It had been five years since the day Holly's stroller had rolled into the street in lower Manhattan, five years since Kurt fell trying to stop it, five years since a limousine had screeched into on-coming traffic to avoid collision with the stroller and a man had jumped out to save the baby.

It was five years since Kurt had looked up into soulful eyes and fell in love with Blaine.

It was five years since Blaine had looked down into sparkling eyes and fell in love with Kurt.

The sun came in the window, bursting through the slit between the drapes and waking Kurt. He blinked a few times, realizing Blaine was still asleep, and leaned over to give him a tiny kiss on the corner of his sleeping mouth. He sat up, reaching for the glass of ginger-mint water that Blaine had made a tradition of fixing for them every night before they went to sleep. Kurt not only liked the flavor, but he knew it was a sure way to avoid morning breath.

He shivered in the chilly room and snuggled under the blanket, right next to Blaine to make use of some of the heat that rolled off of his husband when he slept. Kurt smiled to himself. Levi and Holly were in Ohio with his folks, enjoying a spring vacation. He and Blaine would be joining them at the end of next week. For now, they were all alone in the apartment. Kurt moved down in the bed, ducking his head below the covers and kissing his way down Blaine's chest, past his belly and sliding his mouth over the semi-hard cock he found waiting for him. He swirled his tongue, making contact all over before concentrating on a specific spot. Opening his jaw more, he took in most of Blaine, enjoying the feeling of the blood rushing to harden his Dom's erection. Kurt helped it along, sliding his tongue over the top and then along the ridge and pressing harder on the most sensitive place on the underside where the shaft met the crown.

Blaine moved in his sleep, groaning and pressing his hips forward, pushing his cock farther into Kurt's throat.

"Baby...ah...there, now..." Blaine whispered, opening his eyes and pulling the covers back to smile at Kurt. Kurt smiled back, looking demurely from under his long lashes up at his husband.

"Happy Anniversary, my love," Blaine said, stroking his husband's cheek as Kurt pulled back a bit only to surge forward and make Blaine moan again. Kurt couldn't speak, but he gave a little hum to acknowledge that he knew it was their anniversary.

They celebrated two anniversaries each year...the first for the day they met and the second a few weeks later for their marriage and the bringing together of their family. They also celebrated the day they entered their Declared Vow Union, but that was a private thing between just them and it was never mentioned to anyone else. It was known to their families and a few of their closest friends, but it wasn't a matter for discussion. The whole reason a Union was so sacred was that was that it was just between them...thus the reason it was done in private, naked to each other so there were no false affectations or hidden meanings. It was two people that had discovered that they belonged to each other for eternity and that was no one's business but their own.

Blaine had wondered as a child in school why, if it was so private, was it called a "Declared" Vow. That sounded like something you would shout from the rooftops, didn't it? And if being in a Declared Union was so great, wouldn't you want to shout about it to everyone? Now he was their declaration to each other of their loyalty, their faith, their love for one another. It went beyond just being in love or being married. It was the ultimate existence, unbreakable for ever. He smiled and felt a warm bath of feelings washing over him and filling him up. He looked once more at his Sub, his husband, his love. Kurt was the most perfect man he had ever seen in his life and they had bonded the first time they laid eyes on each other.

He put a hand on Kurt's shoulder and his Sub looked up, curiosity in his eyes.

"Better stop, baby...oh!...ah.." Blaine closed his eyes and willed himself not to come. He wanted to have a long day of making love and being together, and he had thought last night of starting in the bathtub. Coming now would delay his perfect plans for his perfect day...but, Oh!..."

Kurt hummed, a little inquisitive but more just knowing that Blaine didn't really want him to stop. Blaine was regrouping to tell him to stop when Kurt sucked slowly, rubbing his warm tongue on exactly the right spot with exactly the right rhythm and..."Kurt! Oh my stars...! ahng, ngh...Kurt..." he ended in a whisper, his breath coming quick and burning in his still tired lungs as he gulped down some air. He made the mistake of looking once more at Kurt. There was his Sub, the love of his life, eyelashes brushing his pink cheeks and a look of total bliss on his face. Kurt always looked like he loved sucking Blaine's cock - like it was his sole purpose on earth and it was all Blaine needed to let go. The heat circling his belly turned to lava as it rushed into his balls and up the shaft, Kurt swallowing as fast as he could. He rode out the finish of Blaine's orgasm, sucking gently and running his tongue tenderly along the ridge. Blaine closed his eyes and laid back on his pillows.

"Oh, Kurt...I love you so much," he whispered.

Kurt let go, rubbing Blaine's thigh with his warm hand and scooting up the bed to cuddle into Blaine's arms. They lay together, tangling their limbs and smiling at each other.

