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The sun shone brightly as several children lingered outside of a large white tower, each one wearing a smile on their faces. They were here for Central Duel Academy, the most prestigious school for duelists made for by Seto Kaiba himself. The dorms of the school were ranked by the three fabled Egyptian god cards, held by the retired King of Games, Yugi Moto.

Slifer Red; a low level dorm to show that Kaiba still let their infamous rivalry exist out of the Duel Arena despite Yugi attempting to leave it alone. Any student that did poorly on their written and then their practical exams end up in this dorm and were nicked named the Slifer Drop-outs due to many just dropping out of the school due to the harsh competition.

Ra Yellow; A mid-level dorm. Ra, while depicted as the mightiest of the three, was a Luke-warm monster to Kaiba. The god of the sun was owned by Marik Ishtar who wasn't much of a threat, according to Kaiba's own arrogance. The duelists that did exceedingly well on both their written and practical exams and by exceedingly well, I mean really high marks; eighty, ninety to ninety-five percent well.

Obelisk Blue; the top of Kaiba's school due to him holding the Obelisk the Tormentor card in the Battle City tournament. The only way someone could get into a dorm of such Caliber was by one of three things; you went to a special prep high school, which only accepted the really rich or famous, you bought your way into the dorm, or you scored REALLY high like no missed marks and you didn't lose a single life point in your practical exams. This dorm held the snotty, rich kids who expected victory to be handed to them on a silver platter.

The school has enjoyed several successful and peaceful years since its founding. But that is all about to change; for on this day, two ancient titans will join each unaware of the other titan. But when they do discover one another, they will clash and Duel Academy will be their battle ground.


A young man with brown hair, blue eyes and a brunt shock on top of his brown hair walked down the path toward the Kaiba Building. His outfit consisted of a red overcoat, dark blue jeans, a black undershirt and blue sneakers. The back of the red overcoat had a symbol on it made of a silvery color. The symbol looked like the face of a human, but with a much flatter, mechanical edge; its head appeared to be divided by a strip of red paint that cut into a Y-shape; where the eyes were meant to be, however, were just two empty sockets and a mouth that appeared to be set into a frown. But despite its nature, it seemed to be kind and gentle to any who saw it.

This is Jaden Yuki, a former leader of a gang called the Autobots. He is now striving to be the best duelist the world had ever seen. He looked up at the sky, his blue eyes shining with excitement at the prospect of facing powerful duelists.

Jaden was so busy thinking about the duels he was going to have he didn't watch where he was going. He bumped into another male with tri-spiky hair of red, black and three hairs pure blonde. Jaden got his wits back about him and looked at the stranger; his jaw dropped when he recognized the male but gained a large grin.

"Yug, been a while hasn't it?" Jaden asked with his grin still present.

The male chuckled lightly at seeing the young man; he had met the boy only once but it was not under the best of circumstances. Yugi Muto and a few others had been in the middle of a battle zone when they were trying to evacuate between a radical occult group who had believed that a Dark God was coming back to the world and rule with iron fists and two gangs; the Autobots, Jaden's gang and Decepticons.

The occult group had started off in the shadows, stealing only hobos and convicted sex offenders off the streets for their black rituals. No one paid any attention to the situation at the time, thinking that the missing were simply in jail. Over the span of a decade, the occult group grew in numbers and spread out over the underground of the City. They declared war on Domino City once they had managed to cut off all forms of communication. Jaden's family had foreseen the war and had trained up their sons to combat the occult group.

That's right; sons. Jaden has a twin brother named Jason. But after the war was over with, Jason went off the grid, hiding from the masses that wanted to thank both brothers.

Jason was an enigma, wrapped up in shadow and tied in a riddle; he was always the shadow-type person. Strike from the shadows and fade before the enemy could strike back. The same way worked with his Group, the Decepticons.

Jaden's group The Autobots, were more about search and rescue but if they were in a tough and sticky situation, then they raised hell; literally. But back to the story shall we?

Jaden looked at Yugi Muto with a small grin as he came back out of his short stroll back down memory lane. Yugi knew that Jaden sometimes went off into his mind and returned the smile.

"Trying out for Duel academy, Jay?" Yugi asked.

Jaden gave an eager nod at the question; Yugi smirked in return of the answer and opened his deck case. Jaden stared as the retired King fished out a single card and gave it to Jaden.

