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Chapter 6: The Eventful Date

The pilot and the sniper stared at the silver haired colonel with incomprehension written all over their faces.

"Date?" they asked in unison. The silver haired colonel smirked at the two captains.

" yeah." Hannibal then turned to Murdock " besides you should date your wife, some fun and fresh air would be good for her and the baby."

"Baby?!" Murdock lost his grip on the mug that he started washing and it fell with a loud clatter in the sink, thankfully still intact, as he spun back around the guys. B.A, Faceman and Hannibal sniggered at the not-so-subtlety flustered pilot.

Alexandra on the other hand didnt saw the nice coloration of Murdock's cheek as she was pondering on the events that might transpire today. She gave a wide grin and her dark eyes shone like onyx, this caught the attention of Face and B.A. It made them gulp as they saw the same expression on Hannibal when he's on the jazz, though her's were a bit more untamed.

"Ok then!" Alexandra exclaimed brightly which got the attention of the other two. " Now sweetie you wouldnt mind if I go ahead and freshen up a bit, would you?" she asked Murdock while playfully pinching his cheek. The pilot couldnt help but look a bit daze.

"uuhh... sure.." he answered while he turned back to the dishes trying to avoid Faceman's knowing looks. Alexandra flashed a bright grin and spun on her heel.

"Great! I just need 15 minutes." she answered again happily, her enthusiasm is rubbing off the guys as they started to do their task with a smile.

After 15 minutes right on the mark, Alexandra walked in the living room and found everyone there. Her clothes where fresh but still the same colored top and shorts, her hair was now once again blond and her onyx eyes were replaced by a dark blue hue, on her shoulders were a damp towel and her duffle bag was slung on the other.

"Im back~" she said in a sing-song voice as she mimicked chucky. "I hope you didnt mind me using your shower." she added as she flopped down the couch beside the silver haired colonel that was folding the newspaper from yesterday looking slightly disappointed not be able to read today's newspaper as it was still outside.

" do you want me to get the paper?" Alexandra offered, Hannibal smiled at her.

"sure kid, if it wouldn't be a bother. thanks" Alexandra got up and smiled at the colonel as well

"oh not at all. Besides I want to check out the neighborhood as well." she said as she walked to the front door. Alexandra looked around, there arent many people around yet since it was still early. The people she could see were the occasional joggers. Alexandra walked down the short driveway to pick up the news paper wrapped in plastic.

She stood there for a few minutes seemingly enjoying the peaceful morning but the truth is she's scanning the area for anything out of place since last night. A dark blue car with heavily tainted window and a delivery van seemed suspicious, she opened the newspaper browsing through it giving it a quick once over to make sure that there isnt a bug planted in it as she also used the news paper as a cover and excuse to inspect the suspicious vehicles a little longer. But she wasnt able to do it for after a few moment somebody cleared their throat politely, Alexandra not wanting to blow her cover did what any polite new neighbor will do. She folded the newspaper and revealed a man wearing workout clothes.

"oh, good morning! can i help you?" the sniper asked with a small smile.

Murdock on the other hand had also freshen up himself and is now sitting on the couch while Faceman applies prosthetics on his face again. The conman is finishing up his masterpiece and as well as bringing Murdock up to date at what happened last night.

"i cant believe i missed all that." Murdock said as he carefully touch his temporarily scarred face "Im sorry guys if I caused trouble.." he said a little guilty. The colonel gave him a pat on the shoulder and grinned at him.

"Its no trouble captain, it was fun!" answered Hannibal as he light his cigar. Face finished the prosthetics, he walked to the window and peered carefully so he wouldnt be seen

"just get enough sleep so it wont happen again you crazy fool!" grunted B.A. as he cleaned the guns on the couch.

"Hmmm... looks like somebody's checking out the new neighbor." Face commented suddenly, a mischievous smirk was playing on his lips. Murdock stood up and peered through the window curiously.

Alexandra smiled politely at the man in front of her. She watched as he wiped the non-existent sweat with his towel.

"Good morning! Sorry for the intrusion. Its just that I havent seen you around this parts of the neighborhood." the man said his blue eyes twinkled with charm while he ran his hand through his blonde hair.

"oh, its because im new here. actually i-" Alexandra started to say but she was cut off by the man who came closer to her and clasped her hand and shook it.

" You're the new neighbour?! this is a pleasant surprise! by the way im Mike." the man flashed her a smile. " from what i heard, the new people in this part where a bunch of suspicious persons."

" Hey-!" Alexandra tried to protest but the man who somehow remind her of Templeton Peck, cut her off once again.

" But im glad they were wrong." the man who was still holding on to Alexandra's hand scooted closer to the sniper. Alexandra on the other hand find the excessive attention from the man suspicious. "If you need a man's help around the house, I'll be more than willing to help out." Mike winked at her which derailed her train of thoughts in not a good way.

"you dont have to do that..." Alexandra said while slowly pulling her hand out 'Mike's' grasp and cringing slightly as she felt him grip her hands tighter.

"but i insist ..." Mike persistently pursued ... Alexandra's temporary blue eyes narrowed at him and just as she was close in contemplating whether to knock the guy off or not, they heard a door open.

