"Do you think I'm a freak?" Emma sat on a bench at the ravine with Jay.

Jay stared at this girl, shocked yet not she had actually come. I mean, he kinda felt her up back stage of the school play and thought she was going to run screaming but here she was.. and actually wanting a conversation with him. Her long blonde hair softly blew around her face, the fire gleaming off her.

She shouldn't be here. Too good..

Jay looked behind her at the other fire pits around the park, some people passed out on the ground, probably high or drunk. Someone was far off against a tree, fucking some girl up against it.

Emma Nelson really shouldn't be here..

Jay shook his head no at Emma, finally answering her question. He didn't think she was, but if so..consider him one too then. They may be from different worlds, and he may tease the hell out of her and she crawled under his skin like no tomorrow, but in the end, the two saw eye to eye on some things and understood another when no one else could, crazy isn't it? And also something they'd never admit out loud.

"What's in there?" Emma questioned Jay, nodding behind him to a van where people went into to hook up. Jay would know..he's had many girls, despite dating Alex.

Three little words that would change Emma life. Jay had swiftly pulled the vans back door open and Emma crawled in, she looked a bit puzzeled while looking around at the blankets and candles inside.

Jay smirked, she was too damn innocent. Now normally he wouldn't go after his best friends ex that he clearly wasn't over..but this one was different, he always had some sick pull towards Emma, no matter how hard he tried not to, she was just so amusing and his entertainment, let alone a knock out..and since she was here with him, then she must of felt that infatuation too right?

"Where people hook up." he told Emma, slowly coming up from behind her, putting his hands on her hips and pierced his lips together tightly, gazing down at her bare neck.

He felt her tense like she did when they were back stage of the school play..'like she could snap', he remembered saying to her.

He carefully bent his head down, slowly into her neck and paused for a few moments before bringing his lips to her tanned smooth skin and kissed it. Emma closed her eyes and her heart began to pound

She shouldn't be here.

Yet she was.

With him

She never understood it before, maybe she was too young, but when he use to tease her, she never minded it, she could handle him unlike the others that would let Jay taunt them. Actually every morning walking into school, it wouldn't feel right until she saw him, then she started to notice she was looking forward to it... now she noticed she was actually attracted to this bad boy.

And this isn't the normal bad boy in a teen movie. He wasn't really a softie, he could be mean when he wanted, funny, and his wit was natural and the dangerous smirk he had he was born with.. and being this close and personal with him, had her scared yet excited every moment of it.

But he was with Alex.

"What about Alex?" her little voice squeeked, tilting her head a bit and biting her lower lip in guilt.. his kisses around her neck felt so great and he sucked harder when she mentioned his girl friend.

"She never finds out." he chuckled against her neck and tried to hold her closer to him.

Emma opened her eyes and stared blankly before turning and getting out of his hold, giving him a rude look.

"Charming." she told him.

Jay's eyes sparkled with delight at her glare. Was it odd he loved that she judged him?

Most girls were just too easy. Nelson? Not a chance.

"What do you want from me Greenpeace?" Jay playfully asked, cupping her face and even Emma let him do so and he saw the slight moment of weakness in her eyes before she tried to cover it again with a glare.

"I'm not that type of girl." she told him sternly.

"No. You're not." he said with a knowing smirk, thats why this was so thrilling, and as he was gazing over her features, he was still smirking when he asked, "You want me to dump her? You want me to bring you flowers and open doors for you? Be your boyfriend first before we hook up?"

"Who says we are hooking up?" Emma asked madly, maybe too mad, it was humiliating he kinda read her mind.. "Who says I want you?" she taunted again but went red, she did want him, badly, and that wasn't like her .. usually she had crushes but things like grades and environment were still more important, yet, since this year, since Jay came to her rescue after Rick got up after her tripping him.. she's been non stop thinking of Jay Hogart..letting the curiosity get the better of her.

"You think you're here for something different don't you? To feel different?" Jay snickered a bit, shaking his head at her before sizing her up, "Maybe you're just coming to terms that there is a different girl in you, and you've been waiting to come out and you don't have the same dreams anymore as you use to." he shrugged slowly, giving her an obvious look, "It happens. People grow up." and my, did Emma grow up.

He put his hands on her again and she tried to yank his hands off, angry he was trying to say that deep down, she wasn't who she said she was and the reputation she's had for years wouldn't mean anything anymore soon.

Maybe it scared her because it was true.

"Let me go." Emma snapped at him, going out of the van until she gasped when he got out just in time to grab her and pulled her against the van with a bit of a bang.

"Tell me you don't want me." he whispered tauntingly to her, inches from her face and staring down at her lips.

Emma looked frightened, but not by him, but of her feelings for him.

Her next words had him cowarding before her.

"Tell me you don't want Alex." Her big brown eyes were gazing up at him as his lustful look faded to an unreadable look, staring back into her eyes instead of on her mouth.

With no answer, Emma shoved his arms from blocking her against the van and ran away, ran home and never stopped, never looked back.

After blinking a few times, Jay glanced the way she ran, into the dark night.