"Pegasus gave me an explicit order to give you that card when you joined the Academy Jaden…you'll need it." Yugi said as he handed the boy the card.

Jaden looked at it and he let out a gasp; the card illustration showed a white blade that had a blue aura surrounding it like fire with a golden hilt. In the center of the hilt was an ornament that had a blue center piece surrounded by two golden halves; it was here that the blue fire was emanating from. He looked at Yugi with a slack jaw expression making him laugh.

"The legendary Star Saber Sword…made perfectly for your deck Jaden." Yugi said as he passed by the stunned boy.

Jaden stood there staring at the card; he had heard rumblings about it from various sources but he never…


Off went his alarm wristwatch telling him to move it due to a mass group heading his way.

"AH! Right, I got to go!" Jaden said as he slid the card into his deck and took off.

A shame; for had the former leader stayed in his position a few seconds longer…he would have seen a blast from his past.


Just after Jaden had left his position and Yugi had disappeared into the crowd, a long figure strolled up the sidewalk. The boy looked eerily similar to Jaden in both height and stature but that was where the similarities ended.

The boy had black-brown hair with the black being on top of his head much like the shock on Jaden's while the brown only showed at the bangs. His eyes were hidden by the bangs but occasionally a random person would catch sight of the eyes and what they saw would make them piss their pants; the eyes were chromatic, two different colors, the right eye was blood ruby-red and the left was a dark shade of purple. Both pupils were nothing more then a white ring surrounding a single orb of red and purple. His right arm was made entirely out of metal and was a gun-metal gray color. The elbow was a sharp point, able to puncture through flesh if the boy slammed his arm back. The fingers were clawed as well, easily capable to gut someone when he slashed.

The boy's clothing consisted of steel-toed military boots, a silver color, jeans, also silver, a jacket that was completely black while also hiding the silver shirt underneath.

On the center of the shirt was a face-like symbol that was sharper and more pointed then the Autobot symbol; it even had horns and seemed to look more like a helmet of some medieval knight. In the centre of its forehead was a spiked image that seemed to resemble a crown. It just seemed to scream Evil to any that viewed it.

He walked a walk that spoke of purpose; shoulders squared, fists clenched and he stood tall and proud, not slouching in his walk. He paused in his walking to look up at the tower of Kaiba Corporation, his mismatched eyes boiling with a cool excitement.

"A pity my former brother is not here…he would get to experience true fear." The boy said with cold venom in his words.

He resumed his walking, unaware that he was going to get a massive shock once he got in.


Jaden leaned back against the wall in the massive duel arena; he had gotten done with his written exam under fifteen minutes, a personal best considering that the questions were pretty easy once you knew what to look for.

He watched as several duels began to wrap up; a young boy with teal hair was facing down a Leguhl monster card. Despite the monster being weak, it could bypass the defensive or offensive monsters and land a decisive strike on the opponent.

Another young man with black hair and gray at the sides; despite the hopeless situation of facing three more powerful monsters, the boy activated his trap card. Jaden nodded in approval; Ring of Destruction was a nasty little card that dealt damage to both players. The Vorse Raider blew up, sending various shrapnel into the proctor. The proctor's LP dropped to zero, not having enough due to Vorse's high attacking power.

Jaden overheard a trio of boys speaking and listened in on their conversation; despite his brother's ideals, he did get one thing right: Knowledge was and still is power.

"That kid's kind of decent isn't he Chazz?" A boy with wavy blue hair and glasses asked in a southern drawl.

"Gotta admit, Terry's got a point, Chazz." The second boy said, his hair spiked up looking like he had gotten scared out of his wits when he was younger.

The boy in the middle had crow-like hair both in color and style; His onyx eyes looked at the boy with disinterest lurking in them. He gave a snort and leaned back into his chair.

"He's good I admit, but he's got nothing on the Chazz." The boy, now identified as Chazz, said with an arrogant smirk.

Boy, if bro was here, he would make sure that they wouldn't look at a deck of Duel Monsters ever again… Jaden thought.

The boy that had just finished dueling arrived at the place where Jaden was standing. Giving a friendly smile to the boy, he stuck out his hand.

"Hey there. Really cool duel you just had there. Names Jaden Yuki." He said, his eyes turning up into a U-smile.