"Mary? " somebody called out, then Alexandra felt an arm wrap around her waist protectively. "who is this?" Murdock asked looking at Mike intently and making his voice sound gruff.

"Alex! this is our neighbor Mike." she said brightly and looked up to the pilot. she was thankful that Murdock was able to distract Mike and she was able to pull her hand back. Alexandra turned back to Mike "Mike this is Alex, my husband."

Murdock tightened his arms around the snipers waist, if she was discomforted by it she didnt show it. He was glad and confused at the same time, by the gist of it all she had freaked out because of Face, B.A and Hannibal. But why is Alexandra looked, well to him, ok with him so close like this? doesn't she see him like the others? doesn't she see him as a man? how depressing...

Murdock let out a low growl which added more roughness to him that caused the man in front of them to gulp and took a step back. he didn't noticed this as he mentally slap him self for thinking that sort of dilemma to a girl he just met.

"He offered to help you with some repairs in the house." Alexandra said amused, her voice brought out Murdock out of his reverie. Murdock stared at Mike who fidgeted at his intense gaze.

"that's nice of you to offer." he said in a leveled voice, but there was a hint of actual warning in them. He then shook Mike's hand and gripped it tighter than necessary. "i'll take on that offer one of these days."

"ok... sure." Mike chuckled nervously "Well i should be going now..." he said as he backed away from the two and not taking his eyes off the scarred man. Neither of the three outside could hear the laugh Face, B.A and Hannibal were having at the display Murdock was showing.

Alexandra turned in his arms to face him and said "now, now dont be upset sweetie." Alexandra reached up and placed a hand on Murdock's scarred face and she smiled at him, her warm and amused smile. Then she wrapped her arms around him, he stiffened for just a little bit then relaxed but he reluctantly hugged her back.

"its alright, im not fragile you know. Besides for the time being im supposed to be your wife." She whispered to Murdock and he smiled at her, his boyish crooked smile. "lets go inside.." she said he took her hand and lead her back to the house. Alexandra glanced back just in time to see Mike go to the shady dark blue car and talked to someone through the partially open tainted car window.

"I dont like that Mike guy." Murdock stated quietly while looking away from Alexandra the prosthetics may hide the blood rushing to one side of his face but not on the other side. He just couldnt help but say it.

" I get you." She remarked and that caused Murdock to whip his head to the girl only to find her glancing back towards the blonde man. He looked back as well and saw that he was talking to someone in the dark blue car."He seems fishy, better to keep distance and watch out for him."

" Definitely." the pilot agreed wholeheartedly but for slightly different reasons than what Alexandra had in mind, reasons even Murdock doesnt fully understand yet. Alexandra handed the paper to Hannibal who muttered his thanks to the sniper.

"there are two suspicious vehicles outside, a delivery van and a car."Alexandra said after giving the paper.

"One of them is probably is probably the one on to us."B.A remarked as he loaded the bullets in the guns.

"And the jogger?" Faceman asked as he stepped away from the window.

"Suspicious as well." Murdock piped in. Face had to suppress the urge to smirk at the fuming pilot.

"Yeah, there's something a bit off about that guy and the fact that he's talking to the people in the car that wasnt there last night doesnt help improve his standing." Alexandra said backing up Murdock.

"well I think now is the best time to lose them from our trail when they still think that there's no actual lead" Hannibal said without looking up from the paper he's reading. When he finally did he gave the two captains a big grin " get ready for your date." The colonel added his piercing blue eyes full of amusement.

"yes sir!" the pilot and the sniper answered, both with different levels of manic and childish excitement and with a matching enthusiastic salute. Then both of them went on their own way to prepare.

A few moments later they both emerged to the living room. Murdock wore his signature t-shirt with 'why Be Normal?' printed in front and pants with his sneakers. he checked his scar and facial hair in the mirror making sure it was still in the right place.

"dont worry it wont come off that easily" Faceman remarked from the couch as the conman helped B.A with the guns. A giggle tore their attention from what they're doing, they saw the sniper leaning on the wall looking at Murdock.

"nice shirt."Alexandra complimented sincerely at Murdock but she was still giggling a little bit. She couldnt help but feel a little giddy, its been so long since she's done something like this and to be honest she missed it. She made her way to the couch, her long shirt that resembled a really short loose dress billowing as she twirled to avoid collision to B.A as he stood up to grab something in the kitchen. She grabbed the black leather ridding jacket that was draped on the couch's backrest and plopped down on the seat B.A vacated.

"keep in contact when you're out." Hannibal reminded, then he turned to Alexandra "Now, when we go on mission and got separated we try to contact each other within 30 minutes if not we'll assume that you're in a bit of tight spot. The others will back you up. Got that captain?" Alexandra couldnt help but smile, she crossed her black leggings clad legs in a not so lady like manner and leaned back into he seat.

"that's a 10-4 colonel." replied Alexandra thinking about how sweet the guys are promising to watch out her back even though she was still practically a stranger to them.

"ready?" Murdock asked looking down at Alexandra. She nodded and stood up, then she handed him the ridding jacket she wore the night before.

