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Rise of Dragneel: The Ryūjin of Chaos

Chapter 1: Revelation, Training Begins

''W-what?'' Natsu stuttered as he looked upon the robed man in disbelief what was left of his mind was already on the fritz from seeing his old adopted father again. But now to be told he was actually standing not only in the realm of all Dragons, but in the presence of THE God of all Dragons? It sounded crazy, it sounded ludicrous, it sounded as if he was going completely insane, and considering the situation, and all he'd been through he wouldn't doubt it if he was.

But somewhere deep inside he knew it to be true on some level because this...being was not normal. He was dangerous to be sure, but his was beyond him to even comprehend its magnitude. Those glowing golden eyes stared back him from beneath the shadows of his cowl which held wisdom that left him frozen, power that nigh could he understand, and...and...

Pride...pride was something he also saw in his eyes, but perhaps he was seeing things...

He turned toward Igneel with a look of absolute confusion, ''I-igneel, w-whats going on?'' he said only for the Elder Dragon of Fire to close his eyes. Seeing his father remain unresponsive Natsu felt a bit hurt after so long his father wasn't even willing to speak to him. But nonetheless just as he was speak again he was beaten to the punch when the robed figure spoke.

''Calm yourself young dovah. Your confused, apprehensive, angry, mentally exhausted, but most of all you are on the edge of diving into madness. We can feel this, and that is why you are here so that you and I can speak. Our reunion has been long in wait.'' Natsu just looked at him with a bewildered gaze. This guy actually thought he knew what he was going through? He dared to think he knew what it felt like to lose everything before your very eyes?!

'And what does he mean by reunion...I haven't met him before...'

''Oh but you have young dovah'' as if reading his mind Natsu snapped to attention when the man spoke to him as if reading his thoughts. And it was there when he looked at the mysterious man, and when he truly looked at him he felt something inside him stir up a sense of familiarity. Clenching his fists, and grinding his teeth he stared hard at the man not knowing of the fact his eyes flashing to a smoldering crimson. Something that caught the attention of every dragon in attendance.

Akatosh saw it as well, but he just remained stoic in the face of Natsu.

''You say you're the God of Dragons, so what would one with such importance want with me? Why would a supposed God want with a mere mortal who let everyone he cared about die? And why do you keep referring to me as this dovah thing?! Why do you seem to know me, and yet I don't even remember you!? Tell me what the fuck do you want with me!'' letting out his frustrations Natsu screamed in the face of robed figure unknowingly causing his body to react in ways it hadn't before.

It wasn't small for when Natsu screamed it let loose a shockwave all around his body impacting with everything in sight while the flooring beneath him shattered. His teeth started to change into fangs as his eyes slowly tarted to smolder into a vile crimson. His hands instinctively twitched in a claw like manner causing his knuckles to crack as his nails started to grow longer, and much more sharper into a form of claws.

Akatosh merely sighed as he felt the apprehension of his fellow brethren in the chamber increase at seeing the display Natsu was showing, but he could not blame the young dovah. He meant so much, and yet he himself knew so little about himself, and who he was. Still his eyes looked up at the increasingly frustrated Natsu, and noticed the changes growing even more noticeable as his flesh started to turn dark red from his blood boiling to dangerous levels causing his body to let loose steam all around him.

His eyes narrowed when he saw this, and he acted...

The next thing Natsu saw was Akatosh appearing just a few feet from him with him staring him down with his penetrating golden gaze. Then his hand reached out, and if stricken by some unseen force Natsu couldn't move as the man lightly touched where his heart was located. Then he heard him give a small mournful sigh before he spoke a few words that halted all train of thought for Natsu.

''I will explain everything to you, everything that has been kept hidden from you, all that you have always wished to know. What we want with you and to why you are here. But before I do you must calm yourself.'' his voice was stern as if a parent was chastising a child, and Natsu despite himself found himself hard to fight his words. The man felt familiar to him, and that feeling only got stronger when he reached out to his heart. However he was confused by his words, secrets? Truths? Things kept from him? What was he talking about?

Nonetheless taking a deep breath Natsu closed his eyes causing the changes to slowly disappear causing a hidden smile approval from Akatosh to form before he nodded his head.

''Good now then onto your questions to start why I call you a Dovah is because the word is apart of our draconic tongue. It is apart of our language, and what it means I will elaborate for you later. As to what I a God would want with a mere mortal? Simple, while in reality gods would not meddle in the affairs of mortals we can bypass the rule if it is no longer a mortal affair, and in this case it was such a thing.'' he said as he looked to see Natsu's eyes widen when he understood what he meant.

