A/N: ok this is my first fanfic for A-team. I'm a big fan of fanfiction and recently become a fan of A-team both old (series) and new (movie). well, here i am writing a fanfic and i have mixed the old and new, but ill probably get some more details from the new with the feel i guess of the series. enjoy and thanks for reading. BTW comments are very much welcomed, thanks.

Chapter 1: sleepless nights

" Just shoot me please..." Murdock asked through the covers and pillows of his bed. Face eyed him warily, Face stopped rummaging the closet of his friend.

" What was that Murdock?" he asked, the conman didn't really get what the pilot said. The pilot said something but the pillow and mattress, which he was laying face down on reduced it to an understandable mumble.

" Buddy are you alright?" Face asked full of concern for the man. the pilot winced , 'when was he ever alright?' he thought. Murdock turned to his side not facing Face.

" Fine just peachy!" he said with a faint hint of annoyance. he tired his best not to let it slip through but it did and he hoped Face didn't noticed.

" Ok, if you say so" Face said trying to sound nonchalant but he tainted it with a little worry tone. unknowingly to Murdock Face heard the annoyance in Murdock's words, no weird accent, no nothing and that made him worry. Face went out of Murdock's room and tried to talk to Hannibal about the pilot.

Hannibal was sitting on the couch in the living room of a small house that Face managed to scam. the colonel was reading today's news paper. Face approached him and sat down on the sofa across the coffee table. The small house served as their home and headquarters for the time being. it was a small house but it was cozy enough, they had their own rooms and the house was furnished enough to make it look like a house not a just a temporary settlement.

" Hannibal, i'm concerned with Murdock" he said while flipping through the channels. The colonel lowered the paper he was reading.

" Why? What's wrong with Murdock?" Hannibal asked. B.A came in with ordered out food and some supplies.

" I'm not sure, he's acting strange.." Face thought, then B.A stopped putting the supplies away and

gave him a Murdock-is-always-acting-weird-look " Well, stranger." he added.

" Did he tell you why?" Hannibal asked, his husky voice was now marred with concern.

" No" the conman answered with some frustration.

" What is that crazy ass fool up to?" B.A said after putting the supplies away. they were silent for a moment, thinking what is the best course of action especially in this situation where in they don't know what exactly is happening. they can patch up wounds, as a ranger they had those skills, but none of them had the skills on how to deal with Murdock right now. And they're mentally kicking their self for being useless for their friend. but they're not giving up quite easily.

" We'll just keep an eye on him and do the best we can to help him." Hannibal said returning to reading his news paper. the two mumbled their agreement, they set up lunch and called for their pilot. Murdock responded slowly much to his taste. he just looked at Face for few moments then he stood up and followed him, then they ate in silence. Murdock can feel their eyes on him, it doesn't help that the voices around him was taunting him.

they don't like you.

why would they? you're nuts

they wouldn't want you...

no one will...

Murdock clutched his fork until his knuckles was white, ' Shut up! just SHUT UP!' he mentally yelled in his head he clamped his mouth shut so his voice wouldn't betray him in letting the words slip. Hannibal noticed the internal tension in his pilot, but he decided not to put him on the spot so he decided ask a trivial question, just to divert the attention of the pilot.

" How do you find Chinese food Murdock?" the colonel asked glancing a little bit towards the captain, his voice gentle. Murdock was abruptly pulled out from his little internal battle that he flinched when their CO addressed him directly. the team didn't liked the fact that Murdock is becoming jumpy, but they tried to hide their worried glances to the clinically insane pilot.

" Its fine bossman. but i think its nothing compare to my cooking" Murdock smiled but the expression didn't quite reached his eyes. but his little remarked somehow released some of the worry three men felt.

" don't be cocky you fool!" B.A remarked, while Faceman and Hannibal chuckled. it worked better than Murdock hoped, they weren't that worried anymore. if he keep this up maybe they wouldn't notice that the place was suddenly so crowded with dark creatures lurking around. he would have to deal with them later, he wouldn't let them near his team.

the whole day passed like a blur. Bosco was putting much attention to his van, more attention than a normal person would give to an inanimate object. Hannibal just read the paper and smoked his cigar all day while faceman was gone to do some of his business and he didn't return until nightfall with some food. Murdock just spend all his time in his room, he didn't want his team to see him fight off the dark shadows that kept following him, he told them to go away but they wouldn't listen. they taunted him, they told him to do things that he doesnt understand. not that he wants to, he didn't want to listen to them, he didn't want to know what their talking about. but try with all his might to ignore them they're annoying the hell out of him, they begin screaming everytime murdocks finds a comfortable spot.

