing.

''Natsu...the Child of a Dragon, I wonder how true that statement really is...hopefully I'll see you again Salamander-kun...'' with that Mavis closed her eyes and willed her body to fade into blue spiritual orbs of light before they traveled back to what was once her island. Hoping and praying that Natsu the survivor of this tragedy would be able to live through this, and or what the dragons had planned for the Dragneel.

Only time...would tell...

Unknown Time-Unknown Location


Darkness was all that he could see, he could feel nothing as if his body laid adrift in a void of emptiness, he could smell nothing hear not the slightest of sounds nor could he truly see anything else, but that of the endless ebony that surrounded him. Yet the torment he suffered through this state of unconsciousness was evident in the haunting echoes within the deepest reaches of his mind. The moans and wails of agony and that of dead, their faces-oh gods-the faces were forever frozen in terror yet that shot through bypassing his body tearing through his very being and soul as their earlier actions against it flashed each and every time.

Their futile attempts to face it and to defeat it, the scenes of their death replayed in his mind to the point it was driving him to the brink of no return. All he could feel when he saw them die, standing in front of the very beast that had done it was pure rage the likes of which he had never felt before. His anger and rage grew leaps and bounds before his vision back then turned crimson before his world had gone dark.

But now seeing the sight over and over, the death of his most precious loved ones dieing before him in a endless cycle, it was torture plain and simple yet only now unlike the endless amount of rage, hate and anger he had felt back was now replaced with an overwhelming sense of self loathing and guilt. He was too weak to save them, to try and best that beast and save his surrogate grandfather, he was too weak to stop the only man he saw as a brother and his friends from childhood from being killed.

It hurt all the more to know it happened before his very eyes...

A flash of scarlet and smoldering brown orbs flashed before him he knew this woman Erza the very name and her appearance sent a sharp painful stab into his heart at her face held that of a tearful smile before she went into battle, the last he saw her before she like the rest had died in that dragons vaporizing attack.

'Erza...I couldn't save you, I promised to never have you cry again, yet I was too weak to save save everyone...'

Natsu Dragneel for all his power, all his skill and prowess in battle never felt so empty as knowing his failure to save his friends and family had cost him so much.

Yet he had yet to realize how steep the price truly was...

However as he laid in this void that was his subconscious something happened, it was brief and small, but it caught his attention for it was the glow of a bright white light which upon turning his whole body in its direction did it soon start to envelop the darkness that was his mind. The nightmares that plagued him were washed away by this light and soon his vision was flooded by the light.

Unknown Location

The first thing Natsu Dragneel felt when he felt himself returning to consciousness was the feeling of something incredibly soft yet warm all the same. Following this was a strange yet comforting scent that almost seemed familiar to him strange as it was, but thanks to his enhanced senses Natsu heard a muffled sound at his side, the scent of some unknown person standing at his side, and could feel that persons hand lightly touching his own.

It was a female...the softness was unmistakable...but who was it?

''To think...after all these years I would get to see you again...'' the woman spoke as if she knew him, her voice was filled with nostalgia, and blearly Natsu opened his eyes just a bit to see who it was.

It was indeed a woman looking around his age, and though his vision was blurry he could see her appearance to be fairly tall with milky white skin. Sparkling light blue eyes with silvery-white hair that fell to her lower back. Straining his eyes he saw her smile down at him seemingly not seeing his attempt to see, and spoke down at his body.

''I cannot stay long, but it feels me with great relief to see you back, my Sahqon Kulaan'' utterly confused at her words he felt her hand leave his as she slowly stood up from his side. His vision soon started to darken once more as he watched the mysterious woman leave his sight. Soon Natsu felt his vision swim before he blacked out.

Only to awaken once again the void of his nightmares to be haunted once more...

Later-Natsu's Location

Once again Natsu felt himself start to awake from his haunting nightmares to feel that same familiar softness of a bed beneath him from the first time. Only as his eyes started to open his eyes he could feel another thing as he tried to move his body. It was sore or maybe stiff, but ignoring this Natsu quietly moved his body up to the headboard of the bed of which he laid on, and monotonously looked around him to survey his location.

It was a giant of a chamber with black walls with a total of 6 crimson pillars stationed at corners of the chamber with a decorative lizard or reptilian design wrapping itself around each pillar. Looking up he saw the ceiling to actually be a giant gold carving of some strange dragon creature twisting, and breathing flames. Looking the chamber he saw some décor from stone statues of serpent looking creatures while others looked like knights in strange armor the likes of which he had never seen before. Then he looked at his bed with was Grand King size where he lay on silky crimson sheets.

Still Natsu remained completely silent before he just looked at the wall ahead of him in a dead gaze as the memories of all that happened came back. His friends; Lucy, Gray, Happy, Lisanna, Cana, Elfman, Jii-san, Mirajane, Laxus, Wendy, Carla, Levy, Gildarts...Erza.

Silence went on as Natsu looked dead at the wall ahead of him as he remembered their faces their smiling faces, the happy memories he made with each and everyone of them. The family he had made with them, and the guild as a whole all the trouble he made with them, all the lessons he learned by Jii-san and Gildarts, all the fights he had with Gray, the missions with happy and Lucy. Levy trying to teach him further in books when they were younger, Mirajane picking on him when he was younger.

And Erza...the promise he made to her...

Realization came crushing down upon him...and soon Natsu's head dropped down with his eyes shadowed by his hair.

'Their dead...their...dead...'

His ears perked up when he heard the door to his room open, and he merely glanced through the bangs of his hair to see who it was.

