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Well, I don't write romance much, more towards humour here, but here's a fic on Kusanagi Izumo (the classy bartender) x Awashima Seri (really hot lieutenant, no kidding). Enjoy, and please leave a review.

"I once read that a place wouldn't be complete without a woman's touch," Totsuka began the conversation. His statement was met with a silence; awkward for Kusanagi while completely redundant for Mikoto.

Thank God the other members of Homra were not in the bar at that moment.

"Where'd you read that?" Kusanagi asked, more out of politeness than anything else.

"An online article," Totsuka said casually, "Actually, a lot of articles. Not just online. Even a few books mentioned it," he finished. "You don't have to believe everything you read. You know that, right?" Kusanagi asked again. Totsuka shrugged. "Yeah… But it's the truth," he said.

Mikoto didn't say anything.

Feeling the tension rising, Kusanagi turned to the younger male again. "Nah, I don't think so. We're better off as we are," Kusanagi argued. Totsuka raised his eyebrows. "You sure about that? The members are getting rowdier with nothing to do, the bar needs cleaning every day now, we're all aging without having settled down yet, and most of all – Anna's not getting any younger either," Totsuka said.

"Your proposal?" Kusanagi asked, slightly irritated. "Well… we get a woman to work here. Maybe she'll brighten the atmosphere or something, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure having a female around would do us all good," Totsuka said. "But it's easier said than done, I know that," he sighed, "Unless…" The Homra executive trailed off with a gleam in his eyes. "Unless what?" The bartender asked, voice heavy with suspicion.

"Unless one of us gets married," he replied simply.

"Oh, really? And who's the poor sap who's going to have to tie the knot? And where in the world would you find a girl willing to marry any of us? We're not really potential husband material. Homra is a lifetime commitment, after all," Kusanagi said. "Well, I was listing down a few possibilities… Akagi's pretty popular with the girls, you know?" Totsuka said. "He's too naïve and young. Maybe a few more years; then we'll see," Kusanagi answered.

"What about San-chan?" Totsuka tried again. "Are you kidding or what? He needs to be more mature - then only will he secure a girl," Kusanagi deadpanned. "Koroku? Eric?" The younger male asked. "Koroku's a bit too withdrawn; we'd have to arrange him – and only with an animal-lover. Eric's too hostile and paranoid," Kusanagi answered again. "Chitose, then? Oh, I know! Kamamoto would be good!" Totsuka enthused.

"No! Chitose's always swinging from chick to chick! He'll get divorced soon enough," Kusanagi said, "But actually… Kamamoto would be a good choice – but I don't think he wants to. Not yet, anyway." Totsuka wrinkled his forehead. "Uh… How about Yata?" It was Kusanagi's turn to wrinkle his forehead. "You crazy?! Yata's so girl shy, I bet he won't even talk to the bride during their honeymoon," Kusanagi lamented.

"Then that just leaves you, me… and King," Totsuka said. Both Homra members turned to look at their King. Mikoto raised his eyebrows. "…Nah. No offence, King, but you're too intimidating. No one would approach you in the first place," Totsuka sighed. "You should try to find yourself a wife, Totsuka. I bet a lot of girls would go for you; you're very approachable," Kusanagi stated. "Maybe. But I doubt they'd want a weak husband," Totsuka grinned.

"Which leaves Kusanagi," This time, Mikoto spoke. Totsuka nodded eagerly. Kusanagi blanched.

"Well, good luck with that. No girl's going to approach a bartender in the first place," he said bluntly. "Eh? Why's that?" Totsuka asked, leaning forward. "Have you ever seen a movie where the bartender gets approached? No, you haven't. Bartenders give advice, not fall in love," Kusanagi replied. "I don't know… it could happen. I've got a feeling here," Totsuka waved around at his stomach. "What? Indigestion, again? I told you lots of times that King's fire isn't used for cooking," Kusanagi nagged.

"No!" Totsuka looked sheepish. "Well… Maybe just to bake some potatoes. But that's not the point. Something's going to happen today, and everything's going to change. Ask Anna," Totsuka nodded at Anna, who was alone in the corner of the room. "Whoa! When was she there? Should she even be listening to this conversation?!" Kusanagi hissed. "She's a girl," Mikoto stated. The Red King turned to the pale girl. "Is something going to happen today, Anna?" Mikoto asked.

Anna stared at her marble for a moment.