"We told them that it was you who came in late last night and they saw that me wearing that.. so you know... just to punctuate that it was you who came home late" Alexandra explained when she saw the questioning look Murdock has. He agreed and shrugged off his own jacket and took the one Alexandra offered.

the jacket was so big that it was still a bit loose on him, but its still quite a nice fit and he subconsciously relished the fact that it smelled a bit like Alexandra. The sniper had already walked to the door but before she opened it she stopped as if she remembered something then she rummaged in the small satchel the guys failed to noticed that she had earlier.

Alexandra then fished out a keychain that held some keys and tossed it to Murdock who caught it with ease. " I hope you know how to ride a bike captain." She smirked at him challengingly and playfully then carefully stepped out of the front door.

Murdock only stared after the sniper. "dont just stand there fool! you have a date to get started!" B.A suddenly called from the kitchen's door frame he was leaning on and where he saw everything. Everyone was smirking at the pilot.

"Now take her to a nice restaurant then maybe to a nice romantic movie, lay down the romance then you go for the kill!" Face said sling his arm over his shoulder, Murdock looked at his bestfriend incredulously but before he could say anything Hannibal piped in.

"Now Face its only the first date. Murdock you need to wait for the right moment that way she'll never know what hit her." Hannibal said with an amused gleam in his eyes. it was a rare sight for the pilot to be flushed, that's why they enjoy teasing him now.

Unable to say anything, Murdock just turned to leave while trying to cool down his blush. "Go get them tiger!" Face called out to him loud enough for the pilot to here but not loud enough for his voice to be carried outside the house.

Murdock saw Alexandra waiting for him beside her black motorbike. He locked the front door to keep up with the facade that they where the only one in the house. His face split into a smile when he reached the bike. Alexandra looked so cute he couldnt help but ruffle her dark-brown-almost-black hair this action solicited a giggle from her. Murdock climbed on the bike and nudge up the stand then he kicked the motor to life, he felt the machine purr beneath him. He flashed her a triumphant smirk and she answered him with a chuckle.

Alexandra carefully climbed on the bike behind Murdock and wrapped her arms around his waist. Murdock felt her press to him and whisper in his ear "I would've said ride like the wind.. but i apparently my conditions is a bit sensitive." Murdock could practically hear the grin in her voice as she add " but i wouldnt say no to a little rush..."

"Hold on." He said to her the same way she did when they first met. Alexandra clutched Murdock comically as they sped away, aware of the dark blue car tailing them.

Murdock was now standing infront of the different posters that cinema was offering while Alexandra excused herself and she disappeared for a while, probably to check if the people from the car that tailed them was still following. when they managed to park the motorbike they noticed the car tailing them also parked near the bike, two man emerged from it and started to follow them. One of the man was standing a little ways off Murdock pretending also to be choosing a movie and the other one was probably stalking Alexandra. To most people, they would probably wont notice that they were being followed but he and Alexandra where not like most people.

Murdock decided to follow the other's advice he was going to take her out to the movies then have a lunch out. He is now currently picking a movie to watch, he was choosing between a romantic comedy or a sappy romantic movie. That's what couples watch right? and Face did say a romantic movie. but he was having a hard time to choose, he watch this sorts of movie from time to time but its not exactly his favorite kind.

He still wasnt able to pick a movie when Alexandra finally returned holding a large bucket of popcorn and two soda in can.

"popcorn?" Murdock asked he cocked his eyebrow but smiled at the sniper.

" Yes! its nice to have snacks while watching a movie" She said as-a-matter-of-a-factly "speaking of movies, what are we gonna watch?" she asked

"Well... you choose." he said as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. Murdock pointed at two poster of romantic movies behind him. Alexandra looked over Murdock's shoulders to look at posters. He saw her nose scrunch up a little and her brows furrowed. Murdock felt a little deflated thinking that he chose wrong, did she want the dramatic overly romantic chick-flick movie?

" What's wrong? dont you like them?" Murdock asked pouting a little.

" its not like that.." she said slowly. Murdock put his on her shoulders rubbing them gently almost as if coaxing a truthful answer from her.

" Come on tell me what you really want." He pleaded, Alexandra hesitated. She didnt want to be imposing but Murdock gave her those irresistible puppy dog eyes look." well ok..." Murdock gave a small cheer of success for a moment forgetting to be rough and gruff.

Alexandra tried to stifle a laugh and just let out a giggle before answering " well if you insist.." Murdock smiled eagerly, "What i really want to watch is 'How to train your dragon'." she blurted out in one breath.

Murdock blinked and stared at Alexandra, it wasn't what he expected. The sniper cringe a bit misinterpreting Murdock's reaction "but if you dont want to-" She stopped when a huge grin broke into Murdock's face.

"No, its perfect!"Murdock exclaimed and he practically drag Alexandra to the ticket booth to buy the tickets. How to train your dragon was one of types of movies he likes. As he buy the tickets he couldnt help but think that this was a fun start for their 'date', he led Alexandra to the cinema with both of still aware of the two people tailing them.

The sniper and the pilot found some good seat where they can watch the movie comfortably while staying away from the teens, overly active toddlers and their grudging guardians. Murdock inclined him self sideways to Alexandra then he whispered so she's the only one who could hear.

" They are getting too close for comfort dont you think?" he whispered while sneaking an inconspicuous glance at the two man following them. They kept their distance a while back but now they're getting too close, they sat two rows behind them.

