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When they both agreed to join the shinobi war, followed up by crashing through several layers of barriers and facing two angered kages. This was not what they expected to happen.

Battling it out with Nagato and Itachi should have been weird and a challenge enough. They almost died in that exchange too, had it not been for Itachi being a life-saver. He singlehandedly took down Nagato, who would have killed Bee and Naruto otherwise.

At least Nagato gave them all some words building their spirits up before they went their own way. They hadn't expected such a fight straight off the bat. Surely they expected to join in on the battlefield, fighting dozen of reanimated Zetzus like any other normal shinobi. They had however, not expected this...

Naruto's eyes widened at the sudden appearance of Tobi escorted by six very unmistaken edo-tensei abused jinchuurikis. It was obvious who was behind this cursed abomination of a jutsu, damn that Kabuto. They all had scars and flesh wounds on their bodies. Their eyes were lifeless as something could ever be, which infuriated him to no end.

He glanced to his right side to his fellow jinchuuriki companion, Killer Bee. He somewhat felt bad for his friend just by watching his face expression. He knew that Bee had personally known some of these people. The only person he knew about personally was Utakata, but that was only for a brief moment during a mission.

The sight of the yondaime mizukage was slightly unnerving too, not that facing six jinchuurikis and Tobi wasn't in the first place.

"Hachibi, Kyuubi, this is as far as you go." the cold voice came from Tobi. Naruto was slightly taken back by his voice, which usually was so cheery and innocent. He obviously knew it was an act. He knew ever since their meeting in the land of iron.

"Naruto, watch out!" the voice from Killer Bee yelled. Naruto watched wide eyed as Tobi came rushing towards him. He sure wasn't afraid to get hurt in close combat, despite having six jinchuurikis guarding him.

Thanks to the speed of his recently acquired bijuu mode by defeating Kurama in battle, he narrowly dodged a blow which might have proved fatal. He jumped a few steps back watching Killer Bee do his part of the work, by slamming a bijuu sized fist towards Tobi.

Too bad his mangekyou sharingan had the annoying ability to phase through items, and most importantly of all, hits and jutsus. He could practically be immune for five minutes straight. An annoying ability.

The next thing happening left him gaping wide eyed. The six reanimated jinchuurikis all started transforming as if on cue. It didn't take long for six bijuus to stand infront of them, with Tobi standing comfortably in the back.

"I am such a pitiful jinchuuriki... I swear I'm the only one that never learned to transform to that extent," he muttered.

"Why does that matter kiddo? We got something that's better than that!" the voice of Kurama boomed in his mind.

'You got something that can help us out? I mean, this speed and extra potent and strong chakra is amazing, but I doubt it can do the job against SIX bijuus.' Naruto grumbled in his mind.

"Oh, just give me control for a minute and I'll get those pesky pests out of our way." Kurama said chuckling. Naruto could only sigh in defeat.

'Do your worst.' he thought back switching sides with Kurama. He had only done this once before, but the feeling was always weird. He would probably never get over the fact someone else was controlling his body.

However, when he watched the work of Kurama he didn't mind all too much. It only took a few seconds for them to be surrounded in a fox shaped yellow chakra form. It was at least a mountain in size, and oozed of power.

'I've got to ask him how he does that some day.' he mused in his mind.

"I'll teach you some other time!" Kurama shouted. Naruto could only shake his head in dismay, even inside his mind he couldn't have any privacy.

He watched the show unfold as Kurama fought together with Hachibi against the enslaved bijuus. However, once Kurama started cursing about lack of control, Naruto was immediately slammed back into his true self.

However, moving around like the big shaped fox didn't prove too hard. It was actually quite easy once you got the hang of it.

Either way, everything just got ten times harder when six bijuudamas was aimed perfectly towards Killer Bee and himself. However, one quick instruction and lots of curses from Kurama got him put into the offense once again.

He moved towards the mouth of the fox forming a seemingly large bijuu rasengan, which he guessed, counted as the bijuudama for them. He watched in awe as the size of his constructed ball of chakra increased by each second, as he kept on charging it up. One warning from Kurama to stop and he jumped back, watching the fox throw the ball away with incredible speed. Naruto couldn't help but stare in awe at his own piece of work. The mere size of the bijuudama was five times the size of everyone elses' bijuudama.