Blaine's breathing was slowing down, his eyes opening to look at Kurt.

"What do you want to do today?" Kurt asked.

"Puck and Rachel are taking us to breakfast. I told them we had the day planned, but they insisted, so I thought breakfast?" Blaine told him, rolling his eyes. Over the years they had grown very close to the Puckerman's. Once upon a time, Blaine and Puck had disliked each other, mostly due to the circumstances of Kurt's illness, but they had learned to get along and finally bonded when each of them had finally accepted that the other was just looking out for Kurt in his own way.

"I guess we better get ready then. You know they will be here on time," Kurt said.

The two men got up and made their way to the bathroom, sharing the huge shower.

Blaine waited until he was all wet before slicking his hands down Kurt's sides, tugging him closer and kissing him. Kurt responded in an enthusiastic kiss, licking his way aggressively into his Dom's mouth. Blaine tasted like spicy ginger and cool mint and Kurt couldn't get enough. He put all of his effort into that kiss when he felt Blaine's hands ghosting over his wet body, down his back and over the rounded buttocks, then forward to come up his thighs and across his abdomen.

Blaine broke the kiss, leaving Kurt with a whimper as he turned his Sub, leaning to kiss the nape of his neck, his hands reaching around to rub his nipples. As always, these were sensitive on Kurt – more so than they were on Blaine – and excited him even more.

"Please, Blaine...we have time," Kurt begged, his own hands behind him on Blaine's hips as he brought him closer.

"Yes, baby...I always have time for you," Blaine said in a smoky voice, thick with want. He reached over to the little shelf beside the shower and got the silicon lubricant. Squeezing some onto his fingers, he reached down Kurt's back and into the cleft to spread some lube to begin.

" stretched yourself before you woke me up?" Blaine's eyes turned dark with pure lust.

"Yes, Blaine," he answered in a broken voice, not even trying to rein himself in. He leaned against the side of the shower where they had installed a rod to hold on to. Gripping it tightly in his hands, he leaned over, pushing his ass out to show Blaine how ready he was. Blaine didn't even take a breath before he was there, his hands on Kurt's hips and pushing his cock inside his Sub, reveling in the amazing sound Kurt made – sort of a mix between a moan and a yell. Blaine pushed carefully even though he knew Kurt was prepared, he never wanted to hurt him. Kurt wasn't giving it a thought as he pushed back, trying to get as close as possible.

"Blaine...don't slow down. I want you hard and fast, please...harder...deeper," Kurt was chanting, his eyes closed as he met each thrust with one of his own. This was not going to take very long, he'd been sitting and watching Blaine for almost an hour while he prepped himself, waiting until he could wake his fairytale prince to rescue him from being alone and in need.

Blaine got the message and upped his game, thrusting deep and searching for that elusive spot where he could make Kurt speechless and sobbing with want. He worked mechanically, not breaking rhythm for a while as Kurt's moans got louder and his knees looked as if they were going to sink. He was holding his Sub around the waist now, pulling him closer with each thrust, leaning over Kurt's back to kiss his spine and whisper sweet or hot things into his skin.

"Oh,'s coming..." Kurt got out, still moaning and whining. Blaine finally hit the exact spot and Kurt stiffened up, his eyes screwed shut, his hands in fists on the bar. And then Blaine could feel it, too. The steady crush of Kurt's body around Blaine's cock as he came.

Blaine was still holding Kurt up, now tugging him close as they stood under the shower and kissed.

"Ahhh...can we just lay down for a cat nap before we have to be ready?" Kurt asked. Blaine shook his head 'no', but smiling indulgently as he held him close for a moment. "They'll be here any minute..."

The men had just gotten dried and their clothing on when the doorbell rang.

"Rachel!" Blaine grinned, cupping her cheek in his hand as he kissed her other cheek.

"Puck!" he said, watching Puck maneuver the stroller into the apartment. Blaine was on is knees in a minute, cooing at the baby in the stroller.

"Rinnah, come to Uncle Blaine," he said, unbuckling the strap that held his 'niece' in. Finally triumphant, he took the baby to the sofa and sat down with her in his arms.

"Oh..hey, Blaine. Why do you always get to hold her first?" Kurt said, a mock look of upset on his face. Blaine took Kurt's hand and squeezed, balancing the bundle on his lap.

"Come sit beside me, then we can both hold her," Blaine coaxed, patting the empty bit of sofa beside him. Kurt gave him an indulgent smile, but went to hug his best friends first.

"Rachel, how are you doing?" Kurt asked, though he had just spoken to her the night before. She was still a little tired from having Rinnah, but feeling better.

"I'm fine, Uncle Kurt. How are you? Missing your thundering herd?" she asked.

