A Gift of Scattered Memories
by xphilernj

Date completed: February 16, 2004
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Rating: PG
Classification: MSR, RST, Dialogue
Disclaimer: Who cares anymore? Not me.
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Author Notes: This has not passed through the betas hands.
So, whatever mistakes are solely mine. Thanks to Fibbie and
Sallie who continue to be my anchor.

This was written in celebration of Readers'Day at BtS. This is
my contribution.

Summary: Can scattered memories lead to love?



"When do we have to leave?"

"When do you want to leave?"

*whines* "Mul...der."

"Tomorrow, Scully."

"Hmm...Do we have to?"

"No. Do you want to stay for Mardi Gras?"


"What're you looking at?"

*sigh* "Everything and nothing."

"Come're, Scully."

"Omphf. Why do they have to use bed risers? Don't they
know that not everyone is 6 feet tall?"

*smirks* "Jealous, Scully?"

"Are you making fun of me... again, Mulder? Because, if
you are..."

"Who me? Not a chance. I value my life, such as it is."

"Good answer. What're you looking at?"

"Oh, nothing. Well...Frohike, Langly and Byers gave me
an envelope of pictures."

"Pictures? What sort of pictures?"

"Not that kind of pictures, Scully. Get your mind out of the
gutter. There are some of you. Some of me. Some of both
of us."

"Mulder, I hate to say this but...these are good. Who took

"I thought so. Frohike did. He was afraid you might be
offended. He said he knew how much you guarded your
privacy and that's why he gave them to me. Scully, he was
very proud of the pictures he took of you. A collection of
memories he wanted you to have."


"Quit stuttering, Scully. Ow!"

*snicker* "Why?"

"As a gift. A gift of friendship and love."


"Yeah, and this trip to New Orleans was also a gift from
them. I
suppose they thought it was time I finally did something
right for a change."

"What're you talking about Mulder?"

"Scully...bear with me okay? I've thought alot about this
for a while now and could never get up the nerve to tell you.
We've been partners and friends for seven years. Right?
And over these seven years I've come to trust and love you
like no other. I don't know what I would do anymore, without
you in my life. You've become the air that I breath and the
light that brightens the darkest corner of my mind. When you
smile at me...I don't feel alone."


"Scully? Are you crying? I love you, Scully. Please don't cry."

"No. *sniff* Yes. I love you too, Mulder."

"Scully, will you stay with me tonight?"

"Yes. Mulder...hmmm..oh...remind me tomorrow...yeah
right there...to send the guys a...oh yesss...huge bouquet
of flowers and a helium balloon that says thank you."

"Hmm...you don't think Frohike...whoa...will get jealous?
Damn, Scully."

"Probably. But I'll make it up to him when we get back.
Oh yeah... Mul...der."


"Shut up, Mulder and finish what you've started, before I
shoot you again."

"Yes, ma'am."

BtS Readers' Day Challenge Elements:
1. bed risers - check
2. Mardi Gras - yup
3. Sallie's "That" - hope this meets your approval Sallie g
4. Frohike with a folder of Scully candids he has to explain - sorta
5. A helium balloon - covered

* * * * * * *

Hope you enjoy!