Hermione and Severus chapter 4

Finally the moment is here. Finally I can reveal who I really am. Sev was joining in the little firework display in my head at the moment. We grinned at each other. Then I saw my father's army walking up the steps of the castle and stopping in front of us.

My father made a speech, and then asked the crucial question... "Which of you will join us?" I stepped forward, as did Sev, Draco, and lots of other death eater kids. Potter and Weasel grabbed my arms, and tried to make me stay, but I broke free. I was the first one to my father; the other kids knew who I was and avoided me.

"Hermione, what are you doing?" Came the cries from behind me.

"Family must not betray family... Surely you know that by know?" I laughed my mother's laugh. Potter seemed to understand, but Weasel still looked confused. Potter must have realised, because he said "Ron, she's a death eater kid. She was a spy for the Dark Lord." My mum rushed up to me and hugged me, proving that it was true.

"But if Bellatrix is your mum, then who's your dad?" Asked weasel.

"I think it's time to tell them the truth, Hermione." Said dad softly.

"Alright. Ok, so my real name is Hermione Carissa Lestrange... riddle. My father is the Dark Lord." I said, smirking at the horrified/terrified/shocked faces in front of me.

"Oh, and one last thing, weasel. I never, ever loved you. I already have a boyfriend." Sev grinned at his and stepped up to take his place by my side.

"You can't mean that, Hermione! And I mean, Snape? He's about 20 years older than you!" Yelled weasel. Obviously he had a hard time letting go.

"Father, please take the glamours of sev and me. They really annoy me. And sev looks so old like that!" I asked my dad.

"Of course sweetie." All the light side looked shocked at the love that you could hear in his words. As the glamours lifted, I turned and saw a younger version of Severus looking at me. I leaned over and kissed him, almost too passionately for public. I heard more gasps, and I knew they must have finally got it.

" I can still kill you, Voldemort. I have destroyed your horcruxes. Your own daughter helped with that. All seven of them are gone." Yelled Potter.

My father and I burst out laughing, along with my mother. Potter looked confused. "You don't get it, do you? When you destroy a horcrux, nothing happens. What you destroyed were fake horcruxes I sent my daughter to plant, to lead you off track. You can't even find horcruxes without already knowing where they are." Potter looked horrified.

"Oh, and potter?" I added. He looked almost hopeful, as if I might have changed which side I wanted to be on. "Seven horcruxes? You really believed that? If you want horcruxes, you do it properly." He looked sad, " well, I thought it was a lot..."

"Honestly, Potter, my father has 52 horcruxes scattered around the globe. My mother has 38, and I have the highest record with 95." They all looked terrified.

"You split your soul into 95 pieces?" This was McGonagall.

"Yes, I did. The pain was actually kind of nice. Now, maybe it's time to practice witchcraft, hmmm?" I pulled out my wand, and shot the killing curse at her. She died an instant later. As her body dropped to the floor, everyone looked at me in terror. Then anger. Then I was faced with a whole load of wands. I put up a quick shield, not a very strong one, but enough to stop their curses, then shot about 5 more of them dead. My father killed potter and instant later, and they lost hope. We defeated them easily, and at the end of the battle, Sev and my hugged each other and kissed a bit more. The he looked at me as if reassuring himself, then landed down and said the two best words I had ever heard.

"Marry me." I just nodded, and then we were kissing...

Until I heard my father cough behind me. I turned, guilty, but he just smiled, and hugged me. Then I ran to my mum, and hugged her to, before we walked away, leaders of the witch and wizarding world, and very happy ones at that, too.