"I'll be damned Kurama, that's quite a dangerous tool," he said, listening to the satisfied and smug chuckles coming from his bijuu friend.

He couldn't really see the results of their work as the whole place was being razed to the ground, by the combination of all the bijuudamas.

It took a while for the dust to settle down, but all that remained was Tobi and six unconscious jinchuuriki in their human form. It was weird though, from reports the people suffering under the edo tensei would never exhaust or run out of chakra. Heck, they couldn't even feel pain. They would also regenerate, and these six people were no excuse to that. So just what was going on?

It was even more unnerving to see Tobi perform hand signs as a giant statue erupted from the ground. It had nine eyes, and he already had suspicions of what this being was.

He was confirmed right as the essence of five of the six jinchuuriki flew towards the statue, forming five eyes in the statue. He watched very surprised as Tobi opened a chest of sorts, as the three last remaining eyes opened as well, which meant he had somehow gotten his hands on chakra of the Ichibi, Hachibi and Kyuubi.

"Yo, nine, this doesn't look fine!" Bee yelled from his side of the battlefield. Naruto only shook his head, this didn't look good at all. It was plain horrible. But he still didn't understand why he left one eye open, and the mizukage stayed behind as his edo tensei. Perhaps he needed protection, and a kage was as good as any.

It only got worse as his fox shaped form disappeared, due to Kurama exhausting himself.

He watched in slight fright, or relief that two people arrived just next to them. Gai and Kakashi had arrived, for whatever reason and how, he didn't know.

"Kakashi-sensei, Gai-sensei, what are you doing here!? It's not really a proper place to be, you know," he somewhat hissed back at them. He wanted to curse them for being reckless idiots for even thinking of going to a huge bijuu battle.

"You know Naruto, those who ab-" Kakashi started.

"Abandon their teammates are worse than trash, yeah, yeah I know. Damn... anyway, we got some problems here. Tobi just summoned some huge statue which somehow absorbed chakra from eight of the bijuus. I don't know how he got his hands on Kyuubi and Hachibi though..." he muttered at the end.

"There have been reports of some brothers from Kumo who lived in the stomach of Kyuubi for two weeks. They had to eat its flesh to survive, and they did. The after effects was similar to a pseudo jinchuuriki, they could call upon the vile chakra of kyuubi to a certain extent." Kakashi explained. "It was reported that they had indeed been reanimated by edo-tensei, which might be the reason Tobi got his hands on kyuubi's chakra.."

"And I might have... lost an arm against that Sasuke guy, but don't worry, we'll work this out like a charm!" Bee said as he jumped next to them.

"Well... that's just fantastic." Naruto said groaning. "So what's next? Juubi? I really don't hope so..."

"It doesn't look like the juubi to me. It seems pretty death to me." Kakashi muttered.

"Don't jinx it!" Naruto shouted, watching as the statue started moving. "I hate you sometimes, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said, sighing.

"Sorry..." Kakashi muttered.

"Okay, just hang on tight! This is gonna be one hell of a ride!" He shouted ignoring Bee's anime tears of joy scribbling down on his note book, before he took off towards Tobi wanting to end this by finishing the summoner off.

To his surprise it wasn't Tobi charging towards him, but the yondaime mizukage Yagura instead.

Kakashi, however was watching wide eyed as Tobi somehow formed a dimensional rift with his mangekyou sharingan. Something Kakashi thought he only was capable of. "Naruto, watch out!" he shouted as he used his own sharingan eye to erase the other rift.

He didn't expect the two rifts to somewhat mix and expand. He could only watch wide eyed as Naruto and the edo tensei'd mizukage got dragged into the rift, watching them fade away as the rift closed.

"Well... damn..." Kakashi muttered.

"Yo bro, Fool ya fool, which side you on?" Bee complained.

From here on out this timeline doesn't really matter.

He impacted at the ground with a loud thud as he groaned in pain. He was lying on the ground for what felt like an eternity with a dizzy mind, not really knowing what was going on.

