I'm still working on The 20 Primarchs story, but I just had to let this out. Enjoy and Review. I also got the idea from the Dornian Heresy by Bolter and Chainsword.

In the Mid M31 the Emperor of Mankind's Great Crusade to unite all of humanity across the galaxy came to a tragic end. It all began with the Ullanor Crusade. The Ullanor Crusade was a vast Imperial assault on the Ork empire of the Overlord Urrlak Urruk during the Great Crusade of the early 31st Millennium. The Ullanor Crusade marked the high point of the Great Crusade's vast effort to reunite the scattered colony worlds of humanity. The Orks of Ullanor represented the largest concentration of Orks ever defeated by the military forces of the Imperium of Man at that time. During the mighty celebration on Ullanor, the Emperor announced that He would return to Terra, and that Horus, Primarch of the Luna Wolves would command the Great Crusade in His stead.

Some say that the Ullanor Declaration was where the seeds of disaffection were planted among the Primarchs, with one of their number being so publicly elevated above the rest. In truth, the rot had started long before. Because one of those Primarchs was Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists, felt jealous of his brothers. Even though he was given the honor of standing by his father's side, his lack of participation in the field of battle gave his legion less of a reputation then it did for his brothers. However Dorn kept this dark emotion to himself. More horrible things occurred during the Council of Nikaea disputes over the use of psychic powers came to a head at Nikaea, with legions vehemently split over their use. The Emperor's final ruling, and the special concessions he gave to the Thousand Sons, enraged Primarch Leman Russ and his Space Wolves Legion. They saw Nikaea as a terrible mistake, and secretly vowed to save the Emperor from himself.

On the feral world of Davin, Warmaster Horus was struck down by a mysterious contagion, which baffled the finest of the legion's apothecaries. During his recovery, Horus attended an initiation ceremony of one of Davin's primitive warrior lodges, known as the Hall of the Knife of Bone, after which the Warmaster's condition dramatically worsened to critical. After the Ullanor Declaration, the cracks began to appear. It was in fact an act of possession by a powerful warp entity, although at the time the concept of the daemonic was widely regarded as errant superstition. Only with the aid of the psychic might of the psychic Primarch Magnus the Red of the Thousand Sons, and spiritual counseling from Primarch Lorgar of the Word Bearers, could the entity finally be cast out. Having narrowly escaped their snare, the Ruinous Powers turned their attentions elsewhere for a new champion.

When Horus had slipped from their clutches, the Ruinous Powers had moved to groom another for the role of Arch-Betrayer. Rogal Dorn was chosen for his potential to bring the entire Imperium crashing down. They preyed upon and magnified his feelings of jealousy at being passed over as Warmaster, despite being loyal to his father and assisting him in his numerous ventures. Dorn had sought to drown out these shameful doubts of his father's judgment and withdrew into his private quarters on Inwit the planet where he grew up. But as the pressure increased, he spent longer and longer in his private quarters, until eventually it unhinged his mind, and the Pantheon of Chaos claimed him. He was not beholden to one, but to the glory of Chaos Undivided.

Back on Prospero, Magnus begins to have strange visions of betrayal and war. Unsure of this he meditated and continued to try and figure what these images meant. Dorn first set his eyes on Russ, who he knew was still unhappy with the choice the Emperor made about psykers. He used words of deceit on the Primarch, that the Emperor was being manipulated by Magnus, who saw Russ as a fool and a drunk. The rage within the Space Wolves Primarch became more and more potent, making a path for Khorne to claim the legion as his own. The raging thoughts soon led to one conclusion: the only way to stop Magnus was for Russ to go against his father's wishes and attack Prospero, annihilating the Thousand Sons legion.

Russ launched a massive invasion onto the planet of Prospero, catching the Thousand Son's fleet unprepared. However Magnus alongside Ahriman took command of the situation and managed to repel the attackers. But the Space Wolves had already begun to dig deep into the powers of the Warp, summoning daemons of Khorne to attack the planet. The more they attacked the rage inside them grew and their bloodlust too with Russ proclaiming his loyalty to the Blood God while standing on top of a pile of corpses. It was so much that soon many of them were nothing more then mindless beasts. In order to by time, Magnus and his veterans stood against the oncoming attack while the rest of the legion took as many of their books and other relics onto their ships, as well as evacuating civilians. Once all was done, Magnus let out a psychic blast to push back the enemy, allowing himself and his veterans to escape onto the remaining ships.