"Yes," She nodded slowly. "Be careful," she said, nodding at the glass in Kusanagi's hand. Immediately, both Mikoto and Totsuka moved far away from Kusanagi. "Wait! I mean, I believe in you, Anna, but don't tell me it's going to happen now! I don't even know what to expect!" Kusanagi yelped. What the Heck, man?!They were just having a conversation – and now; this.

"Too late," Totsuka said, just as they heard thumping footsteps reaching the bar.

"KUSANAGI!" Yata yelled, bursting into the bar on his skateboard. Upon realizing Mikoto was there, he blushed. "What is it, Yata? Totsuka asked, standing up. "It's Kosuke," Yata said. "What; did he find another stray this time?" Kusanagi sighed heavily. "N-NO! This time, Kosuke found – " Anna cut over Yata's sentence.

"A lady," Anna said quietly.



The fragile wine glass he was wiping cracked under the pressure from his hand. Mikoto and Anna exchanged glances.

"It's true! The lady's hurt and we tried to help her, but she didn't want our help. She said we were loud barbarians and she'd rather get hit by a car than accept our help," Yata wrinkled his nose in distaste. "Where is she now?" Totsuka asked, getting up abruptly. "Just a few blocks away. I can take you there," Yata offered, already half-dragging Totsuka to the door.

"Kusanagi, get a few warm towels ready. It's going to rain judging by the clouds outside, and we're all probably going to get caught in it. I'll bring an umbrella along," Totsuka instructed.

Just as he said that, a loud rumble of thunder was heard.

"…Way to jinx the weather, Tatara," Izumo muttered, as the duo rushed out. "What?!" he snapped, glaring at both Mikoto and Anna. "Congratulations," Anna said in a void tone. "I'd like to name the kid," Mikoto said tonelessly, nodding.

"What the Heck are you saying?! Anna predicted an injured woman, not my future wife," Kusanagi said, his face red. "She was right about the injured woman," Mikoto shrugged. "…Shut up," The bartender growled, turning to do as Totsuka instructed. "How long do you think they'll take?" he asked no one in particular. "Ten minutes, if the woman agrees," Mikoto answered lazily as he braided Anna's hair.

"If she's smart, than she won't," Izumo sighed.

Sure enough, ten minutes passed by, and not one member of Homra had arrived. "Seriously? How much trouble can a woman be?" Izumo wondered out loud. "Hey, Mikoto – you think Tatara and the others are having trouble?" he asked. Anna was the one who answered with a nod of her head. "Everyone's getting exasperated," she said in a monotone. "Exasperated how?" Izumo asked curiously.

"…They're thinking of knocking her out and dragging her here," Anna deadpanned.

Mikoto seemed to find no problem with her statement. Kusanagi, being the more sensible one, palmed his face. "I'm not surprised she called them barbarians just now," he sighed. "Mikoto, you stay here with Anna – you're more prone to getting sick than me," Kusanagi said. "If those idiots stay out long enough in the rain, we're all going to suffer with the flu," Izumo put on his jacket and took an umbrella.

"Go greet your wife," The Red King said quietly. Anna snorted but quickly turned it into a hiccough. Kusanagi glared at them both yet again, but was ignored. He rushed out into the rain, thankful for a break from the odd pair. "To think that even Tatara is having trouble dealing with the woman," he muttered, as he received a message from Totsuka, stating their location, which wasn't very far away.

Even before Kusanagi reached the scene, he could hear an exasperated voice talking.

"It isn't safe here, Miss! We're here to help you, not hurt you. Though I admit myself most of us resemble hooligans – " At this sentence, there were outraged cries from the other gang members. "But you can definitely trust me," Kusanagi recognized the voice as Chitose's. The male was currently extending a hand towards a blonde woman on the ground. He also had on a most charming smile that would disarm just about any female.

The woman stared at him for a while. Then –

"Again, I'd rather drop dead into a ditch," she said in a dead tone. Chitose blanched, and both Kamamoto and Eric sniggered. "Miss," This time, Totsuka stepped forward, "Shohei here handed you his jacket earlier to cover yourself up. Doesn't that show that we really are looking out for your well-being? We're not planning anything funny," he said sensibly. The woman didn't seem to drop her guard.

"I appreciate your… 'interest' in my well-being, but I would rather sit and wait out in the rain here, thank you. My subordinates are looking for me right now," she answered. Totsuka sighed heavily and scratched his head. Kusanagi had a feeling that the conversation must have gone around in circles plenty of times by now, for even Tatara was at a loss – and he was an awesome negotiator.

