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Unova (Normal pov)

Two days later, Dawn heads back to the house after being told by Iris and Georgia that it's over. I sighed in relief when I heard this and was looking forward to heading back. When we arrived I saw the mansion was in ruins and Ms. Cynthia is outside talking to someone on the phone. I ran towards her and gave her a big hug.

"Ms. Cynthia! Is everyone okay? What happened? Is Hayami okay?"

Cynthia places her hand over my mouth to stop me from talking. "Everyone is fine, that includes Hayami."

I let out another sigh of relief glad that everyone is okay. "Did you guys defeat, Karai?"

Cynthia nods her head and points towards a teenage girl who is unconscious next to May who is also unconscious.

"What is May doing here?" I asked surprised to see her here.

"It seems Karai got to her and turned her into her slave," explained Cynthia. "However, thanks to Hayami she fixed her up and she's resting."

"And Karai?"

"Hayami tricked her and used her powers to get rid of her bad side," explained Cynthia as we walk towards the unconscious girl. "Her mom and Hayami's mom are here, but are talking with Hayami about what they're going to do."

"So, is Karai going to jail?" I asked.

Cynthia shook her head. "No, she'll be taken back home where she'll be dealt with by her mother."

"And the women she had under her control?" asked Dawn.

"Alexis and her sister used their powers to free them," said Cynthia when she remembered what Hayami told her. "She also told me something interesting about a conversation you two had before you left."

Dawn turns to Cynthia nervously. "Oh? What was it?"

"Something about how she wanted to free her girls for you, but you told her not to free all of them," Cynthia smiles at Dawn and has her arms crossed over her chest. "Does that seem familiar to you?"

Dawn felt like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She didn't think Hayami would tell Cynthia the truth about that, but she figures she was going to find out sooner or later.

"Dawn, why did you tell Hayami not to free them?"

"Not all of them," said Dawn who decides to tell the truth. "I just wanted to try it out and see how it feels. After that we'll free them."

Cynthia wanted to protest against this, but she knew Dawn was curious. She wanted to experiment a little and she did owe Hayami for helping her.

"All right, but just make sure nothing bad will happen okay?"

Dawn nods. "Of course, are you going somewhere?"

"Yes," Cynthia puts her phone away. "I'm going with Alexis to talk to an old friend of mine. In the meantime you can stay with Hayami at the hotel I send her at."

"Oh, okay thank you Ms. Cynthia," said Dawn as she hugs the champion.

Cynthia returns the hug. "No problem, just be careful and take care."

Hotel (Hayami's pov)

I let out a loud sigh while resting on my soft hotel bed. Cynthia got me this room to rest up at, while she talks to my mom about what they plan to do. I looked over at the chair nearby and see my dirty clothes. I took a shower earlier and I'm wearing a bathrobe. I didn't mind, I prefer wearing nothing than something when I'm alone.

I left my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center to rest up. After the long day we had they deserved it. I then hear a knock on my door. I go towards the door and open it to see its Dawn.

"Hayami!" Dawn wraps her arms around me and gives me a big hug almost knocking the air out of me.

"It's good to see you too," I said wrapping my arms around her. "I take it Cynthia told you what happened?"

Dawn nods. "Yes, I'm so glad you're okay and you didn't get hurt."

I knew she was worried and I felt bad for making her feel that way. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. I can feel her returning the kiss as I move my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues begin to dance with one another until we broke the kiss a minute later.

"I'm sorry for making you worry Dawn, but it's over."

I then noticed a small mischievous smile on her face. "Not yet it's not."

"Huh?" I asked confused by what she meant as she leans forward and whispers into my ears.

"I'm ready," I stared at her confused. "I want you to take me."

I stared at her shocked and confused. "Y-you want me to take you? Are you sure?"

I let out a small yelp when I felt her hand grabbing my dick. I look down at her and see her stroking my dick through my pants making it hard.

"Does this answer your question?"

I smiled returned the favor my moving my hands behind her and grabbing her ass making her yelp too.

"Yes it does," I move down and kissed her again.

