Cartoonland is here and we don't know what will happen.

Because YOU are the people that decided what will happen!

You've decided who will get which title shot, you've decided who will face who in which kind of match.

The wrestlers should thank you for helping them... But some will curse you for your entire life.

I only own my OC.

WWT Cartoonland: May week 3

You can see some chips being attached to a computer. Then computer starts loading.

And now, live from the Pay One Center at San Diego, California... WWT Cartoonland!

"Pick Your Poison" by Sponge Cola plays as the intro to WWT Cartoonland. Fireworks go off on top of the Tvtron. The entrance area for the wrestlers is covered with a huge keyboard. The crowd cheered as they held up signs like "I'll fight Timmy", "The Rangers will Triumph" and "Slay the Dragon!".

"It's up to you to Pick Your Poision!" Mr. Comanator said. "I'm Mr. Comanator and we're at Cartoonland- WWT's Interactive event!"

"The fans somehow managed to get influence over us!" said Desire. "And it's a deadly poison!".

"The votes keep coming in!" said Sandy. "I wonder what will be picked!".

"Opponents, stipulations, matches!" said Mr. Comanator. "It's gonna be great!"

"The song said it- Let's cut to the chase!" Desire said.

"Yeah, finally, we agree on something!" said Sandy.

Bob Jones stood on a podium next to the entrance ramp.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Jones is here, and are you ready?" he asked.

The crowd cheered.

"Well, the polls are now closed!" Jones said. "And now we can finally begin it. Cartoonland, the interactive event! And the first poll is about the National title! You fans had the option to pick in which match Youngblood and Bart will fight. The three options were: A Hardcore match..." the crowd cheered a bit. "A Submission match..." the crowd cheered, but less. "And a Ladder match!" the crowd now cheered. "Let's check what you've picked here..."

The three options appeared on the screen. The crowd waited as the columns started getting up. Then, it stopped..

Hardcore match: 24%

Submission match: 30%

Ladder match: 46%

The crowd now cheered wildly.

Allen Jacobs smiled and started announcing. "Our opening match is a scheduled for one fall, it is a Ladder match, for the WWT National championship!"

("We Are The People" by Empire of the Sun played)

The crowd booed as Youngblood walked out. He symboled for the belt. Then he looked up, as he saw the belt which was hanged over the ring. He then looked at the crew people who put Ladders outside of the ring and entered the ring.

"Introducing the challenger," Jacobs said. "From the Ghost Zone, Captain Youngblood!"

"The vicious attack by Youngblood on Bart Simpson last week was just tasteless." Mr. Comanator said.

"It was an historical moment!" said Desire. "Youngblood is so smart, getting ready for each kind of match! Put it on!"

You can see footages of last Monday: Bart got up and tried to tell Youngblood something. Then Youngblood hit him with a hook! Youngblood kept hitting Bart with the hook. Then he locked Bart in a crossface. Bart was clearly in pain. Youngblood then let go of the hold and looked at his hands, which were bloody. Bart started bleeding from the back of his head.

"Look at what a disgusting human being Youngblood is!" Sandy said. "He could've killed Bart!"

Youngblood put Chris Griffin on Bart. Then Youngblood went to the outside and took out a ladder. He climbed on the top rope with the ladder, and then fell on Team Amazement with it! Then the cameras switched back to the ring, as Youngblood smiled.

("Reckless Youth" by Pillar played)

The crowd then cheered wildly. Bart came down the aisle. He climbed on one ladder and looked at Youngblood who smiled.

"And his opponent, from Springfield, Oregon, he's the WWT National Champion, Bart Simpson!" Jacobs said.

"Bart wants to climb up that ladder!" said Mr. Comanator.

"Do you see Bart's cut in the back of his head?" Desire asked. "That will happen again".

"Bart also wants a revenge." said Sandy.

Youngblood and Bart stared at eachother. Youngblood pointed up for the belt. Then he slapped Bart! Bart got angry, punched Youngblood, whipped him to the ropes and elbowed him. He suplexed Youngblood and then hit the back suplex! He chopped Youngblood and pushed him to the corner. Youngblood kicked him and started punching him in the corner. He whipped Bart to the ropes but Bart kicked him. Bart tried to run towards him but then was thrown out by Youngblood... Only to stand on the apron. He backdropped Youngblood to the outside! Then Bart took a ladder. He threw it on Youngblood who ran away. Youngblood then kicked Bart and started punching him.

"Bart and Youngblood just go all out!" Mr. Comanator said.

"What a great opening match!" said Desire.

"Just awesome. Two great workers!" Sandy said.

Youngblood managed to run and hit the Pirate Clothesline on Bart on the outside! Youngblood then took a ladder into the ring and climbed. Bart then crawled into the ring. He pulled Youngblood down but Youngblood rammed him on the ladder. Youngblood put the Ladder in the corner. He tried to whip Bart... but Bart reversed it and Youngblood hit the ladder! Bart then breathed a bit. He put the ladder up. He whipped Youngblood to the ropes and tried to go for the BartDog but then he was thrown to the ladder! Youngblood then stopped a bit but then put Bart in the corner and put the ladder on him. He then ran but Bart pushed the ladder onto him! Bart then dropped his elbow on Youngblood.

"Those two are using the ladder, doing a brutal match!" said Mr. Comanator.

"Bart can seriously hurt Youngblood!" Desire said.

"That's the idea, it's a match!" said Sandy.

Bart then waited for Youngblood to get up. Bart hit the springboard knee attack... But Youngblood hit him with the ladder! Bart rolled out of the ring. Youngblood set the ladder up and climbed on it. He reached for the belt... Bart catched his leg! They started struggling but Youngblood kicked Bart. Bart fell with the ladder on the ropes. Youngblood was hanging on the air. Bart then took the ladder and hit Youngblood with it, knocking him down! Both were down. Bart got up and set the ladder up. He climbed on it and tried to get the belt. Youngblood got up and shook the ladder. Bart fell on the ropes! Youngblood then looked at a downed Bart and smiled. He took the ladder.

"I think Youngblood is going for it!" said Mr. Comanator.

"Yeah, we have a new champion!" Desire said.

"Bart can't let this happen!" said Sandy.

Youngblood set the ladder up and climbed on the ladder. Bart then set up his own ladder. Youngblood and Bart traded punches. Bart punched Youngblood and tried to smash the belt in his face. Youngblood moved and the belt started swinging around. Both Bart and Youngblood tried catching it. Bart then suddenly catched Youngblood. He smiled an evil smile and jumped from the ladder with Youngblood! Youngblood hit the floor as the crowd cheered. Bart then started setting the ladder up and climbed on it. He tried to unhook the belt. Youngblood got up and then started climbing on the ladder. He tried to stop Bart... Bart released the belt, ending the match!

"Here is your winner and STILL WWT National Champion, Bart Simpson!" Allen Jacobs said.

"Bart has retained his title!" Mr. Comanator said. "After a brutal match Bart has managed to retain the title".

Bart raised the belt as he stood on the top of the ladder. The crowd cheered as he got down.

"I can't believe it!" said Desire. "This jerk is still the champ!"

"You're right, he is the champ and will remain so for a long time!" Sandy said.


The cameras switch to Ricky Monique in the backstage. She stood and smiled to the camera.

"Hey guys, Ricky Monique here, and I'm here with none other then the WWT Womens Champion, Ino Yamanaka!" she said. Ino then stepped out and the crowd cheered. "Ino, how do you get ready for an unknown opponent?"

