Title: Anomalous Days

Summary: Reborn never imagined that a simple screw up during a mission would lead him to the weirdest person he had ever meant. Now he just needs to make sure that this person doesn't learn about his identity while being in an eight years old body.

Rating: T for right now, will probably move to M later on

Pairing: Eventual R27

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Chapter 1

Reborn sneered angrily to himself as he rushed through the back alleys of the streets of Namimori, momentarily taking a quick peek backwards to search for his followers. He hadn't thought that a simple illness such as a cold, of all things that could affect him, would cause him to make a slip-up during a mission. It was an easy mistake, a mistake that anyone could make, but that simple overstep caused him to face a massive rain of bullets, and such an annoyance that was. He had plotted everything out, made sure to get the routines of the guards; everything and more that would be needed for his success. But it all failed in the end, his plan spoiled just by a simple sneeze. It was quite that simple.

He had used his tiny eight year old body, a special ability of his gained from being an Arcobaleno, to sneak into the mansion unnoticed by the guards of the mafia famiglia. After all, being small had its advantages when it came to such things. His mission was to assassinate the boss that had been apparently creating trouble for the man he had been hired by and, instead of success, he had screwed it up. Still, he wasn't worried that it would stain his record of being the best.

Reborn ducked behind a metal garbage bin to hide from the oncoming bullets that slammed into the back, pelting into the metal. The bin budged slightly at the force, but creaked back into its original spot soon after. It wasn't dark out yet, but there was no sun, the gray clouds covering everything in sight. His trusty gun was at his side like usual, ready to fire at the advancing crowd, and when there was a slight pause in the bullets, he popped out to shoot back. With his famous and perfect aim, he nailed eight of the men with eight bullets square in the forehead, dropping his followers immediately by half. He smirked as pride floated through him. Apparently, even when sick, he could still be his usual awesome self. Using that momentary pause as the remaining men tried to re-orientate themselves from the sudden drop of fighters, Reborn dashed out into the open to escape, knowing he had to get away as soon as possible.

Though he knew he could normally take care of his pursuers even with an eight years old body, he was already weakened enough with the sickness running rampage in his body and the added rain that was pelting down on him it wasn't helping either. He couldn't take any chances; a single mistake on his part could very well end his life today. And he knew that if he didn't get out of this weather soon, his condition would worsen and there was a high possibility that he might collapse somewhere to be carried off to an enemy's base. Well, if he was lucky enough to be left alive if he got caught. However, he'd rather die than get tortured by the enemy. Reborn growled as he jumped over a fence, his leather shoes landing into a puddle of water below, and almost slipped from the wet surface, his right foot turning inward. He caught himself at the last moment before any damage could be done and took a deep breath, his vision just beginning to blur from the effects of his sickness. His infamous fedora was completely soaked, the water dripping off the sides around his face, and his suit was heavy from the extra weight. His fingers was numb from the cold and his body was about to start shaking, shivering momentarily when a gust of wind blew through the ally.

Reborn knew from the symptoms he was experiencing that his condition was worsening. It wouldn't be long before his body forcefully collapsed on its own from exhaustion. 'Damn this sickness, I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if I wasn't sick!' Mumbling some curses in Italian, he continued to run forward, dashing around people on the streets as quickly as possible, making sure to keep himself out of sight from his pursuers. He didn't want to be followed, not now. Reborn quickly calculated how long it would take to get back to his hideout by foot, but knew it would be too late at the rate his body was failing.

Wisps of air puffed before his face, disappearing within seconds and only to be replaced by another breath. It was cold, his body was freezing, and the rain wasn't making it any better. The gun that his fingers were gripping onto tightly was beginning to burn from the coldness and when he tried to switch hands, it was like the metal had glued itself to his skin, forcing him to tear it apart. It was so cold, almost like he was touching ice, and Reborn could already see the visible shake in his grip, his fingers going numb and pale in color. Still, he kept going, his eyes searching out for the best place to hide for a few hours and to allow his body to finally rest. But there was nothing, just empty places that looked too dangerous and open in his view.

