Welcome all to the first ever Futanari story. Now for those who don't know what a Futa is well they're women who possess male parts, if you still don't know what that is well I suggest you look it up. Okay this is my first story so I hope it goes well. I want to thank Moka Mcdowell for the help and the Futanari King for the support. Thank you I appreciate it and I hope everyone enjoys the story.

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Unknown Narration:

I go by many names. Some call me monster, some call me a witch, some call me an abomination, and some even call me bitch, but the one name I am proud to be called is Mistress Hayami. Though mistress isn't my real name, my real name is Hayami Kitsune. I am 13 years old, I have short black hair, gray eyes, no I'm not blind, but I do possess a trait that makes my eyes the most dangerous weapon that's more dangerous than a pokemon.

I come from a family that was once part of a powerful clan. This clan possessed a trait that made them very dangerous. This trait along with another made us well known and most feared. However, our clan began to dwindle due to wars, and many people hunted us down to try to kill us all. My mother, my aunt, her daughter, and I are the last of our clan. My aunt and her daughter live in the Orange Islands, while my mother and I live here in Unova.

Why so many people wanted us dead is very simple. One reason may be because we controlled an entire region, another could be because we almost wiped out all men in the region we controlled, or perhaps it was because we were all Futanari. In case you don't know what that is it means we possess male reproductive parts. How that happened I don't know and don't care we just do.

We would go to villages and towns to take over. We would take the women as our slaves or to have them join us in our great empire. Another would be to take them so we could make more of us. All of the women that give birth always have girls that are Futanari. There has never been a boy that was born in our clan.

The reason we kill off many men is because we hate them all. They think they are superior and think they are stronger than women. The first Futa of our clan was a woman named Kushina Kitsune. She was a slave to a man who was once king of a great empire. Kushina escaped and met a witch who helped Kushina. She used her magic to make sure all children who Kushina gives birth and who are born from the children will all be Futa. She made sure also all the kids would be girls but no boys, and the witch gave Kushina a gift that Kushina and her future decadence would possess.

Weeks later Kushina returned and used the gift she was given by the witch. This gift helped Kushina kill the king and all his male subjects as it marked the beginning of our once glorious empire. What this gift was is a unique trait that helped many of us controlled the region for so many centuries. What it was I won't say, but it's one that made sure no one would ever disobey us.

Alas ever since our empire fell our bloodline began to grow thin. It grew to the point where it was only down to my family and me. I hated it. I wanted to convince my mother to try to bring back our empire, but she grew soft, my aunt was also weak as well, and my cousin. I prefer not to talk about her. But I wasn't going to become soft my mother and her sister.

I swear I will help bring our clan back to the top once again. Of course I can't do this alone, which means I'll have to convince my family to get off their asses. Even if it means for me to use my special trait on them, oh it works on each other, as long as the mind isn't strong minded. Fortunately for me they've become so weak and soft that making them my personal slaves will be child's play for me.

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