Emma Nelson ran around her bedroom in a hurry. She was late for school!

She decided on wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a purple silk string top. She wore her hair down with her bangs pinned back. Huh, pretty good for waking up late.

"Hi Mom, morning Dad" Emma quickly said while running to the front door.

Spike and Snake sat at the kitchen table sharing some breakfrest and watched her open the door and run out

"Bye mom, bye dad" was the last from her

"She's in a hurry" Spike said with a little laugh.


"hey Emma" greeted a passing student Emma waved to while jogging up Degrassi stairs

"hey" she greeted back and opened the front door to almost whack the door into Miss Kwan "I'm so sorry" Emma insists as Miss Kwan smiled and shook her head

"No Problem Miss Nelson" she declared and watched Emma walk around her "How was your weekend?" she questions and Emma smiled over her shoulder to her

"Good Miss Kwan" she called back, lying, and as she looked forward to her locker and went up to it, just before she extended her hand out to unlock it, a body swept in, leaning against it.

Emma looked up into the eyes of one pissed off looking Jay Hogart

"Can I help you?" Emma snapped at him. She should be mad at HIM! He left her at a party where she didn't belong and could get hurt. And she did ! Emotionally.. it wasn't her plan to lose her virgiity to some stoner and his scene just wasn't hers. How could Jay just leave her alone?!

"Heard somebody got all hot and bothered with the host of the party I brought you to this weekend." his voice was bitter, and his eyes stayed mad, glaring down on her.

Emma snapped, she was trying all weekend to forget what happened and he wasn't making it better, and to her dislike, Manny was coming up from behind.

OH and great! Alex just turned down this hallway too.

"Is that where you disappeared off to?" he whispered sharply, glaring down at her as Manny slowly stopped behind him, eyeing the scene. Jay's voice wasn't just bitter anymore, but..was it jealousy? "Is it true? Did you fuck him?" the word from his lips even made her jump.

Alex was stalking down the hallway, chewing her gum and walking down it like she owned the place til she saw the scene what looked to be Jay being mean to Emma, faces inches away and that Sluto Santos girl standing behind.

Nelson looked like she was about to crack any minute and she was going to, tears were threatening to pour out and Emma kept them back as hard as she could. Jay didn't understand what really happened.

Alex smirked coming up behind and wrapping her arms around Jay's waist. He kept his eyes on Emma though, and Alex spoke up, "Tormenting Cause girl without me?" she asked.

Emma watched Jay not release his eyes off her til a few moments after and looked away, "Lets go." he told Alex, grabbing her hand to make her release her hold around him, "She's not worth it." he hissed, glancing over his shoulder to glare at Emma again as he stormed off, Alex behind him.

Emma whiped the tear that finally dropped and then her heart stopped, remembering Manny was there and she looked at her, a shocked and curious look on her face.

Emma ran into the girls bathroom.

"Did you really do it?" Manny sat against the stall door Emma was in, and Emma sat against it as well from the inside.

Emma hugged her knees to her chest and sniffed, "I was drunk.."

"Did he..."

"No." Emma shook her head, "I-I remember letting him. But he did make me do things I didn't want."


Manny bit her lip, sad for her best friends, "Tell me Em.." she whispered into the crack of the door.

Emma sucked in a cry again, "I think I did coke."

Manny's mouth fell but she tried to understand, "You don't drink a lot, and by the sounds of it, you went to a party Jay Hogart would go to..and people like us, don't belong there. You can be easily influenced." she insisted.

"But I'm Emma Nelson." she cried, "I stand against those things, how could I do that?"

"You were in a bad place, and you were intoxicated, and with bad people." Manny then couldn't help but ask, "Did you go...with Jay?"

Emma closed her eyes and shook her head, leaning her head back on the door, "I don't know why I did.. I don't know why I'm so..."

Emma stopped talking and Manny knew it was because she couldn't explain her and Jay's ... friendship? Manny couldn't either. Yes, Jay was highly attractive, and yes sometimes it seemed he knew how pure and specail Emma was too.. but the people he hung around, and the things he did, Emma was too good for that. But maybe that's what Jay needed to get better? But he had Alex. So what the hell was he doing always being around Emma? Or even getting the nerve to get jealous over her with another guy.

OH wait. Wait a minute..he was, Manny knew jealousy when she saw it and Jay was jealous

"Em.. do you like Jay?" she had to ask.

She heard another little cry and sniff and sadly smiled.

"Course you do, another bad boy." Manny teased her and smiled more hearing Emma's sad laughing.

The stall opened and Manny got up as Emma came out and hugged her, "I don't want to but he's so.." Emma laughed sadly again in Manny's arms.

"Irresistable." they both said at the same time, being victims already of heartbreaking boys.

Manny hugged Emma again who seemed a bit lost after saying that. Jay was different from their past crushes on boys though, like she had said before, she knew this time it wasn't a crush...he seemed more appealing to her than even trivia games or homework.. that said something to a girl like Emma!

She had no idea what Jay had over her.. but the last thing she'd let him do is make her feel bad for a mistake that happened because HE dragged her to that stupid party.

It was gym class, and Emma and Manny were one of the last girls tying up their shoes to go to class and in the locker room with Paige and Alex until Paige left first.

Great, just them three. Emma felt uncomfortable when she felt Alex burning wholes at the back of her head.

"Hey Nature freak." Alex called over to her.

Manny looked over as well as Alex went over to Emma, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I don't know what your little fight with my boyfriend was this morning... but get lost would you?" she told Emma.

Emma looked at the ground and Alex stayed watching her, and looked her up and down. They were getting older, and Emma was blossoming into the pretty little girl into the beautiful young woman. . anyone could see it.

"He doesn't need flat chested girls like you ruining his day, trying to get his attention." Alex taunted her.

Emma sighed, annoyed and grabbed her bottle of water, "Whatever Alex." with that, she left.

Alex snickered, watching the door Emma went out of, shut, and from behind her she heard someone snicker and turned to Manny Santos.

Manny did exactly what Alex did to Emma, and walked right up to her, nose to nose. Alex tried to snicker at the irony, but couldn't help but feel a little shocked she didn't look afraid of Alex.

Manny began, "I don't know why my best friends breast size is any of your interest.." she drifts off, "But we both know Em has been doing some growing up this year, but sadly...you're not." she sized Alex up and down now.

Alex felt extremely uncomfortable, but tried to keep her tough act up, glaring at Manny.

"So maybe you should take that into some consideration." Manny lifted an eyebrow at Alex.

"Maybe you should mind your own business." Alex told the firey brunette.

Manny shrugged, "Emma is my business, just like you made Jay yours."

Alex snickered bitterly and uneasily, "So your dating Emma then? That what you saying? You going gay on us now Slutos, now you're done screwing all the boys in Degrassi?"

She watched Manny tilt her head curiously at her, and Manny spoke again, "You're the one so interested in breasts, and bringing up lesbian interaction Alex... maybe you should look into that." Manny just winked and then walked by Alex, pushing her shoulder into hers and leaving.

the door closed and Alex let go the breath she didn't know she was holding and looked livid and frightened