" they must be getting impatient and loosing interest." Alexandra whispered back, she also leaned close. "Hannibal did said to keep in contact." she added as she swiftly fished out a cellphone from her satchel. She quickly located Hannibal's number and pressed the call button. the screen said dialing as the cinema began to dim and trailers of upcoming movies appeared on the big screen. Hannibal answered on the third ring.

"yes." the husky voice of the colonel answered on the other side of the line.

"just giving an update sir.." Alexandra answered quietly,"we are indeed being followed and it was from the car parked across the street." she snuggled into Murdock's arm to hid the phone from site.

" How many are they?" Hannibal asked with sounding slightly concern. "everything going smoothly?" he added.

"Just two colonel, and they're getting sloppy. They're getting way too obvious." Hannibal could practically see the smirk on the sniper's face " everything's still under control here sir."

"hmmmm...seems like they are losing interest. that's good to hear captain." Hannibal said enthusiastically and chuckled a bit.

Alexandra buried herself deeper into Murdock's arm as she could feel the stares the man following them boring behind her head. Murdock shifted to accommodate Alexandra better, he pulled his arm free from her grasp, instead he wrapped them around her shoulders. He leaned her head onto his shoulders while he rest his head on top of hers, effectively hiding the phone completely from sight and at the same time making both of them more comfortable.

"how about you guys there? everything alright?" Alexandra asked concerned for the rest of the team left in the house.

"we're fine. The delivery Van though is still here and we are pretty sure that its with them." Hannibal said in a thoughtful voice. Murdock then tapped Alexandra with his free arm and made a gesture that he also wanted to talk to Hannibal.

"Hold on colonel, Murdock wants to talk to you." she whispered into the phone. She then sat a little straighter and placed the cellphone a little bit over her shoulder in which Murdock leaned into to hid the phone again.

"everything is a-ok here colonel. how there on the other side?" Murdock inquired playfully though his voice was barely above a whisper.

"everything's fine here Murdock." Hannibal said with a chuckle " oh! Face wanted me to tell you that, jogger fellow has passed by the house several times and we think that the assumption that he's one of them is right." Hannibal added, Murdock did a little victory dance in his head.

"Ok Colonel. thanks for the info, we'll check in again later. Over and out." Murdock answered back as the intro of the movie started. Hannibal said goodbye and ended the call. He then expertly slid the phone back to Alexandra's hand. After tucking the phone back in her satchel, she brought the bucket of popcorn between them as the movie starts to play.

Alexandra and Murdock enjoyed the movie, they were laughing as they went out. After the movie they agreed to go to a cozy restaurant near the cinema. They sat into a fairly secluded booth still being followed.

"Why cant they just gave up already? or at least quit being so obvious.." Alexandra grumbled into her arm as she slumped on the table infront of her. Murdock was about to say something when a young woman cleared her throat indicating her presence and to take their order.

"C-can i take your order?" she asked stiffly as Murdock turned to stare at her. She looked at Murdock then to Alexandra's slumped form as if calculating if she should call for help. Murdock gave his order then asked the sniper beside her.

"soup maybe or sandwich, something light.." she said still not lifting her head from her arms. The pilot asked for some sandwiches and the waitress walked away.

"Are you ok?" Murdock asked worriedly. Only then did Alexandra lift her head, she now leaned back her head and back in the chair eyes closed.

"yeah, its just i think i ate those popcorn too fast. they dont quite settled in, in my tummy yet." she replied as her hand rest upon her stomach. The people following them looked at them with interest, they stared without bothering to conceal it. Murdock and Alexandra was aware of this but luckily they sat just about out of earshot.

Murdock also placed his hands on her tummy but he pulled them away as she suddenly sat straight and stiffened. He looked up to her and saw worry flashed fleetingly in her dark blue eyes.

"sorry."she whispered and she looked up at him apologetically "i guess i forgot..." she trailed off.

" No its ok. I should be the one that should apologize" Murdock said while sighing and scooting away a little trying to give her space while trying not to look aloof to the girl that is supposed to be his wife. "I should be more careful with my actions." he said compassionately looking down at the table. the sniper shook her head.

"Honestly, I somehow feel comfortable with you." Alexandra said quietly." Somehow I dont feel the need to brush you off or feel panicky nor the urge to punch you in the face." Murdock looked at Alexandra to see a small sad smile on her sun-kissed face. he wanted to wipe it away, it didnt looked right on her face.

" well, thank you." He replied, feeling relieved and elated that his previous worries are now answered, and those answers were like music to his ears. " I'll take that as a compliment." he added sincerely. The waitress then came and gave them their order.

Murdock ate his lunch and Alexandra nibbled on her sandwich happily. the people following them were losing interest by the minute. The two former captains chatted and agreed to take a walk after lunch and see if the agents would finally give up. Once they were finished they paid the bill and strolled along the busy sidewalk.

Murdock kept his hand in the pocket of his jacket while Alexandra's hand rest comfortably in the nook of Murdock's arms. They kept an eye open for the people following them but over all they truly are having a good time. Then Alexandra suddenly stopped on her tracks. This caught the pilot's attention and glance at her, he saw her temporary dark blue eyes lit with excitement.