"Well, it's pretty obvious that with the fans deciding, I won't be surprised." Ino said. "It's clear that we got some more popular women and some less popular women, and that's why it's kinda easy know who are the favorites for the poll".

"Do you want facing Sakura, Shego or Temari?" asked Ricky.

"Well, all of them are great women." Ino said. "I love them and they will be great opponents. They add some spark to the division".

Ember then passed with Youngblood. Youngblood held his head.

"Unlike some Women, who only care about their status, they care about honor and dignity." Ino said loudly.

Ember stopped. Then she looked at Ino. "You... You mean..."

"What?" Ino asked.

Ember walked towards her. "You can't tell me that. I'm the commissioner!".

"You're the commissioner but you can't do me anything." Ino said. "I'm not being afraid of your bullies. You know why? Because I know you're jealous of me replacing you two years ago as the best woman of WWT. That's obvious".

Ino stared at Ember. "You can't hit me unless I'll beat you first." she said.

Ember then left. Ino smiled.


The cameras switched back to the ring.

"What was that?" asked Mr. Comanator.

"That's our so called great champion!" Desire said.

"She was right about Ember." said Sandy.

("Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga played)

"This next match is scheduled for one fall, it is for the WWT Womens Championship!" Allen Jacobs said. "Introducing first, from Konoha Village in Japan, she is the WWT Womens champion, Ino Yamanaka!"

The crowd cheered as Ino came out with her womens title. She wore a black shirt with a black furry veil. She then took the veil down and threw it. She entered the ring.

"No one has more style then the champ!" Mr. Comanator said.

"Is this your champ?" asked Desire. "A woman with no respect!"

"Once, you've been her best friend. So stop being self-righteous!" Sandy said.

"Okay, now it's time for our second match of the evening!" said Bob Jones from the podium. "The women are in the back waiting for the results. Can we take a look at them, please?"

The cameras switched to the women who stood in the back. Each looked serious. Bob Jones then kept talking. "Now, who will win this poll? Let's find out!".

The TVtron started flashing pictures of all the Women. The pictures started spinning and the percents started going up. The percent then stopped at 41%, as one woman's picture appeared...

"It's Sakura!" the crowd cheered. The women looked angry except for Sakura who jumped in joy. Then she walked to the ring.

("Strawberry Fields Forever" by the Beatles played)

"And the challenger, from Konoha Village in Japan, Sakura Haruno!" Jacobs said.

The crowd cheered and Sakura walked to the ring. She nodded as Ino clapped for her.

Those two got a fragile relationship, but it's a great chance for her!" said Mr. Comanator.

"That's the worse decision!" Desire said. "Lydia or Misty should've gotten the title shot!"

"I voted for her. I wonder what kind of match it's gonna be!" said Sandy.

Sakura and Ino shook hands. Then Ino ran towards Sakura and Sakura used the armdrag. Then she kneed Ino in her arm, and dropped her leg on Ino's arm. She whipped Ino to the ropes and then used the uppercut. She then whippd Ino to the corner, ran and kneed her in the gut. Then Sakura climbed on the second rope and started punching Ino. The crowd counted with her, but at punch number 6 Ino picked her up and landed her on her gut. Sakura screamed in pain. Ino then started elbowing Sakura and then hit the snapmare on her. She then ran to the ropes and came back with a knee hitting Sakura. 1... 2... Sakura kicked out. Ino locked Sakura in a headlock.

"Sakura is trying, but Ino is really good!" Mr. Comanator said.

"Ino, while I hate her guts, is still better!" said Desire.

"But Sakura knows her a lot." Sandy said.

Sakura then got up. She started elbowing Ino. She kept elbowing her and then elbowed her to the ropes. Ino came back and Sakura picked her up only for Ino to hit a russian leg sweep! Ino covered. 1... 2... Sakura kicked out. Ino then picked Sakura up and started punching her. She kept punching her until Sakura blocked her punch. Sakura then kicked her in the face! Ino was shocked and then she charged at Sakura, dropping her down and punching her! They kept trading punches on the ground. Then both ran to the ropes. Sakura dodged a clothesline and then catched Ino. Sakura hit the backbreaker on her knee! Sakura covered Ino. 1... 2... Ino kicked out!

"Wow, that's a great match!" Mr. Comanator said.

"Yeah, Sakura impresses even me!" said Desire.

"Sakura got that inside of her. She can do it! She can win the title!" Sandy said.

Ino got up and Sakura started punching her. She whipped Ino to the ropes and then superkicked her. She ran to the ropes and hit the headbutt! Ino then crawled and used the ropes to get up. Sakura then ran to the ropes and tried to clothesline Ino. Ino then threw her to the ropes and powerslammed her. Ino then started punching Sakura on the mat. She whipped Sakura to the ropes and hit the Monkey Flip. Sakura then landed on her feet. Ino turned around and then Sakura catched her in a butterfly hold! It seemed like she was going for the Cherry Blossom. Ino then headbutted her and picked her up. Brain Crusher! Ino covered. 1... 2... 3!

"Here is your Winner, and still WWT Womens champion,Ino Yamanaka!" Allen Jacobs announced.

Ino then got up as the crowd gave her mixed reactions. She picked the title up.

"And Ino managed, just barely, retain the title!" said Mr. Comanator. "But she managed to defeat the woman she knows best!".

Sakura then stopped Ino before Ino left. She looked at her.

"Wait..." Desire said. "They're going to..."

Sakura then nodded and hugged Ino. They raised eachother's hand.

"A great show of sportsmenship from those two." said Sandy. "Just like Ino said it".


The cameras switched to the Beavers. Mikey. He talked with his Color Rangers.

"Don't you worry, guys." Mikey said. "Ember won't get you tonight. You shouldn't care what team you'll have because we'll be the winners".

The Rangers looked at Mikey.

"Come on!" he said. "It won't be long before the justice will pervail!".

The Rangers kept looking at him.

"I know, I can have my own match tonight..." Mikey said. "That's if the fans will vote for me, of course".

The Rangers then looked down.

"No, guys, don't be sad..." Mikey said. "You know what will cheer you up!"

Mikey then pressed on a button at the Pink Color Ranger outfit.

"The Color Rangers will Triumph..." The Pink one pretended to say. She then stopped. "Triumph... Triumph..." she quickly acted like she said it.

"Good enough." Mikey said. "We'll work on it".


The cameras switched to Bob Jones's podium. He looked at the cheering crowd.

"Well, now it's time for the main poll!" Jones said. "We're going to know who will get the World title shot, and also, who will challenge for the Tag titles!"

The crowd cheered at that.

"The three wrestlers are standing in the backstage." Jones said.

The cameras switched to the backstage, where Kankuro, Danny and Naruto stood.

"Will it be the former champ Kankuro?"

The crowd booed as Kankuro looked at them in a scary look.

"Will it be," Jones kept talking. "Danny Phantom?"

The crowd gave mixed reactions as Danny raised his hand.

"Or will it be Naruto Uzumaki?"

The crowd cheered wildly as Naruto jumped up and down.

"It's time to find out..."

The TVtron showed their three pictures. Then the pictures started growing as the precent meter went up. Then one picture drove the rest out of the screen as it stopped on 62%.

"Naruto Uzumaki!"

Naruto raised his hands as the crowd cheered. Kankuro and Danny both looked annoyed. Naruto left.

"Therefore, both Danny and Kankuro will challenge for the Tag titles." Jones said.