The boy looked at Jaden with a critical eye before taking the offered hand.

"Hello there, Jaden. I'm Bastion Misawa." The boy said as he took the offered hand and gave it a healthy shake.

The boy returned the firm handshake with his own and grinned back at the new student. The teal haired boy from the previous duel walked back sullenly and sat down in an empty seat. Jaden ignored it as he watched Bastion take a seat.

"So what brings you to the Academy, Jaden?" Bastion asked.

Jaden gave a large grin at the question; this was going to be easy to answer.

"I'm here so that I can further learn about Dueling and to prove that I'm number one to everyone."

Bastion let a frown grace his features at the proclamation before giving a large grin at the boy in return.

"A good answer, but you'll have a long road ahead of you since I'm the top duelist in the entire school right now." Bastion bragged.

Jaden just gave a knowing smirk and a dismissing wave of his hand. He knew that Bastion was going to be in for quite a shock once the written scores came out.


Doctor Vellian Crowler was bored out of his mind: the usual students were the same as last years; Duelists wannabes that didn't belong within the hallowed halls of his school. Oh sure, there was one or two that stood out in this year's like that Bastion Misawa lad that had just dueled. Really good head on their shoulders that one. He was brought out of his musings by the arrival of a written proctor carrying a sheet of paper. Crowler frowned; if there was one thing he absolutely loathed it was tardiness. This was a school of Dueling Elite not slackers!

"Whoever just finished that exam should be told to come back and try again NEXT year. I will not tolerate late students to MY exams." Crowler said stiffly with a touch of arrogance in his voice.

The man bowed to the dueling proctors and to Crowler before speaking.

"I apologize for this being so late, Miss…"

"Doctor Crowler…I really need to fix my clothesline if I keep getting mistaken for a woman…"

"Err…yes…my mistake Doctor. Anyway, the reason this test is so late was because I had to triple check the score just to make sure I wasn't seeing things." The man said before handing the sheet to the Doctor.

Crowler gave a slight sniff of disapproval, not believing the man. He took the paper and looked at it with disinterest which quickly vanished along with his eyebrows. He shot a look at the proctor with a disbelieving look.

"You say you triple checked this? Did you go and show…" Crowler began to ask.

"Yes, he didn't seem too surprised at the score or the name. Also, I have another proctor checking another test with the same score on it. He should be here in a few minutes." The man said as Crowler passed the paper to another proctor.

"I see. Well then." Crowler said as he stood up. "Since this one has such a high score I will duel him. With my own deck."

The other proctors didn't respond; they were too gob-smacked at the extremely high score to take notice of the leaving doctor.


Jaden and Bastion were discussing various duel stratagems for certain decks like Dragons and Machines. So engrossed were they in their conversation, they missed the blacked haired youth from before passing by them. He took up a lone seat just off the side of where the two were conversing and kept his head down to avoid being seen by many of the participants. But his head snapped up when an announcement came over the PA.


The boy's eyes widened before they returned to their normal size. A small chuckle escaped his lips before dark, echoing laughter came flowing out. The nearby students all heard the dark laughter and felt a tinge of fear dance around onto their spines and felt Goosebumps crawl around the outer skin like spiders. They each cast a look at the still laughing boy and took several steps away; that one was dangerous, very dangerous.

"Go and show them, my brother, the true power of a Prime!" He said continuing to laugh out loud.


Jaden walked down the stairs to the arena floor and entered the stadium where his duel was to be held. On the other side stood a person wearing a frilly coat and a modified duel disk and blazer. Jaden blinked once he saw the person more clearly.

"Uh…excuse me?" He asked making the person look at him with slight confusion.

"What is it? I hope you don't need to use the restroom, the last person who tried that actually left!" The person said in a sharp tone.

Jaden shook his head indicating that he wasn't in need of the restroom.

"No…and excuse me if I insult you, but…why is a woman dueling me? Shouldn't one of the other proctors be dueling me?" Jaden asked honestly curious.

The reply was a palm meeting the forehead. Doctor Crowler couldn't blame the young lad due to his wardrobe.

"Ah, I understand and no, you haven't insulted me. You are not the first and will hopefully be the last to ask that about me. I REALLY must get a new kind of wardrobe that isn't so…" Crower said trying to come up with the name. "Feminine. In the terms of the other proctors, I believed it would be best if I tested you myself, Jaden Yuki. To see if you are what you say you are."