"Alright, I think we're gonna have to draw the line here," Kusanagi said loudly, earning surprised glances his way. Heh, they're all too absorbed with her to even notice me, he thought to himself. "…So you're the backup now?" The injured 'victim' sighed, rubbing her face. Kusanagi heard Kosuke stifle a sneeze and saw Bandou shiver slightly. Feeling pissed off with the situation, because he would be the poor sap taking care of a bunch of sick, mostly ill-tempered and ill-mannered men; he felt his blood boil slightly.

"No, you got it wrong," Kusanagi smiled cheerfully, setting down his umbrella. "I'm actually the executer," he said, before striding towards the woman and lifting her up onto his back. All the other members of Homra stared at him in horror, except for Totsuka – he seemed mildly amused and worried at the same time. Kusanagi expected her to yell at him and maybe even attempt to scratch at him, because he's seen women do that a lot of times.

He did not, however, expect –

"Put me down now. Or you'll lose an eye," The female said coldly. He could see that her ankle was twisted and swollen, but her hands were just fine – and she was currently pointing a small dagger his way. "...You should put that down. It's dangerous," Izumo said, feeling his blood roar. Honestly, what the Hell is wrong with this woman? When she didn't budge, he breathed out, trying to control himself.

"I said… put that down," Kusanagi growled this time, his expression darkening. "Make me," she hissed in his ear. "…Fine," he said, and immediately, a red aura enveloped his body. It wasn't hot, but it was enough to shock the woman into submission. She gasped slightly and dropped the dagger. A dramatic gasp spread like wildfire through the group.

"Uh… K-Kusanagi, you're okay… right?" Kamamoto asked uncertainly.

"There, see? Now everyone's happy!" Kusanagi said happily. "You don't look happy to me," Yata said, oblivious.

"Who would be happy? I mean, sure it's nice having a woman on your back; but I bet she's heavy," Bandou said. Both Kusanagi and the woman blushed at the same time. Sensing a fight was about to start, Totsuka rushed forward. "Ahaha, such a joker, San-Chan!" he laughed, earning a confused look from Bandou. "I wasn't – " Bandou was interrupted by Totsuka.

"Okay, we should really get back to the bar now, or else we're in for the flu. Masaomi, we need more towels. You know where they are, right? Hurry and get them out. All of you go back now, I'll walk with Kusanagi," Totsuka said. Masaomi nodded and ran towards the bar, followed by the other members. Totsuka fell in beside Kusanagi and drew Kusanagi's umbrella over the man and woman. "Sorry I'm not much help, Kusanagi, but I can take over, if you like," Totsuka offered.

"What, and have you keel right over? Nah, I'm fine here," Kusanagi grunted. "Are you okay back there, Miss?" Totsuka asked. She nodded. "You are the Homra gang," she stated. "Yeah, we are," Totsuka replied.

"…You're taking me back to your base. Where is it?" she asked. "Eh, it's just a bar…" Totsuka received a deadly glare from the owner of the bar. "I mean, it's a wonderful bar! You should see it. Totally," he enthused. "By the way, what's your name, Miss? I'm Totsuka; and this is Kusanagi," he introduced. The woman hesitated for a moment. "I'm Awashima," she replied slowly. "Okay, then, Awashima. You said you have subordinates looking for you, right? Tell them you'll be at the bar so they can fetch you there," Totsuka said.

"Hear that, Kusanagi? You're gonna be getting more customers today," Totsuka said, skipping happily. "If my instincts are right, they're not the kind of customers we'll favor," Kusanagi said lowly. Awashima, heard; but she did not disagree.

"Ah! Here we are, finally!" The younger male jogged towards the bar when it came in sight and held the door open. Even though he couldn't see properly due to his glasses getting rained on, Kusanagi could just about make out the inviting warm air of the room inside. He sped up, excited to get a change of environment, but didn't seem to forget his own manners.

"Hey, Tatara – take over, will you?" Izumo put down Awashima and Totsuka rushed over to help.

"Wipe your feet on the mat first, and take off your shoes… though I bet none of the dumbasses did it," The protective bartender said mutinously, when he saw muddy trails of footsteps leading inside. "Don't sweat it, I'll help you clean up later," His friend said, amused. "I've never seen a man care so much about cleanliness," Awashima said cuttingly, hitting a nerve. Kusanagi had never liked it when his manliness was put to the test.

It didn't help that next to Totsuka, he was labeled as the second 'mother' of the Homra gang.

