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The weeks after the twin shadow users had attacked, life had resumed to its normalcy. Jaden and Alexis were slowly, but surely, repairing their relationship to what it was during the war. Jason had vanished for several days, only coming out of his dorm to attend classes or turn in homework. He never came out of his dorm for anything else.

Now you may be thinking 'is he studying the walls from the 'Titanic Panic episode'? The answer is both yes and no; yes, he is, but also no because...


Jason crashed through the foliage, tripped over a tree root, got back up with a annoyed glance back before he ran off. Jasmine, Mindy and 15% of the girls dorm followed after him, each one wearing a headband bearing the Decepticon emblem.

"Come here and we'll tell you!" Mindy yelled to the fleeing boy.

Jason shook his head as he dashed up the tree and into the leaves. He sighed as he set back against the trunk, panting.

"Damn Fangirls. And DAMN YOU BROTHER!" He hissed quietly


Fangirls were chasing after him. See, after the duel with Panik and Titian and when the three regained their consciousness, Jaden may have let it slip that while he had saved Alexis, it was Jason who had saved Jasmine and Mindy because he liked one of them. Needless to say, this started a chain reaction that is still going. Many of the girls were now trying to get Jason to 'admit' his feelings for one of the two. This pissed Jason off a LOT.

"I swear, I will post that video of Jaden singing in the shower from when he was 13 if I get out of this alive!" Jason said a little too loudly.

"He's up here girls!"

"Ah, fuck me!"

Jason started running again from tree to tree much like Ninja from Naruto, the girls trailing on the ground.

'I will get you back for this, Prime! I swear it on our parents grave!' Jason thought in anger.


In gym, Jaden sneezed as he batted a tennis ball.

"Ah man...who's talking about me?" Jaden asked, "And why do I feel the urge to go hide?"

His tennis partner, Syrus, watched the ball and his eyes went wide.

"Maybe because that ball you just hit is about to hit your girlfriend!" The powder blue slifer said in a panic.

Jaden did turn to see the ball's line of trajectory. He mentally cursed to himself as he worked his vocal chords.


The reaction was instantaneous. While many wonder what made Jaden shout that out, Alexis instantly dropped to the ground with the ball sailing over her head harmlessly. That still didn't stop a single shadow from smacking the ball away. Two girls sitting down nearby, upon seeing the act, headed over to Alexis.

"Alexis, are you okay?" The girl asked, moving a strand of her violet hair out of the way.

Alexis picked herself up and nodded with a sigh.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Thanks for asking Violet." Alexis said to the girl.

Violet smiled and nodded. The other girl was looking at the shadow and grimaced when she saw who it was. Violet felt the grimace next to her and looked too before scowling.

The figure revealed itself to be a boy with brown hair, hazel eyes and a slightly muscled frame. Many of the other girls around got hearts in their eyes at the sight of the 'pretty boy.' save for Violet and the other girl. Alexis looked too and frowned.

"You sure you're alright? I could take you to the nurse." The boy said suavely.

Alexis's reply was short and to the point.

"No, I'm fine, Harrington. Please leave."

Harrington smiled again as he left while say something about it the score being love something. Jaden came over and looked at Alexis.

"What was that all about?" Jaden asked clueless.

Violet was about to reply when the other girl smothered her mouth. Alexis looked at the girl in gratitude. No need for Jaden to know about that creep just yet.

"Nothing that really matters. Thanks Annie, thanks Violet. See you later on in Alchemy class." The Obelisk queen said as she headed for the locker room, leaving the clueless boyfriend behind.

"What was that all about?" He asked aloud again.

He got a clearing throat and turned around to see Crowler...with a black eye.

"My office, Yuki. Now." Crowler said calmly as he headed off to the nurse's room.

Jaden sighed. Not like the day could get any worse.


Crowler looked at Jaden as Nurse Fonda Fontaine attended to his new black eye from the rouge ball that had struck him. Jaden had just gotten done explaining what had happened making Crowler sigh.

