You don't notice you're broken until you lose everything you ever had. I blame THEM for everything that has happened to me since I left. Renee and Phil died in a plane crash on the way to New York. There were no survivors that day. The pack and Charlie helped me move on from their death. Six weeks later, Charlie is killed in a robbery gone wrong. I moved onto the reservation the next day.

The two youngest of the pack, Collin and Brady, phased for the first time. I was standing in the way and now scars go up my legs, torso, arms, and face. I wasn't and still aren't angry with them. They felt guilty all the time. About seven months after this all happened. Victoria and a newborn army attack us. We lost some of the elders but were able to kill them all.

Brady and Collin's grandmother died and left the boys to me. I was made their guardian. We decided to move out of state to escape the memories. Both boys are now sixteen and are still phasing. We moved to Nashville, TN. We love the quiet and wilderness that the outskirts offer. So far there have been no vampires around us. We hoped to keep it that way, but sadly that is not always the plan.