During that time Dorn set his eyes on the next key player for his soon-to-be rebellion: Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, the largest Space Marine Legion. With Gulliman's large forces, Dorn would have a bigger advantage of striking against the Emperor. However the problem lies with how to bring Guilliman to Dorn's side due to his loyalty to the Emperor. So what Dorn did was simple, by using his influence of being at the Emperor's side, Dorn managed to cut off various trade routes with Ultramar in order to make Guilliman believe that the Emperor was trying to starve the mini-empire. Despite this however the Ultramar managed to keep going due to Guilliman's leadership so Dorn was force to use more drastic measures. With his legion's first company along with the powers of Chaos, Dorn began directing multiple Ork raiding parties and warp storms throughout the Eastern Fringe, forcing Guilliman's legion to spread itself to various places to maintain order. Guilliman tried to call for aid from the rest of the Imperium but due to Dorn's actions and constant warp storms, no aid came.

Once Dorn believe that the time was right he led his legion towards Ultramar to lend his aid to Guilliman. This made the Ultramarine Primarch owe a great debt to Dorn, and Dorn used that to his advantage by spewing lies mixed with the powers of Chaos into Guilliman's head; that it was the Emperor who was responsible for the Eastern Fringe's dilemma. The Emperor feared Guilliman's mini-empire and the Primarch's influence over the rest of the Imperial forces. At first Guilliman didn't believe it, but the more Dorn spoke, combined with the deadly whispers of the Chaos Gods, the more made sense to Guilliman. Soon Guilliman sided with Dorn in his rebellion to liberate humanity from the 'Corrupted Emperor'

Soon Dorn began to corrupt several of the other Primarchs to his side. With Jaghatai Khan he gave him a daemon sword of Slaanesh, with the daemon within slowly corrupting the Primarch to Chaos. After that Vulkan and Jonson followed shortly afterwards. Under Dorn's command Guilliman would publicly declare himself independent of the Imperium, supported by Jonson, Khan and Vulkan. Meanwhile Dorn would appear loyal to the Emperor in order to have some of his legion move into the Imperial Palace unopposed while he would continue to corrupt more of his brothers. As said he managed to persuade three more Primarchs to his side; Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hand, who though he did not follow Chaos seem to have other goals that would make him betray his father. Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guards joined after, the Primarch's desire to cure his legion of their rapid mutation outweighing his common sense and loyalty to the Emperor. And finally Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels joined, in order to bring a rule for mutants.

When the time came, Guilliman and his allies declared themselves independent of the Imperium and began to conquer Imperial worlds, after removing parts of their legion who were loyal to the Emperor. Under the command of Luther of the Dark Angels, the surviving loyalists managed to escape the massacre and went into hiding afterwards. Meanwhile Dorn had kept the four legions' location hidden from Imperial forces for awhile, so that he could gain forces from the rest of the Imperial Army and Titan legions. Finally the loyalists arrived to Terra and warned the Emperor of what transpired. Soon Guilliman and his fellow traitors were revealed to the public. They were identified at being present at his newest conquest, the fifth planet of the Istvaan system. This was set to be the place that the Imperium would crush the rebellious Primarch and his dreams of an independent domain. With Horus still recovering after Davin, the Emperor assumed authority back onto the Imperium's military. In order to repel the Ultramarines, White Scars and Salamanders, the Emperor summoned the might of nearly half his legions to the task: Death Guard, Imperial Fists, Emperor's Children, Raven Guard, Iron Hand, Blood Angels and the World Eaters. Dorn was put in charge of the attack on the Ultramarines and had thought up with a simple strategy. The Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Blood Angels and Raven Guard would make planet fall first. Their stated intention was to draw an ever-tightening ring of steel around Guilliman and the other traitors, so that the Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children would be able to sweep in from orbit and land the crushing blow.