Jaden breathed a sigh of relief before he nodded. He knew that the score was really high up so that must mean this guy was a decent duelist. He raised his arm with an older model duel disk on and smirked.

"Then get ready to throw down Professor…" He said with a cocky grin. "because I'm not holding back!"

"Eager aren't we?" Crowler asked with a grin of his own. "Then let's duel!"

Both of the duelists drew five cards and looked them over as their duel disks came to life displaying a score of four thousand to the spectators. Three of said spectators watched with eagerness.

Time to gauge your skill level, Jaden. Bastion thought.

Another scrub bites the dust, another scrub bites the dust~! The boy with black hair sang in his head.

It was the third that was looking at the duel in eagerness.

Show them…show them, my brother! Show them your power! Jason thought as he leaned forward in his seat, his blood boiling in his veins at the prospect of seeing his brother duel once more.


Jaden looked at his hand as the dueling proctor made the first move; he had a sniper, the Autobot wrecker Seaspray and his ace card with a spell and trap card. He was interrupted by the sound of Crowler's voice.

"Thanks to the power of Confiscation, I'll send that pesky Monster Reborn spell to the card graveyard."

Jaden watched as his single card was taken by a man with a chest before the chest promptly blew up taking the man with it. Jaden grit his teeth; there went his initial plan.

"Next I set two cards facedown," Crowler said as he slid the two into two of his spell/trap slots.

Two holograms appeared in front of the teacher; Jaden did not like the feeling he was getting. Something was coming and it would be a dozy of a monster.

"I now play the spell card, Heavy Storm!" Crowler cried out with glee as he slid the spell card.

"Not good," Jaden said as he watched the spell card whip out a heavy gust of wind that blew the two cards away.

He saw the images and knew that his hunch was right; the cards were statue of the Wicked, traps that when destroyed they would give the controller of the cards two wicked statue tokens.

"Now I tribute these two monsters for my ace card!" Crowler crowed in sheer glee, getting lost in the moment of the duel. "Behold, Ancient Gear Golem!"

The two monsters vanished with a shriek when they were consumed by fire. From the fires of the two statues came a giant monster made up of rusting and creaking gears. Its single red eye glowed bright as it stared down at Jaden. To say the least, Jaden was very impressed at the move the head of Blue Dorm had done.

But…it was the next move that made Jaden's respect for the good doctor die a little. A little though, not a lot but still die.

"I'll end my turn at that," Crowler said making all the Blues start in on the catcalls.

Jaden heard the numerous taunts and catcalls but he ignored them. Instead he focused on the good doctor and pointed out a very obvious problem…well, obvious to him.

"What, you're not going to protect your monster?" Jaden asked as he drew.

Crowler's face took on confusion as he looked at Jaden with a scrutinizing gaze.

"Beg Pardon?" Crowler asked. "But Golem will be able to take care of himself thank you very much!"

Jaden just nodded before he continued.

"Perhaps from monsters, Doc," Jaden said as he looked at the card he had drawn and his eyes widened a bit. "But what about from spell cards?"

That made the head give pause before he mentally smacked himself in the head. How much of a rookie could he be!? His monster was tough yes, but spells could and still affect him and he hadn't laid down a single trap card to counter them!

"I see your point now, Mister Yuki," Crowler said with a sheepish smile. "Guess I still have much to learn."

Jaden simply nodded as he drew before he grinned.

"That's what the students are for Doc," Jaden said as he checked the card, his grin getting bigger. "We teach the teachers something new while they pass their knowledge onto us. But now…It's time to rev things up! I play the spell card, Pot of Greed."

Jaden drew two cards before his eyes settled on one of them.

"Next, I play the spell card, Ground Bridge!"

(Ground Bridge – Type/Spell/Normal. You can Special summon 1 Level five or above Machine-type monster from your hand. The summoned monster cannot attack this round.)

A spiraling multi-colored vortex appeared next to Jaden making the incoming students wonder the card was able to do. Jaden took the time to explain.

"This card allows me to , or Special Summon, a level five or above machine-type monster from my hand while giving up the ability to attack this turn. So with that said and done, I play the Leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime!"