"How are two small children a thundering herd?" he asked, but everyone else laughed.

"They're at Dad and Carole's for the next three weeks. Mrs. Rose went with them, so we're all alone here for a while. It feels funny not to have them here, though. Kind of silent. I'm not sure I remember how to be alone after eight years of being a dad," Kurt said. He missed his children.

"I'm looking forward to starting Holly in dance class soon. She is so elegant, I know she will do just fine, she already knows how to move, we just need to shape that."

Kurt smiled. He had enrolled Holly in Rachel's dance studio and she would start at the end of the spring break.

They sat and spoke for a while, then left to eat breakfast.

"Hey, since when do you eat eggs?" Blaine asked, seeing the plate in front of Rachel.

"These are tofu, my dear. No, I have not gone over to the dark side yet, I'm still a vegetarian," Rachel smiled.

"Well, whatever it is, it keeps you beautiful," Blaine smiled at his friend and she blushed.

"Tell me what you're going to do now that you graduated, Kurt," Puck asked, placing his warm hand on Kurt's forearm.

"I might teach, actually," the Sub smiled, then looked at Blaine who gave him an encouraging kiss on his cheek.

Kurt had just graduated from college with a degree in early childhood education and a teaching certificate for New York. He and Blaine had talked it over that first year they were together and Kurt had finally admitted that it had been a dream of his as much as singing on Broadway had been.

It wasn't that he had given up hope of being on Broadway any more than Rachel had, and they had both had a tiny taste of it when Rachel was understudy for the lead in a revival of Funny Girl and Kurt had sung a small role in Gypsy. Rachel had done a few dozen performances and loved every minute, but found she loved teaching more. Who would have guessed that after her ambition in high school? But living with her family in Israel had also taught her the good that could come from helping others and so she had gone to school with Kurt, both attending teacher's college and graduating together. Puck had encouraged her to open a dance school, which had become the love of Rachel's life.

"Oh, have you decided where you want to teach?" Puck asked Kurt, happy his friend had gone to school and done what he wanted to do. Kurt grinned. He and Blaine had made a decision that would change their lives and he wanted to talk about it.

"No, we have to make a few decisions first. The baby is due any day, so we're staying here instead of spending spring break with my folks. If it works out, we'll fly there before the end of the month, but we don't want to fly with a baby so young." Kurt grinned at his Dom and Blaine looked back with his eyes bright.

Kurt and Blaine had finally made the decision to have another baby. They had contacted a surrogacy coordinator and all the arrangements had taken a few months, but the woman was pregnant with Blaine's seed in just one visit and now it was nearing the due date. Kurt could hardly wait to see the new baby. They had elected not to know the sex of the baby. It would be a wonderful surprise.

The woman they chose had been a surrogate before and was very sweet. They had agreed to an open communication so that she could see how the baby grew and could visit if she wanted. She had declined to do that, but the option was left open. They did not go to her appointments or get health reports, the woman was very private, but it had been a good match. She did agree that they could be at the hospital, if not in the delivery room, when she gave birth. She had not given the men her real name, so they called her "Madison" because she had mentioned "Splash" was one of her favorite movies. She giggled when they told her.

"So, you are walking around with a beeper now, like a doctor, huh?" Noah asked, laughing.

"Yeppers!" Blaine crowed, his face a little flushed at the thought of his baby coming so soon.

'Do you want a boy or a girl?" Rachel asked, picking Rinnah up out of her stroller and cuddling her close, giving the little baby a kiss on her smooth cheek.

"I don't think we would mind either way. Levi is campaigning for a brother, I think Holly is giving him a harder time of it lately since she's learned his toys are more fun that hers for some reason," Kurt laughed. He and Blaine could not see any reason for that, except if it was the call of the forbidden. They did not discriminate between traditional "boys" and "girls" toys, but bough them according to what each child liked. Lately Holly only liked Levi's toys.

"I tried to explain to him that it was just that she loved him and it was a way for her to be closer to him, but he wasn't buying that. He thinks she just wants to pester her. Cooper told him to ask for a baby brother! As if that would make any difference," Blaine laughed.

"I didn't have any siblings, I would have given anything for one – brother or sister – but my dads were happy with one child," Rachel said.

"I want a few more," Puck added, smiling at his daughter. "If Rachel agrees, of course," he said, looking over at his wife. She blushed a little and smiled at him as he put a loving arm around her.

" never know," she cooed at him. Kurt gave Blaine a look and they both grinned. Having Puck and Rachel here with them in New York was great.

"We do have some news for you, though," Puck said, glancing at Rachel as if to ask if this was the right time. She nodded. Both Kurt and Blaine looked at Puck. He sounded serious.