"look! an arcade!" she pointed across the street, and the pilot looked across the street and there it was an arcade. He would've dragged her there without second thought but he caught a glimpse of those agents following them, just beside them pretending to be looking at a product in the store beside them.

"But Mary that place is a bit crowded. It may not be good for you." He said in a gruff but chastising tone. Alexandra however saw the gleam in Murdock's eyes and she knew he wanted to go in the arcade too as much as she does, maybe even more.

But those agents were quite near, so she decided to play along, a smirk spread along her full lips then receded to a pout. "Fine." she pulled her hand out of its nook and crossed it on her chest.

Murdock was a bit surprised to see Alexandra seemed to be sulking. He suppressed a chuckle to see her pouting and looking miffed when her eyes gave away her amusement. "oh come on Mary dont be like that.." He said to the sniper who just turned her back to him. Murdock gently pulled Alexandra to him and tried to woo her.

"Please Alex.. I'll just look around thats all.." Alexandra pleaded as she turned to give Murdock those puppy dog eyes. Murdock cringed genuinely, those eyes would be hard to resist. He heaved a defeated sigh and a small smile grazed his scarred face.

" Alright... just dont strain your self." Murdock said convincingly, Alexandra gave a small and cute 'yay!' and proceeded to drag the equally excited pilot across the street and in the crowded arcade, followed closely by the agents.

After a few twist and turns and deliberately slipping into crowds the agents were nowhere to be found. The two captains looked around trying to locate the two agents but they were not around, they had lost them.

Alexandra and Murdock exchanged manic grins. "ha! we lost them!" exclaimed Murdock and he grabbed the sniper and twirled her around. He set her down as she laughed.

" yeah! we did! but we should tell Hannibal what happened." She said happily after catching her breath. Murdock nodded and pulled out his cellphone from his pocket. He dialed the Colonel's number and waited.

"Yeah?" the husky voice of Hannibal rang on the other line.

"Hiya, Hannibal!" Murdock greeted cheerfully. "Just checking in sir. We managed to shake them off. they might come back there." he added.

"ok Murdock, thanks for the heads up." The colonel replied then he added " now you can fully enjoy your date." Hannibal's voice is filled with amusement much to Murdock's chargin.

Hannibal gave a last chuckle before he hang up. Murdock put away his phone and turned to Alexandra and grinned. " Now lets blow this popsicle stand!"

The two started frolicking through the arcade. They tried the games and occasionally competing against each other wherein Murdock would win or Alexandra would.

" you're cheating!" Murdock teased as Alexandra beat him in tekken. He mashed his buttons but with one last kick of Alexandra's character the obnoxious game over popped in the screen.

" Am not!" Alexandra countered as she did a little victory dance. Murdock laughed at her silly antics." I want a rematch but on the game that we havent played yet." He challenged, Alexandra thought about and smirked at the pilot.

" sure but the only game we havent played yet is the shooting game." Alexandra said, Murdock gulped, sure his shooting ability is pretty decent but going against a trained sniper at a target game? But he smiled at the sniper.

"Why not? i may get lucky." he said grinning. The two found the nearest shooting game.

" Ok, whoever wins the grand prize will be the winner!" Alexandra said Murdock nodded in agreement. He approached the man behind the booth to pay for their game.

" Ah, your going to try to win the grand prize for your girl?" the man asked when both of them reached the booth.

Murdock smiled at the man and handed him the money. "no, we'll fight for it." he said brightly, he then went to where the guns are position while the man in the booth gaped at him.

" ok you go first." Alexandra said. Murdock took the air gun in his hand and waited for the booth keeper to start the targets.

Murdock managed to get most of the targets but he missed one and he had to shoot a target twice because he missed the bull's eye but it wasnt a shabby game.

" wow! that was great mister one of our best game yet! you could actually win the grand prize!" the man said as he reset the game for Alexandra.

" your turn." he said as he handed the air gun to the temporary blond haired girl. Alexandra smirked at him, once the gun was in her hand Murdock could feel an air of concentration around the girl. Her eyes sharp and focused, it amazed the pilot to see the excitingly dangerous light glimmer behind her eyes.

the targets started to move and one by one Alexandra managed to hit the bull's eye. She manage to get all the targets in such a short time, even the booth keeper was dumbfounded.

"so... who won?" Alexandra asked as the pilot and the booth keeper was just staring at her. Both was snapped out of their reverie and the booth keeper checked the targets, bullet used and the time.

"looks like the lady won!" the man announced. Alexandra fist pumped at her victory. " here's your prize." the man handed her a big plushy purple dog. This caught the attention of the pilot and this did not escape the sniper's keen eyes.

She gave the plush dog one good bear hug then she handed it to Murdock. "but you won fair and square?" he asked confused as he stared the stuffed toy in his hand.

" yeah I won our arcade duel. our deal was whoever wins on the this game will be declared the winner." Alexandra stated proudly then she gave him a warm and amused smile.

" Exactly! so this is yours." Murdock handed the stuff toy back. Alexandra stared at the purple plush dog. "How about we talk about this over snacks? Im kinda hungry after playing all those games." she negotiated

they wondered around the arcade until they found a food court. they ordered their food and found a table near the stall they ordered from and waited for their food to be ready.