He coughed as the dust from the impact hit his nostrils. He finally payed attention to his condition as he coughed blood. From a short inspection he noted that his body was anything but normal. It felt shorter and more fragile, as if his legs and arms had been cut in half.

The boy knew that the injuries wasn't faithful despite his dreadful thoughts, but they were painful and annoying nevertheless. However, his injuries was second priority for now, Kurama would always heal a lose limb anyway, but that brought another question. Where the hell was Kurama? And who was this other being inside him?

The thought of Kurama being gone worried him more than he would dare to admit.

He didn't want to think about it. For now his main priority was his body, which wasn't or at least didn't seem like his real body.

His legs and arms were shorter than he remembered them. With great reluctantce he forced his eyes open once again despite the dust aching his eyes, he glanced at his body and gasped in shock. He was right in his conclusion, this didn't feel like his real body, because this wasn't his real body.

The situation was insane in his opinion. He was stuck in a kid's body, or at least he thought so. He ran his hands through his hair, eyes widening in panic at the lack of spiky hair. He ripped a lock of hair out watching in horror at the color, it was light-grey. He ran his fingers over his cheeks looking for whiskers, only to find nothing.

'Just what the hell is going on? This is not my body!'

He came to a weird conclusion in his mind. He was somehow given a new body, which wasn't his real body, which somehow happened as he was sucked into a rift along with Yagura.

Completely, utterly insane and impossible he concluded.

The thought worried him more than he would admit. He had often seen Obito and Madara perform a technique with their eyes, sucking items or persons into their eyes. Nobody knew what happened to the victims of that specific jutsu, and he was still slightly confused even though he was on the recieving end of said jutsu.

He had felt his body stretch to impossible lengths as he swirled into Obito's and Kakashi's rift. It had been a weird and uncomfortable experience, but it had been short and he was grateful for that. He had impacted with the ground shortly after with a younger body, in a forest clearing.

Many things could have happened. He might be in a genjutsu, although the idea was unlikely. Kurama would dispel any genjutsu coming from an Uchiha, the fox simply wouldn't allow the influence of an Uchiha to be near them. But... Kurama was gone... and something else lingered in his body.

He might have arrived in a different dimension for all he knew, or simply been thrown away to a random place in the elemental countries.

He shook his head in denial, that wasn't a possibility. He wasn't stupid, he knew this was hino no kuni, he knew the place from his many travels. Whatever happened had sent him away from his real home into somewhere else entirely.

The hino no kuni he knew was a battlefield, and the smell of smoke and the sound of explosions was lacking.

He sighed forcing his body up in a sitting position but with no succes. His body was clearly hurt, and despite his best efforts the pain would always push him back to the ground.

Being a kid again sucked pretty badly in his opinion.

He didn't know if he should feel relief or worry as he heard a group of people speak not too far away from his location. His impact obviously caused a bit of a commotion, and such a situation would normally be investigated by ninjas.

"...It was over here."

"It doesn't seem like a battlefield in my opinion, it's just a random crater."

"Look! There's somebody down there!"

"Oh kami... it's a kid!" he heard someone shout, he felt like rolling his eyes, if only they knew.

"He needs medical attention," one of them muttered just loud enough for him to hear, "he's obviously wounded. He's in a bad condition."

Naruto forced his eyes open once more, groaning in pain as he opened his mouth trying to speak but to no prevail. He started coughing blood once again, but this time it lasted for quite a while. 'Maybe I underestimated my injuries...'

"The kid is still conscious!" one of them shouted.

"He's obviously in pain, can someone give him some medical attention?" another kunoichi asked.

Naruto didn't try or bother resisting as someone pressed a needle into his skin. He gave a soft moan, seconds later he blacked out welcoming the bliss of sleep.


It was night when he finally woke up. He didn't recognize the area or place specifically. It seemed like a hospital if he had to guess, which someone had been kind enough to bring him to as he healed. The room only contained a table, a chair and a soft bed.

His body had been bandaged which he had to chuckle a bit at. His body looked like a mummy which humored him slightly. He could feel his injuries, but he had felt worse in the past and didn't struggle too much to stand up once again.