''W-what do you that?'' in truth Natsu didn't wanna know what he meant by those words. All his life he'd always felt like a human albeit enhanced by his training from Igneel with physical traits near superhuman, but he bled, hurt and talked like a human. But from what Akatosh was was as if he saying that...

He wasn't...mortal?

Akatosh just gave another sigh before he spoke, ''You are starting to realize yes? Let me help you better understand. By ancient law we Gods are not allowed to meddle in the affairs of mortals, but you Natsu are a special case. When you embraced your hatred, your anger, your raw intent to murder and kill the one who caused you so much pain it unlocked something within you...something that's been kept locked away since your birth, and because of that your incident was no longer a mortal affair. Do you remember what you did?'' he said causing Natsu to look down at himself as the memory of what he did. When he faced Acnologia, and felt something within him snap and break loose.

Then power, so much power the likes of which he hadn't felt before burst forth from his body before his vision went black, and the last thing he remembered was charging Acnologia in a blind rage.

''Y-yes..I remember, but what does this have to do with me? Are you saying I'm not...not...'' he struggled to say it. But Akatosh caught on, and he decided to be blunt to the boy.

''Mortal? No, you are not nor were ever a mortal to begin with.'' he causing Natsu to glare at him with a renewed anger.

''What the hell do you mean by that?!'' he said only for Akatosh back away from him.

''Exactly what it means since the day of your birth you were never a mortal. You don't have a single portion of yourself you can call mortal.'' he said, and Natsu glared harder before he looked down at himself. This guy had to be wrong as far as he could remember he had always felt human.

''Then how can you explain my human body? Why do I look human?'' he said only for the robed man to give a mirthful chuckle. ''That is simple when you were born you inherited a human form to give off the appearance that you were mortal, but in truth you are far from one. In both body, mind and power.''

That was something he didn't wanna hear still he could feel the man was honest with him, but this left him with a question that was plaguing his mind. Gazing at Akatosh, Natsu let loose a fierce scowl.

''Then pray tell, what am I, and for that do you know so much about me? How do you someone I seem to have met before, but can't remember know more about me, and willing to speak of then my foster father Igneel?'' he said while Igneel closed his eyes while he ignored the gazes he received from the other hidden dragons.

Akatosh on the other hand looked at Natsu and for once Natsu felt as if he was been gazed through his body laid bare as the God was just staring into his very soul. Then the robed deity walked toward Natsu only this time he reached upward to his hood shadowing his face.

''So it comes to this I was hoping to hold this off, but it would seem I was foolish for believing so. Well Natsu I shall tell you..when I said you weren't mortal I meant it. Your existence was never predetermined nor was it predicted to happen. What you are Natsu is this; You are a hybrid between a God and a Dragon. How I know about you is simple...'' he said as his voice became less deep, and more humble, but echoed with power all the same. As he trailed on he was mere feet from Natsu who was completely wide eyed as he looked up Akatosh who had pulled down his hood to reveal his face. The color drained from the once Fairy Tail mage as he looked upon him.

'I-it...can't be...'

What he saw was a man who looked exactly like him only more mature with a long mane of spiky black hair while his once golden glowing eyes dimmed down to reveal piercing black orbs not unlike his very own staring back at him. The major similarity he had to Natsu was his face which was more mature with a beard to match. Still it was the fact Natsu saw the resemblance he had with this man that had him trembling, he took a step back as Akatosh gave a small smile towards the distraught Natsu.

''Is because I am your Father...''

That's when all train of thought went down the drain for the Natsu to hear those words, to actually hear those words left his body numb to the world as he stared at the face of the Dragon Deity. He couldn't believe it his father had always been Igneel for as long he could remember so why deep inside himself he felt what this man said to be true? Why was that sense of familiarity so strong now that it felt as if it was a raging inferno?

His black eyes met those of Akatosh with unrestrained shock, disbelief flooded his veins still at the idea that right now, right here as he stood that he was looking at his own father. His own flesh and blood forebearer! He'd be lying if the thought of who his parents were never crossed his mind, but his loyalty and drive to find his foster father Igneel always overshadowed that thought. But the thought had crossed his mind at times as to who his real parents were.

Who were they? Did they love him? Did they abandon him? Did they hate him? Did they die and he was just some orphan Igneel found and raised? Those were among many of the questions he'd used ask himself when it came to his parents. It was a subject he'd kept strictly confidential to anyone only to one person...but...she was...gone.

But now it seemed as if he could no longer keep that hidden due to the fact his self proclaimed father was standing before his very eyes. And his words on what he was...

''W-what are you talking about? What do you mean by me being a hybrid between a God and a Dragon? And what do you mean by father? Igneel has been my father since for as long as I could remember. He raised me to be who I am today. He taught me how to talk, read and write! He taught me how to fend for myself! How is it you can call yourself my father when it has been Igneel that has done everything a father should!?'' he said as his voice got higher with each word, but Akatosh merely kept a calm expression which seemed to anger Natsu even more.