After dinner Murdock watch some of the late night movie marathons, he sat at he edge of the couch he squeezed him self in the corner of the couch, hugging his knees to his body not really paying attention to what he was watching. Face sat next to him, smiling at him but Murdock could see the worry in his eyes.

" hey buddy, whatcha watchin' ?" he asked, Murdock stared for amoment before answering

" Uhm... the swamp monster, i think." he said vaugely, ' i guess Hannibal sent him on the assignment to watch me' Murdock thought. the conman eyed the pilot but turned to the black and white women screaming in the T.V. they watched the movie quietly, then suddenly Murdock stood up and stomped to the bathroom, all the while Face was keeping an eye on him, he decided to give the pilot some space and didn't follow him to the bathroom.

inside the bathroom Murdock grew more restless, he just wants to sleep but the voices wont let him. He didn't want Facey to see him breakdown, but the voices are driving him against the wall. he saw the edge of the white sink, an idea came to him. It could look like an accident, then it'll be over he'll surely be knocked out. bashing his head against the sink will sure hurt, he braced himself. 'this will hurt!' he thought, he took a step forward but he froze.

"damn!" he cursed under his breath, he cant do it. why of all time his instinct for self preservation was at full blast?! frustrated, he treaded out of the bathroom and went back to the living room, where face was still watching the swamp monster movie. Murdock glanced at his best friend, he didn't have the heart to watch movies anymore, in other situations he'll be thrilled to have the blond tanned conman watch movies with but right now is not a good idea.

" I'm going to hit the hey now faceman." he mustered all the chirpiness he can put in his voice and tried to smile. Face turned to him and smiled.

" yeah sure, goodnight H.M." he smiled once more and turned back to the T.V . Murdock dragged his feet to his room.

Murdock has been tossing and turning on his bed for quite some time now. He sighed and just turned to hi side looking at the wall.

no one would want you..

you're crazy...

you're alone..

he tried his best to ignore the voices but its getting hard and its really rattling his chains.. he kept telling himself that they are not real, but his having ahard time to believe it.

your team will be fed up with you eventually.

its just a matter of time , they cast you aside..

they'll lock you up again in the VA hospital

"No! thats not true' he metally yelled, he cursed under his breath. he's very thankful that Face manage to scam a house where they have separate room. this will be harder o hide if he has a roommate and he didn't want to burden his friends more.

do you really think all of these are real?

you're still at the VA hospital.

all of these are not real..

you're going to wake up in a padded cell...

Murdock felt something yanks his arm he quickly sat up to fight his assailant but he found him self alone in his room. He ran his hand through his brown hair. laid back on the bed, his body begs for sleep but his mid wouldn't let him. he didn't find the confinement of the four walls of his room bothered him.

" yes , thats probably it." he muttered to the voices "what i need is an open space." and an idea came to his mind. Murdock took his blanket and a pillow and carefully walked out of his room. Face and the others were already sleeping. Face retreated to his own room after 30 minutes Murdock said good night. Murdock went out of the house and climbed up the roof. he spread the blanket over the roof, and up his pillow the night sky was blanketed with dark clouds but it didn't bothered murdock. he laid down on the roof gazing at the dark sky.

after a few moments murdock heard a creak, he sat up, there wasn't even a breeze let alone a wind that can cause the creaking sound. Murdock heart was beating frantically, he scouted the surroundings nothing was on sight. then the wind blew and with it came an awful sound.

you cant hide from us Murdock!

the voice wailed, then Murdocks eye grew wide when he saw dark figure climbing up the roof. their cawed hand were reaching for him, their red eyes showed hunger. Murdock quickly got up and climbed down the roof as fast and as quite as he can. when he finally reached the front door he unlocked it with the key he brought with him, of course despite all he still has his ranger instincts and he will not leave the base open for any intruders to come in. once he was inside he locked the front door, backed away as those creatures abused the poor door. But he knew he cant stay in the house. he'll them directly /to his team and he wont have that. he went to the kitchen and went trough the door that lead to the garage. he tripped but he manage to fling his arm forward to catch him self before he hit his face on the floor. he went out through the back door of the garage and locked it before he leaved. he needs to lead those creatures as far from the house as possible.

A/N: ok you may notice that the story seems like familiar, yup it is because the story was inspired from a fanfic entitled Catching the sand man by Shattered Crack. i really like the worked that i used the pattern of the plot of the story to start mine. but I'm not copying he whole stuff imp really am just inspired by it. thanks for reading.