Danny and Kankuro then looked at eachother.


The cameras switched back to the ring.

("Born To Be Wild" by SteppenWolf played)

The crowd cheered as both Beavers came out and jumped to the ring. They ran and then entered over the ropes.

"This match is scheduled for one fall, it is for the WWT Tag Team Championship!" said Allen Jacobs. "Introducing first, from the Beaver's Dam, Dagget and Norbert, the Angry Beavers!"

"What Dagget and Norbert said about facing a tag team that doesn't want their titles can be right!" said Mr. Comanator.

"Why did you picked this idiot!?" Desire asked. "Kankuro could've dethrone Jake!"

"Now we're going to see if Danny and Kankuro can co-exist!" said Sandy.

("The One You Love to Hate" by Halford played)

The crowd booed wildly. Danny then walked out as he looked serious.

("Master Of Puppets" by Metallica played)

The crowd kept booing as Kankuro came out, looking bored.

"And their opponents, the team of Danny Phantom and Kankuro!" Allen Jacobs said.

"Those two are an odd tag team, can they win the titles?" Mr. Comanator asked.

"Danny is always serious." said Desire. "Why? Because he wants to prove he is the best."

"Kankuro doesn't look that much concerned!" Sandy said.

Dagget and Norbert talked a bit and then Norbert stood on the apron. Kankuro just told Danny to get in. Danny started with Dagget. They locked up and Danny took him down. Dagget threw him to the ground. Danny kicked him and pushed him to the mat. Dagget then kicked Danny in the chin and started punching him. He then threw Danny to the ropes and tried clothesline him. Danny slided under Dagget's legs and then hit the punch to the back. Then he picked Dagget up and uppercut him. He then hit the snapmare. He hit the dropkick on Dagget's back. Then he raised his hand to tag in Kankuro. Kankuro just looked at the crowd. Danny tagged him in as Kankuro was surprised.

"Is he for real?" asked Mr. Comanator.

"Yeah, Kankuro just knows that he can beat Jake." Desire said.

"He doesn't look serious at all, unlike Danny." said Sandy.

Kankuro entered the ring, looking lazy. He then punched Dagget. He whipped him to the ropes and then hit the belly to belly suplex on Dagget. Then he covered. 1... 2... Dagget kicked out. Kankuro then started punching Dagget but Dagget stopped it and hit the hurricanrana! He tagged Norbert in. Norbert entered and then started punching Kankuro. He tried to go for the Beaver Fever but Kankuro hit the backdrop. Kankuro then just tagged Danny in. Danny was surprised being tagged in so quickly. He picked Norbert up and then slammed him to the mat. Then he ran to the ropes and hit the knee drop onto Norbert. 1... 2... Norbert kicked out. Danny argued with the referee.

"Kankuro is not into it." Mr. Comanator said.

"Yeah, he doesn't need a second rate title!" said Desire.

"Every title is respected. I can't believe I agree with Danny for once..." Sandy said.

Danny then started punching Norbert and then whipped him to the ropes. He hit the Tombstone Piledriver on Norbert! Danny then covered. 1... 2... Norbert kicked out. Danny got angry. He tried to whip Norbert to the ropes again but Norbert kicked him in the face and started punching him! Then he picked Danny up in a suplex and Dagget tagged himself, climbing on the top rope. They hit the Rockers-Plex on Danny! Dagget covered. 1... 2... Danny kicked out. Dagget then started elbowing Danny as Danny screamed in pain. Dagget then held Danny's leg. Danny stood up and hit the Enzugiri! Danny then crawled and tried to tag Kankuro. Kankuro just said "Forget it!" and left. Danny layed in shock.

"WHAT THE...!" said Mr. Comanator.

"Kankuro is walking out on Danny!" Desire said.

"I can't believe it, I feel mercy for Danny!" screamed Sandy.

Dagget kept punching Danny as Danny just screamed for Kankuro. Dagget then hit the Suplex with the ropes on Danny! Dagget then layed down as the Whipping Boys, Truman X and El Tigre, ran down. Truman climbed on the apron as he distracted the referee. Tigre then climbed on the other corner. He jumped with a dropkick... But Dagget moved and Tigre hit Danny with the Dropkick! The crowd exploded. Tigre rolled out of the ring as Norbert ran and punched Truman. Dagget then got up and locked Danny's head. Then Dagget hit the Muscular Savior! Then Dagget crawled and covered. 1... 2... 3!

"Here are your winners, and still WWT Tag Team Champions, The Angry Beavers!"

"Tigre has cost Danny the match!" Mr. Comanator yelled.

The Beavers then ran away with their titles to the crowd. They celebrated with the crowd. Danny sat in the ring, shocked. The whipping boys tried to talk to him.

"Danny couldn't win this match, Kankuro ditched him!" said Desire.

Danny then left for the backstage as Truman and Tigre ran after him, blaming eachother.

"This thing is getting ugly." Sandy said. "The F-B-N has tensions!"


The cameras switched to Mr. TV. He stood in the backstage, looking at three guys: Patrick, Shikamaru and Sasquatch.

"You three have a big task here tonight." TV said. "One of you will get the chance to destroy the man I hate the most. I hope that whoever will be choosen will defeat Timmy Turner and will beat him to oblivion".

"You're right, Mr. TV..." Patrick said. "We need to stop him and we need to make him stop. That's why I'm going to kill him tonight".

Shikamaru looked at Patrick. "What makes you think you'll be the one defeating him?"

"The facts." Patrick said. "I'm more popular then you".

"What?" Shikamaru asked.

"Okay, guys, we should stop." TV said.

"You're right, Mr. TV, we should focus on Timmy." Sasquatch said.

"No." Shikamaru said. "Stop that. Who died and made you the guy who decides when we're facing Timmy?"

The crowd said "Oooooooh!". Patrick looked at Shikamaru.

"The crowd." he said.

"Yeah?" Shikamaru said. "I don't care. You shouldn't feel so lucky only because you think you can face Timmy".

"You're starting to get on my nerves." Patrick said.

"Guys, stop it." TV said. He looked at both. "I don't care who it will be. It could've been the Gobbledy Gooker! If it defeats Timmy, it's good enough for me. Fine?"

Shikamaru and Patrick nodded.


The cameras switched to Bob Jones on his podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this event will continue!" Jones said. The crowd cheered. "The next poll is about something else- Who will fight against the Color Rangers in a six men tag tonight? Those were your options..."

The cameras switched to the three six men tag teams that stood in the backstage.

"Will it be Zaku Abumi, Dosu Kinuta and Neji Hyugga?"

The crowd booed as Zaku and Dosu raised their hands with Kin, as Neji looked serious.

"Will it be Skulker, Cartman and Wolfgang?"

The crowd booed even more as Cartman, Wolfgang and Skulker held their hands and looked deadly.

"Or will it be Jimmy Neutron and... Where are the Whipping Boys?"

Truman and Tigre ran to the place. They stumbled and fell on the ground. Jimmy helped them get up as he scolded them.

"Jimmy Neutron and the two F-B-N Whipping Boys, Truman and Tigre..." said Jones.

The nine people waited.

"And the results are..."

The three options appeared on the TVtron. Everything was quiet for a bit... And then the results came out.

Zaku, Dosu and Neji- 33%

Skulker, Cartman and Wolfgang- 44%

Jimmy, Truman and Tigre- 25%

The crowd booed.

"Those three monsters were picked!" Jones said.


