TITLE: Concession
AUTHOR: xphilernj
E-MAIL: njharden53

SUMMARY: "Come on, Scully. Be reasonable about this."

Author notes: The first part is in answer to the Brevity II Challenge to
Piper's Elements: strawberries, hyacinth, practicality, argument, book


Two weeks before Christmas

"No! Mulder. I'm not arguing with you anymore. I'm going to take
a bath," she ranted as she tossed the books aside.

"Come on, Scully. Be reasonable about this," Mulder pleaded with
a pout.

"Reasonable? Practicality be damned. And don't think that that
pout is gonna work," she raved, and stomped down the hall.

"Scul...leeeee," he whined as she disappeared into the bathroom
and closed the door.

Scully sank into the hot water with a sigh and closed her eyes. She
relaxed as the scent of strawberries and hyacinths filled the small
room. She hid her smile when she heard the door open and the
whisper of clothing hit the floor.

He carefully slipped in behind her and wrapped his arms around
her waist.

"I'm sorry. We'll go. But I am not looking forward to seeing your
brother again. I don't like it when he upsets you and I won't sit
there and let him do it anymore," he said and kissed her shoulder.

She turned her head and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For being you."

* * *

Soft elegant shadows danced across the wall accompanied by the
subtle fragrance of jasmine from the candles sitting on the dresser.
The cool winter evening chilled the room.

Below the down comforter their bodies moved to the primal dance
of love; sensuous and erotic.

"Mul...derrr," she moaned as his lips and tongue made a sensual
journey down her heated body.

An unexpected shudder ran through her as his right hand slowly
moved down between her legs to cup her, allowing his finger to
gently slide between the folds.

"Oh God Mul..." she cried out when his lips covered one of her
sensitive nipples.

Her fingers tangled in his hair and gently pulled. "Mulder...
oh...please...I..." she cried out. " I...need..."

Mulder released her breast and raised his head. "Scully. What do
you need?"

"I need you...now...please," she cried as she moved, begging for

Mulder slid his hands up her sides, over her breasts, and up and
over her shoulders, resting them on either side of her head. His
hips finally settled between her thighs.

Her hands caressed his hips and up his back, sending shudders
throughout his body. She smiled and reached up as he lowered his
head, and licked his bottom lip. He groaned.

"Love you...now...please," she whispered against his lips. He
kissed her, his tongue delving deep within the warm caverns of her
mouth as he slowly sheathed himself within her.

Their lips broke apart; he forced his eyes to lock on hers as their
bodies began to move. His movements were slow and deep,
causing her body to shudder and tingle. She was so close. So
close she was beginning to ache for that sweet intense release.

She moved her hand down to his hips and pulled him deeper
within. He was close. So close he could feel her body begin to
tighten around him.

Her body went taut, and arched up against his chest just as he
shuddered and groaned his release. They both fell into the
unfurling swells of intense passion and pleasure.

Mulder rolled over onto his back, and pulled Scully up close
against his side. He smoothed the hair from her face and tenderly
kissed her forehead, tightening his hold around her. Mulder kissed
the top of her head and whispered, "I love you."

She sighed, ran her hand across his chest, snuggled in closer and
nuzzled his chin.

Together, they drifted into a dreamless sleep, buoyed by the waves
of contentment.