The second wave found the drop-zones to be heavily fortified killing grounds, well garrisoned by the three traitor legions. The three legions took horrendous losses fighting their way to link up with their allies, only for their supposed brothers to open fire on them in an act of base treachery. For now was the time that Dorn and the other three traitors revealed their true intentions and alongside their fellow traitors. The White Scars, Blood Angels, Salamanders, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard, Iron Hand and Ultramarines decimated the loyalist legions and loyalists within their own legions during the planet-fall. It was only the value effort of the World Eaters, led by their Primarch Angron, did some of the forces of the loyalist legions escape. The World Eaters acted as a rearguard for the Death Guards and Emperor's Children, causing the legion to take the most damage during the fight. In his final moments Angron gave Kharn, Captain of the World Eater's 8th Company and his prize pupil, one of his chainaxes, Gorechild, and then left him in command of the surviving World Eaters. Those were Angron's last words as his legion watched their Primarch jump back into the mist of traitors, killing many, in order to buy the last batch of survivors' time to escape. He met his end at the combine hands of Vulkan and Khan, the World Eater Primarch's battle prowess forcing the two traitors to attack together in order to kill him.

Word soon reached Dorn from Russ that the Space Wolves had given themselves to Khorne and thus sided with Dorn and was raiding worlds towards Terra. With four legions already crippled by this treachery, the only legions that could possible aid to the Emperor were the Sons of Horus, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, and Word Bearers. However the Night Lords remained unaccounted for, since they had disappeared along with their Primarch after a brief scuttle between Konrad and Dorn and so their location was unknown.

However Dorn did have one advantage over the Emperor; Dorn had left a contingent of some of his most loyal and skilled marines back on Terra within the palace. The moment Dorn sent word back to them, the marines began taking over the Imperial Palace, fighting against the other forces within such as the Custodians. The plan was to keep the Emperor trapped within his own palace while the traitors arrived to besieged Terra. Also thanks to Dorn's actions, the other loyal legions that were still intact were not yet aware of what had transpired on Isstvan V. Terra was completely vulnerable.

But there was one variable that Dorn had forgotten; the Night Lord's location, which was none other then Terra. The reason behind Konrad's dispute with Dorn is that one of Konrad's visions was of this event and thus he had tried to stop it by killing Dorn. But when his attempt failed, Konrad and his legion fled to avoid being captured by Imperial Forces and moved through the shadows carefully avoiding the traitor's eyes while heading towards Terra to warn the Emperor. At the same time he sought out Alpharius, Primarch of the Alpha Legion, the only other Primarch who had showed suspicion towards Dorn's actions. After telling Alpharius of what he learned, along with survivors of Dark Angels loyalist that Konrad had found during his wanders, led by Luther who told the two Primarchs of what transpired on Istvaan, the Alpha Legion Primarch realized of the horror that was befalling on the Imperium. While the Alpha Legion was sending word to the remaining loyalist legions, Konrad and a handful of his elite marines infiltrated the Imperial Palace and killed all of the Imperial Fists within the Palace just a few minutes after Dorn's men began their takeover. Thanks to Konrad the palace and Terra was still under Imperial control. Soon the Sons of Horus, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers arrived thanks to the call from Alpharius. Speaking of which, the Alpha Legion was doing multi attacks on the traitor forces spread across the Imperial space in order to assist other loyal forces to head towards Terra to prepare for its defense. They had also managed to separate the Ultramarine fleet away from the rest of the traitor forces, their quick attacks hindering the larger legion's advance. This made Guilliman's legion separate from each other due to the quick attacks, reducing the Primarch's forces in half.