As he made his way down another alley, he heard the sounds of yelling from behind, well aware that his followers were starting to catch up on him. Reborn cursed once more, wanting nothing more than to transform back into his original body to make his escape. But he knew better, transforming consumed large amounts of his energy, energy he couldn't afford to spare in his current state. Since the Arcobaleno were gifted with the ability to transform from their original ages backwards by ten years each and forward to their original age, it became pretty handy in fooling everyone they met. In the case of Reborn, whose age was twenty-eight, he could be an eighteen-year-old, or eight as he was now currently, and then one. He never questioned why one, but he decided it wasn't worth the thoughts. But of course, almost the entire mafia world was not aware of this ability, making him blend into his surroundings that much easier and using the age change as a disguise.

Reborn dodged around multiple buildings, making his way through the abandoned areas, while shooting back towards his enemies. He took a few more out, knowing he was doing quite well despite his condition. However, just as he was about to find some freedom from his chasers, he turned the corner to head into a street where he crashed straight into someone's legs. A small grunt escaped his lips as he was forced back, the collision strong enough to make his head spin but did not make him tumble to the ground. His vision spotted for a moment before clearing up, the rush of adrenaline fading from his body at his sudden stop. Reborn cursed again, without that rush that was keeping him going, his body was already shutting down. His black eyes peered up at the fool who had dared to get in his way, but quickly found out that he could no longer see as his vision suddenly blacked out, collapsing backwards towards the ground.

For a moment, he heard a concerned shout for him and then felt something warm wrapping around his tiny body. Reborn hoped that the next time he woke up, if he ever did, he wouldn't be strapped down with a gun barrel buried into his forehead. He could only hope.

Tsuna had wanted nothing more than to go for a simple walk out in his hometown. It had been a busy month for him and a break was needed to get some relaxation in-between before he decided that having a mental breakdown would be a better idea. The whole month had been mainly meetings with numerous outside famiglia, who were trying to gain an alliance with Vongola. That, of course, didn't include the allies that were trying to convince him to go along with something or make a deal. He had to handle each and every one carefully with either a critical glare or a calm expression. Some he agreed to, others he outright refused and gave his reasons as to why. And as usual, there were those fools that required some blackmail or corpses to keep them shut.

Tsuna was the Decimo of the infamous Vongola famiglia, the top group and the most powerful mafia famiglia in the underworld. However, despite everything, his face had been kept mostly hidden to the ever watchful eyes through the use of a single mask. Even when he met up with the bosses of other mafia groups, he made sure to cover his face with his infamous Vongola sky ring out and bring one of his guardians as proof that he was indeed the Vongola Decimo. His spiky brown hair was left uncovered and was quite obvious in helping to identify him. He didn't enjoy the whole mask idea, he despised it, but it was for the safety of his relationships, both with friends and family. He didn't care about his privacy or anything silly like that. It was for those that didn't know about his connection to the underworld, for their protection, since being so big meant trouble to them. Of course, there were a few bosses he pulled the mask down for, mainly his allies or those he trusted completely to keep his identity safe.

Originally, Tsuna hadn't wanted to be involved with the mafia, but in an effort to protect his dear mother from the darkness, he took up the cloak to become the official heir. It had been a tough battle to get to the top, destroying his competitors with his blood inherited abilities and rigorous training, but he made it. And ever since he took over, Vongola has been transformed for the better. His strong ideals of changing from the bloody history the mafia group once had to something better drew many people towards him, gaining plenty of close dear friends and allies that he knew deep within he could trust with his very life. His hyper intuition followed him closely on those thoughts, resonating within his soul as reassurance.

But he always loved retiring back to his mansion in Namimori, he couldn't help it, and he knew very well that it was mostly safe from outside famiglia through Hibari's commands. It didn't stop everyone, obviously, since there were plenty who wanted to test his cloud guardian's strength. But they all failed to succeed. Luckily for him, with Hibari always in the area, it made his protection much easier for his guardians. And better yet, he could do his paperwork in the mansion, having it shipped, emailed, or faxed over thanks to Gokudera, his right-hand man, and his amazing ability with technology. It made his life so much easier in a sense. Documents could be read through quickly and the ones that needed to be signed with his special sky flame would be shipped over or printed out. The technology left Tsuna with much more free time compared to the earlier days of his takeover, something he was very grateful for. This eventually led to him enjoying a stroll out in the rain for a break with a nice orange-colored umbrella over his head.