As he sat in his bed his mind was running wild with several confusing memories and previous deeds he never remembered having done. The confusing part is, these memories didn't belong to him, but Yagura.

He remember that he is a 7 year old academy student training in Kiri. His name is Kenji Yagura, a prodigy in fact. He's skilled in genjutsu, ninjutsu and kenjutsu.

He is the chosen jinchuuriki of the sanbi, due to his family being closely related with the nidaime mizukage. The people doesn't hate or fear him like in Naruto's time due to his jinchuuriki status remaining secret.

He is the last of his family line as his parents died at a young age. He is an orphan and a pacifist at heart and well mannered.

All these memories didn't bother him too much as he imagined they would. They felt natural, as if they were supposed to be there. He knew everything Yagura considered normal, his favorite food, his hobbies, everything.

He shook his head, despite how clear his head was about being Yagura, the part of Naruto wouldn't believe it. Naruto's memories was lingering in the back of his mind. He could remember several konoha techniques which would obviously raise questions. He knew of akatsuki's deeds, and Yagura's future deeds.

He knew about Yagura's future fate as a puppet to Madara, only now he was Yagura.

The part of Naruto felt like screaming in horror and panic, and the part of Yagura felt curious, and excited. They were two different yet similar beings in the same body.

Naruto could from the memories somewhat compare them to eachother. They were both jinchuuriki. They both preferred peace over bloodshed, and both good natured.

Although they had the same ideals, they were as fire and ice in the personality department. Yagura was calm and collected, Naruto was wild and unpredictable. He couldn't quite decipher whether he was Naruto or Yagura at this moment, but he felt like both.

One thing they had in common was their dislike about being called short. They both had a short fuse, and a temper able to bring a certain Kushina to shame.

A part of him felt like being Naruto through and through, but the logical part told him he should remain as Yagura. He decided then and there, that Naruto's personality had to be pushed back for now. At least for the time being. The knowledge could stay, the more knowledge the better.

He was curious as to what was going on otherwise. He remembered his body being too short for his liking, and decided to investiage. One thing the two personalities could definitely agree on, this was an annoying change in appearance, although it felt normal.

Currently he was looking for a mirror which might give him some insight as to what was going on. Right now, he was slightly more worried than he would ever admit.

As he reached a toilet room he didn't hesitate to enter. What he saw would forever be scarred into his mind. He was looking into a younger version of himself as Yagura. light-grey hair, pink pupiless eye, and definitely the child version of Yagura.

He did the only thing any man would do in such a situation. Or at least the Naruto part of him.

He screamed, which would be hilarious for any of the rookie 9 to watch, but right now Naruto really couldn't find any humor in the situation. After all, who could take such a change easily? He looked like a freaking 7 year old Yagura.

He took a few steps back ripping off the bandages to confirm that this was really him. He felt like crying, "just what happened to me?" he muttered in horror. His blond hair, his blue eyes, whisker marks, they were all gone!

He sat down on the toilet as he rubbed his temples. As he finally calmed down he tried to remember what had just happened. He had landed in a clearing with a hard impact after getting sucked into that kamui along with Yagura.

The only logical point he could come across was that he had taken over Yagura's body. They had both been pulled into the rift, and seeing as Yagura was already dead there was no lifeforce for him to live on.

The rift had to his own conclusions so far, sent him into the past where Naruto wasn't alive yet, and seeing as he didn't exist he had somehow robbed Yagura of his body as the only living being of the two.

"Insane... crazy, and completely utterly insane," he muttered under his breath. He had robbed a freaking mizukage of his body somehow and taken his memories. He felt like a mix of Yagura and himself, the experience was too weird to describe for him.

His eyes shut wide open at that. "Holy... shit..." he muttered as he almost ripped off his shirt. He forced chakra to his stomach as a seal appeared. He almost wanted to cry as the seal appeared. It wasn't the same as the shiki fuin, but completely different.

He quickly went into a meditative stance, he had to check out the possibility of this crazy turn of events. As he did so he appeared inside his mindscape next to a familiar gate. However, the being inside was anything but familiar. It looked like a three tailed turtle sleeping with deep breaths. All Naruto could do was stare wide eyed, mouth agape.