(Normal pov, lemon scene begins if you don't like this then skip to the end, you've been warned)

Hayami's and Dawn's tongues go into a slow but passionate dance together, while they both stroke each other's bodies, Dawn rests her hands on Hayami's shoulders while her lover rests her hands eagerly on Dawn's lower back. Dawn suddenly breaks the kiss and kisses Hayami's chin and cheeks; this action causes the futa to softly growl in lust. Sensing her lover's aroused state, Dawn starts removing the robe that's hiding Hayami's soft delicious body. After uncovering the futa's shoulder Dawn plants a sweet kiss on it and then pulls the whole robe off letting it fall onto the floor.

Dawn gets down on her knees and starts planting kisses all over Hayami's flat and soft stomach, after a few seconds she gets back up and starts sucking Hayami's left breast causing the teenage futa to release a small moan from her lips. Hayami strokes the back of Dawn's head to show how pleased her breast-sucking skills make her, as Dawn gets more and more into it she moves to the other breast and receives the same response from Hayami. The blue haired coordinator starts mixing it up by swapping nipples in just a matter of seconds, the moans from her girlfriend only encourages her to keep doing this, but something's poking her groin and she knows what it is. She looks once more at Hayami and plants a deep emotional kiss on the Kitsune clan member and strokes her thick throbbing penis while their tongues go in another dance together.

As the penis starts throbbing more and more Dawn kneels down once more and swallows Hayami's penis in one gulp, Hayami releases another loud moan followed by a series of ohhhhhhhh's as Dawn starts bobbing her head and bucks her lips to increase the pressure

"I'm cumming!" is the only thing Hayami can say before rope after rope of her sweet cum goes down Dawn's throat

After Dawn swallows all of her lover's cum she is told by Hayami to get up so she can remove her clothes, Dawn starts to unbutton her shit but is stopped by the futa as she wants to undress her lover herself, Dawn smiles and lets Hayami go ahead and undress her, she unbuttons the rest of her shirt and takes it off, then she removes her pink boots and finally she removes her white hat but doesn't remove Dawn's skirt and panties.

Hayami leans a bit down and swallows Dawn's young breast causing the young coordinator to let out a small shriek of glee as her plump young nipple is gently sucked and nibbled on, Hayami slowly slides her hand down her lover's body until she reaches her panties, still maintaining the pace of her nipple sucking she goes past Dawn's panties and massages her clitoris until it gets hard, she slips her fingers inside her making Dawn release another moan. Hayami feels just how wet Dawn is right now, she's overflowing!

Hayami smiles as she swaps to Dawn's other breast and slides another finger inside her girlfriend's pussy and starts moving her fingers in and out which in itself causes Dawn to moan even more and makes the moisture inside the blue haired girl's vagina to double, triple and quadruple in amount. The walls inside Dawn's pussy begin to tighten as her climax approaches, just before her orgasm though Hayami stops suckling on her breast and removes her fingers from Dawn's pussy.

"Wh-Why did you s-st-stop?" Dawn asks while panting, her only response is Hayami's slender pale finger touch her lips and a shush sound coming out of the futa's lips

"Get on all fours" Hayami demands in a soft manner

Dawn sees no reason to object and she does as she was told, Hayami positions herself right behind her and presses the marshmallow-like tip of her penis against Dawn's panties covered vagina feeling it's wetness, then she grabs Dawn's arms and pulls them back in a twisting movement and begins humping her girlfriend.

Hayami's penis keeps pushing on Dawn's panties, trying to get into the blue haired girl's virgin pussy but the mentioned panties do not allow this, instead it ends up with Dawn having a rock hard and warm penis pushing against her throbbing pussy and Hayami having her penis head sulk on the wetness and warmness of her lover's sweet young vagina. The feeling is intense for both and they end up cumming together after a few moments.