''That is simple, it is because I had Igneel become your caretaker when you were born. As I said before your birth was special, and it attracted a rather great amount of individuals that want me and any of my blood kin dead. So when news of your birth was leaked from my inner circle I had to take every precaution to keep you safe which was why I had Igneel take you from here to be raised in the mortal world.'' he said making Natsu look at him in even more shock that is before the boy looked to Igneel for any sign of this being some sick twisted joke.

Only to see the great dragon looking back at Natsu, and it was in that moment Natsu saw that what the deity was saying was true. He'd learned long ago when he was raised by Igneel that he could read the great fire dragon just enough to find a few things, and seeing the truth in Igneel's own orbs only solidified the fairy tail mages fears. He looked back at his supposed father and struggled to speak.

''But...but why? Why do I not remember this? Why did you cast me away? Your a God why couldn't you defeat these guys!? Why...'' he trailed on causing Akatosh to lower his gaze. Looking at how mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted his son was made him feel all the more sorrowful. Putting a hand on his shoulder he spoke, ''Natsu...look at me''

Taking a few moments the last surviving fairy Tail mage looked up with eyes dead as night with a face void of all emotion. It was an expression that caused Akatosh to frown before he closed his eyes with a sigh.

''….There are some enemies that I simply can't just defeat without consequences. You have to understand that during your birth was also during a time of great peril for all of us. We were in a state of War when you were born, and knowledge of child a son no less born from my blood and flesh was made known every single enemy I ever made was out for your blood just to spite me. That is why I sealed away your knowledge, your power, your blood, your very heritage away so none of my enemies could find you. After which I had Igneel take you away from here as newborn so he could raise you as his own in under the guise of being your adopted father as all the elder dragons left our realm to teach their respective adopted children their own variation of the Dragon Slayer magic.'' he said causing Natsu to frown, but Akatosh continued.

''I didn't want to cast you away, the very thought pained me greatly, but...I could not bare to lose my own son no matter the chance. But now seeing what's happened to you has undone the seal I put on you, and has awakened your true elf. You may not feel it now, but your body, mind, power and even your blood has changed drastically to how it was meant to be.'' he said causing Natsu's frown to grow. While he was still confused, sad, angry and feeling a myriad of more emotions he couldn't help, but notice how his...father said those words.

Changed...the lady he woke up to the second time to said the same thing...

''What do you mean by that?...What changes have been done to me?'' he asked causing Akatosh to smile before he raised his free hand causing a swirl of magical energy to appear before the deity merely snapped his fingers. Then in a swirl of energy a mirror formed infront of Natsu it grew till it was his size, and once the teen saw himself he was left wide eyed.

For Natsu as he was a bit awed by the display of such simple power he was left completely shocked once the mirror fully materialized so that he could see himself, and what he saw left him frozen in place. His hands trembled as they went up to his face going over all the changes that had been done to him. Over every single little detail...

''….What...the...'' was all he could say

Gone was his trademark rosy pink hair, but instead was a shade of blood red the likes of which he had never seen before. Then their was the matter of his hair being even more spiky with his blood red locks spiking up in all directions, but some spiked backward. Plus the length of his hair felt a bit changed as the two bangs that framed his face was longer as was the rest of his hair. Then came his face where what baby fat he had was completely and utterly gone from whatever change had been done to him. Leaving him with a maturing face with sharp jawline and an even sharp pair of black eyes that stared back at him with equal amounts of shock.

He looked at the rest of his body, and took notice of a few changes for one he felt taller, and looking himself over he indeed noticed he grew to a good 6'3 from his average height of 5'8. His skin remained the same tone if a bit more tan, but it was the muscular physique he had that surprised him. He always knew that he had a strong physique, but as he looked at his cut body from his abs to arm, chest and even his legs made him see that it grew more defined with the change done to him.

Akatosh watched Natsu look at his changes before he spoke, ''The reason you may be wondering why you look so different is as I told you, once you broke the seal I placed on you. The one that sealed away your power, blood and knowledge which diluted your true self to its bare minimum. With it broken has brought that all back causing this change in your physical body, and that's not to say about your mental changes as well.'' he said causing Natsu to look at him with a strange look.

Then he felt it at first his mind was filled with all the negative thought, the haunting memories of his loved ones and even his usual thought process was completely overhauled. While he could still feel the pain from what happened prior...his mind felt more...

'' mind feels more...clear? Open?'' he said causing Akatosh to nod in approval.