"Damn..." he muttered as he once again left his mindscape.

He went back to his thinking of just what had happened to him. After the hard impact with the ground he had heard a couple of people call out to him. They had seemingly helped him judging by the bandages and what not. His next course of action would be to thank them.

He picked up the bandages and strapped them around his injuries once again, he didn't want to look like a complete idiot ripping off his bandages for nothing.

As he sat down on the bed once again his thoughts ran off to another topic. Kurama was nowhere in sight, or at least wasn't present within him, and the thought unnerved him more than he would admit. He had finally gotten along with his bijuu friend, just to lose him and get a new one?

He didn't want to believe in fate, but sometimes... fate is cruel.

I'll be referring to Naruto as Yagura from now on.

'This probably means Kurama is inside Kushina at the moment.' Yagura thought. He wondered if Kurama shared his knowledge of the future, and if he did, how much would the future change. He really hoped Kurama wouldn't do anything stupid with this knowledge.

"Not that he's able to, he's probably still under lock in a seal," the thought made him smirk in amusement.

His thoughts ran off to something rather personal. His previous clothing didn't hold too much sentimental value, but he still liked the design. He would have to request for the ragged clothes back.

He was slightly more worried about his weapon though. It was a hook-ended staff with a green flower located on the larger end. It was a inherited weapon from his family tree, which assisted the user in water ninjutsu and genjutsu.

The staff was also a part of his close combat style. It wasn't only beneficial for his ninjutsu, but taijutsu and kenjutsu as well. With suiton chakra flow, his strikes would be slamming powerful water strikes wearing down the opponent.

Needless to say, the staff wasn't too important for the Naruto part. But for Yagura, the staff was a very important part of his combat style.

Not much else is known about the weapon, other than it was the nidaime mizukage's creation and a gift to his family tree. He was the last of the line, and inherited the staff. He would have to demand it returned.

He was broken from his musing as someone knocked on the door quickly entering. The sight made Yagura mentally smile, frown and worry.

The man entering the hospital room was none other than Sarutobi Hiruzen, the sandaime hokage. Normally this would be a great sight to behold for Naruto/Yagura, but he wasn't that dumb. He was a different person now, and a jinchuuriki to boot.

The hokage wouldn't visit just any injuried child, just for the sake of visiting. Normally people entering Konoha without allowance would get interrogated. Him being a child probably gained him free access, due to being a child.

The fact that Hiruzen actually took his time to visit him could only mean one thing. He knew about his jinchuuriki status.

"Hello child, how are you?" Hiruzen asked in his usual grandfatherly tone.

The voice almost made Yagura smile, almost. He wasn't stupid, Hiruzen was using a method used on children all the time. He was being kind, warm and welcoming, getting said child to open up.

"I'm fine, thank you. Ehm, sorry for asking, but where am I?" Yagura asked looking out of the window confused.

"You're in Konohagukare no sato, young one."

"Oh..." Yagura muttered a bit wide eyed. "How did I end up here?"

"A few of my shinobi found you on their travels. You were heavily wounded, do you remember what happened to you?" Hiruzen asked.

Yagura shook his head, "no, I'm sorry I can't remember."

"Do you have any family?" Hiruzen asked.

"No, I'm an orphan. My family died when I was young." Yagura replied. "Which reminds me. Did your ninjas somehow pick up my clothes, and staff? The staff holds sentimental value to me as my only family heirloom."

Hiruzen nodded, "your belongings are safe, don't worry about that." Yagura crossed his arms with a satisfied smile and nodded, although he knew the staff was his least bit of worries right now.

He somewhat realised just by crossing his arms with that smile, that he had uncontrollably just used one of Yagura's antics.

"Where is your home?" Hiruzen asked.

"...Kirigakure no sato," Yagura replied nervously with the smile faltering.

"I thought so," Hiruzen said taking a puff from his smoking pipe. "How is kirigakure to you?"

Yagura's eyes narrowed slightly in a thinking pose. "...It's hard to describe. I like Kiri, although the ninjas are harsh. I think the mizukage is slightly, eh, insane," he said rubbing his neck nervously. "Kiri is my home, but I can't say I love it there. People are harsh, there are many poor people. People live in fear, I believe some of them nickname it the bloody mist these days."