The Traitor Legions soon arrived to Terra and began a full-scale assault. The White Scars terrorized the civilians and took over the majority of the Space Ports allowing more traitor forces to land. The Imperial Fists, led by the Captain of the 1st Company, Sigismund along with the Salamanders, Dark Angels, Blood Angels and the Raven Guard assaulted the Imperial Palace, fighting against the Sons of Horus, Word Bearers and Iron Warriors. At the Imperial Gate, Lorgar held back the tides of Chaos and even managed to banish a Bloodthirster, a Greater Daemon of Khorne. The Iron Warriors took great pleasure in repelling their long time enemies the Imperial Fists, countering any type of attack the traitors tried to use. The Night Lords divided their forces and spread discord among the traitor Guardsmen, causing many to flee in terror and raising moral for the loyalist. Abaddon, Captain of the Sons of Horus 1st Company took command of all scattered forces in the city while his Primarch commanded from the Imperial Palace. While those forces fought on Terra, the Iron Hands attacked Mars, cutting the Adeptus Mechanicus from assisting Terra. But the arrival of the Alpha Legion, led by Alpharius and Omegon, managed to assist the tech-priest into pushing back Ferrus's forces. One half of the Alpha Legion fought on Mars, while the other half went to Terra, assisting the defenders in causing discord within the traitor's ranks and regrouping loyalists. Their tactics of multi strikes allowed Imperial forces on both Mars and Terra to link up and confuse the enemy. Not only that but thanks to the combine tactics of Abaddon and Alpharius, other Imperial Loyal Forces managed to land on Terra safely to fight against the traitors.

Back on Terra two great blows against the traitors happened. Corax, the Raven Guard Primarch, along with his legion's 1st Company had managed to infiltrate the palace in order to assassinate the Emperor. But he had not expected Konrad to appear, along with his personal Honor Guard. In a battle of stealth, terror and blades, the end results were Konrad and his men standing over the fallen body of most of Corax's men, with said Primarch heavily injured by the Night Haunter and dragged to safety by his surviving marines. Back at the front of the Imperial Gates, Sanguinius lead an air assault on the Imperial Palace, hoping to break the defenses with the sudden attacks of drop pods. But when he and his marines made landfall, the Angel was met with the sight of an armed Horus and his veteran marines. The two former friends, brothers and comrades fought with such rage and power that the very ground underneath them shook and crack. But the end results were Horus breaking both of Sanguinius's wings and then landing the finishing blow by plowing his power claw through the Blood Angel Primarch's chest, killing the traitor. Horus then threw the body of the fallen Angel towards the traitors, a message saying that 'Traitors shall know thy wrath!" These two victories greatly boosted morale among the defenders.

But the traitor forces were reinforced by the arrival of the Space Wolves Legion. Russ's legion was the first to make landfall and began slaughtering thousand of people, soldiers and citizens alike, all to sate his own lust of blood. Despite this Dorn wanted to completely ravage the planet, and thus he turned more daemonic. Soon portals all over the planet opened and daemons poured out and assaulted the Imperial forces. However Horus placed Pertuabo in charge of the palace's defenses while he was organizing the forces in the nearby cities. Horus knew that the only one who could match Dorn in a battle of sieges was the Primarch of the Iron Warriors. And as he thought Pertuabo managed to keep the forces of Chaos out of the Imperial Palace, taken little casualties as he used the now deranged minds of the Chaos forces to his advantage.

However the constant wave of daemons appearing all over the planet was becoming a problem for the defenders as the overwhelming numbers began to take their toll. That is when the Emperor used his trump card. By binding a portion of his conscious with the Astronomican, he managed to unleash a huge psychic blast. The blast wiped out all the daemons on the planet, reducing the traitor legion's forces to half and leaving them stunned and easy targets for the defenders. This raised morale to the loyalist and other Imperial forces and gave them the determination to push the invaders back. Despite that, the traitors still had the numbers and managed to keep their position despite the loss of daemons. Also Guilliman, after rounding up most of his scattered legion, had arrived, and thus were able to increase Dorn's forces to fight back.

But just as all hoped seemed loss, word reached the Emperor that the World Eaters, Death Guards, Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children legions would be arriving in a few days, having finished bringing up their legions back to their original numbers. With their current forces holding back the invaders, with said force's ships all enclosed around Terra, the reinforcements would completely surround the traitors and wipe them out in an instant. But the Emperor decided that a decisive attack against the traitors was required in order to get an absolute victory. With the Night Lords legion, Konrad Curze launched an assault on Dorn's fortress ship; the Phalanax their intention was to disable their shields thus allowing the Emperor's strike force to board and kill Dorn. The plan work, soon the ship's shield went down and the Emperor, along with Horus's legion, the Sons of Horus veteran marines, the Emperor's Custodians and the Night Lords, teleported onto the ship to face Rogal Dorn himself. But the powers of Chaos had separated them aboard the ship, forcing them to push through traitors in order to reach Dorn's personal chamber.