The cameras switched back to the ring.

Allen Jacobs then announced: "Our next match is scheduled for one fall... It is a Six Men Tag Team match!"

("Bully" by Shinedown played)

"Introducing first, the team of Eric Cartman, Skulker and Wolfgang!"

The three big guys came out. They waited for the crowd to stop booing. Then they walked to the ring.

"Those three are just three big monsters." Mr. Comanator said. "Can the Color Rangers triumph?"

"No." said Desire simply."It's pretty obvious...".

"We've seen Mikey encouraging the Rangers before that!" Sandy said.

("Behind the Mask" by Michael Jackson played)

"And their opponents, the team of the Green, the Pink and the Blue... The Color Rangers!"

The three Rangers came out and did some martial arts moves. They then pointed at their opponents and looked at them.

"The Three Color Rangers got a big task!" said Mr. Comanator. "Can they win it? I hope so!".

"Who cares about the Rangers?" Desire asked. "They're nothing!".

"And they got on Ember's bad side" said Sandy. "I love those Rangers. They remind me of people who Ember fired".

Skulker immediately attacked the Pink one as the crowd booed. He clotheslined her and hit her with double axe handles. Skulker then choked her with his knee on the ropes. He punched her and whipped her to the ropes. Pink surprised him by reversing it and whipping Skulker! She kneed him in the face and covered. 1... 2... Skulker kicked out. Pink elbow dropped him. Skulker elbowed Pink and tagged Cartman in as Pink tagged Blue in. Blue then started kicking Cartman in the corner. Blue tried to whip Cartman to the corner and Cartman reversed it. Cartman ran and Blue kicked him in the face. Blue ran and tackled Cartman down to the mat. He then played for the cheering crowd.

"Those Color Rangers are great!" Mr. Comanator said.

"Cartman is just acting dumb. Stop playing dead!" said Desire.

"He's really out of shape..." Sandy said.

Cartman tagged Wolfgang in. Wolfgang ran and Blue slammed him down. Skulker ran as well and Blue slammed him down too! Blue then tried to hit the big splash on Wolfgang but Wolfgang moved out of the way. Wolfgang then raised his hands and Cartman tagged himself. Cartman said "He took my move!" and entered as Wolfgang was pissed. Cartman started hammering Blue. Cartman threw Blue out of the ring and tried to go out only for the ref to stop him. Wolfgang rammed Blue's head on the apron. He threw him back to the ring where Cartman punched him. Skulker held Blue and Cartman kept punching him. Cartman tagged Skulker in. Skulker kept punching Blue.

"Those three are just beating the crap out of the Color Rangers!" said Mr. Comanator.

"That's right, they are the best in doing it!" Desire said.

"We can't let those three run wild!" said Sandy.

Cartman then hit the double axe handle from the second rope onto Blue. Then he said "You'll get it for copying it!". Cartman then ran to the ropes... But Blue moved, making Cartman hit the Big Boy Splash on the mat! Blue then tagged Green. Green then started kicking and punching Cartman. Skulker entered the ring and Green hit the Frankensteiner on him. Wolfgang tried to jump to the top rope but Pink pushed him to the grund! Green then whipped Cartman to the ropes and hit him with a Monkey Flip! Then he waited for Cartman to get up. Cartman got up and he saw Blue and Pink staring at him. He turned around... And got hit by the Leaf Hurricane! Green covered. 1... 2... 3!

"Here are your winners, the Color Rangers!"

The Color Rangers hugged eachother and celebrated together.

"Yeah, that was great!" Mr. Comanator said. "The Rangers has won it!".

"This is travesty!" said Desire. "They shouldn't do it! They should've lose!"

"And they weren't!" Sandy said. "Great for... WATCH OUT!"

Wolfgang hit Green with the Wolf's Kick! Blue then started punching him and Cartman as Skulker started punching Pink and put her down. Blue pulled Skulker up but Wolfgang hit him with a punch in the back! He whipped Blue to the corner. Then he whipped Cartman onto Blue! Skulker then ran and hit a corner splash onto Blue. Wolfgang meanwhile came out and choked both Green and Pink on the apron.

"Stop those three monsters! They attack the Color Rangers!" screamed Mr. Comanator.

"Those three are like a Freight Train!" Desire said in joy.

"How can you enjoy that!?" asked Sandy.

Cartman and Skulker then started taking turns legdropping Blue. Then Skulker helped Wolfgang choking Pink as Wolfgang slapped Green. Cartman dropped his elbow onto Blue and Mikey came out. Mikey tried to climb on the apron but another guy followed him... Zim pulled Mikey down and punched him in ringside! He pushed him to the apron. Cartman then ran and hit Blue with the Big Boy Splash as the crowd booed. Wolfgang just left as Skulker punched both Pink and Green, knocking them down. Zim then suplexed Mikey on the steelsteps! Cartman then left with Skulker.

"What the hell was this!?" asked Mr. Comanator.

Zim took the microphone. He raised his TV title.

"Get those pretenders out of ZIM'S ring!" Zim said. The crowd booed him.

"Yeah, get them out!" Desire said.

The EMTs came out and helped the Color Rangers get up. They helped them to the backstage as they tried to pick Mikey up.

"No, no, no... Not this fool." Zim said. "Mr. Jones, please tell us who will get the title shot at me tonight..."

Bob Jones looked at Zim. "Umm... Well, it could've been Chris Griffin... Or Chouji..."

"For real now!" Zim said.

The TVtron then showed something.

Mikey, 62%.

"NO!" said Sandy. "Mikey is getting the title shot!"

"Throw this piece of debris into the ring... To get a royal ass kicking from ZIM!"

Mikey, limping, entered the ring as the EMTs tried to stop him. Zim then started punching him and then hit him in the knee. Mikey held his knee in pain and Zim started kicking his knee. Zim then twisted Mikey's knee and locked him in the leglock. Mikey quickly screamed. Zim just yelled at him to give up and quit. Mikey then reached for the ropes as the ref told Zim to release the hold. Zim waited a bit before he let go of it. Then he choked Mikey on the ropes and as the ref kept warning him, Zim then punched Mikey. He then put Mikey on the turnbuckle and choked him. Zim then whipped Mikey to the corner, and Mikey hit it with his head.

"Mikey is just being destroyed!" Mr. Comanator said.

"He can't win this match, he's injured!" said Desire.

"They should've delay this match!" Sandy said. "Mikey is can't compete!"

Zim then shook his head as He took Mikey. Then he whipped Mikey to the ropes but Mikey dodged a clothesline and punched Zim! The crowd exploded. Mikey then ran to the ropes, holding his leg, but Zim dropkicked him. Zim then punched Mikey's leg on the mat. Zim kept doing it as the crowd booed. Zim then picked Mikey up. He then taunted him and Suplexed him to the mat! Zim then covered. 1... 2... Mikey kicked out. Zim then kicked Mikey and elbow dropped him. Zim then picked Mikey up and yelled at him. Zim ran to the ropes but Mikey hiptossed him! Mikey then held his leg in pain. But as Zim got up he hit him with an armdrag! Mikey then punched Zim on the mat.

"Mikey is managing to fight!" said Mr. Comanator.

"But Mikey is supposed to be injured!" Desire said. "He can't fight! Stop the match!"

"Not now!" said Sandy. "Come on!"

