Chapter One

Honestly don't know why I'm making this kind of fan fiction from this visual novel (if you want to call it that.) But with this kind of weirdness I'm adding in this one is where all the bird's in Hatoful boyfriend are in an alternate world where they have become the human versions of themselves while the main character girl still remains a human. So shall we get this started? Reviews are always appreciated.

I applied at St. Pigonations for reasons of my own and please do not ask me why I wanted to go to this school, there is a long reason behind it and I would rather not discuss about it. I was going into the sophomore class and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach from being so nervous like I always did the new semester of each year.
"Ahhh Tousaka!"
I froze as I looked back seeing it was none other than my dear friend Ryouta; we had been friends ever since I entered this school. Though when I saw him he was now a human! Was I dreaming? I mean the last time I saw him he was a pigeon that was a bluish green color, but now he was about as tall as me with blue hair and pale complexion. I almost blushed from how good looking he was as my words stammered out.
"R-Ryouta y-you're a human!"
"I know I don't understand how it happened, but it seems all of us birds are now just like you. It's kind of weird."
I nodded my head still thinking that I must be in some kind of dream that I somewhat didn't want to wake up from, I mean now if I wanted to confess my love this year to someone I had a crush on it wouldn't look so weird if we were dating. The bell rang as Ryouta grabbed onto my hand pulling me through the school, we walked into our new class 2-3. I looked all around the classroom seeing all the bird's that were now humans, I rubbed my eyes a few times sitting down on my desk closing my eyes not wanting to see this anymore.
"Good morning every one, did you all have a good vacation? I will be your homeroom teacher Kazuaki Nanaki...ZZZZ"
"Sir wake up its homeroom!"
Ryouta yelled as the teacher woke up. He was a pale looking male with medium blond hair that was kind of curly with a cream color scarf around his neck as I wondered why he would have that on when it was pretty much summer time.
"It's a little warm in here isn't it?"
"Probably cause the scarf you are wearing."