"I admit that the fault was not yours due to an unexplained 6th sense you just had. However, I also cannot ignore the fact that if you have more of these...feelings, others might get injured and not Miss Rhodes. Ergo, your task is to actually practice with the Tennis captain." Crowler said as the bandage was put on his eye before he stood. "Don't look at this as Punishment, Jaden, its far from it. I just don't want someone getting whacked in the eye or any other place."

Jaden nodded seeing the logic...faulty to him though it was and decided to put up with it. Who knows? It'd might be fun.


Alexis was done with her second class of gym and was talking to Violet and Annie about their latest assignment assigned to them by Satyr when two girls, one bleach blonde and one maroon red head walked up, each one carrying a air of snobbishness. Violet was the first to spot them and groaned.

"Here comes trouble." Violet muttered making Alexis look up with a scowl as well.

"Make it double." The queen quipped making Annie smirk a little before it left her face as the two other girls spoke.

"Well, well, well. How the mighty have fallen. Consorting with the common rabble, Alexis?" The blonde asked with a sneer making Alexis scowl.

"Mary-Ann, Margert." Alexis said coolly but with steel.

The two cringed a little before gaining back their former air. Mary-Ann gave a whiff before she scoffed at Annie and Violet.

"I do not know what you see in those two. In my opinion..."

"Which nobody asked for." Violet snapped at the two witches though she replaced the 'w' with a 'b'. Mary just continued on like she hadn't been interrupted.

"...they should be at the Slifer Girls dorm, not with us elites." Mary stated as she stared down Alexis who scowled.

"Annie and Violet have the skills to be in Blue...more then I can say for you Mary." Alexis shot back making the girl growl. Margret just scowled as she leaned up against the lockers.

"We ain't here to pick a fight wit ya, Rhodes. We're here to pass off some advice to yas." The girl said in a thick Brooklyn accent.

Alexis looked at the girl with a cocked eyebrow.

"And what advice is that, Margret?" She asked curious and secretly dreading the answer.

The maroon girl smirked.

"Dump that loser boy Jaden and go for Harrington."

Alexis felt her heart stop dead and heard Violet and Annie gasping. She focused again and glared at Margret.

"Why? So you can swoop in and take him for yourself?" She spat making Margert snort.

"You crazy? I'll admit he is a cutie and strong, but he lacks the thing this dame likes. Cash. While Harrington is a decent catch, I prefer my men with muscle to back up that moolah. Plus his ma and pa are Jean Claude Magnum and Rose Harrington who inherited her daddy's sports joints; all of them. So he's poifect for ya, miss Priss."

Alexis bristled at the name and turned on the Brooklyn girl.

"The time I date or even look at Harrington is when the Rapture is upon us." Alexis spat making the two frown.

"Darling, we are simply looking out for you. After all..." Mary started when Alexis cut her off.

"I'm NOT like you, Mary. Prime proved himself to be my man several times in the past." Alexis spat, slipping on calling Jaden 'Prime.' "He is a hundred times more the man then Harrington will ever be."

The two got red faced and Margret was about ready to lay a smackdown on Alexis. She was stopped by two things; the first was Violet and Annie kicking her shins, but she recovered quickly from that and about to attack the three but the second thing that stopped her was vice like grip grabbing her arm. She looked behind her and saw two different colored eyes staring right into her own pale blue. Now she was a lot of things over her short period of life on the world, but even she was not insane enough to deal with the one person on the island who took down Panik.

"Jason." She said with a shudder of fear in her voice.

The name just made the eyes narrow in anger and Margret soon was doubled over in pain from the normal fist punching her in the gut.

"My name is Megatron." The boy stated coldly as he leveled his glare at her and then turned it on Mary-Ann who instantly backed up with a squeak of fright. "And I will not stand idly by while you undo the work done on my brother's healing heart. You both have no idea the pain it had on him when Elita went AWOL on us and I will be damned to the ninth pit and beyond if he is EVER put through that again."

The fact that Megatron's voice did not raise in volume spoke volumes to the ones present. Alexis knew that he was more then pissed off and was a much more deadly foe when pissed. He did not let his anger get the better of him rather channeled it into a weapon of his own making. Right now, he was channeling it and ready to unleash it.