"I'm not surprised that you don't know. After all, how can someone so cold-hearted ever fall in love with a man?" Kusanagi answered back with a smile. Inside, however, he was raving mad. I'm going to end up a murderer if this woman doesn't watch out! I've had enough of today, he fumed to himself. "Now, now," Totsuka laughed nervously, "Let's get inside for now, huh?" He led a stung Awashima inside, followed by a grumpy bartender.

Inside, there was havoc going on.

"HEY! That was MY towel!" Yata yelled, trying to grab what was his from Eric.

"Seems like little Chihuahua is overprotective over his things," Eric said fluently in English, which only served to infuriate the former more. Kosuke was trying to keep Eric in check, while Akagi held Yata back. Kamamoto and Chitose seemed to be arguing about something, while Masaomi just looked on lamely with a towel in hand.

He was the first to realize the trio's presence.

"Here's a towel, Kusanagi, Totsuka – I got two for the lady," Masaomi handed them over. Immediately, there was an unsettled silence. "Thanks, Masaomi. Pass a chair for her to sit on, will you, Kosuke?" Totsuka asked. Kusanagi just rolled his eyes and made his way to the back room of the bar. There, he found both Mikoto and Anna. Mikoto raised an eyebrow at Anna, who just nodded and made her exit.

"Something's about to happen," Mikoto said calmly.

"Oh, really? I thought it just did," Kusanagi said sourly. But he wasn't one to hold a grudge for long. "I guess you're right. That woman outside – Awashima's her name – I don't think it was pure coincidence that she was stranded out in the rain near our base. Something brought her here, and I can't help but think Homra's going to get involved," Izumo said truthfully. Mikoto nodded. "Expect more company," Mikoto said before making his way out.

"Yeah… sure," Izumo said, before going on his way to change his clothes.

When he came to the bar's main room again, he found that the rowdy members of Homra seemed quiet and wary. They were situated at random places in the bar, but quite a distance away from Awashima. Totsuka, however, was conversing with her, much to Chitose's envy.

Izumo sighed when he saw the muddy tracks on the floor. Both Yata and Kamamoto were currently cleaning it up, but they haven't made much progress – only succeeding in making it dirtier. Yata was unnaturally silent, due to the presence of a female in the room; while Kamamoto seemed to be enjoying poking fun at him.

"Why so quiet, Yata?"


"Wow, I never knew Yata could be so shy!"


"Women like shy boys. Make a move on her,"

Yata growled threateningly. Eric walked casually over, hands shoved into his pockets. "Little Chihuahuas shouldn't bark," he said, yet again in English. Izumo wasn't sure Eric was being wise, especially since Yata had a mop in his hand; and he hastily took over.

"Yata, go clean up the store – I'll take over. Kamamoto, you stay here," The bartender ordered. Yata seemed relieved and left immediately. Both Kamamoto and Eric looked disappointed.

Awashima must have seen the exchange, because she directed a statement at Totsuka.

"I'm taking that Kusanagi is as much as a mother hen to them as you are?" she asked, eyebrows raised slightly. Tatara laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Izumo twitched his eye slightly. "Well, someone's got to look after the gang," Tatara said gently. Kusanagi was, admittedly, impressed with Tatara's patience.

"Ah, I see. So it is true that you and your king are a couple; you being the queen?" The blonde asked, taking a sip from the cup of tea she was holding.

Dead silence from Tatara, who turned pale. Kusanagi didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Bandou looked disgusted, while Shohei was currently confused. He opened his mouth to say something and Izumo tried to stop him, but was too late.

"What do you mean; Totsuka's a queen?" Shohei asked, looking worried. "I mean what I say," Awashima deadpanned. "You are – how shall I put it – the king's 'mate'. Am I right?" she asked calmly.

Kosuke stood up and walked out of the bar, followed by an unsettled Eric.

"…N-no. No, I'm not," Totsuka managed to choke out after a long time. He shot Kusanagi a panicked look. Help me! Oh, God, please; I beg you! "He's not, Awashima. What gave you that idea?" The bartender asked, slightly enjoying the sight of Totsuka looking green. "Well… There's talk that Homra's a bunch of gay transvestites who couple up, apparently. I was just testing the water," Awashima replied.

"WHAT?! What the Hell – Who in HELL said that?!" Kusanagi swore, looking angry. This was the third time his manliness was pulled out for questioning – and he was downright pissed off. "You have to admit it's a bit… unsettling, to think that a gang of young men who call themselves 'Homra' tend to stick together like glue. Suspicions arise," The blonde shrugged her shoulders.

"And we intend to confirm those suspicions," A suave, charismatic voice rumbled inside the room suddenly.

All eyes turned to the door.

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