Disclaimer: JE owns them. I do not. Rated M for adult situations. This is a Lester/OFC story. Lester and his girlfriend Beth enjoy a private welcome home party after he was gone for the weekend.


A Welcome Homecoming


Beth's POV

I was walking from the living room to the kitchen, through the dining room, when I felt a strong pair of arms wrap themselves around me from behind, pinning my arms behind my back.

Lester's low voice whispered in my ear, "I missed you!"

I jumped, trying to turn around to face him, but his arms held me tight. "I missed you, too, baby!"

Before I could say anything more, Les walked me two steps to the table, kicking the chair away with a foot before spinning me around and lifting me onto the table. He moved both my arms behind my back and held my small wrists with one of his hands before closing in and roughly pressing his lips to mine. His free hand began to work the tie holding my wrap dress closed while he slipped his tongue between my parted lips.

I gently bit down on his tongue, causing him to hiss. His hold around my wrists tightened. I moaned at the extra pressure, and he took advantage of my distraction, releasing the clasp on my bra with his free hand. With nothing holding it together, the strapless bra fell into a pool on my lap, and he tossed it away before moving his lips down my neck to my chest.

When his mouth reached my nipple, his hand was busy pinching and squeezing my other breast. His movements were so forceful and demanding that they bordered on pain, and I felt myself grow even more wet with desire.

"God, Les! Touch my pussy, please!"

He raised his head from my breast and said, "Not yet, sweetheart. I haven't shown you how much I missed your gorgeous breasts yet."

His mouth moved back, and his teeth closed around my nipple so hard that he nearly drew blood. Immediately, his tongue swept around the point, licking away the sting. His other hand moved back to grab my wrists, and he moved his mouth to my other breast, continuing along the same path of torturous desire.

When he'd had enough of my breasts, he moved back to kiss me hard, once, twice, and then a third time before letting go of my hands. He said, "Keep them there. Don't move."

I rested back on my hands and watched his gaze slide down past my breasts to my stomach. He leaned over, and his teeth bit the smooth expanse of skin beside my belly button once before sucking it hard into his mouth, leaving his mark on me. His tongue swept across and darted inside before making its way down my lower belly and across my hip to my inner thigh.

I cried out, "Les!" as his hot breath blew across my center.

I felt his fingers run up and down my slit as he parted my lips and stared at my aching center. Holding me open, he knelt down so his head was at the perfect height, and in one long, sure motion, his tongue swept from just before my ass, all the way up to circle around my clit. With two fingers, he pinched my clit, and the slight bite of pain had my hips flying up toward him, burying his face in my pussy. He took advantage and put his hands under my ass, pulling me up to him tighter.

He never stopped his assault on my pussy, and then suddenly, I felt his tongue sweep lower and brush itself across my dark hole. I'd never been to this point with anyone, and I suddenly tensed.

"Relax," he whispered huskily.

He continued to stroke my pussy lips with a finger until I relaxed under him, and then his tongue was back at my puckered entrance. He kept up his movements on my ass with his tongue as he suddenly thrust two fingers into my core. He pounded away hard, and my head fell back with a moan.

I felt him wet my dark hole with his tongue again and then looked up to watch his head as he looked back at me and put one of his fingers into his mouth. In one sudden motion, he was standing between my legs, and he thrust into my pussy with his cock while his finger teased its way into my ass for the first time.

With every thrust of his hips, he slid his finger in just a little farther, until finally, he was buried in me completely. He began thrusting his finger in time with his hips, and within minutes, we were both ready to come. He gave one more long, hard stroke, and I clenched around him. We both flew over the edge, and he collapsed on top of me, his finger and cock sliding slowly out of me.

I looked and moved my hands to cup his face. "God, baby, that was amazing," I whispered. "Welcome home."

He chuckled and kissed me, vowing out loud to have to leave for the weekend more often.