When the Emperor and his Custodians arrived, the sight that greeted him was not a pretty sight. Standing before him was a completely corrupted Dorn, and lying before his feet was Konrad Curze, dead. Enraged at the death of so many of his sons, the Emperor charged Rogal Dorn and the two began a duel that would be legend. When Horus arrived hours later, he discovered Dorn and Konrad's lifeless forms and the Emperor in a near death state. Moving quickly Horus retrieved both Konrad's body and the Emperors as he and his marines fought their way out of the ship back to Terra.

By the time the other loyalist legions arrived to Terra the battle was already over. With the death of their Primarch, the Imperial Fists, now under the command of the legion's 1st Company Captain, Sigismund were in full retreat. Soon the now invigorated Imperial Forces who were chasing after the traitor legions and began pushing them back. Taking command of the Imperium, Horus put Pertuabo in charge of leading the other legions to push the traitors to the Eye of Terror, while Horus and Lorgar's legions reclaimed lost Imperial worlds. Magnus's legion was given the task of sealing the portals across the world. While they were doing that Horus integrated his father's body into the Astronomican. This allowed the Emperor to make warp-travel easier for his people.

As for the surviving loyalists of the Traitor Legions, there was much deliberation of what to do with them. Eventually under Horus's command, they would be reorganized to form an organization that would help protect the Imperium from threats of aliens, daemons and traitors, both outside and within mankind. Under the command of Luther and Cypher, the Inquisition was born. And after that came the birth of a Space Marine Chapter created directly from the gene-seed of the Emperor. They would be called the Grey Knights, a chapter of psykers born to fight the forces of Chaos.

The greatest battle after the Heresy was reclaiming the worlds on the Eastern Fringe, with Guilliman now trying to fortify his rule and forces. But the combined forces of the Imperial Army, led by Alpharius and Fulgrim, managed to overwhelm the already disorganized Ultramarines and traitor Imperial forces. However it was Fulgrim who gave the killing blow, by beheading Guilliman, in what he claimed to be revenge for the lives lost on Istvaan IV. Horus then offered the now free Ultramar to Fulgrim as thanks for killing another traitor. However the Phoenix bestowed the gift to Alpharius; for if it were not for the Alpha Legion in holding back the Ultramarines during the siege of Terra as well as guiding loyalist to the planet to aid in the defense, then they might not have reached this far. And so the Alpha Legion made Ultramar their new home and was renamed Hydratron.

Horus decided that a codex had to be created in order to make sure such horrors would never happen. And so the Codex Astartes were created, ordering the loyalist legions to split off into chapters. While the legions would retain the strict number of 10,000 marines, their descendents would only have 5,000 marines. At first many of the Primarchs rejected this offer, mostly Pertuabo, Lorgar and Mortarion. But Alpharius and Fulgrim supported Horus's decision while only Magnus remained neutral. Only the legions that had lost their Primarchs willingly split their legions into chapters and slowly the rest followed. The Thousand Sons specifically were so low on marines, that they were only able to create one chapter. The chapter was called the Blood Ravens based off of a prophecy by Magnus, and 4th Fellowship Sergeant, Revuel Arvida, became the first Chapter Master.

Back with Magnus, the Thousand Sons Primarch had made a startling discovery on Terra. In his efforts to revive his father, the Emperor communed with the Primarch that his soul was now in the warp, being reborn as a new god, the Star Child. He also confided with Magnus about the existence of his sons, the Sensei. This led too two outcomes: One was that Magnus now set out to find these sons of the Emperor, and the other was Lorgar created the Ecclesiarchy to worship the Star Child as the Imperium's god.

During the 1st Black Crusade, launched by the new Warmaster of Chaos, Sigismund, Pertuabo of the Iron Warriors was critically injured in combat when fighting against a force of Traitor Terminators. Fortunately his First Captain, Forrix, along with Pertuabo's Honor Guards arrived in time to pull their Primarch out of combat. However the injuries Pertuabo sustained would force him to command his legion as well as other Imperial Forces from the back as he had been infected by a Nurgle Poison. While the poison was not killing him or corrupting him, thanks to the intervention of Magnus and Lorgar, it would be centuries until the Iron Warrior's Primarch could once again charge into battle.