''Correct, my seal also seemed to stunt a lot of your growth no doubt part of my own mistake. In my haste to have you taken to safety the seal I placed on you hindered your mental and physical growth exponentially. With it gone I imagine your mind is more open, aware and can process things faster to better understand what it takes in. And that's not considering what else it awakened in your mind. The physical changes are the result of them being stunted for so long that once the seal broke they broke loose.''

Natsu just gave a nod as he once again looked at himself, and this time his hand touched the mirror as his expression slowly started to change to one of confusion along with a bit sadness.

''...Still you've yet to answer my question...even if I am your son, what would you want with me? Was it to take me back? Do you want something of me? As I told you...I failed my why would you want anything to do with me?'' he asked causing the deity to frown just before they both heard a scoff from the far right catching their attention where the deity sighed while Natsu narrowed his eyes.

It was a dragon of great size just as big as Igneel, but he clearly stood with a confident posture his scales was mostly pitch black while others were a bit dark purple while he had parts of his scales outlined with gold with gold plating on his feet. His head was shaped in a manner where his horns were all swept back leaving his powerful purple slit eyes looking back at Natsu with a jaw of razor sharp fangs. His wings were great in size, and were in a different of variety of colors ranging from red, yellow, purple to indigo. Finally was the giant floating golden circle mechanism behind his back that swirled with a strange mystic power.

''You were facing Acnologia whelp so its to be expected a group of mortals albeit powerful in their own right were nothing, but ants in that dragons path. The fact you survived, and even faced him at your state of mind during that time and still living is nothing short of a miracle. So be grateful Igneel saved your hide to fight another day...'' the Dragon voiced only for Natsu to bare his teeth revealing his own fangs which didn't seem to bother the dragon the slightest.

''They were my fucking friends, family! They may seem worthless to you, but they were precious to me. So why don't you keep your trap shut!'' he said only for the dragon to snort a stream of pure energy as he glared down at Natsu.

''No I won't I am not here for your pitiful moping and sulking! I am here to see on the order of our Leader to witness the rise of our very own Prince, but if he is going to continue to act like a sniveling and groveling worm then I would sooner strike you down right here and now before you shame us all!'' he said with a growl, his eyes glared brimming with purple energy. Natsu frowned in confusion at the dragons words, but just as he was about to speak he was stopped when Akatosh merely put a hand on his shoulder.

''Bahamut...Calm yourself...Now!'' the deity spoke as his eyes cut across to the great dragon black eyes smoldering with such power, and authority that anyone lesser being caught in its gaze would have bowed in complete submission. However the now named dragon Bahamut just gave grunt before he leaned back in the shadows.

With that done Akatosh looked towards the clearly shaken and confused Natsu, and sighed, ''I will answer your questions starting with why you are here. When your seal broke I could finally intervene, and bring back to our realm, and since you've come of age I could assure your safety completely while here in our realm. With you back as Bahamut said, and with you being my only living child makes you the Prince of our race meaning you are to be the next ruler of our people.'' he said which made Natsu's eyes grow wide second by second.

His brain went a mile a minute to process what he just heard, him being the son of Akatosh, God of all the Dragons meant he was a Prince to them. Thus he was destined to rule them in the future?

Looking to his father he could only speak out, ''A-a prince? You can't be...serious?'' but when he saw the serious look Akatosh gave him caused whatever doubts he had to go down.

''I am dead serious, I am growing old, and later on I will need someone to take up my mantle, and with you being my only living child you are to take up that position. Plus when news spreads that your back all sorts of beings will flock to face you, and being the Prince means you represent our race. That is why you are receive your training to prepare you for what lies ahead.'' he said causing the red haired Natsu to frown before he looked down.

'But...what about my guild? What about Jii-san, my friends...what about Erza...I simply can't forget them and move on...' he thought causing a slight twinkle to appear in the deities eye as a smirk crossed his face.

''But that is far from now, and right now I have another issue to deal with due to the premature release of Acnologia in Earthland has caused a major shift. One I must fix which brings me to the other reason I brought you here, my boy.'' he said while Natsu looked up in confusion.

''And whats that?'' he asked not really in the mood to hear much of anything after all that's happened and revealed to him. He just wanted to go and sleep, and let everything he has heard, happened and said be washed away in sleep.

But it was the next words that Akatosh spoke that sparked his flickering ember of life to burst into a raging inferno.

''What if I said I could give you a second chance? To write the wrongs of your past life, and make it so what happened before doesn't happen this time around? What if you stayed here with us until your training here is complete, and from there I can give you a chance to do all this and more. To experience what life has to offer its greatest moments...To see your guild again?'' he asked.

And when the life in Natsu's black orbs sparked into that raging inferno Akatosh finally smiled at seeing some life coming back into his son.