Hiruzen nodded at that. "Would you like me to send a message to Kiri that we have found one of their inhabitants, or would you like to stay here? You're not a official ninja yet, after all."

Yagura blinked at that, "sorry sir, but what are you implying? Do you want me to stay here? And why would Kiri care enough about one of their average civilians in Konoha?" 'At least that gives me an alibi for not 'knowing' of my tenant. Yet.'

Hiruzen chuckled. "You're quite a special child, you just don't know it yet. You'll find out some day. What I imply is, do you want to stay in Konoha as a citizen? Perhaps a shinobi?"

'From Yagura's memories, war is soon coming up. It is not unheard of for people to defect to other villages while under pressure, or spy missions where they might grow attached. Jinchuuriki is something completely else though. Hiruzen, you're playing a dangerous game. War is coming up, and this might very well be the catalyst. While I'm not a missing nin, jinchuuriki is still considered a country's property.

"I don't know? You're giving me quite a hard choice sir. I haven't even seen the place yet." Yagura replied.

"I guess you can be set on a trial, sort of. Consider living in the village for a month, and decide afterwards?"

Yagura considered this and nodded. It was an alright deal, and Konoha was far more likable than Kiri, especially in the upcoming times. "I would like that, sir."

Hiruzen once again moved towards the door, "I'll bring you back your belongings tomorrow evening when you'll be checked out. Until then, rest. By the way what's your name?"

"Kenji Yagura, sir. What's your name, and who are you?" Yagura replied.

'A Kenji, huh? Interesting. I haven't seen one of those in ages, he wasn't joking about being the last of a family line.' "Sarutobi Hiruzen, the sandaime hokage." he said chuckling wirth mirth at the wide eyed expression on the kid's face as he left the room.

'I'm a great actor, I still have it in me.' Yagura thought with a mental smirk. Not many could misslead the hokage like that. Still, he didn't lie at all, but he didn't tell a lot of information either. Especially when implying he didn't know of his tenant.

But then again, it's not like a seven year old would have information worth interrogating. How wrong they were.


The next day was quite boring to Yagura. He spent most of the day sitting in the windowsill overlooking Konoha. The view from the window was always a weird sight to behold. This Konoha was different than his own in many ways. This Konoha was larger, bigger and more populated due to being prior to two shinobi wars and a kyuubi attack.

The fact that the Konoha in his time is under rebuilding was a big change as well. Still, the busy Konoha oozing with life gave him a sting of nostalgia. He wanted nothing more than just run out on the streets and perhaps cause mischief and have fun.

However, Yagura's personality kicked in, and he could almost hear Yagura's part mock him about being immature. It felt weird having certain urges, which seemed right and wrong at the same time, but Yagura reasoned it would take time getting used to.

Still, the hokage monument looked extraordinarily weird lacking two heads. He didn't mind the lack of Tsunade's head, since it was fairly new to him. However, the lack of Minato's head looked weird, as if something was very wrong. Minato had after all been his idol for many years as Naruto.

He was taken away from his musing as the door opened and in walked Hiruzen along with a younger looking Jiraiya. He didn't quite know why he was coming along, but shrugged it off.

He knew that some of the higher ups knew of his presence, and his tenant. He was under watch, and he knew it.

"Hokage-sama." Yagura said bowing.

"It's good to see you again Yagura-kun. I brought you your staff and clothing. I took it upon myself to bring a new pair of clothes, with the same design. I must say, it's quite a odd fashion taste you have." Hiruzen said chuckling.

Yagura didn't hesitate to grab the staff and look over the clothes with a smile. "Thank you hokage-sama, but why go to such lengths? I always heard rumors about Konoha being peace loving and too good hearted for their own good. But this is... I don't know, just thank you, really." Yagura said with a smile. "Not that being good hearted is a bad thing, I didn't mean to insult your hospitality."

Hiruzen waved him off as they gave him some privacy to get clothed. Wearing a hospital gown is something most people would dislike.

They returned a few minutes later to see the same kid clothed, and with a eager look. Jiraiya couldn't help but inspect his style, it somewhat reminded him of himself. His own clothing didn't resemble much of a ninja, neither did this Yagura person.