Alexandra and Murdock sat across each other while the purple plush dog was on a chair beside them. The sniper spun the plastic disk, the one that lights up and vibrates to signal that orders are ready, on the table.

"So, what should we name him or her? " Alexandra asked breaking the silence that had fallen between them. Murdock glanced at the plush dog and petted it a bit.

"how about Billy? He kinda looks like him. " he said. The sniper placed the disk she was spinning on the table. "Billy? Who is Billy? " she asked.

"huh? Oh Billy he's my dog... " he answered sheepishly, he remembered the weird looks he gets from the clients every time he introduce Billy, not to mention the scolding he get from B.A. He briefly wondered if Alexandra would be the same.

"you have a dog?!" Alexandra inquired her temporary blue eyes didn't held back the sparkle of her onyx orbs. "where is he? I didn't saw him back at the house... "

"uhhmmm... He likes to wander.. He comes and he goes at times... " Murdock said, rubbing the back of his neck. Alexandra stared at him for a moment then she smiled which charmed the pilot " i hope i could meet him one day."

Alexandra took the purple plush dog and sat him on the table. " well then from now on your name is Billy jr. , so that Billy wouldnt think that he stole his name. " she added "ok listen up soldier. You have a very important mission. " the sniper said to the stuffed toy solemnly. Then she looked left to right as if trying to see if there is someone eavesdropping.

" are you up for this mission? " She asked the toy dog. Murdock decide to join in the fun, he took the dog's paws and made him salute to Alexandra. The sniper giggled at the gesture " alright then, your mission is... To make sure that Captain H.M Murdock gets his sleep!"

" what?! " Murdock asked clearly suprised. Then he looked at the plush dog as if asking if he knew anything about this.

" yes! So from now on Billy jr. will report if you'll be missing sleep and im sure he's battle ready. " Alexandra gave the pilot a wink. " do your best Billy. " she said to the purple plush dog as she pet its head. Murdock was about to say something when the disk lit up and vibrated.

" oh our food is ready! " Alexandra exclaimed then she stood up saying that she'll pick up the order. Murdock was left on the table stared after the peculiar girl. Then he looked at Billy jr. in his hand and smiled. The two ate their food and left to fetch their ride.

"that was fun!" Alexandra exclaimed as she twirled Billy jr. on her spot. Murdock kicked the bike to life and waited for Alexandra to climb to the bike, squishing Billy jr. between them.

" we should do this again." he said at the sniper. "definitely! " She answered happily. With that reply Murdock felt his heart skipped a beat and a big grin was painted on his face. The two of them sped out of the parking lot and onto the streets. "where to next? " the sniper asked excitedly. Murdock though for a moment, where could they still go? Then the idea hit him, a manic grin spread across his face.

" the park. " was all he said and Alexandra understood. She nodded enthusiastically and held a manic grin of her own.

Murdock was about to pump the throttle when they both caught a glimpse of a familiar dark blue car tailing them, they had to slow down to maintain their cover and agreed to go home, since it was probably not good for a pregnant woman to tread a lake. Alexandra pouted " kill joy. " she muttered, the pilot just chuckled. "yeah, its a bummer, i was also hoping to make this bike fly and say hi to the whales. " Murdock sympathized.

The early afternoon sun was starting to get heavy and drift down the horizon when they have reached their HQ. Alexandra sighed as she carefully climbed down her motorcycle. " we could've done more stuff today..." the sniper sighed a little disappointed then she halfheartedly waved back to Mike that passed by with a bag of groceries, he then bend over to tie his shoelaces . "...like taking a walkin the park. Its your day off after all." she added, while keeping an eye on the eavesdropping man.

Murdock sported his boyish grin as the sniper reminded him of their treading expedition in the lake. " that's enough excitement for one day. I don't want you straining your self." he replied which translates to 'we'll do it next time when there's no pesky agents to ruin our fun. ' she grinned at him and they made their way to the house, leaving Mike on the sidewalk who was still tying his shoes.

The rest of the A-team however was pleased to see Murdock looked genuinely happy. They entered the house and was greeted by knowing looks which was mostly directed and noticed by Murdock.

"how was the 'date'? " Face asked and he eyed the purple plush dog Alexandra have in her hands.

" it was fun! "she said ecstatically and she went to the window and peeked to see the dark blue car that was following them was parked on the same place where it was this morning. The driver was also talking to Mike, probably reporting on what they observed today.

However she didn't notice the other elbowing Murdock and silently teasing him about their date. The car then drove away which made Alexandra relived. "its mission accomplished Billy." she remarked and petted the dog.

"Billy!? Not that imaginary dog again! " B.A grumbled Murdock pouted at him.

" he's not imaginary! He's right there! " Murodck said pointing to an empty space. They looked at the sniper to see her reaction as they were used to this. Alexandra stared at the empty space.

" is this... Billy? " she asked cautiously. "there ain't a dog there!" B.A protested again.

" now, now B.A, Billy is real. He is the representation of the unrequited affection he had as a child " Faceman explained again with a semi-amused smile, which contradicts the seriousness of the matter. Alexandra approached the space where Billy was supposed to be. To B.A's surprise she smiled fondly and started to pet the air.