(Status of the Legions and Primarchs as well as concerning their Homeworlds and Colors)

Horus remained on Terra, in command of the High Lords of Terra and the Inquisition. The Chapter Masters of the Sons of Horus would remain on their homeworld Cthonia, and would recruit from that world and from Terra as well. Due to his shame of being unable to save the Emperor, Horus had his legion's color changed to black and renamed them the Black Templars. The Primarch and his legion are hailed as heroes of the Imperium, for reuniting the shattered empire back together and maintaining order for the past few millennia. One of the greatest Sons of Horus marines is Abaddon, Captain of the First Company and later on the First Chapter Master. Their Battle Cry is, "For Horus, No Pity Shown! For the Emperor, No Mercy Given!"

After the horror of the Drop Site Massacre and the lost of their Primarch and so many of their captains, the World Eaters were very undermanned. But it was thanks to the survival of Kharn, Captain of the 8th War Company and Angron's prized disciple, that the legion endured. Under his leadership the World Eaters managed to gather more marines from their planet and return to the Imperium to drive the traitors towards the Eye of Terror. Today they remain on their homeworld Nuceria, where they get their recruits as well as from nearby worlds. To show respect to their Primarch's final stand, they added red to their blue and white colors. To many Imperial Guards regiments, the World Eaters are a brave legion, willing to take on impossible odds at close range. They never back down from a fight and have a determination that would make their Primarch proud. In fact all of their successor chapters look up to Angron's teachings. The Death Guard and Emperor's Children legions, for sacrificing his life so Fulgrim and Motarion could escape, also respect Angron. Their battle cry is, "Glory for the Emperor and Angron! Victory for the Imperium and Mankind!"

The Night Lords continue using their tactics of ruthless fighting in honor of their Primarch. They still only recruit from Nostramo, but make sure that the candidates aren't criminals that would shame the legion. Their armor remains the same except they've added gold and white lightning. The legion and their successors have gained much infamy amongst their enemies and people of the Imperium due to their ruthlessness. Also their numbers have decreased due to the malfunctions of the gene-seed and low number of good recruits on their homeworld, and issue addressed to Horus in order to solve it. Despite their ruthless tactics Konrad is looked upon greatly by many of the people of the Imperium for defending them during the siege of Terra. Their Battle cries are usually words of terror and horror over the enemy's communication frequencies or a more common one is, "For the Night Haunter!"

The Word Bearers remained on their homeworld Colchis, though most of their fleet remained in orbit. Their planet also became the center of the Ecclesiarchy led by Lorgar, creating many faithful recruits for the legion. The legion is also responsible for educating newly conquered worlds in the laws of the Imperium and the teachings of the Star Child. The Word Bearers changed their black armor to tan, red and gold with parts of their Holy Scriptures written on them. They are the most zealous of the loyalist legion, second only to the Sons of Horus. Their war cry is usually a line from their holy scriptures or sometimes, "For the Emperor and the Star Child!"

The Iron Warriors are now fleet base, though they still recruit from Olympia and nearby worlds. They now act as a Crusading Fleet and can mobilize their forces anytime. Though their armor is the same they have added gold and danger stripes onto their armor. They fight more determinedly now and have made Pertuabo's Battle Barge flagship their new mobile Fortress-Monastery, calling it the Iron Blood is where a recovering Pertuabo is usually seen, when not on his homeworld. The legion usually assists with new forward technology and inventions for the Imperium for both the Imperial Military and civilian uses. Their war cry is "Iron Within, Iron Without!"

The Death Guard continued to recruit from their homeworld on Barbarus, with Motarion usually at his palace watching over the new recruits. They still retain their normal armor color. He usually participates in campaigns and crusades more directly then any of the other Primarchs. Unlike other legions and chapters the Death Guard do not possess a war cry. They have been renowned for protecting civilians during battles while being on the bad side of noble families and government officials. They are also on good terms with the Imperial Guards but hold distaste towards Commissars and corrupted military officers.