He wore a grey, sleeveless shirt. He also had short-sleeved mesh armour over which he also wears a green poncho along with a light green sash around his waist, paired with a green apron over his pants. He finished the look off with a hook-ended staff with a green flower located on the larger end held firm on his back.

He couldn't help but notice Yagura's eyes either. They were pink with no pupils, almost like foreign Hyuuga eyes. The way he stood as well almost gave him a look of authority, and as far as he could tell, he was a mature kid despite his age.

"This is Jiraiya, one of my former students." Hiruzen explained. "You'll be living with him for this month's trial. However, he's a busy man so you'll probably be on your own quite some time, but I believe you'll behave even when he's not in your presence?"

"Of course hokage-sama. Nice to meet you Jiraiya-san," Yagura said politely with a bow.

"Tsch, no need to be so formal kid. I'll teach you to loosen up eventually," he said giving a firm hand shake. The look Hiruzen gave him wasn't a comfortable one. As if saying 'Don't taint the younger generations with your antics, or else.'

He had obviously been told of the special condition about this kid being a jinchuuriki. That was partly the reason he was his caretaker for the time being. He was pretty good with seals, and should Yagura run wild or the seal fail, he would be there to take care of the problem.

"I see... I'll look forward to your acquaintance, Jiraiya." Yagura said.

'He got quite a vocabulary for someone his age. Still, he needs to loosen up!' Jiraiya thought with renewed determination.

"I'll leave the two of you alone for now. Please do lead him to your borrowed apartment, Jiraiya." Hiruzen said as he left once again.

"...Well come along gaki, we've got stuff to do." Jiraiya said with a gesture to follow.

The evening had been quite uneventful. Jiraiya had simply showed him an apartment which wasn't too big, nor too small. The place seemed decent with a tv, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a toilet, simply just an average apartment.

They had talked for a few minutes while he got used to the place, listening to some sort of house rules which he quickly put back in his mind.

15 minutes later Jiraiya simply left, claiming to have business to do. Yagura didn't pry, nor did he need to. He obviously knew just what Jiraiya was going to do.

He had went to bed slowly after, with a worried and excited mind on what the future might bring. He was given a chance, and quite a cool chance as well.

He had always been a wind user, but Yagura was a prodigy in the making from his memories. He had a water affinity, higher than the average ninja. Apparantly his family was well known for that, almost bordering a kekkei genkai which brought him some dry amusement.

Yagura in his time had after all attempted to wipe out every bloodliner. "Tsch, hypocrit," he muttered shaking his head with a slightly amused smirk.

He was excited for the next day. Jiraiya had told him a bit about this 'trial' and what it includes. He had obviously shown a strong joy for becoming a shinobi, which Hiruzen took in mind. Jiraiya had explained to him that his trial included going to a ninja academy just for that reason. After some thorough explanation Yagura simply shrugged it off, it wasn't like he was nervous. He was excited.

He didn't know when Jiraiya would return from his 'research', nor did he really care. He could take care on his own after all.

Unknown to him, Jiraiya wasn't actually researching, but talking/discussing about Yagura with Hiruzen.


"I understand how much Konoha is gonna benefit from someone like him. His chakra reserves is through the roofs, I dare say he's surpassed Kushina in that field already!" Jiraiya said rubbing his temples. "But this doesn't look like you old man, usually you would send him back to Kiri as a friendly gesture. What gives?"

"Jiraiya. I do know how risky and possibly stupid this is of us. However, nobody knows that he's actually residing in Konoha at the moment, so no trouble will arise for a while. Another reason is reputation." Hiruzen explained.


"Yes. Reputation. The council has been complaining about me being passive, not being aggressive enough, especially in times like these. They claim that I am wasting Konoha's potential, and that it is time to do something drastic. Show the world that we aren't weak." Hiruzen explained.

"By accepting a stranded jinchuuriki? Who knows, the kid might as well have been kidnapped. I dare bet a million ryo that Kiri is in panic right now losing their 'living weapon', and you let this happen, why? Reputation isn't a good enough reason."