Jaden slammed the card onto one of his MZs and everyone soon heard the roar of an engine coming from the vortex. The audience saw a red truck cab with blue truck bed where the trailer would hook up race onto the field before it transformed. The windows of the truck became a barrel chest along with most of the truck cab's front with the sides becoming arms and hands. The area where the trailer would hook up became a waist and legs as it stood up. A head emerged from the top of the now changed front of the truck. It easily stood at the height of the Ancient Gear Golem and it stared down its foe.

(Optimus Prime-LV/********, Attribute/LIGHT, ATK/30003200, DEF/20002200, Type/Machine/Effect. As long as this card remains in play, all Machine-Type monsters gain a 200 ATK and DEF boost. Once Per turn, you can add 1 Machine-type monster from your deck to your hand OR add 1 spell/trap card from your deck to your hand.)

"Don't think I'm done yet though doc!" Jaden exclaimed. "I use Optimus's Special Ability allowing me to add either a machine or a spell and slash or trap card from my deck to my hand. I'll add a spell card."

A seemingly random card slid out of the younger boy's deck which he looked at before he smiled.

"Guess it's time to test run that new card I got…"

The statement made everyone's face gain a confused look; new card? What new card could the kid possibly mean?

"I play the spell card I just added to my hand, the Iacon relic known as the Star Saber Sword!"

This made one person's eyes widen in shock; an Iacon relic?! He had a Relic like him!?

How?! How on this godforsaken planet did Prime…PRIME…get an Iacon Relic!? Jason thought feverishly.

(Star Saber Sword – Type/Spell/Equip. This card can only be Equipped to either "Optimus Prime" or "Alpha Trion." The equipped monster gains 1000 ATK. When a monster equipped with this card attacks and successfully destroys a monster, inflict damage to the opponent equal to original ATK of the destroyed monster.)

A blade of strange metal crashed into the field directly in front of Optimus Prime. The Autobot Leader stepped up and, much like the sword in the stone of yore, pulled the sword out, the blade wreathed in blue fires. Prime had locked his gaze on the rusting creature and hefted the sword to his right hand.

Optimus Prime – ATK/32004200

Crowler was dumbstruck, but wasn't worried; the Ground Bridge spell card prevented Jaden from attacking this round. He was safe to use the Limiter Removal card from his hand next turn. His plans, however, shattered like glass when Jaden played his next card.

"I play the spell card, Mischief of the Time Goddess!"

THAT made everyone's jaws drop all the way to the floor; who the hell was this guy?! Having a rare card like that!

(Mischief of the Time Goddess – Type/Spell/Normal. Skip 1turn. It is now theBattle Phaseof your next turn.)

"I don't need to tell you what this card does so I'll just attack with my Optimus Prime!"

Optimus rotated his sword in an arc around his shoulders and looked at the rusting machine. He charged forward, the blade glowing brightly as he rushed the giant. When he was at least a foot away, he leapt up into the air, blue 'smoke' being best described coming off the sword as he raised the sword over his head. A war cry escaped his faceplate covered mouth, his optics ablaze with a righteous power as he sliced the hulking mammoth straight down the middle. Everyone saw the glowing line where the blade had cut through. With rays of light erupting from the cut, the monster fell in to two heaps, some of the debris hitting the good doctor and causing minimum damage to his Life Points.

D.C. LP/2800 – JY LP/4000

"Ugh…not bad Mister Yuki. Using Mischief to counteract your Ground Bridge's side effect and deal some damage to me. But next round you won't be so lucky." Doc Crowler said with a grin.

All he got for his trouble was Jaden shaking his head.

"Sorry, Doc. As much as I would to see what else you got, I'm afraid this duel is done," Jaden said. "See, The Star Saber has an ability much like the Infamous Elemental Hero Flame Wingman. That guy's super power allows him to deal damage equal to a monster's ATK. Well, the Star Saber does the same thing. Now simple math here, if Gear Golem had three thousand attack points and you have only two thousand and eight hundred life points…"

"…I lose." Crowler whispered in shock.

Jaden nodded sadly as Optimus brought the blade up, glowing even brighter then before. He spun around, much like a ballet dancer before he slashed the blade through the air. A wave of blue energy came out of the blade and sailed through the air, its destination, Crowler.

Crowler gulped; he had a feeling that this would sting, really sting! The wave of energy passed over the good doctors side and energy began to swell. It became a large orb of blinding blue energy that imploded onto itself before rushing outward in a bright white light. The explosion that followed could only be described by one word.