And to a child crashing against him.

Tsuna, though wasn't prepared for an attack, held himself steady and made a quick observation of his so-called attacker. He couldn't help but pause as he took in the sight of a small sick child, who, to him, looked like he was about to collapse at any second. His eyes drifted over the heavily flushed appearance to the ragged, soaked clothes. It was an appearance that stung his heart like no other. As he continued his observation, he took note that the child had most likely been running in his horrible weather for hours by the way the water had taken to the clothes. However, Tsuna froze when he saw the expensive gun in the boy's hands.

'Now where did he get that? Much less, why does he have that?' Tsuna temporarily thought for just a moment before the black-haired boy suddenly collapsed backwards. He made a quick shout, springing forward to catch the child before he hit the ground, and gave a tight hug around the fragile-looking boy. Tsuna sighed, he had dropped his umbrella by accident, now able to feel the ice-cold raindrops hitting against his head and shoulders, but it didn't matter. This boy was in a critical state and needed care immediately. His fingers brushed over the forehead, trying to feel for the fever, and just as he expected, it was scorching. 'Now, what to do? I guess I should bring him to the hospital.'

Lifting the unconscious boy into his arms, he managed to hook the body just right so he could get his umbrella to cover them both. However, as he was about to turn to see if he could find a taxi, some shouting behind him caught his attention, his intuition sounding off within as an alert. The brunet immediately tensed, his eyes narrowing in detest as he quickly released what was happening. 'So the boy is being followed.' His fingers touched the gun the child was holding and, with a little bit of force, managed to wedge it out of the cold grasp, finding it more than half loaded by the weight of it. With a quick maneuver with his fingers, he opened the bullet case to check the amount inside and smirked. He had six more bullets left in the twelve gauge, it was more than enough to take care of the men behind. Still, Tsuna didn't want to hang around for the pursuers to find him like it was on purpose and started making his way back home, seeing as a hospital was definitely out of the question.

"Hey, you!" One of the followers called out, bursting from the alleyway where the child had previously barreled out, gaining Tsuna's attention. The rest of the group was right behind, slowing down their pace as they stalked forward.

The brunet slowly turned around, throwing on an innocent act to leave him less suspicious. "Huh? Me? Do you need something?"

The other men peered at each other, believing Tsuna's act without a second thought. "That boy, give him to us."

"This boy?" His honey-colored eyes peered down at the said boy, wondering to himself what the child could have done to get himself into this much trouble. Tsuna recognized those garbs as a minor famiglia that had been causing some trouble in the past, but it wasn't enough to make him outright strike them out. Though, he had been hearing rumors of the group doing terrible things to their clients, quite literally backstabbing them. Still, his concern right now was the boy in his arms. "Ah, him. I just found him collapsed on the side of the road. I just couldn't possibly leave him there. Did he do something wrong? He's quite young-looking, he should probably be returned to his mother. She must be worried by now especially in this type of weather."

The men made a few mutters between each other before the leader of the group stepped forward. "Look, that boy is with us. We can…return him to his mother."

Tsuna almost wanted to laugh at the obvious giveaway, but kept his straight face. But this time, he looked at the group suspiciously, edging the boy closer to his chest. Regardless of the fact that the child might have done something wrong, like hell he was going to hand him over. "You know what…I think I'm going to turn him over to the police. I think he'll be…much safer there."

With those words, the men began to prowl closer, but Tsuna didn't back down. Not wanting to bother anymore with these idiots, he took the boy's weapon and fired consecutively without any sort of hesitation. A dark look of murder slipped inside his eyes, an orange hue radiating as swirls within the honey color. The shots were silenced from the gun and the bodies collapsed, leaving no one to get in Tsuna's way. The brunet made a small 'tch' in the back of his throat and began walking away. He would have to make sure to call Hibari to get someone to clean up the mess.

Now to deal with the boy…

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