Mikey then picked Zim up and chopped him. He kicked him with his good leg. Then he ran to the ropes and hit the shoulder tackle on Zim, only for holding his leg in pain. Zim managed to get up and then kept stomping on the leg. Zim then picked Mikey up and hit the Atomic drop on Mikey. Mikey kept screaming. Zim then hit the sitout rear mat slam. Mikey held his head and Zim yelled "I'm the ruler!". Zim then hit Mikey with his knee. Mikey was in pain. Zim then took Mikey and said "You're done". Zim threw Mikey to the ropes and ran to the ropes. Zim hit the Alien Spear... Only for Mikey to dodge, making Zim hit the ropes! Mikey then hit the Lylymu Breaker! Mikey crawled and covered. 1... 2... 3!

"Here is your winner, and the NEW WWT Television Champion, Kappa Mikey!" Allen Jacobs said.

The crowd cheered wildly. Mikey then got up with the help of the referee, holding his knee and raising his new title.

"Mikey has won the title!" Mr. Comanator said. "He is the WWT Television Champion!"

"No! Zim!" said Desire. "He lost his title! Mikey can't hold it! We need an honorable champion!".

The ref helped Mikey to go to the back. Mikey raised his title.

"Zim's scheme didn't work!" Sandy said. "And he lost his title".

The Cameras switch to Naruto, who sat in his room, getting ready for the match. The door was open and Kankuro came to look at him.

"You are flat out pathetic, and the worse part is you know it!" Kankuro said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah!" Kankuro said. "Do you think that you're that great because you've fooled each and every one of those puppets out there?"

"They voted for me. Not for you." Naruto said.

"And that's the problem." Kankuro said. "Who thought it would be such a great idea to give them the power? The power should go to people who can hold it in a good way. Not them!"

Naruto got up.

"I'm going to win the title tonight." Naruto said. "I'm going to do what you couldn't done. And you need to think why the fans didn't pick you. Maybe it's because you've lost to Jake countless times? Maybe it's because you're an idiot? I don't know why. But it's pretty obvious that there's a reason why the fans decided that I should get the title shot and not you. So with all due respect... Get outta my sight".

Kankuro left.


The cameras switched to the ring. Bob Jones looked at the cheering crowd.

"Well, guys, it seems that we have a problem." Jones said. "Squidward and Mr. Krabs challenged three outside tag teams for a match. We were very excited to that, but problem is, no one stepped to the challenge in time. We're sorry, but it seems like this match will be cancelled".

The crowd booed.

("Ode to Joy" By Heavenly played)

The crowd cheered a bit as Squidward and Mr. Krabs came out and walked to the ring.

"Their match is cancelled? Then why they're here?" asked Mr. Comanator.

"You know why no one stepped up..." Desire said. "No one cared about Squidward and Krabs".

"They are the first tag team champions. I don't get why you shouldn't respect them." said Sandy.

Squidward took the microphone.

"I don't get it..." Squidward said. "We've challenged tag teams to fight us. We've told the promoters to send us tag teams... Why it hasn't worked?"

He looked at the crowd.

"It seems like the promoters didn't want to send us any tag teams. We thought it will be the perfect way to enter this show!"

Krabs took the microphone.

"We thought people respect us!" Krabs said. "We are the first ever tag team champions, why no one sent any tag team to fight us? We want to fight. We need to fight. That's why we're here! It can't be that..."

(The Jimmy Neutron theme song by Bowling for Soup played)

The crowd booed as Jimmy came out.

"I've told you, gentlemen." Jimmy said as he walked to the ring. "I've said that no one would care about it and guess what? No one actually answered it. Why? Because who cares about you enough to fight you? No one cares about you enough to do that".

Jimmy entered the ring as the crowd chanted "Jimmy Sucks!".

"Maybe, but I was right." Jimmy said. "So... What do you say? Tell me I was right and that's it".

Squidward took the microphone. "You just suck. Fight us right now!"

The crowd cheered.

("My Last Breath" by Evanescence played)

The crowd booed as Neji came out. He entered the ring.

"Now Neji joins the fray?" Mr. Comanator asked.

"It's a shame he's not on the PPV" said Desire. "He should be".

"This man makes me sick." Sandy said.

Neji took the microphone. "As I said, you have the destiny of being fallouts. That's your destiny and that's why you two couldn't get any challengers. It's pretty obvious and you don't need to be a genius to see that".

Jimmy nodded. "It's just obvious".

"So, you two want to face two people in a tag team match?" Neji asked. "Fine. I'm up for the challenge. Jimmy, you can help me".

Jimmy nodded. Squidward and Krabs brought the ref to the ring.

"A match!" Mr. Comanator said.

Neji started with Squidward in the ring. They locked up and Squidward pushed Neji to the ropes. He then used the victory roll. 1... 2... Neji kicked out. Squidward kicked Neji and punched him. Then he whipped Neji to the ropes and tried to jump over him, only for Neji to hit him with an uppercut. Neji then started punching Squidward. He whipped Squidward to the ropes and hiptossed him. Then he threw Squidward to the corner and tagged Jimmy. Jimmy and Neji then punched Squidward. Jimmy then hit the Snapmare and locked Squidward in a headlock. Jimmy then elbowed Squidward. Squidward elbowed him and ran for the ropes but Jimmy kneed him.

"Squidward and Krabs weren't ready for this match." said Mr. Comanator.

"They wanted a match, they got a match!" Desire said.

"Yeah, and Neji and Jimmy will get their ass kicked!" said Sandy.

Jimmy dropped an elbow on Squidward and then locked him in a abdominal hold. Jimmy kept tighten the hold but Squidward then used a takedown. Both layed down. Squidward and Jimmy crawled... And tagged their partners! Krabs ran and hit an Hurricanrana on Neji. Then he chopped Jimmy. He turned around and Neji dropkicked him. Neji then choked him on the ground. He picked Krabs up and hit a back suplex. 1... 2... Krabs kicked out. Neji punched Krabs to the corner and then started giving him ten punches. Neji then hit the Frankensteiner on Krabs, knocking him down from the ropes. Krabs landed on his feet and tagged Squidward in!

"He doesn't notice! Neji doesn't notice!" Mr. Comanator said.

"Turn around, Neji!" said Desire.

"Squidward is coming for him!" Sandy said.

Neji turned around and Squidward clotheslined him! Then Squidward started punching Neji on the ground. He whipped him to the ropes and hit the Powerslam! Then Squidward saw Jimmy running in. Squidward dodged and kicked Jimmy in the gut. Then he hit the Clarinet Piledriver! He locked the Octopus Stretch on Jimmy! The crowd cheered and Jimmy tapped out. However, The ref said that Jimmy is not the legal man. Squidward got up and got angry. Neji ran but Squidward dodged and Neji hit Krabs off the apron! Squidward then kicked Neji who turned around and tried to hit the Clarinet. Neji used the victory roll. 1... 2... Neji held the ropes! 3!

"Here are your winners, Neji Hyugga and Jimmy Neutron!" said Allen Jacobs as the crowd booed.

"Neji has managed to beat them!" said Mr. Comanator. "Neji is wanting to prove himself!".

"I know... Neji is a future World champion!" Desire said.

"Do you know what that lost can do to Squidward and Krabs?" asked Sandy. "In this rate, they will believe Jimmy and Neji!".

Squidward and Krabs sat in the ring, angry and confused.


The camera switched to Ricky Monique. She stood in the backstage.

"Ladies and gentlemen... WWT World champion, Jake Long!"

The crowd cheered wildly as Jake stepped in.