Beautiful: that described the explosion brilliantly. It was as if a galaxy itself had happened in the middle of the arena; cheery red spiraled out, mixing with fluorescent yellow and light green, dark crimson melded with mint green and powder blue, Midnight blue brought forth sea green and red-violet in spiraling arms. At the center of the human made galaxy, was a orb of both black and white, dancing together, streaks of them merging together but never combining as if a force was keep them separate and making them apart of one another at the same time.

All too soon, the galaxy dispersed though there was happy gloating in the stands at those that had managed to capture the amazing event on their camera phones. Crowler was standing in the middle, unharmed, but he was staring at his life point counter dejectedly.

Crowler: 0/Jaden: 4000

"Well, I must say that was a very interesting duel Mister Yuki. I welcome you to Central Duel academy!" Crowler proclaimed with a small smile.

Cheers erupted from the audience as Jaden waved to them. He didn't notice of the look-alike hidden from several people standing nor did he see a girl with dirty blonde hair leave the upper balconies.


Zane Truesdale, a third Year obelisk with dark blue hair and steel grey eyes looked down at the new student calmly waving to everyone before he headed back to the lift that would return him to the stands. He smiled slightly at the descending boy.

"That kid looks like he would give me a run for my own money, Alexis." Zane said amidst the cheering crowds.

When he didn't get a reply, he looked to his right where said person was supposed to be. His eyes widened slightly before he stepped back from the railing and looked around.

"Alexis?" He said to the open air.

"Saw her walking to the hallways. Probably needed to use the powder room," One of Zane's 'Bodyguards' replied.

The third year just nodded and returned his attention back to the next matches.

Maybe. Zane thought.


In the hallway near the balcony, a lone girl with long dirty blonde hair, wearing a female version of the obelisk blue uniform with a white blazer, blue fingerless duel gloves, blue mini skirt and blue high heels leaned back against the wall and looked up at the ceiling as she slid down onto the floor. Once she was sitting down, she brought a fist up and smacked it against the floor. The girl felt tears filling her eyes and just let them fall.

"Damn it all Alexis, why can't you just stay out of Jay's life?" The girl, now identified as Alexis, muttered to herself as she just sat there, remembering the past and sobbing as she wrapped her arms around her legs.


Bastion looked at the newcomer with respect shining in his eyes as Jaden sat down by him and a boy with powder blue hair.

"I must say Jaden, that was…very inspiring," Bastion said as careful consideration.

The comment made Jaden grin as he leaned back in his chair.

"Thanks. I do try," Jaden said as he looked at the arena. "Wonder who the next duelist will be?"

As if some high being above heard the question, a back-up proctor announced the next duelist.


The name made Jaden's smile freeze as the air seemed to get colder within the building. Everyone watched as a single boy slowly stood up and he walked down to the arena. As he passed by Jaden's seat, a whisper rang out throughout the entire arena.

"Cry havoc…and let slip the dogs of war." Jason Yuki whispered in the still building before he headed down to the arena.

All Jaden could do was watch the back of his brother as he walked down to the arena.

Okay, issues time.

There isn't going to be a Decepticon gang on the island; only one guy and that's the leader. Same deal with the Autobots.

Instead of it being ALL Gens, its only going to focus on three; Prime, Fall and War for Cybertron. The first story will only deal with a mix of the first two seasons of Transformers Prime; namely the Dark Energon and SOME Iacon Relics.

Alexis and Jaden aren't going to be a happily reunited couple in this one; there is going to be a back-story to that.

Fans, I need your help in suggestions for fillers! I've made up a time line for the school year:

August 30 – Sept. 2: Exams to get in. The large grace period is for the ones that went to that special school to get there since they live god knows where. In this fanverse they live all over the place so they take a awhile to get into the airport. September second is the actual day for the exams for those that didn't go to the said school.

Sept. 4 – Dec. 1; Fall Semester

Dec. 2 – March 1; Winter Semester

March 2 – June 1; Spring Semester

June 2 – August 28; Summer Semester (Very Rare!)

The Summer semester is only used for occasions where the entire school is shut down for some reason or some weird shit happens. *Cough*travelingtoanotherdimension*Cough*

So there's the time line, I ask that you keep this in mind when making the filler suggestions.