The feeling of the orgasm running through her is more than she can take, so Dawn decides it's go time and gets up, she grabs Hayami's hand and pulls her up and then towards the bed

"Wa-wait, Dawn!" Hayami says as Dawn looks directly at her then with a soft smile pushes her futa lover on the bed

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Hayami asks as Dawn climbs on top of her, her answer is quick and simple

She grabs her lover's cock and puts it against her pussy, then she quickly thrusts her hips down which shoves the whole shaft up her now not so virgin vagina, a small cry of pain emerges from Dawn but she covers her mouth with her hand but that doesn't stop the small droplets of tears from creeping in her eyes

Seeing as Dawn's struggling with this Hayami speaks "Let's try going slow, then when you're comfortable you'll start doing this at your own pace"

Dawn merely nods as she sweeps the tears away from her eyes and puts her hands on Hayami's breasts to have some balance as moves her hips up and down slowly and her futa lover just stays there trying not to move too roughly for fear of hurting her Dawn.

The pain starts to subside after a little over a minute and Hayami notices Dawn's jumping up and down on her cock faster and harder than before, the pleasure must've settled in by now, a mischievous grin come across the futa's face as she grabs Dawn's butt and slams it down causing the coordinator to let out a moan, not being done yet Hayami starts smacking her lover's ass causing more and more moans to come out from her mouth, by now both of them are moaning and moaning non-stop and Hayami can feel she's coming close to her breaking point, so she sits up quickly and picks Dawn up, still with her penis pounding inside her and pushes her against the wall.

Dawn's orgasm is almost there and she wants the love of her life to be as close to her as possible so she warps her legs around Hayami's waist and her arms around Hayami's neck, pulling both of them as close as possible and shoving the futa's cock even more inside her slippery wet pussy, both of them let out cries of pleasure as the feeling is most intense and the only sounds in the room is the sound of balls hitting skin and of the two girl's moans

"I-I'm cumming!" Dawn yells as her vaginal walls tighten up

"M-me tooooo!" Hayami herself yells as she kisses Dawn hard and cums inside her and both their love juices mix together.

(End of lemon scene)

Six months later after Karai has been defeated things went back to normal in all five regions. The women who were under the control of Karai were set free with no memory of what happened. Hayami's slaves were all set free except for a few. Skyla stayed as her slave as she enjoys the sex they have, Georgia and Iris stayed as well, all the Officer Jenny and Nurse Joys, and May decided to travel with the girls as she enjoys the fun she has with them.

Misty decided to stay with Alexis who is helping her recover slowly from her experience at the hands of Karai. Speaking of Karai, she has no memory of what she did thanks to Hayami who erased that dark side of hers. She now lives with her mother and is behaving. However, Cynthia does pay her a visit from time to time to make sure she doesn't go back to her old ways.

As for Dawn and Hayami, they decided to travel together with their girls. Thanks to Dawn, Hayami no longer wants to rule the world, but does use her powers from time to time. Only of course if Dawn allows it. They are heading towards Johto where they are paying an old friend a visit.

Johto (Normal pov)

Zoey, one of Dawn's friends and rival is resting at a hotel after a long day of traveling. She is resting in her room while her Pokemon sleep in their Pokeballs. She pulls out her phone and lets out a small sigh of sadness. On the screen of her phone is a picture of herself and Dawn at the Grand Festival.

She misses her friend a lot and wishes she could see her again, wherever she is. Just then she hears a knock on her door and figures it must be room service with her dinner. She opens the door and is shocked to see its Dawn.

"Hi Zoey, it's been a while."

"Dawn!" Zoey hugs her friend who returns the hug. "I can't believe it. It's been far too long. Where have you've been?"

"Oh I've been around," said Dawn as they break the hug. "Sorry to worry you. I've missed you."

"I missed you too," said Zoey who is happy to see her friend again. "So, what happened? Where did you go?"

"Oh I was traveling with some friends. I was hoping you could meet them, do you mind?"

Zoey shook her head. "Not at all, who are they?"

Zoey sees a young girl entering the room along with four other girls They are all smiling at the red head as the first girl walks up to Zoey. "Hi Zoey, want to play a game?"

Zoey began feeling a little uneasy when the girl approaches her. "W-what game?"

Dawn appears behind Zoey smiling and holds her arms. "Don't worry it will be fun, right Hayami?"

Hayami's eyes begin glowing. "That's right, so let's play Zoey."

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