''H-how?'' he muttered, but inside his mind was literally on the fritz from the sheer implications of what his father had just said. If it was possible, the smallest percent of it being possible to see them again, to make sure they were alive safe and sound he would do anything to attain it! He watched Akatosh's every move as he just brought has hand up before it plopped down on his head while he gave a smile.

''Simply put, while I am the God of all the Dragons I am also the God of Time, and because of this the flow of time is mine to bend at my will so sending you back in time is a fickle matter for me.'' he said causing Natsu to look at him in shock, but he continued on. ''But to send you back and thereby giving you a second chance will bring the attention of a great many enemies, and when that time comes I need you to be ready.''

This time Natsu slowly processed his father's words until realization dawned on him causing a thoughtful expression to come up on his face. ''You want me to train here until I am ready, right?'' he said making him nod. ''I see...if that is what it takes then I agree...if I can see them again, and make sure they survive this time around then I'll do anything!'' his shout echoed in the great chamber, and it was the words Akatosh needed to hear.

''Good...very good...then your training shall commence tomorrow for now let your body rest, and get used to all the changes. I'll have someone escort you back to your room, and while you rest Natsu.'' he said catching his attention, and then bringing out his hand magical energy swirled in his hand before the energy solidified into the shape of a book and as the glow died down Natsu saw that indeed a book was laying in the palm of his fathers hand.

Smiling he spoke, ''Take it, and read it this book tells the history of our race, of our language and what it means to be a Dragon. Go over it until you have every single detail memorized.'' he said as Natsu took the book. While he nodded he looked at the book he held which was pretty thick much more thick then the books he saw Levy and Lucy read in the guild. The pages seemed old and worn out so did the black covering, but it was the silver dragon symbol that caught his attention. As his fingers roamed over the metallic symbol he felt a rush of strange sense of nostalgia to speed through his body.

'So...this book will tell me everything I need to know...on what being a dragon means...on what being a Prince means...' he thought just as Akatosh spoke.

''Now go on, and get some rest you will need it for tomorrow.'' he said, and with a nod Natsu tucked the book under his arm, and before giving Igneel one last look he trudged back to the door, and as he opened the door and walked away letting the door close behind him left the deity with his inner circle.

Silence soon followed just before Igneel spoke up, ''Why didn't you tell him of the threats he will face now that he's awakened?'' Akatosh just sighed as he rubbed his eyebrows.

''Simply put, he must first acknowledge what he is, and who he is before he can even learn of that. If he should find out about that before he comes to grip with all that's happened I fear what mental stability he will have left will shatter beyond repair.'' he said just before a pair of glowing white eyes appeared in the darkness, and then a booming wise voice spoke out.

''Agreed, but what of his mother?...Why did you not tell him of her? If anything that boy deserves to know who gave him life.'' he said making the deity nod in agreement.

''Your right Weisslogia, but that will come in time for now he must mature, and learn what it means to be a Dovah, and one of his stature. Which is something I must discuss with all of you about concerning his future training.'' he said as he turned his attention on his Inner Circle, and thus he discussed the future of his sons training. Training he would make sure would mold his son into what he was meant to be.

Outside the Chamber

Natsu never was one to be nervous under attention infact he was the major reason for most of the fights and parties in the guild beforehand, but when he came walking out of the chamber he was left a bit frozen when he saw the crowd that awaited him. Butlers and maids all looked at him with a sense of awe, and respect the likes of which he hadn't felt before. Under all the stares he was getting Natsu could literally hear Mirajane's voice in the back of his head telling him to be respectful in these situations.

That thought pained him...

Then he felt someone come to his side, and he glanced to his side only for his eyes to widen a bit when he saw the same girl he woke up to the first looking back at him with a respectful smile. He long silver-white hair fell past her lower back as she stood before him with him being a head taller then herself. Her blue eyes stared back into his black ones with all the respect she held, but if he wasn't mistaken he could have sworn he saw something else.

The woman in question wore a simple sea blue kimono with a green obi tied around her waist while she wore simple sandals on her feet. Taking a bow she spoke, ''Good to meet you young prince, my lord has tasked me to escort you back to your chambers for the evening, and for the future I am to be your assistant in whatever you need.'' she said making Natsu blink before he rubbed the back of his head in a sheepish manner. Being treated this way was...strange to say the least.

''Uh..I see well my name is Natsu Dragneel, whats yours?'' he asked causing her smile to widen the slightest bit.

''Ah, my apologies my name is Rossweisse it will be my honor to serve you from now on, my prince.'' she said, and good for her Natsu was not that great at sensing otherwise he would have heard the longing in her tone. Still he just raised an eyebrow at the name it felt...alien to him, and too long to be blunt.