"You will forget convincing Elita of Harrington. Prime is hundred of times more then he ever will be." The boy said as he turned to Annie, Violet, and Alexis. "Where is Prime?"

A panting Syrus answered that.

"C-come to the tennis court! Q-quick!" The little teen said before rushing away.

The group of six look at one another before going after Syrus.


Jaden collapsed onto his right knee as the next tennis ball hit him and the captain strode up, wearing a cocky smirk.

"Come on, Yuki, you gotta hustle to build that muscle! No pain means no gain!"

Jaden got up shakily, only to go back down when another ball came out of nowhere and smack him upside the head.

"There's no I in team, Yucky." One of the tennis players snarked making the rest laugh. Jaden simply grimaced and got back up, clutching his side. The shift of the shadows made him look and he was relieved to see Syrus, Alexis, and her other friends, Violet and Annie. Two other girls joined up though he didn't recognize them though judging from Alexis's glare at them, they were no friends of hers thus no friend of his either. The final shadow made him wince as he noticed it was his brother. A burst of pain made him come back from his thoughts and the jeering laughter of the Captain and his cronies made Jaden take notice.

"Way to keep your EYE on the ball there Yucky!" The Cap said with a sneer. Said ball rolled over to Alexis who reached down and picked it up. Seeing the black eye on her boy, she clenched the ball tightly and headed over, her heels clicking. One of the players heard and took notice.

"Alexis!" The boy said dreamily.

That made the rest of the team and the captain sit up. When Alexis saw who it was, her fury just got all the more fired up. Megatron saw the purpose in Alexis's walk and change. He sighed.

"That idiot is going to get it." The teen said to the five others. "No one messes with Prime and lives to tell the tale if Elita is around."

Harrington grinned sheepishly.

"Hey, Alexis! Sorry for the sweat, I've..." The boy began to explain when there was an echo and Harrington went flying with an angry red hand-print mark on his face. Many of the players gasped or just stared with bugged out eyes. Alexis didn't even slow down as she knelt down and picked Jaden up, putting his arm around her shoulder.

"You okay Prime? Ouch, that looks like a nice shiner. Come on, let's get you to Fontaine." She said after looking him over making him grin.

"Aw, you do care for me." He teased only to get lightly smacked upside the head.

"Smartass." Was the girl's reply as she helped up her boyfriend though she would not admit it not with gossip girls over there.

Megatron chuckled as he heard his brother's cheeky reply of 'better then being a dumbass.' That earned him another whack upside his head from his irrate, but smiling. The laughter died in his throat when he saw Harrington get back up and stomp over to Alexis. He moved to intercept and stop the confrontation.

"Don't even think about it, Rosewood." He warned, his purple eye glowing.

What he got for his troubles was Harrington shoving past him. He grabbed Alexis's arm, making her grit her teeth in anger as he spoke in a cold and vicious tone.

"What. Do. You. Think. You're. Doing?" He said coldly making Megatron scowl and Alexis to turn on Rosewood with a snarl.

"Helping out MY Boyfriend." She spat. "Let go, Harrington. Unless you want to have a REALLY bad time."

Normally, Rosewood would be intimidated by her rage; however, his own embarrassment and fury at being ignored by the hottest girl in all of duel academy, he did something that would forever be marked in the present company's mind.

He slapped Alexis.

The sound of that slapped echoed in everyone's ears. Syrus, Violet, Annie, Mary-Ann- Margret, Megatron, the rest of the tennis team and Optimus all stared in shock at the two. Alexis on the ground, clutching her face in shock as she looked up at Rosewood. Rosewood had this smug grin on his face as he stood over her. His smug grin was ripped away as he was yanked back and thrown to the ground. He looked up as a foot stomped down, pinning him to the ground as he stared at the two mismatched eyes glaring down at him. He gulped as he saw the eyes burn with an intense hate that could only be rivaled by the devil in hell.

Megatron knelt down and leaned over until his face was nearly in Harrington's.

"Duel. Now." He said with such iciness that EVERYONE on the island shivered unexplained. "You win, you get away scot-free."

That caught everyone's attention. He didn't lay out the terms if he won? What was he thinking?! The others got Alexis and Prime clear and into the stands. Syrus looked at the duel taking place.