It was woman who seemed to not notice him awake as she carried a tray of a bowl of steaming hot water with a stack of rags. She looked to be a middle aged woman with brown hair tied up in a bun with serene brown eyes. She wore a strange garment of clothing that looked to similar to a maids.

That's when the woman turned toward him, and when her eyes landed on his silent form they snapped open in shock.

''Oh my! You're awake!'' Natsu didn't so much as frown as he just stared at her with dull eyes. He watched as she raced towards his body, and seemed to check him for anything, and he just didn't feel like fighting back. He didn't feel the need to try...

He'd lost everything so why the need to do anything any more...

''I see the changes are as Mi'lord spoke of have come to pass...'' distinctly he heard the woman speak causing a tiny spark of confusion to arise within his mind.

Changes? What changes?

The woman looked down at him, and when she saw his dead eyes she flinched before bowing her head.

''I apologize you must be terribly confused, but now that you are awake I can take you to my Masters. She said in a humble tone of voice. Natsu merely looked her way for a few seconds longer before he went back to staring at the wall ahead of him. He couldn't careless what anyone wanted with him any more all he wanted was one thing now...

Somehow sensing his dark thoughts the brown haired woman glanced his way, and spoke.

''My masters wish to speak with you, and among them a very special person wishes to see you...I believe you know him very well, Dragneel-dono. After all he did raise you...'' she commented

Natsu's neck could have snapped at how fast it turned, his eyes were wide marginally as a brief spark of life seemed to appear in his dull eyes. He stared long, and hard at the brown haired woman for what seemed like the longest of time as if testing the honesty of her words. His eyes stared back into the brown ones of the woman as her words echoed within his mind.

Had he heard her correctly...was she actually referring to...

It couldn't be...

He gave a small nod to the woman causing her to smile brightly as she helped him out of bed...

Unknown to him he never saw the changes to himself...the very same ones the woman referred too...

Unknown Location

The trip with the lady had been eventful for the most part as she got him clothing as his others were completely disposed of leaving him with just red T-shirt and a pair of black trousers. He disregarded to wear any footwear. Thus he followed the woman out of his room, and through a series of hallways and corridors.

Reason it was eventful was because the very corridors he walked through had stationed men and women in royal looking armor of which he had never seen before, but the way they looked at him in shock, and awe confused him. This was only enhanced by the looks he got when he walked the hallways as they were flooded with other maids and other personnel from men and women alike.

While he showed not reaction to them on the outside he couldn't help, but wonder what they found to fascinating about him. He was a failure, someone who let down his surrogate family, and let them die at the hands of a monstrous demon, and made to watch first hand as they were turned to nothing, but dust before his very eyes.

So again...what was so awe inspiring, and fascinating about someone like him?

He ignored the hushed whispers, and gazes aimed at him as he walked alongside the silent maid as they reached what seemed like the final door because it nearly dwarfed all others he's seen by at least 3 times. Laces with decorative designs, and gems and other such runes he could literally feel raw magical power leaking of the giant set of doors in waves.

''Here we are, My Masters already await in on the other side of this door, and remember that they have been eagerly awaiting to meet you.'' she commented causing him to glance her way before just looking back at the door. Then walking past her he missed the saddened stare he received by the woman as he put his hand on the door, and pushed.

The doors opened swiftly to reveal a giant circular chamber ahead of him cloaked in darkness. Without missing a step he walked in with the door closing in behind him, and the crowd that had gathered behind him to cut off their sight to him. Among the a pair of worried light blue eyes from within the crowd watched him go.

With Natsu

As Natsu's step echoed amongst the completely silent chamber he kept his vigil forward, but as he reached the center he scanned the chamber only to see blackness besides the platform of which he stood upon. However he could feel a great many pair of eyes dead set on him, and yet he couldn't even see where they were.

That's when he heard it...

''Our meeting has long since been over due, young Dragneel.'' a voice boomed out from within the chambers causing him to ahead of himself to see the source. A piercing white light shot through the veil of blackness causing him to squint before he heard a great rumbling beneath him. He watched as the rumble got stronger before a pillar of light shot down not only ahead of him, but all around him.

10 in total...

And what Natsu truly for the first time in since he woke up left him in a state of shock...

Under each pillar of light was a giant reptilian form of a Dragon of different shapes and sizes, one he saw was gray like steel, and another was blue like the ocean. He looked at them at all before his eyes fell on another dragon.

A dragon he knew all too well...

''I-Igneel...?'' his voice was hoarse, but it was clearly heard as he looked upon the monstrous form of his surrogate father Igneel in all his glory. The very same dragon looked stared back at him with a range of many emotions, but among them Natsu could at last see pride, and sadness at the same time.

However his father remained silent, and then Natsu felt a pull on his eyes causing him to look ahead only to see something strange. It looked like a human with priest like robes with a hood that showed his face. However it the gold glowing eyes that held so much power and wisdom that went beyond his comprehension. They glowed like a dual pair of shining stars, but held an amount of endless wisdom and power that he couldn't possibly perceive.

''I know you must be in shock, but let me introduce myself, my name is Akatosh Dragon God over all the Dragons, and let me be the first to welcome you to the Realm of the Dragons. Now I believe we must speak of a great many things, Young Dovah...'' Akatosh said as he looked back into the shocked eyes of Natsu Dragneel.


So yeah a lot of thought was put into this, but basically my try with a Fairy Tail story only with my own personal twists.

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Dragon Words:

Sahqon Kulaan= Crimson Prince

Dovah= Dragon

Kiir= Child

Kul= Son