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Chapter 1

The night is anything but quiet, a myriad of noises following the lithe figure walking down the sidewalk. Cats in the garbage, prostitutes soliciting, wolf whistles from men exiting bars, and the occasional car passing fill the air. He's just gotten off work, his time spent in the hospital wearing him down to the point he barely hears the ruckus. Ichigo is a prodigy among the medical field, twenty-one and already one of the most talented doctors. It didn't hurt that it runs in the family, nor does it hurt that he worked in the small family clinic since he was young. Now, the man with spikey orange locks heads home. The wind is chilly against his skin, so he pulls his beige trench coat closer and sighs. Today was filled with gunshot victims and knife wounds, courtesy of a gang rivalry just down the street. The mafia is divided into sections, two sects had never gotten along and their hatred for one another shows each time they meet in battle. It grates on Ichigo's nerves horribly. Each day they attack one another, Ichigo loses another night of sleep.

"Hey, baby! Come on over here and show me a good time!"

"Fuck off," Ichigo mumbles to the drunken man.

The orange haired man is hot, or so he's been told, but he's also extremely modest. His amber eyes are almost gold, his skin is naturally tan, and he's muscled from years of swimming and karate. Ichigo has women falling over him everywhere he goes, yet his taste runs more toward men. He likes himself a large man with corded muscle and an attitude… mostly because he likes to put them in their place! At the moment, he's been seeing someone for a week now. The guy is rough with Ichigo, sometimes even going so far as putting his hands on the orange head, yet it's nothing Ichigo can't handle.

He sighs, tucking his hands in his coat pockets, and looks to the sky. The stars are twinkling above, so serene and untouchable. A noise from the alley by Ichigo's apartment building catches his attention, a groaning sound that can't come from an animal. Whoever it is sounds like they're in pain, so Ichigo heads in bravely. As a doctor, he's taken an oath to help everyone in trouble and he doesn't plan on backing out no matter the situation.

"Hello?" he calls into the dark. "Are you okay? How injured are you?"

"… Go away," someone groans out.

"I'm a doctor," Ichigo informs. "I can help you. Please, let me help."

He catches sight of a leg off to the left, the person drawing it back behind the garbage bin. Ichigo carefully scoots closer, gasping at the blood pooling on the concrete and cardboard. The body there is covered in it, their hands pressed against their side in hopes of stopping the blood flow. Ichigo quickly ignores their glare, lifting the man up and draping their arm around his neck. The smaller male has trouble holding up the muscular man's weight, stumbling to the backdoor of the building. It's difficult, but he finally manages to pull him into the elevator and through the fifth floor hall to his apartment.

Ichigo lays the man in the tub, drawing some warm water until it makes a shallow pool. Carefully, the orange headed doctor washes off the grimy man. The injury is made by a knife, a couple bullet holes in his shoulder on the right. Ichigo pulls out his bag, always keeping it with him in case of something like this.

"I'm sorry, but this might hurt," he states. "I have to get those bullets out and disinfect the wounds. Don't worry; I have a lot of experience in this! You're in good hands, I promise."

The unknown man says nothing, his eye lids drooping as his head nods. It's obvious he's lost a lot of blood, so Ichigo works quickly. Only one bullet is trapped within this stranger's body, the orangette carefully extracting it before disinfecting the wound. Once that's finished, Ichigo stitches up the openings. He's careful as he bathes the other, making certain to wash off all dirt and blood.

After the bath, Ichigo drains the tub of pink water and grabs a couple towels to dry off the man he's found. He's focused on his work, yet a small part of his mind can't help but appreciate the sexy being beneath the grime. He dries the man up and tries to find something to cover his naked body with. Ichigo's clothes won't fit the stranger; he's more petite than the muscular man in his tub, so he has to settle with wrapping a towel around the guy. He carefully drags him to the bedroom, tucking him into the orange head's bed before pulling over a chair. Ichigo sits up the rest of the night keeping watch.

The sun rises early the next morning, shining upon the wounded man and Ichigo. The orange head tried hard to stay awake all night, but he's already lost so much sleep. He ended up resting his head in his arms on the side of the bed, dozing off without meaning to. Now, a hand runs through his hair timidly as he stirs. For only a moment, Ichigo stills. He's uncertain how he should react to the touch. Ichigo sits up carefully, noting the man is still asleep… the touch was unconscious.

"I should make breakfast," Ichigo murmurs to himself. "He'll need something to eat when he wakes."

Slowly, he rises and heads for the kitchen. He closes the door behind him, giving the wounded stranger a bit of privacy. Ichigo has never had this happen to him before; he's never cared for a patient in his own home. Everything he's done up to this moment has been automatic, routine when caring for a patient, so now he's a little lost. Any in-home care he's been a part of has been people he knew, people he's cared for multiple times, and it's always been in their homes. Technically, he should take this man to the hospital. Beings as they only need rest right now, Ichigo decides to leave him be until he wakes. At that point, the orange haired doctor can get any personal information he might need and have them call a friend or family member to pick them up.

Ichigo is just fixing a couple plates when there's movement in his room. He sets the pan aside and turns off the stove, heading in that direction hurriedly. When he opens the door, a hand grips his throat and he's slammed against the wall roughly. The cyan orbs glowering at him are so bright and feral they're almost hypnotic.

"Who are you?" the man growls out. "Where the fuck am I?"

"I… I'm Ichigo," the doctor forces out. "I'm a… d-doctor. I… I f-found you in the a-alley… and brought you t-to my p-place."

The hand loosens a bit, caution flaring in those eyes, and Ichigo takes a deep breath to fill his aching lungs. Though the man has loosened his grip, his hand remains on Ichigo's throat and the orange head stays pinned to the wall. Obviously, trust is something rare with this stranger. Once he manages to quell the burn in his chest, Ichigo begins talking again.

"I had to dig out a bullet and stitch your wounds closed… they were pretty bad. Don't you know two head houses in the mafia are at odds? You shouldn't have been out that late at night! You were just asking to be taken out!"

"… Why did you help me?" the blue haired man snaps out.

"What the hell kind of question is that!" Ichigo shouts in disbelief. "Would you rather I left your ass in that alley?"

The man tilts his head to the side a moment, blinking in surprise. Apparently, he's not used to people talking to him like this. His hand carefully falls from Ichigo's slender neck, though he keeps his body close to still the other's movement.

"… Thank you," the stranger murmurs. "But you should've just left me in that alley."

Finally, the stranger turns and heads back to the bed. It's then that Ichigo realizes he's completely nude, his face lighting up quickly at the sight of statuesque perfection. Before he averts his eyes, Ichigo catches a thick spot of black ink on the other's lower back… a gothic six tattooed upon tan skin. His breath hitches at the realization that comes with it. He saved the Sexta… Aizen Sosuke's only son and the heir to the Sosuke family.

And the drama begins! XD I'm going to try and make their attitudes toward each other different than normal, I'm not exactly certain where this fic is taking me yet ;p We'll just have to see! Of course, that's usually the fun part ;p Now that I've finished the note, I'm off to figure out something to do with myself ^^; I want to finish my cosplay outfit, but I don't have the material yet T^T I guess I'll just have to figure something out. I'm also hungry =( But I don't know what to eat, considering we have nothing I want. Oh well.

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