"First of all. The fact that there is no clue leading towards Konoha only makes the situation better. Besides, it's not like I forced him into Konoha. If his reaction to my questions had given me the idea he would rather stay in Kiri, I would have sent him back. He told me in a indirect way he's disagreeing with the mizukage's ideals, and their bloody ways overall."

"So it's pity?" Jiraiya said with a smirk, meanwhile shaking his head in amusement.

"Pity? No. I didn't do this out of pity, but I can't deny that this Yagura will live a better life here than in Kiri. Right now his jinchuuriki status isn't well known, only among the two of us, not even Yagura knows. I told the medic to swear on secrecy not to mention of his seal as well, and I doubt she knows what the seal is meant for. As far as shinobis and civilians think, the bijuus are myths. His status is the same as Kushina's, if not more secretive."

"But the moment Kiri takes notice of him, there is hell to pay. They will target Konoha, while portraying us in a bad light."

"Nonsense. All it takes is a public reply from Yagura that he willingly joined Konoha. Every village obviously knows that we subtly hinted for him to join due to being a jinchuuriki. But they can't hint, or pay us back with petty reasons such as revenge for something Yagura willingly chose to do." Hiruzen said.

"Still, it gives a bad light and reputation towards Konoha." Jiraiya said.

"Perhaps not. You're right that we might lose a bit of our 'treehugger' image, but that's about it. We show the outer world that we are serious, and ready to capitalise from their mistakes. Yagura is a sign to the world that we aren't to be taken lightly. Can you ever repeat in history, that a ninja village managed to convince a foreign jinchuriki to join their village?" Hiruzen said with mirth.

"No... but that's because they are so damn secretive. We didn't even know that Yagura was a jinchuuriki, until the nurse accidently discovered a seal while using her medical ninjutsu on his stomach." Jiraiya muttered.

"That fact alone is beneficial to us. Most Kiri ninjas won't know of his burden, and if we're lucky, they might never catch on to us until years later. Besides, war is coming up soon. Most countries won't have time to care of us 'stealing' Kiri's property," he said with clear distaste on the word property.

"This might just be the catalyst for the war start," Jiraiya explained.

"It might be. But I doubt it. Kiri isn't strong enough to open up the war, or charge towards Konoha. Besides, this will only be known as spoils of war within a decade. Don't worry too much about it. How is the kid anyway?"

"He's abnormal for a kid... he's way too intelligent and well mannered. I hate to say it, but he's the opposite of me in that age," Jiraiya said dryly. "He's too mature for his own good. I swear he's like a 7 year old, with a mental age of 50." he joked chuckling.

"As expected of a Kenji." Hiruzen said grinning, "he takes after his family, I don't mind. He will probably loosen up a bit when playing along with friends in the academy. He didn't tell me much, but I dare say that the 'bloody mist' isn't one to treat their jinchuurikis with the well being they deserve. I'm looking forward to see how well developed he is in the ninja arts however."

Jiraiya nodded, "when we talked, he explained his water affinity. Apparantly he already knows suiton ninjutsu, and taijutsu. You know, you might as well have found someone that willingly would learn from your bo staff practise. Most of his fighting style revolved around that staff, genjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu. Everything."

Hiruzen smirked, "perhaps. I'll be looking forward to the future then. It's a long time since someone challenged me in a bo staff spar. Perhaps, too long." Jiraiya just smirked.

"His water affinity is better than the average ninjas, he said."

Hiruzen nodded at that, "the Kenji clan was known for that. Some people claimed it to be a kekkei genkai, others claimed it to be pure talent. Not many except the elder generations knows, but suiton ninjutsu always came easy to them. Anyway, was there anything else you wanted to discuss?"

Jiraiya shook his head, "not really, no. I'm just making sure you didn't mess up," he smirked. "I'll be leaving then, I got a kid to take care of I suppose. Although, he really needs to loosen up."

Hiruzen simply shook his head as Jiraiya left the room. "I wonder when it's time to tell Yagura about his burden... either way, things are certainly gonna get interesting in the future," Hiruzen muttered with a grim expression thinking about the future war.

"Hopefully this is a good choice..." with that said, Hiruzen once again continued his work to his best ability.