Talking In Your Sleep

Daryl heard Beth moan and froze in the process of getting a clean change of clothes out of his cell. He had been out hunting for two days, and he was now going to take a shower. Everybody else was outside cooking the meat he had brought back. Hershel had told him to be careful not to wake Beth, because they were letting her sleep in late this morning. She had been on her first supply run yesterday with Rick and Michone. It was successful, but Rick had a close call at the end, barely making it to the car in time. Beth had actually been the one to shoot three walkers, because Rick's gun was out of bullets and Michone was busy fighting off her own walkers. Ironically, they had found a house with a large stash of weapons, and more importantly ammo. They had loaded the car and made one last trip into the house, but they had come out to find a sizable group of walkers between them and the car.

Everything had seemed fine, and the guys had teased Rick about being rescued by a little girl. They had welcomed Beth back as a hero. Later that night, though, she had a nightmare that her gun wouldn't fire while Rick was bitten by the walkers. She had been afraid to go back to sleep until nearly dawn.

Well, Daryl thought, sounds like she found someone to comfort her. He knew it was none of his business, but he was curious to know who was making the girl moan like that. He crept slowly toward her cell and peeked in to see that she was alone and still asleep. She was obviously having some kind of sex dream, and he needed to leave before she woke up and found him there. He moved back out of sight, but he continued to listen to her as he felt himself getting aroused. Now he was acting like a perverted old man, but he couldn't seem to force himself to leave her in private. He had compromised by not looking at her, but listening to her was the hottest thing he had experienced since before the world fell apart.

It wasn't like he hadn't fantasized about some of the women in the group. He was still a man after all, but he had no idea how to approach a woman without offering to buy her a drink. Needless to say, he hadn't heard a woman moan in pleasure like this in a long time. The funny thing was, Beth hadn't even been on his radar as a woman, because she was so young and sweet. Definitely not his type, but now he was growing harder by the second as he listened to her. He knew that he was going to be fantasizing about her as he took his shower and relieved the pressure that was building in his pants.

"Oh, Daryl."

As he heard her call out his name, it was all he could do not to finish himself off right there. He walked stiffly away and picked up the clean change of clothes he had left in his cell. The damn shower had never seemed so far away as it did that day.