Fulgrim still leads the Emperor's Children Legion and they still recruit from Chemos. Though they are still the smallest of the loyalist legions, the Emperor's Children have shown their skills in the battlefield, especially their former brothers the Iron Hand legion. Their armor color has change to purple with lilac and gold. Whenever sightings of the Iron Hand are mentioned, the Legion moves in to stop them. The veterans of the Emperor's Children are given golden helmets to represent their loyalty to the Emperor. They rarely work with other Imperial forces, even other Space Marine Chapters. Still despite that they have proven themselves as formidable warriors in battle. Their war cry is "Children of the Emperor" or "Death to his foes!"

With their homeworld Prospero destroyed, the Thousand Sons have now become a fleet base legion, recruiting from nearby worlds. They still posses a large number of psykers, who are constantly taught about the warp. They along with their successors, especially the Blood Ravens, revere Prospero as a holy planet and hold a death feud against the Space Wolves. Any chance they get to face the traitor legion, they take it without any hesitation. Due to Magnus being away with his personal guard, a Chapter Master is always left in charge of the legion aboard the mobile fortress monastery, Herumon. They are the only legion that is look upon with prejudice by some worlds of the Imperium due to their psychic powers. But the majority of the Imperium still see them as heroes for discovering the Star Child's existence. Their armor color is now red, white and green. Only the honor guard and librarians and Chapter Master still retain red and gold armor. Their wary cry is "Knowledge Is Unparallel!"

And finally there was the Alpha Legion. Though they have their own sector to recruit from, the legion still remains as a fleet base legion. While Omegon secretly commands the legion aboard the ships, Alpharius publicly commands them from Macragge. Their armor color has changed to blue-green silver, the color of arcane. During battles they have become famous for their multi-strikes against enemy forces and thus lowering casualty numbers. Their battle cries are "For the Emperor!" or "For Hydratron!" along with other Imperial war cries.

Soon information about the Traitor Legions came in. The Imperial Fists, now renamed the Black Legion as a sign of their breaking from the Imperium, is still led by Sigismund, the current Chaos Warmaster. He uses his power and presence to keep the legion together and commands them from the Phalanx aided by his second-in-command, Alexis Polux, a former Imperial Fist captain. Sigismund sends out fleets of the legion's warbands commanded by powerful Chaos Lords of his choosing. He hopes to one day finish what his master, Rogal Dorn, started and destroy the very foundation of the Imperium. Like they originally had before the betrayal, the legion is the bitter enemies of the Iron Warriors and now the Sons of Horus, who they blame for halting their victory millennia ago. The legion's colors have changed to a dark black with golden trims and the symbol is now similar to their original but now has the mark of Chaos on it. Their battle cries are "Death to the False Emperor!" And "We are the Fist of Chaos!"

After the death of their Primarch and loss of Ultramar, the Ultramarines were loosely united by the command of their Chapter Master, Marius Gage as they fled towards the Eye of Terror. But soon infighting broke out between the legion, now divided into three by Marius Gage, former 7th Company Captain Lysimachus Cestus, and former 4th Company Captain Remus Ventanus. These three soon caused the legion to break off into more warbands, nearly destroying the legion. However, from current information gathered, a Chaos Lord of Marneus Calgar, who plans to unify the legion once more and launch an attack on Hydratron, commands the largest warband. The legion's colors have changed to darker blue and black trims. Their mortal enemies are the Alpha Legion and Emperor's Children. Their battle cry is, "Death to All who stand in Our Way!"

Vulkan has become a Damon Prince of Nurgle and resides over the greatest Plague planet. He still commands his legion; sending plague fleets out into the material and attacking civilize worlds. There they infect the planet with their toxic gases or burning everything down with their acid green flames. Much of the Imperial science has been put into an effort to counteract these poisons as well as ways to destroy the rot and mutations within the traitor's bodies. Their colors are now a darker tainted green, charred color, along with flame colors. Their archrivals are the World Eaters, for Vulkan killing Angron. Their battle cry is, "Defile all!"

With the death of Sanguinius the Blood Angels have become broken, and though there are various warbands, two marines have both declared themselves to be the true heirs to the Angel. One is Raldoron, former First Captain of the legion and the other is Azkallon, the Herald of Sanguinius's Honor Guard the Sanguinary Guards. The two, in their desire to succeed their Primarch in command of the legion, have begun an inner civil war amongst each other, as well as fighting other legions. At the beginning of the 41st Millennium, a third warlord, named Dante, has risen and challenged the right as the chosen leader of the Blood Angels. The legion has changed their colors to a darker shade of red, with white and gold trims. Their battle cry is, "For the Crimson Angel!" or "We cover the sky in blood!"