''Hm I see...well I'll just call you Ross for short, hows that?'' he said with a small quirk of a smile making her blink before she gave a nod, and when she saw his smile her cheeks flushed a bit.

''That is fine with me, my prince...'' she said, and with that she took the lead where she could hide her cheeks from his gaze, and the ones she got from the rest as she led him back to his chambers. Following in behind Natsu pulled up the book given to him by...his father-that was going to take time to get used to-and he just studied the book. He could feel some form of strange power coming from the object itself, and also a great amount of knowledge.

'This book...will tell me the history of my people, of what I am, how to speak my native tongue, and from what I much more.' so lost in thought he was he never saw Ross glancing over her shoulder. Her light blue eyes stared at his form going over every detail from his blood red spiky hair to his intense black eyes that studied the book in his hands to his face, and the rest of his body. Her smile soon turned heartfelt as she thought of one thing as she eyed the form of their long lost Prince.

'He looks exactly as you described him to be mother, no matter how much he's grown that hair and those eyes are unmistakable. He is indeed our long lost prince, and now that he is back I can be at his side so that I can fight alongside him in the future like I was meant to. This is what I trained so hard be a reliable vassal for the Prince.' she thought with wistful glaze coming into her eyes. Still she could feel his pain from when she was there when he was asleep she hard his whispers calling out to those he had lost, and for each thundering wracking of pain he felt she felt 10 times over from seeing him in such pain. Her heart ached when she held his hand trying to soothe him in his sleep, but during that time he was so lost in his nightmare she couldn't pull him away from it.

'But if the rumors are true he faced Acnologia after witnessing the death of his most precious people he grew up with. The amount of pain, sorrow and hatred he felt at that moment...I cannot even comprehend it, and yet it brings me so much pain from feeling his sorrow and anguish. Hopefully while being here he can come back to his old self...' she thought, but then again as she thought about it she had never seen his true self besides being told of what he looked like when she was very young.

Lost in thought Ross came to when she found herself and Natsu to his door. Shaking her head a bit he looked to the red haired Prince, ''Here we are my prince, please get some rest for what your father has planned for you tomorrow.'' she said, but honestly even she didn't know what their Leader had planned for his long lost son. His training was being left strictly in the hands of himself, and those of his inner circle.

Natsu who after studying the book looked towards Ross, and gave a small nod. ''Right thank you for bringing me here honestly I think I would have gotten lost, and would never have found my room without some guidance. So thank you again.'' He didn't know when he started to speak this way, but after that traumatic experience he just felt so much more...

Humble perhaps?

'Or maybe after seeing all that death, everyone dieing has made me realize that I need to grow up, and prepare myself for what is to come.' was the morbid thought running through his mind. Ever since he was young he'd always felt he could take on anyone that why he picked fights with everyone among them being Gildarts the strongest mage of Fairy Tail. The urge to always fight someone strong was something instinctive to him, and being trained by Igneel he'd thought he was much stronger then anyone.

Erza defeating him in battle since they were young had humbled him at times, but he always thought that he could protect everyone with his own power when the need arose, but after feeling the crushing defeat and despair of seeing them all wiped out before his eyes. Leaving him alone in the presence of their killer, and shattered that reality he made for himself.

It was as these thoughts progressed he walked to his chambers after giving Ross a thankful nod not seeing her worried gaze on him that he opened his door only to let them close behind him. Walking toward his bed laid the book on his nightstand, and fell face first on his mattress letting his mind come to terms with it.

'Jii-san always told me through friendship comes true power which could overcome any obstacle, and back then I believed those words. But now...that same power meant nothing in the eyes of Acnologia. He vaporized them all even with all their combined efforts did nothing against it...was I truly this naïve to think friendship could best the power of a Dragon? One that has been said to be the Dragon of the Apocalypse? The only way to face that dragon with any hope of defeating it is through attaining true power, not through your friends or comrades, but through hard work.'

With his black eyes growing in intensity Natsu sat up before he grabbed the book given to him, and opened it up.

''Laying here moping won't help anything if I am to have a second chance to save them then I need to be prepared when that time comes. First off, I need to memorize everything in this book, and learn what it means to be a Dragon...'' with that he said he looked down at the first page not knowing of Ross leaning against the opposite side of door. When the woman heard his words her face split into a wide smile before she walked away knowing her prince was recovering in his own right.

With Natsu as he looked down at the first page he read the Table of Contents.

Prologue: Beginning with Akatosh

Chapter 1: The Ancient History of the Dragon's

Chapter 2: Speaking in the Draconic Tongue

Chapter 3: Learning the Way of the Dragon

Chapter 4: The Dragon Civil War

Chapter 5: Birth of the Dragon Slayers

Chapter 6: Betrayal of the Dragon Slayers

Chapter 7: End War

Epilogue: Rebuilding of the Realm of Dragons: The Elemental Plateau

A bit overwhelmed by the list Natsu hardened his resolve before he turned the page, and began reading on how it all started with his own father.