"Jake, we've found out who is your opponent. That's it. It's Naruto." Ricky said. "What do you think about that?"

"Actually, no." Jake said. "Look, it's pretty obvious that Naruto is more popular then Kankuro or Danny. It didn't surprised me at all, and I'm very happy at this chance".

"You and Naruto had matches before, just not here." said Ricky. "Would you say you know him well?"

"Yeah, I think so." Jake said. "But he doesn't know the new Jake Long. I've changed a lot since we've met last time. I never actually thought about facing Naruto so early, but..."

"So, Jake, last words?" asked Ricky.

"Yeah." Jake said. "Naruto... I hope you're in shape. Because this Dragon will take you to the ride of your life!"

Jake stared at the camera.


The cameras switch to a promo. You can see photos from Timmy in the ring.

"After what happened here last week, the committee decided that it can't be that both the owner and the commissioner will be engage in battles! Therefore, both you and Ember are under warning. If one of you will attack superstar without getting physically provoked, you're fired." He said.

You can see Mr. TV attacking Timmy.

"You're right, Timmy." TV said. "I can't attack you- Or any other superstar, for that matter- Unless he attacked me first. But I don't need to..."

"You don't need to what?" asked Timmy. "You don't need to... Get revenge on the guy who almost killed you?"

You can see Mr. TV laying down.

"Timmy..." TV said, breathing heavily. "While I can't put my hands on you... I can put other hands on you."

You can see a computer.

"The World Title poll!" TV said. "Now, in the first qualifying match, we're going to put the former champion, Kankuro... But to get his rematch again, Kankuro will have to defeat none other then... Sasquatch!"

You can see both of them fighting. Timmy hit Sasquatch with a steel chair! Timmy then left. Kankuro covered Sasquatch. 1... 2... 3!

"Here is your winner, Kankuro!" Allen Jacobs said.

"Timmy helped Kankuro get on the poll!" said Mr. Comanator.

"I've also decided to put in the poll a former champ named... Danny Phantom." TV said. "To get on the poll... Danny will have to beat his old rival, Shikamaru Nara!"

Both of them are fighting. Timmy threw Danny a Brass Knuckle which knocked Shikamaru out.

"Here is your winner, Danny Phantom!" Jacobs said.

"Timmy is just going wild!" said Mr. Comanator. "He cost both Shikamaru and Sasquatch their matches!"

"Listen here... We all know that those fans are idiots." Timmy said to Danny on the backstage. "They won't chose you. They won't chose Kankuro after he blew it up last night. So it's only fitting that the man who will win the poll and will bring the title to the F-B-N will be... Me. The star of WWT".

"I need another name on the poll." TV said. "So... You can get on it. IF! You'll be able to defeat your opponent."

"Who is he?" Timmy asked.

TV thought a little bit. "Naruto Uzumaki!"

Naruto and Timmy fought eachother. They whipped eachother to the ropes and hit various moves on eachother.

"He's so close to winning, he's going to do it!" Desire said.

"Stop this maniac! Someone!" said Sandy.

Timmy picked Naruto up and it hit referee Jason Smith! Jason was knocked out. Timmy then picked Naruto up and low blowed him! Timmy then laughed and said "Everything is on the plan!". It changed to Danny Phantom and Kankuro on a split screen, each watching Timmy.

***Out Of My Way***

The crowd went wild. Patrick then came out to the ring. He ran to the ring and entered it as he dodged Timmy. He hit the PatGore on him! Timmy was knocked out.

"PatGore! PatGore! PatGore!" Mr. Comanator screamed.

Naruto covered Timmy. Jason Smith then crawled and counted. 1... 2... 3!

"Here is your winner, Naruto Uzumaki!" Allen Jacobs said.

"Kankuro, Danny and Naruto." TV said. "One of them will challenge Jake Long for the World title, the other two will challenge the Beavers for the Tag titles. But what about you, Tim-Tim? You'll fight against someone that the crowd will decide." TV said. "And they'll get to pick between those three guys that you've screwed!"

The crowd cheered as Timmy fell to his knees. Sasquatch, Shikamaru and Patrick looked at him.

"Tim-Tim..." TV said. "I'm going to stop you. Even if my company will die in order to do it".

"Timmy will fight against one of those three!" said Mr. Comanator. "Good night from Baltimore, make sure you vote!"

TV, Patrick, Sasquatch and Shikamaru raised eachother's hands as Timmy watched in horror. It changed to Shikamaru talking to TV, Sasquatch and Patrick in the backstage.

"We don't need to fight. We'll have a lot of time to destroy Turner. We just need to concentrate on him".

Timmy then came.

"It seems like I'm the hot topic." Timmy said.

Mr. TV almost moved... Only for Shikamaru to stop him.

"He doesn't worth it." Shikamaru said.

Timmy looked at them. "You all are pathetic. Do you think I'll risk my career, my reputation, my freedom... My LIFE," he said. "Just in order to play the bad guy? Do you think it's a game? How stupid do you think I am? You should take Timmy Turner very seriously." Timmy said. "I'm going to destroy anything and everything until I'll take what I want to take. I want to take something that is called the WWT World Title. That's it. And I've told you before: I'll go to any rate to get this title".

"Timmy..." TV started. "Why? Why to ruin your future?"

Timmy looked at him. "I'm not this young rising star. I'm not the clean wrestler of WWT. I'm much, MUCH more then that. I'm a man. I'm going to win the title even if it's going to be the last thing I'll do in my life. And what are you going to do?" he asked. "Cry? Fear?"

"Beat you!" Patrick said. Timmy shook his head.

"No." he said. "You're going to die".

Patrick, Sasquatch and Shikamaru came out to ringside and punched Timmy in the back! Then they threw him to the ring as Mr. TV watched in joy. They entered the ring as they picked Timmy up and punched him. Then both Sasquatch and Shikamaru held Timmy up as Patrick stood in the corner. Patrick ran... PatGore!

"Patrick has just Gored Timmy out of his boots!" Mr. Comanator said.

Then Shikamaru looked at Timmy and ran to the ropes. He hit the Shadowsault on Timmy, making Timmy scream in pain!

"Make it stop! They try to kill him!" said Desire.

Sasquatch then climbed on the top rope. Then he looked at Timmy. He hit the Sasquatch Elbow! Then he got up as the crowd cheered. Mr. TV looked at a downed Timmy, saying "See you Sunday!".

"Mr. TV has just layed out Timmy Turner!" Sandy said.

TV left with the three wrestlers, high fiving them.


The cameras switched back to the ring.

("Showstopper" by Tobymac played)

The crowd booed with all of their power as Timmy came out. He looked serious and entered the ring.

"This match is scheduled for one fall!" Allen Jacobs said. "Introducing first, from Dimmsdale, California, Timmy Turner!"

"Who will face Timmy Turner? Who will get the respect of beating him down?" asked Mr. Comanator.

"You mean who will get injured by Timmy." Desire said. "Because Timmy won't go down easily".

"That's a really anticipated match." said Sandy.

Bob Jones stood on the podium.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, we'll reveal Timmy's opponent." Jones said. "You had to choose between three options. Will it be the big, scary, Sasquatch?"

The cameras switched to the backstage where the options stood. Sasquatch roared.

"Will it be the five times WWT World champion, Shikamaru Nara?"

Shikamaru raised his hand.

"Or will it be Patrick Star?"

Patrick looked at the camera.

"The results..."

The three options appeared on the TVTron. Then, in one moment, the votes came in.