"Hi Billy! Its a pleasure finally meeting you!" she said pleasantly. B.A was fuming and Face and Hannibal was amused.

"See! Even Alexandra sees him! You should get your eyes checked big guy. "Murdock remarked happily. B.A just growled at the pilot and the sniper who seemed to be introducing Billy jr. to Billy the dog.

"your right though its a successful mission" Hannibal peered out the window the dark blue car was gone and the the delivery van was packing up, even Mike seemed to be ready to go. "thanks for all your help Captain Hale. " Hannibal said gratefully to Alexandra. The sniper straightened up and smiled to the Colonel.

" it was my pleasure." she said brightly but the was an underlining sadness in her voice. With the agents successfully fooled there was no need for her here, it might mean that they have to part ways. She looked at the window brushing away the sad thoughts of her seemingly boring days without the A-team when she noticed a lady accompanied by a man who seemed to be looking for someone or something.

Faceman noticed this as well and carefully peeked out the window and tried not to be seen out side. The pair had wandered on their lawn and seemed to be pondering to approach the house. Every eye of the people in household was on the new arrivals especially now that they are close enough to knock on the door and that Mike was approaching them.

"hello there!" Mike greeted the couple. The lady and the man looked at each other and then to the piece of paper they're holding.

" i dont like the sound of this.. " Hannibal remarked as they party outside was close enough to the house for them to hear the conversation.

"could you be Faceman?" they heard the woman asked. She looked desperate and so is the man beside him. "a friend of mine told us that if anything happens we could go here to find the A-team." he said

Hannibal, Murdock and B.A turned to Face who hung his head in defeat. "I didn't know Sossa wouls give them our location?! " he said in defence. Aside from them no one knows their location but Face seemed to have passed the info to Captain Sossa" those clients must've been looking for us and she couldn't reach us so she opted to send them directly to us. " he added.

" whatever it is, one things for sure. Our cover is blown we have to act! Now move!" Hannibal said and with his command the others was in motion. They gathered their things and guns to prepare for whatever may happen. " if you are sure that they're clients then grab them. " the silver haired colonel ordered.

Mike on the other hand was shocked. He didn't even had the time to react when the front door suddenly opened and the people he was talking to was pulled inside. When he did recover from it the door was already locked. He signaled the delivery van to stop and called back his back up who was on the dark blue car. With in minutes they had a team ready and waiting outside the house they.

" We have you surrounded! Give up now so we wouldn't have any trouble! "Mike shouted as he readied his gun.

The people inside the house was also readying themselves. Alexandra had wore her leather jacket she took from Murdock and took out her guns from the bag. She gave them a once over checking for anything out of the ordinary cocked one of the guns. " you seem prepared? " Faceman asked after interviewing the clients and confirming that they were legit.

Alexandra cocked her second gun before answering "like i told you, i wouldn't just waltz in here knowing this the house of the A-team." she smirked at the conman and put the gun in her jacket pocket.

" you have a minute to surrender Smith! Surrender your hostages! " The agents yelled. They loaded everything in the van even Billy jr. Was safely tucked in the car seat. "stay put here and keep your head down. We'll contact you about your problem. " Hannibal reassured the clients.

" come on!" B.A called through the garage. All of them went there except Alexandra who seemed to be peering out of the window calculating her chances. "hey crazy girl, come o. What are you waiting for ?!" B.A cried.

" I can't leave my bike. Its evidence! You go on, I'll make a break for it. Don't worry! "Alexandra said while putting on her helmet. Murdock got off the van and went back to the living room.

" now whereare you going crazy fool?! " He asked the pilot. "well i can't leave her alone. " Murdock replied with his signature grin.

" ok then captain. I understand, we'll provide a distraction for the two of you so you can get to the bike. " Hannibal said with a cigar stuck between his teeth. Murdock give his C. O a salute and went beside the sniper.

"Alexandra I'll help you get your bike. " the pilot said, the sniper nodded and gave him a bright smile. she took off he helmet and handed it to the pilot then she pulled out a mask and wore it. She slicked her dirty blond hair and tucked it inside her black leather jacket making her look like a ninja with short blond hair. They waited for Hannibal's diversion and soon enough evey attention was on a van that practically flew through close garage sending pieces of wood every where. Murdock popped on the helmet and the two captains made a run for the motorcycle.

Face let out a series of gun shots causing the agents to duck and buying Murdock and Alexandra more time. The sniper hopped on her bike with Murdock behind her. She brought the bike to life as the van sped away from scene, in no tine she and Murdock was right behind B.A's van.

The chase had started, the C. I. A agents were hot on their tail. They reached a crowed street but B.A's expert driving allowed him to weave through the traffic and Alexandra 's bike was able to squeeze into tight spaces that the agent's cars cannot fit. Its seems that they would be able to out run the agents. But bullets started flying, soon the cara and pedestrians that the A-team manage to maneuver through. Gave way to the agents letting them gain at them.

Soon the A-team had to return fire. The team managed to disarm the CIA agents firing at them. Alexandra sped up to match the speed of the van. "you ok? "Face shouted above the whistle of the wind of the open door of the van. He was worried for the since the bike offer no protection against the bullets unlike the van.

"we're fine! Don't worry! " Murdock replied he lifted the windshield of the helmet and give a thumbs up to Face. " we need to lose them! " Hannibal said as he reloads his gun.