Natsu would later realize that he'd stayed up all night reading a deed that would have left his friends wondering if he was really Natsu.

Next Day

Natsu Dragneel awoke to the sight coming through his windows he laid there on his bed as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes so they could adjust the light. Once he sat up the red haired Dragneel turned his gaze towards the book laying on his nightstand causing him to frown once he realized all that he had read late night revealed so much to him.

He didn't get far just past chapter 1, but how everything started with his father was least to say informative plus the history of how his race began through chapter 1 brought out a feeling he had never felt before. It was like a sense of fulfillment to know that he was learning more about his race and how they came to be.

He'd learned that it was his father along with 10 of his followers whom Natsu assumed was the same Dragon's he'd been in the presence of yesterday that led the birth of his race. Akatosh led the creation of his race by letting his 10 followers mate with lesser dragons so they could multiply their numbers, and their children mated and so on and so forth the race came to be. From what was said each Elder Dragon of Akatosh's inner circle was a King of their own element, and thus ruled over that respective plain.

For instance Igneel his...caretaker was the King of the Fire Dragons, and thus every fire dragon was ruled under his command. With their being 10 Dragons was a different element to be considered, and so far he only knew of Igneel, Grandeeney and Metalicana both being the Sky Dragon and Iron Dragon respectively.

'Then there is that dragon called Bahamut...what type of element is he...?' Natsu thought as he sat up from his bed. From there he blinked when he saw a some clothing folded on his dresser with a note on top. Walking toward it he picked up the note and read.

My Prince,

These clothing were given to me by your father so they could be used for your training from here on out I do not know what was detailed in the garments, but from what your father said it was going to be crucial for your training. No doubt you will want to take a shower so when you leave your room take the first door to your right which is your personal bathroom. When you are finished your father has tasked me to escort you to your father so he can explain to you your training.

I hope this proves helpful to you,



Giving a small chuckle Natsu put the note aside, ''I'll have to thank you for this Ross'' he muttered before he looked towards the clothing given to him by his father. It consisted of mostly a black sleeveless training gi with a dark red obi with a red undershirt along with it along with that was a pair of red wristbands. In addition was a pair of black red trimmed boots which was somewhat new to him as he had always wore sandals, but he wasn't about to argue against this since it was going to help his training.

Deciding to take his shower he picked up his clothing, and headed for the door looking forward to whatever training was planned for him.

A few minutes later we could find the silver haired Rossweisse giving a small hum as she waited patiently for Natsu to get himself cleaned up. Honestly, she felt a bit excited with her first day as Natsu's assistant, and one that would be helping him get read for his life and daily training here. A duty she would take seriously not just for herself, but for Natsu's sake as well.

Her ears perked up when she heard the door open, and she looked only to desperately fight the blush that dared to come upon her cheeks when she beheld the sight of Natsu.

Reason being was the red haired teen came out where the clothing given to him by his father the training gi fit loosely on his body revealing his arms showing the lean cut muscle. On his feet were the boots while he also wore the wristbands. Finally as he tightened the dark red obi around his waist his red spiky damp hair fell slightly, and the black color of his gi seemed to bring out his character more.

It honestly made him look a bit more fearsome if not more handsome if she was honest with herself...

'No bad Ross! Don't think such things about our prince!' pushing away such thoughts she smiled as Natsu looked her way.

''Glad your up and about my lord, how was your sleep?'' she asked making Natsu give a small shrug. He hadn't had much sleep due to staying up most of the night to read the book given to him by Akatosh, but she didn't know that. However he would admit the bed was extremely soft much more then the hammock he slept in his old home.

''Fine I guess, but I am ready to get this training of mine started.''

Ross could feel his urge to get started grow, and merely gave a nod, ''Very well, follow me and I will take you to your father so he can discuss with you about your training here.'' the teen just gave a nod, and thus Ross led him down through the corridors of the castle. Along the way Natsu saw the butlers and maid they passed gave him a look before bowing in respect. And with years of respect beaten into him by both Erza and Mirajane made him learn to return such kindness in return.

Still his mind went to his future training here what would he be doing? What kind of training would he undergo to be prepared for his second chance in the past? On some level the thought of training cause a rush of excitement to flow through his body as the only time he had ever trained his powers was when he was being raised by Igneel. The rest he spent honing his abilities while with the guild getting stronger through each major battle he'd come across.

To feel the need to train again was...exhilarating to say the least...

