Hermione and Severus chapter 1

What would happen if the Dark Lord had a daughter with Bellatrix Lestrange, and that daughter got sent to Hogwarts undercover as Hermione Granger? 7th year. Starts part way through. May not be exactly like the book, but it's my story, so get over it :)

Hermione sat down and sighed. Here she was, stuck in the middle of nowhere, hunting 'horcruxes', and 'trying' to figure out what the Dark Lord was doing. Now, you're probably thinking, "what on earth is she on about?" But you don't really know me. I'm not the Hermione 'Granger' you all thought you knew. No, my real name is Hermione Carissa Lestrange Riddle, and I'm the daughter of Tom Marvolo Riddle (A.K.A. The Dark Lord) and Bellatrix Lestrange. And no, before you ask. I am not on the 'light' side, and never will be. And I am NOT destroying my father's horcruxes, as that would be stupid. When you destroy a horcrux, you can't actually tell you have destroyed it. And you definitely can't hear it singing, as Potter puts it. That's my spell, my father sent me on a mission to place fake horcruxes and lead them to it, so they thought they had destroyed them all. He also doesn't have seven, that would be stupid. No he has 52, my mother has 38, and I have an amazing total of 95. Even my father can barley believe it. A bit like my mother, I actually kind of enjoy pain. Sometimes we see how long we can take crucio without crying out... We usually end up laughing.

Another thing you should know about me is that I don't look like this (bushy hair, horrible dress sense). No, I have pitch black, waist length hair, and bright red eyes. My skin is very pale, and I'm also pretty tall. And I love the colour black :).

Oh, and I'm dating Severus Snape, who is actually 25, not whatever age he says he is. My father made him look older, so he could take the Hogwarts job. I hate it, but its not my decision.

I sat in the tent,wondering how much of this I could take. Not much, that was sure. I knew the plan now, but it was going to take a few more days to convince the boys the next horcrux was in Hogwarts. I couldn't wait for that. It would be amazing, to see everyone, Sev, Draco, all the Slytherins... Oh, and then my father gets to kill Potter, and he said I could have as many Weasels as I wanted. I'm definitely having Potter's best buddy, Ronald... What kind of a name is that, anyway? I grinned at the thought if being allowed to kill him... Maybe I might to torture him first... Now, it was time to have a 'sudden breakthrough'.