Russ has become a Daemon Prince of Khorne and resides on a daemon world within the Eye of Terror that is similar to Fenris. But after the battle of Skratthaxi, caused by Bijorn the Betrayer, his legion has scattered, forming into various warbands and setting out into the galaxy to pillage worlds and leave a path of death and carnage for their new god. There have been many reports that now warbands of this legion, called Wolf Packs, of veteran marines riding on top of demonic wolves, giving them an even more intimidating appearance when charging into battle. Their armor has changed to a darker grey metal along with dark gold trims and wolf like designs, wolf fur and other trophies. Their battle cry is, "The Hunt Begins!" or "Blood for the Blood God!"

After becoming a Daemon Prince, Khan abandoned his legion in exchange of living on a world of absolute Pleasure within the Eye of Terror, a place that all White Scars desire to go to. The legion now uses their desire for fast attacks to further fuel their own lust for treasures and the killing of others. Like many of the other traitor legions, the White Scars have split into various warbands since they no longer have the leadership of their Primarch, and move about the galaxy attacking worlds, ships and anything with people for slaves or items for the taking. While still retaining their armor's white color, it has been mixed with purple, along with gold and black trims. Many of the veterans of the legion now wear the flesh of their victims. The battle cry of the legion is, "Take All! Leave None!"

The less inform legion is the Iron Hands. While it is unsure if they have pledge their allegiance to Chaos, it is clear that they are not above from fighting with Imperial Forces. They are rarely seen; the only times they are spotted is when they are raiding a Forge World or have been spotted on worlds where once advance civilizations resided. Also unlike the other legions, the Iron Hands do not reside in the Eye of Terror, seeming to prefer to avoid it unless absolute necessary. And it appears that many of them have bionic body parts on them, which either means that they lost said parts in battle or have merely replaced the mutations that Chaos's influence gives them. Either way they continue to replace flesh with metal. Speaking of which, it is still unconfirmed with Ferrus Manus even still leads the legion; but there have been reports from time to time of a massive metal being leading large raids, possessing unspeakable powers that only a Primarch or the Emperor could face. Their colors are now a darker black and much of their body is bionic. They also don't possess, or any known, battle cries.

The Raven Guards have begun raids of terror amongst the worlds of the Imperium and of other races. Corax, now a Daemon Prince, has fled into the Eye of Terror to heal his wounds from Konrad while what remains of his legion now goes off into the material to raise hell for all life. The Raven Guards are also the only legion that seems to welcome the mutations that Chaos's influence gives to its servants. However they still utilize their stealth attacks, all the while abducting people to be used in their experiments and to strengthen their forces. The armor has changed to a dark grey black, with red and white trims. Their battle cry is, "Mortem Tenebras" (Death from the Shadows!)

The last legion, the Dark Angels, are the most mysterious, second only to the Iron Hands. After becoming a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Jonson has now settled onto the Planet of Sorcerers within the Eye of Terror. However soon after they came into the Eye of Terror the legion began to suffer mutations, not rapid mutation but still fast enough to bring concern to the legion. However using the dark spells found on Caliban, Jonson and his sorcerers managed to cast a powerful spell over their legion. While the mutations have stopped changing rapidly, the marine's flesh are now fused with their armor, but still leaving them conscious. Their agendas are unknown however there have been a few guesses that they are either trying to hunt down their loyalist brothers that were Cypher, whom was separated from Luther during the massacre, and were saved by the Emperor through the Warp or to find ancient artifacts for their own purposes. Whatever the case may be they are careful to remain out of sight. Their armor has changed from black to a dark green with purple, gold and blue markings over the armor and black trims. Their battle cry is, "None Shall Escape!"

The Imperium is still hostile towards alien races, but it is not zealous hate. The Imperium is now a place of religion, science, knowledge and power as its warriors defend it from the threats of the galaxy, and sometimes within as well.

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