Sasquatch- 23%

Shikamaru Nara- 23%

Patrick Star- 54%

The crowd cheered. "It's Patrick!"

("Out Of My Way" by Seether played)

Patrick came out as the crowd cheered wildly.

"And his opponent, from Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean, Patrick Star!"

"Patrick got the chance to destroy the maniac for good." Mr. Comanator said. "Does he gonna do it?".

"Can you pass a fence without breaking it or climbing on it?" asked Desire.

"Yeah..." Sandy said. "Walk by it".

Patrick entered the ring and started punching Timmy down! He kept punching him but Timmy turned it around and then kept punching him. Timmy then started kneeing Patrick up and down. Patrick then kicked Timmy in the face! He then ran and clothelined both of them to the outside. The crowd erupted. Patrick then chopped Timmy and uppercut him. He then whipped Timmy to the steelsteps! The ref tried to settle both of them down. Patrick threw Timmy back into the ring and hit him with a springboard shoulder tackle! Patrick then covered Timmy. 1... 2... Timmy kicked out. Patrick then started choking him on the ground.

"A big brawl with criminal intentions." said Mr. Comanator.

"Timmy is a Wrestler, and that is why he's going to win it and not Patrick." Desire said.

"Can Timmy outbrawl Patrick?" asked Sandy.

Patrick whipped Timmy to the corner. Then he ran and hit the Stinger Splash on Timmy. Timmy's breath was taken away. Patrick then kept doing it. He tried to Bulldog Timmy but Timmy held the ropes. Timmy then managed to hit a Suplex Side Slam on Patrick! Patrick was down as Timmy started stomping at him. Then he used the ropes and hit a knee drop on Patrick. Timmy then picked Patrick up and hit a Snapmare. He then dropkicked Patrick in his back. He dropped his elbow on Patrick. Then he screamed "I'll kill your ass!". Timmy then picked Patrick up and chopped him. He whipped him to the ropes and then hit the Frankensteiner on him. 1... 2... Patrick kicked out.

"Patrick is getting beaten here." Mr. Comanator said.

"Does this answers your question?" said Desire.

"Patrick can win... He can't lose here." Sandy said.

Timmy then started punching Patrick and whipped him to the corner. He ran and kicked Patrick in the face. He climbed on the second rope and started punching Patrick. He kept punching him until Patrick pushed him down. Patrick then held his chest in pain. He ran towards Timmy but Timmy dodged it and then hit him with a springboard knee strike! Patrick went down and Timmy covered. 1... 2... Patrick kicked out. Timmy kept punching Patrick down. Then he locked Patrick in an armbar, making Patrick scream. Patrick struggled to get out of the hold and then reached for the ropes. Timmy didn't release the hold. The ref counted. 1... 2... 3... Timmy released it.

"Timmy just doesn't give up and tries to injure Patrick!" said Mr. Comanator.

"You know why?" Desire asked. "Because Patrick tried to kill him before".

"It's a match. And Patrick can survive it." said Sandy.

Timmy then started smashing Patrick's hand. He ran to the ropes and hit the elbow drop onto Patrick. Timmy then covered Patrick again. 1... 2... Patrick kicked out. Timmy got angry and pulled his hair. He threw Patrick to the ropes and then uppercut him, making him go down. Then Timmy started kicking Patrick in the face repeatedly but Patrick just kept roaring after each kick and yelled at Timmy. Timmy then almost kicked him but then slapped him. He held Patrick in his neck and then pulled him to the corner as he climbed on the second rope. He got ready for the Star Dust... But Patrick then tried to pull him. Timmy then managed to pull both of them to the outside!

"Timmy and Patrick are again taking it to the outside!" Mr. Comanator said.

"Can't Patrick stand still? I bet on this match to end with a Star Dust!" said Desire.

"You can't expect him to just absorb the punishment." Sandy said.

Timmy then chopped Patrick on the outside. Then he whipped Patrick to the barricade! Timmy then looked at Patrick. He then ran and tried to clothesline Patrick... But Patrick moved and Timmy hit the barricade... AND THEN PATRICK PATGORED HIM TO BREAK THE BARRICADE! Both were down. Patrick then managed to throw Timmy back into the ring just in time. Patrick then crawled and pinned Timmy. 1... 2... Timmy KICKED OUT! The crowd was in shock as Patrick couldn't believe it and talked with the referee. Patrick kept punching Timmy as Timmy looked unaware to where he is. Then Shikamaru, Sasquatch and Mr. TV came out to the ring.

"Look! They're walking to the ring!" said Mr. Comanator.

"Stop the match! Timmy is fighting by instincts!" Desire said.

"Mr. TV loves it, I'm sure at that!" said Sandy.

Patrick then threw Timmy to the ropes. Patrick then started choking Timmy as Timmy was just out. Mr. TV, Sasquatch and Shikamaru then taunted Timmy. Timmy suddenly woke up and slapped Shikamaru! The crowd was shocked and Patrick started punching Timmy. He whipped him to the ropes and then Timmy tried to hit a Sunset Flip. 1... 2... Patrick kicked out. Timmy turned around... And Shikamaru entered the ring and punched him down! The referee ordered for the bell to ring as Patrick looked at Shikamaru in shock.

"Here is your winner by Disqualification, Timmy Turner!" Allen Jacobs said.

The crowd booed as Shikamaru looked at Timmy and screamed at him. Mr. TV and Sasquatch were shocked.

"What the... Shikamaru, no!" Mr. Comanator said. "You had to control your anger!".

"Wait, so does this mean..." said Desire. "Timmy won it!".

Timmy rolled out of the ring as Sasquatch and Mr. TV entered the ring. Patrick argued with Shikamaru about it.

"Shikamaru, come on!" Sandy said. "Why?"

Shikamaru and Patrick yelled at eachother as Shikamaru tried to explain himself. Patrick just shook his hand and left the ring. As he left, he saw Timmy.

Timmy looked at him...

Patrick kicked his gut! The crowd cheered as Patrick picked Timmy up and hit the SuperNova on him, knocking him on the stage! Timmy yelled in pain as Patrick just left the scene.


The cameras switched to a promo. You can see a throne.

The kingdom is big... But it has it's problems.

You can see Jake Long celebrates.

It's without any leader... Without it's pride...

Then it switched to Naruto kicking people.

Someone needs to restore the status...

You can see a crown and a robe.

The King!

King of the WWT, June week 4. Only on Pay-Per-View!


Then the cameras switched back to the ring.

The bell rang three times.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall, it's for the World Wrestling Television Heavyweight Championship!" Allen Jacobs said. "The main event! Are you ready?".

The crowd cheered.

"San Diego, California, Pay One Center," Jacobs said. "Are you RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREADY!?".

The crowd cheered wilder.

"Then..." said Jacobs. "What you'll say to me!?".

"W-W-T!" the crowd chanted.

Fireworks exploded on the top of the TVtron.

("Haruka Kanata" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation played)

"Introducing the challenger! From Konoha Village in Japan... Naruto Uzumaki!"

The crowd cheered wildly as Naruto just walked into the ring, serious. Then he jumped into it.

"Naruto got picked for this chance." said Mr. Comanator. "By the fans!"

"He will put this hideous night to an end." Desire said. "Why giving them the chance? Why?"

"We're going for a great match here!" said Sandy.

("It's My Life" by Bon Jovi played)

"And his opponent!" Allen Jacobs said. "From the NYC, he's the WWT World Heavyweight Champion, The American Dragon, Jake Long!"