"Why didn't Jason quote the terms to what would happen when he won?" Syrus wondered aloud.

It was Jaden who answered.

"Because he doesn't need to. Because when he wins..." Jaden started to say.

"IF he wins." Mary-Ann interjected.

"WHEN he wins...Harrington will be lucky to ever duel again." Jaden continued without missing a beat. "Elita is one of the rare few former Autobots who have his respect. Anyone who did something bad to her or those who held his respect? They NEVER dueled again."

That made the group look at the two as they activated their duel disks.

"DUEL!" Both shouted as they drew.

Harrington: 4000/Megatron: 4000

"I'll..." Harrington started before Megatron cut him off by drawing. "HEY!"

Megatron didn't say a word but simply glared at him. The glare made the boy shut up as Megatron continued his turn. He looked over his hand and nodded.

"I play my Vehicon drone in attack mode followed up with three cards." He said before placing the cards.

The foot-soldier came onto the field and took one look at Harrington before changing its arm into its gun and charging it. Megatron looked at Rosewood pointedly as he crossed his arms. Harrington didn't get the message.

"Well, do you end?!" The sports star spat.

Megatron grinned.

"Yes, I do."

Harrington snarled as he realized that he hadn't ended to get him riled and make him ask the question rather then making him do the same that Megatron had done to him. He angrily drew and looked at the card before smirking. He slammed the card into his Spell/Trap card zone.

"I activate Service Ace!"

(Service Ace-Type/Spell/Normal. Select 1 card in your hand. Your opponent must guess whether it is a Spell, Trap or Monster Card. Reveal it to your opponent. If they guessed wrong, inflict 1500 damage to your opponent. Remove from play the selected card when this card resolves.)

Rosewood chose a single card and held it up. He grinned.

"Guess the card; spell, trap, or..." He started to explain when he was cut off by the cruel voice.

"Monster; The monster is mega thunderball, star level 2 with a pitiful attack and defense with flavor text." Megatron explained making Harrington's jaw drop. The tennis star grumbled as he slid the card into his deck holder.

"Lucky guess." Harrington said as he placed a card and ended.

Luck had nothing to do with it. Unseen to everyone sans Megatron, Optimus, and Alexis was Soundwave. The silent Decepticon stood behind Harrington with the image of the card on his visor. Optimus groaned.

"He's pissed off...REALLY pissed off to resort to that." Optimus muttered as he held to Alexis who nodded numbly.

That was a tactic that Prime never approved of; using duel spirits to spy on the opponents hands. It was only reserved for really important duels...or if one has been pissed off to astronomical Megatron had been with Harrington's slap of Alexis. The leader drew his card and looked at Rosewood.

"You know, I have to question you Rosewood. I studied your deck and I find it quite...disturbing." Megatron stated. Harrington's eyes narrowed.

"What's so disturbing about my deck!" He snarled as he wondered what was going on in that leader's head. Megatron just grinned.

"It's full of Balls." Megatron replied as he summon another Vehicon to the field in attack mode. "I activate one of my traps, Battlefield Leadership."

The second drone appeared and right behind its summoning, a trap card flipped up showing a man in general's uniform charging alongside several men in uniform.

(Battlefield Leadership-Type/Trap/Normal. Tribute 2 monsters in play. Special summon from your hand or deck 1 level eight or above monster. This monster is destroyed at the third end phase of this card's activation.)

It didn't take very long for the company to get what Megatron was implying. Alexis snorted in laughter while the other girls all stared slack jawed. Prime too was snickering at the tennis team's expressions of pure horror and/or disgust. Harrington? Well, he was sixteen different palettes of white. The Decepticon leader continued with his turn.

"I offer my two drones up as sacrifices to bring forth...Megatron." Jason said as his two drones vanished and were replaced with the Decepticon Overlord.

The card's visage was an even darker shade then many people remembered. It was like Megatron was darkness given form and was sucking out all the light in the area. The robot cracked its metal neck before grinning. Jason simply held up another card.

"I use my Ground Bridge to bring out Soundwave and then activate my second facedown, Resonance Blaster."