Soon enough he found himself beside Ross where he found himself infront of a new door unlike the one that led to the chamber he was in when speaking with his father. Looking toward Ross he saw her give a smile before she nodded. ''Through this door my lord awaits to speak with you personally before you begin.'' she said making Natsu frown.

''Alright, thanks for bringing me here Ross.'' he said looking her way making her nod with a smile in place then he walked towards the door. Putting the doors open he was rewarded to the sight of his father standing inside a chamber with a giant open window to view the great realm of the dragons. His father stood at the center though looking down at a small podium which looked like a small oval shaped stone with water filling the inside.

''Ah, Natsu I see you're ready to begin?'' he said turning to the now red haired prince who took on a serious expression as he looked at his now hooded father. Nodding toward him, the man beckoned him to come forth.

''Very well come here let me discuss with you the training you will be receiving with your stay here.'' still a bit apprehensive Natsu nodded before he walked toward the deities side. Looking toward Natsu the put a hand on his shoulder before he looked his way with his glowing golden orbs.

''I know you are ready to get this started, but I must tell you that the training I'm about to put you through is going to push you to your limits and beyond. Everything you thought was hard, impossible to overcome in the mortal world will seem mediocre compared to what I am going to put you through. Keep in mind I am training my heir as you are my child I must push you past your limits to the point you will no longer have a limit to hit. You will feel as if you were dying a thousand times over, and been through hell a million times over, but to make you strong enough I need to put you through this. So, I shall only say this once, are you ready to cross the threshold of no return? To walk off the edge, and embrace the training that will mold you into what you were meant to be? Are you ready?''

He got his answer when Natsu gave him a stare that said it all, ''If it means I can see my friends again, then so be it. I'll go through everything you put me through, and rearing for more so do your worst, father.'' he said with a slight smirk while Akatosh seemed a bit surprised at what he called him that is before he gave a chuckle.

''Hehe I see then, well this is how your training will go with the fist rule of this training is for you to forget everything you know combat wise. will die.'' his words turned cold and serious which brought a chill to Natsu's spine, but hardening his resolve he gave a nod. Satisfied with this Akatosh waved his hand before releasing a ball of cosmic energy before the ball expanded to open up into a plain of what looked like fire, and brimstone.

''Good, your training will commence as followed, You will be training with all on my Inner Circle in their respective training regime' I have left for them to teach you in. You will not be learning any techniques until I see your body has grown in both physical and mental means so that it can handle the techniques I will be teaching you. However with an added condition...'' he said before his hand on atsu's shoulder glowed.

Then Natsu's eyes widened when he felt himself hit the floor on both knee's as an immeasurable amount of weight pressed down all around his body.

''Gah! W-what is this?!'' he asked in anger which Akatosh merely waved his hand.

''Weights, the clothing I gave you were specially made for your training the material was woven to resist all types of of elemental damage, but its the weights I put in that will be helping your training. They react accordingly to how much physical strength, endurance, speed and agility you currently have, and grow to the exact weight you can handle, but not enough to hamper your growth. They will continue to grow heavier as your training progresses, and as an addition you cannot ever take them off unless your to take a shower or going to sleep.'' he said making Natsu stare at him with shock. That is until he looked down at himself, and started to stand himself up albeit with much effort.

Watching him Akatosh commented, ''Currently the weights I have on you are embedded into the red undershirt, your armbands, boots and wristbands. I estimate you are currently at 250 pounds total, but as I said that will increase as time passes. When you have reached a certain level I will take them off but that will be further down the road.'' The redhead gave a nod as he situated himself so he could get used to the weight, but he was suddenly taken by surprise when Akatosh took hold of his collar, and lifted him up.

''O-Oi what are you doing?!'' he was answered when Akatosh threw into the portal.

''Beginning your training, and remember this Natsu you are no longer a mortal you are now a Dragon you are not restricted by mortal limits!'' that was all he he heard before the portal closed. Then Natsu blinked when he felt no solid ground beneath him so looking down his eyes bulged when he saw that he was staring into a giant ravine that stretched across for miles, upon miles with lava spewing forth. Looking out a bit more he could see a great many number of active volcanoes out in the distance.

Then gravity took hold...

When he felt himself start to fall Natsu willed his control of flames to burst forth from his feet pushing him forward, and when he found a safe place to land he did. Only when he did he felt a great shadow overcome him causing him to look behind him only to see Igneel, The King of the Fire Dragons, and Elder Dragon of his father's Inner Circle standing before him in all his glory.

''I-Igneel...'' he muttered as the great dragon snorted out a stream of flames, as he leveled his ex-protege with a stare.

''Your here, good then your training can commence, Now lets begin, Natsu!''


Well there we go, Natsu's Training Begins with Igneel! What's going to happen? And who is this Rossweisse that feels so strongly for our resident Dragneel?

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