The crowd cheered just as wildly as Jake walked to the ring with his title on his shoulder. He also looked serious. He entered the ring and raised the title.

"Can our champ win this tough challenge?" Mr. Comanator asked. "Can he define the odds?"

"Who cares? I don't care about those two." said Desire.

"I don't know who I'm pulling for, but it's obvious that the best man will win!" Sandy said.

Jake and Naruto looked at eachother seriously as Jason Smith raised the belt. Then he ordered for the bell to ring. Jake and Naruto then locked up. Naruto went to Jake's back and took him down. Then he tried to lock Jake's head but Jake kicked him in the face. Jake then threw Naruto to the ropes. Jake jumped above Naruto and then tried to hit the Monkey Flip. Naruto stopped it and jumped on Jake's knee. Naruto then hiptossed Jake to the mat and then waited for him to get up. He whipped Jake to the ropes and then hit the Belly to Belly Suplex on Jake! 1... 2... Jake kicked out. Naruto then chopped Jake but Jake stopped it and suddenly hit Naruto with a big fist, knocking him down!

"Jake got angry!" said Mr. Comanator.

"Yeah, make it a violent match!" Desire said.

"Wait, they can't get angry on eachother!" said Sandy.

Jake then picked Naruto up and started punching him. He then whipped Naruto to the corner, and ran and punched him there. He kept punching Naruto and then whipped him to the other corner. Then he ran and hit the Monkey Flip there, making Naruto fall. He covered. 1... 2... Naruto kicked out. Jake then kept punching Naruto on the mat and picked him up. Then he hit an uppercut and then tried to hit the Suplex on Naruto. Then Naruto managed to reverse it and hit a suplex of his own! Naruto then whipped Jake to the corner. He ran to the corner but Jake moved and Naruto hit the corner as Jake ran and hit the Bulldog on him! Then Jake covered. 1... 2... Naruto kicked out.

"Jake is not going to give up on his title!" Mr. Comanator screamed in panic.

"You're right, no one should." said Desire.

"But Naruto wants to prove that he belongs to the WWT!" Sandy said.

Jake tried to settle himself down. Then he started stomping on Naruto's leg and threw him to the corner. He ran and elbowed Naruto. Then he choked Naruto with his leg. He stomped on Naruto but Naruto catched his leg! Jake waited... And hit an Enzugiri! Jake covered Naruto again. 1... 2... Naruto kicked out. Jake was quick to climb on the top turnbuckle. Naruto then managed to get up and jumped on the top turnbuckle as well. He started punching Jake in the face. They kept trading punches. Jake managed to give Naruto a big punch. Then he started punching him some more until Naruto has finally fallen. Jake then jumped and hit the Diving Headbutt! He covered. 1... 2... Naruto kicked out!

"How the hell did Naruto kicked out!?" screamed Mr. Comanator.

"Look at how Jake is angry!" Desire shouted.

"If Jake will be angry, then he can make a mistake." said Sandy.

Jake argued with Jason Smith and tried to persuade him that he pinned Naruto. Naruto then got up and started punching Jake. Jake started punching him as well. Then Jake just clotheslined Naruto! He kept clotheslining him and then clotheslined him out of the ring. Naruto then kicked Jake in the gut and tried to whip him. Jake reversed it and whipped Naruto to the ring post! Naruto hit the ring post and Jake rolled back into the ring. The crowd gave a mixed reaction. Jason Smith then counted Naruto. 1... 2... 3... Jake was on his knees, tired. Naruto then got up and entered the ring at 6. Naruto then looked at Jake as he was busted open.

"Oh my... Naruto is bleeding!" Mr. Comanator said. "Naruto is bleeding like a train ran over him!"

"Yeah, where is your technical match now?" said Desire.

"Jake acts like a man possesed, he does not want to lose his title!" Sandy said.

Jake then screamed something at Naruto. Naruto slapped him! Naruto then kicked him and punched him as Jake tried to defend himself. Naruto whipped Jake to the ropes and then hit the Lou Thesz press! Then he started punching Jake down. He used the ropes as a springboard and then hit Jake with headscissors! 1... 2... Jake kicked out. Naruto then started chopping Jake and then tried to whip him to the ropes. Jake reversed it but Naruto then tackled Jake with the shoulder! Naruto and Jake both were down. Naruto then jumped on his feet! The crowd went nuts. Naruto then kicked Jake and tried to hit the Cursed Seal... Jake managed to turn it into an inverted DDT that knocked both of them!

"Jake is just not giving up, he protects his title with his teeth!" said Mr. Comanator.

"I'm surprised with this match!" Desire said.

"If Naruto would've hit the Cursed Seal it would've ended, I assure you!" said Sandy.

Jake then crawled at Naruto. 1... 2... Naruto kicked out! Naruto then started chopping Jake and hit the Armdrag on him. Naruto then ran and hit the Legdrop on Jake! He covered Jake. 1... 2... Jake kicked out! Naruto started punching Jake but Jake blocked it. Jake then started punching Naruto and they traded punches. Naruto then started punching Jake more times. He ran to the ropes and tried to hit the Frankensteiner... Jake tried to hit the Spinebuster but Naruto landed on his feet, kicking Jake in his face! Then Naruto kicked Jake in the gut and picked him up. He was going for the Cursed Seal... Jake landed on his feet and hit the Dragon DDT! Then he covered as Jason Smith counted. 1... 2... 3!

"Here is your winner... and STILL! The WWT World Heavyweight Champion... American Dragon, Jake Long!" Jacobs said.

Jake got up, crying. The crowd clapped him as Jason awarded him the belt and raised his hand.

"Jake has done it!" Mr. Comanator said. "In an extremely physical match, he has managed to beat Naruto!".

"And he left him a mass!" said Desire. "He always leaves his opponent bloody. That's your champion?"

"Yes, he is the champ." Sandy said. "He's the champ because he beated his challenger".

Jake turned around and then saw Naruto looking at him. They just traded stares. Then Naruto extended his hand. Jake then shook Naruto's hand and hugged him, and then Naruto raised Jake's hand as Jake raised the belt.

"This match ended with a respected note!" said Mr. Comanator. "Good night from San Diego!"

The show ended as Jake and Naruto both posed for the crowd.

Quick results:

WWT National Championship, Ladder match: Bart Simpson (c) def. Captain Youngblood (Results: Ladder match- 46%, Submission match- 30%, Hardcore match- 24%)

WWT Womens Championship: Ino Yamanaka (c) def. Sakura Haruno (Sakura with 41% of the voting)

WWT Tag Team Championship: The Angry Beavers (c) def. Danny Phantom and Kankuro

The Color Rangers def. Skulker, Eric Cartman and Wolfgang (Results: Skulker, Cartman and Wolfgang- 42%, Zaku, Dosu and Neji- 33%, Truman, El Tigre and Jimmy Neutron- 25%)

WWT Television Championship: Kappa Mikey def. Invader Zim (c) (Mikey with 62% of the voting)

Neji Hyugga and Jimmy Neutron def. Squidward and Mr. Krabs

Timmy Turner def. Patrick Star by DQ (Results: Patrick- 54%, Shikamaru and Sasquatch- 23% each)

WWT World Championship: Jake Long (c) def. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto with 62% of the voting)

That's it, guys. Cartoonland is done. That is what you've asked for.

But I can assure you- Nothing is going to be alright.

Something big is going to happen!

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