" let me try. " Alexandra pipped in, she then slowed the bike until they were behind it. She maintained that speed, the other opened the back door of the van to cover Murdock and Alexandra.

She glanced back at Murdock and he saw the dangerous gleam in her eye again. "drive for me for a moment. "she said to him. "huh? "was all the pilot could say. The sniper took one of her of the handle bar and pulled one of Murdock's hand off her waist and placed it on the bike's handle she did the same with her other hand. Murdock scooted forward to drive the motorcycle while Alexandra becomes the passenger in front of him.

"keep her steady! "Alexandra called out to him. Alexandra squirmed until she manage to turn around and was practically straddling Murdock. Though this surprised the pilot but he manage to keep the bike steady, Fave was also impressed at the sniper's display of dexterity.

Alexandra pulled out her guns and stretched her arms on Murdock's shoulder. "stay still... " she whispered to him since their fave were only an inch apart. She looked over his shoulder and took an aim. Alexandra pulled the trigger and a bullet pierced the hood of the CIA agent's car and the engine exploded.

"she was able to hit the engine to blow it with just one bullet while moving. " Faceman commented with awe. She was indeed good with a gun. Alexandra repeated what she did with the other cars and before they knew it all the cars that was tailing them had their engine blown up.

Alexandra laughing faced front. Murdock scooted back to let Alexandra drive again. "that was great! " he exclaimed laughing along with the sniper. "aww.. Shucks that was nothing.. But i surely missed doing it! " she replied bashfully

" what now colonel? " Murdock asked as they tail the van. "we need a place to regroup." the colonel replied. Alexandra pulled down her mask.

"i could help with that."she said. She sped on pass the van. " follow her B.A." Hannibal instructed. After the sun had fallen and after a lot of twists and turns they finally arrived in a seemingly quiet suburbia. Not quite the sleepy suburbs but not as lively as the big city. They followed the sniper to the farthest and a bit secluded house in the neighborhood. The house was quaint and fairly large behind it seemed to be a spread of woods.

She stopped at the said house and both of them climbed off the bike. Alexandra opened the big garage door and pushed her bike in. "is this what i think it is? " B. A asked as he peered at the house. "no probably not. It must be a friend's and we're just crashing here for the night. "Face remarked. Alexandra then signaled them to park the van in the garage. B.A did, the sniper pulled down the door and locked it as B.A killed his engine.

They got off the van and followed Alexandra through a locked door she fished out her keys and opened the door. It lead to a cozy kitchen," there's some food in the fridge help your selves. " she said, she opened the fridge her self and grabbed a bottle of water and drank it down. B.A opened also the fridge and took out a milk carton, Murdock got a can of soda while Face and Hannibal both took out cans of beer. They followed Alexandra out of the kitchen to the living room.

The sniper slumped down the sofa while the others loitered around or have done the same. Face caught a glimpse of glass doors behind a curtain, he figured it must've been the back yard. Then he saw some thing that unnerved him, the kitchen door had a sign the said 'laboratory' plastered on to it.

"isn't that the kitchen? " he asked the sniper. "yeah. What about it?" she quipped innocently.

"never mind.." he decided that is best to let it go.

"is this your house? " Hannibal asked Alexandra. "yes." she answered, she shrugged the jacket off but no before taking the guns out of the pockets and carefully setting on the table. "do you live with someone? A housemate or anyone special? "he pried.

"nope just me. "

"this place is too big for one person.. "B.A commented "well the property and the house was a good deal at the time. But with six bedrooms it is a bit big. Its a good thing though.. Each of us can sleep in their own bed tonight. " could what she said was true? She's allowing them to stay for the night though she seemed aloof back in the HQ.

"well miss Hale, are sure about welcoming wanted fugitives in your home? " Hannibal asked with a pleasant smile but his deep blue eyes searching.

" I'll take my chances, Mr. Smith" Alexandra smirked, which then turn to the warm and amused smile Murdock liked. " you are all welcome here, treat this like your own home." she said fondly.

"thank you Alexandra. " Hannibal said. He cleared his throat and changed the subject."now we still need to get back with the clients earlier. They seemed desperate to ask for our help even in the middle of a cross fire. But for tonight its best that we relax and rest. " the others agreed with Hannibal's plan.

" video games! " Murdock exclaimed when he saw the decent number of games Alexandra have. "wanna play? " she asked, she ten stood up to go and seat with Murdock on the carpet in front of the t.v and console.

"I challenge you to a duel! A video game duel!" Murdock cried dramatically. "your on! "the sniper accepted his challenge and she booted up the game console.

"ain't it a lucky coincidence that that crazy fool would be helped by Alexandra. " B.A remarked as he watch the two captain battle against each other in the game accompanied by the conman whose cheering them on.

" i don't subscribe to coincidence Sargent." the Colonel said taking a seat beside B.A on the couch and taking out a cigar. " when Murdock needed it the most he found help in the form of Captain Hale whose fate is similar to ours and also the one who helped us now as well. No matter how random things may seem there's always a plan. " he then stuck the cigar between his teeth and lit it. He took a long drag before adding with a confident smirk "And I love it when a plan comes together! "

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