The silent warrior vanished from behind Rosewood and appeared on the field. The arm took on the familiar blaster and Soundwave aimed it right at Harrington. Jason then grinned darkly.

"Megatron, attack...and reveal final facedown, Energon Overlord."

Optimus sighed.

"It's over. Whatever Harrington had planned? It'll do no good. Not with that blaster in play." He explained.

Mary-ann was about to comment again when Harrington's voice called out.

"Nice try but with my Receive Ace, I stop your attack and inflict 1500 to you!"

Jason just grinned as Soundwave stepped up and fired the sonic waves. The trap cracked once, twice, and shattered on the final crack. Harrington's face went from smug to scared very fast.

"Blaster has the power to negate a trap or spell once a round...and look, no more facedowns or monsters. Overload works like Limiter, only it triples my machines and destroys them with me taking damage. But not before you LOSE."

Megatron/ATK 3000*3 = 9000

With that final word, Megatron stabbed Rosewood in the chest with the tip his sword, the darkness seeming to grow off the metal terror. Several strands of them fell into the boy as he stared in shock at his disk's LP counter dropped, the beeping of the loss echoing in the silent court. Alexis sighed in relief.

"Guess those rumors of him being as good as Zane were just that. Rumors." She said as she smiled then flinched from pain.

Jason turned on his heel, his ace monster vanishing. The sound of Harrington's body hitting the floor didn't even faze him nor was the frightened shouts of the players. He simply walked out...right into his hoard of fangirls.

"Oh scrap." He muttered before turning tail and running with the chase now resuming much to the others amusement.


Sheppard stared at the catatonic boy that was Harrington Rosewood. He had been alerted to the student's state and had rushed down to the infirmary. Crowler was there with a very perturbed look on his face. Sheppard sighed; he had a feeling it had something to do with Jason.

"Explain." Sheppard said in a no-nonsense tone. Fonda and Crowler looked up from their gaze on Rosewood and nodded.

"The tennis team brought Harrington in like this and then wove a tale about Megatron going apeshit on him." Fonda said before holding up a PDA and played a clip. "However, I was known the truth thanks to Jaden, his brother. Rosewood here slapped one of my students, Alexis."

Sheppard's face became stormy; He didn't like any kind of abuse happening in his school or on his island. Crowler caught the look and took over.

"Normally, we'd be expelling him, but...well, just watch." Crowler said as he pulled out Rosewood's deck. "Harrington, I have something for you."

The boy looked over at Crowler with a dead gaze. The doctor mentioned to his hand and Harrington looked down. The microsecond his eyes locked onto his old deck, Harrington saw THEM. The darkness that formed into Jason and his Ace monster, both cackling like demons from hell, the eyes glowing brightly. The sight of the two made Harrington scream and he scrambled off the bed, sending all kinds of equipment flying. Harrington fell to the floor and continued his frantic scrambling until his back hit the wall.

"NO! NO DUELING! NO MORE! NO MORE DUELING!" The teen screamed as he curled up into a fetal position.

Crowler hastily put the deck away and Harrington began to calm down, though his breathing was ragged and he still stayed in the position, rocking back and forth. Sheppard's jaw was on the floor as he had witness the display.

"W-wh-what just happened?!" Sheppard exclaimed.

Fonda shook her head as did Crowler as they looked at the crying boy.

"Best guess? We just found out that Megatron has one HELL of a mean streak." Crowler said somber.

Sheppard watched as Fonda administered a shot to help calm Harrington down and put him back in the bed while the two men picked up the equipment. Crowler looked at Sheppard.

"John, I'm telling you right now..." Crowler began before Sheppard cut him off.

"I can't expel Jason. He's a war hero for Christ's sake, Vellian and he KNOWS. That information gets out, all the five schools will be ruined. He'd destroy us." Sheppard said with a sigh escaping his lips. Crowler arched one of his eyebrows.

"I was just going to say that I'm not going to antagonize either Yuki brothers anymore. If this was the reaction when Miss Rhodes was attacked...what would be unleashed if JADEN was attacked?"

That lone question made Sheppard's blood freeze; he didn't want to think about the reaction of THAT.

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