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Now on with the story!

"Fuck," Tiffany hissed in my ear, as I pounded her against the wall of the shower.

This didn't feel right. She was so in love with me, and here I am acting like I feel the same way. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend she was someone else.

"God I love you, Baby!" She squealed out, tightening her legs around my waist.

I felt tears come to my eyes as I thought of how much she'd hate me if I told her. I was playing my best friends heart, like she didn't matter to me.

"I love you too, Babygirl," I mumbled into her ear. She tangled her hands into my hair, tugging it in ecstasy.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck Kenny!" She buried her head into my neck, sucking as she climaxed.

She tightened around me, quivering and moaning. She bit down hard onto my shoulder, to keep from screaming to loud. I leaned down and captured a puckered, pink nipple in my mouth, stopping myself from blurting out the truth. I closed my eyes, thinking the dirtiest thoughts I could. Erotic images danced across my closed eyes, and I let out a weak groan, and soft whimper as I came.

"Fuck, Tiffany!" My hips stuttered, faltering slightly as my release spurted out of me. She gently ran her fingers through my hair, as I slowly came down.

"I can't feel my legs, Kenny!" She giggled as I set her down, holding onto her slim waist.

I gave a little smile, and grabbed her shampoo bottle, massaging the pink liquid into her hair. She stayed still, allowing me to wash her body, before washing my own. Her legs were still wobbly, so I dried her off, and carried her into the bedroom. I helped her into her lacy underwear, and a nightshirt, before slipping on some briefs. Picking her up bridal style, I set her into bed, do everything for her as if she was a baby. But I don't mind, I loved every second of having Tiffany in my arms.

Wait what? I don't love, Tiffany, she's just my fake girlfriend. Who happens to think I'm her real boyfriend. Maybe I have a crush on her. I'm shaken from my thought, by Tiffany tugging me into bed, and under the covers.

"Cuddle with me, Kenny," She grinned cutely up at me. I smiled, and spooned her, laying contently behind my "girlfriend".

"Night, Kendall,"

"G'night Tiff,"

"I love you," Please don't do this to me...

"I love you, too," No I don't. I hated the fact that I could lie to her so easily. She turned, and cuddled up into my arms. She let out a little sigh and within minutes she was asleep.

"I'm sorry," I whisper before gently kissing her forehead. Slowly, my heavy eyelids droop, and I fall asleep...

Tiffany's POV

Bzzzz... Bzzzz

I woke to the sound of a phone vibrating loudly. I looked towards the bedside table, to see Kendall's phone lighting up. I grasp the phone in my hands and look at the screen, expecting to see James or Logan's number. Instead, I find a picture of a brunette, with pretty green eyes and a killer smile. The name, Arianna, is scrawled neatly under the picture. I furrow my brows, who is this? I answer the phone, but don't say anything.


"Hmm?" I respond, just as I know Kendall would.

"Did that stupid bitch take you back?" My mouth drops, but I reply anyway.

"Uh, yeah," I mumble in the deepest voice I can muster.

"Good, can't have that stupid cunt leaking anything to the media. God she is so annoying! But I'm glad you don't really like her, Babe, what made her take you back?" My eyes started to water, what is she talking about?

"I told her I loved her," I mumbled.

"You did it. I can't believe you actually fucking did it! What about all that crap you said about not wanting to lie to her about loving her? She's so stupid, she totally believed you right?"

"Yeah," A few tears ran down my face.

"Why do you sound so sad? Hmm, come on over and I can make you feel better-" I hung up.

"Kendall!" I hit him with my pillow as hard as I could.

"Wha-what?" He sat up, and looked around.

"Um, some girl just called, Arianna?" I watched Kendall's green irises go wide.

"Oh shit,"