"As you know, LeRoy's health isn't what it once was. He's doing fine, but time rocks on and Rachel misses her dads. I actually miss my mother and my half-brother. That, and Rachel has decided not to try out anymore for Broadway. So, after a lot of discussion, we have decided to move back to Ohio."

Kurt sat stunned. Rachel hadn't mentioned this to him at all. He couldn't lose his best friend, could he? He brushed back a tear that came unbidden to his eye. Blaine put a reassuring arm around him and hugged him for a moment.

"I know it comes as a shock, and it was a hard decision to make, but my place is with my family. You understand, don't you?" she asked, putting her hand on Kurt's arm. She felt like she was breaking his heart. She really had not expected him to react like this.

"Of course, Rachel, I understand. I'm going to miss you," he said. "How long before you leave?"

"A month or so. We need to get a house and everything ready. Oh, I'm going to miss you, Kurt," she said and handed the baby to Puck before coming over to hug her best friend. She sat in Kurt's lap and wrapped her arms around him, her cheek pressed against his. He held her for a long time before she got up to return to her seat.

"It's not like we'll never see you, we do go home to Ohio several times a year. We'll just have to make it for longer periods of time," he said, smiling through his tears.

Just as they were finishing breakfast, the beeper went off. That meant their surrogate was at the hospital and labor had begun. Kurt and Blaine stared at each other for a moment, the time that had them breathless with anticipation had arrived. It didn't seem real to them, but the baby was on its way and they were excited to go greet the new addition to their family.

"The baby?" Puck asked and both men nodded yes.

"Call us, let us know how everything goes, okay?" Rachel said, smiling.

"We will!" Kurt and Blaine said in unison and they were out the door.


"Oh, my stars, Blaine..." Kurt said, holding the tiny baby in his arms. "He is so tiny! He is much smaller than Levi or Holly were. Is the doctor sure he's all right?"

"Yes. You were there. Perfect is the word the doctor used if you recall. Perfect."

"Wait until we tell Levi and Holly...they will both be so happy. It isn't every day we all get our wishes fulfilled you know," Kurt said.

"Oh, she's yawning!" Blaine said as if he had never seen a baby yawn before. Kurt giggled. "She was even tinier than her brother, but look...she's perfect, too. I can't believe how tiny her fingernails are!" Blaine was sitting in a rocking chair in the hospital nursery, dressed in a sterile gown and holding his new daughter. She had her eyes closed in tight little wrinkles and was waving her fists in the air. Kurt looked over at his husband, just trying to get over the shock. They had not been told there were twins, so coming to the hospital was even more of a shock than they had anticipated.

Kurt looked down at his new son, remembering the day he held Levi for the first time. It had been one of the happiest days of his life, but the scariest, too. This was what life was all about. Being with the people he loved, enjoying being a family. A family. Tears came to his eyes, but he didn't want them to mar this happy occasion, so he turned his head and tried to wipe them off on his sterile gown before Blaine noticed.

He should have known better. Blaine always knew when he was upset and turned quickly to see his face.

"Oh, baby, what's wrong? Are you thinking about Santana? That's nothing to worry about, of course you would think of her at a time like this, baby. No shame in that," Blaine told him in a gentle way.

"It isn't that, exactly. I just miss my family. I know we'll see them soon, it just seems like I miss my dad more and more all the time. I wish he was here now. Oh, why did we send Levi and Holly? They should be here to see their new brother and sister!" Kurt was actually crying now.

"Hey, it's okay, baby. We'll be on the first plane to see them as soon as we have the doctor's good word. Okay?" Blaine got up and , still holding his new daughter, he put an arm around Kurt.

"Let's get them back in their incubators now, don't want to stress them," Wes said, walking into the room. He was grinning from ear to ear at the looks on his friends' faces.

"Okay, Wes..." Kurt said, handing his son over. When both babies were in the incubators, they sat down again, happy to be there with Wes.

"I have spoken with the birth mother. She is willing to give them milk for two weeks, which is an ideal situation, but she will use a pump. She doesn't want to see the babies, understandably." Wes told the new fathers.

"That is so sweet of her. Is she doing okay?" Blaine asked and Wes nodded.

"Yes. She has done this before, and this is the second set of twins she has given birth to. She is fine and just happy you are happy now. She wanted a picture of you, if that's okay? Not of the babies, just of the two of you. I think its what makes her do this, seeing the love she can provide for others," Wes said. He took a picture of the two holding each other and smiling. "Thanks, guys. If all is well, you can fly home as soon as the twins are both released from the hospital."


Blaine had been on edge all week. He seemed so happy when he was sitting with Kurt and the babies, but when he didn't realize Kurt could see him he seemed troubled. Kurt could not feel any trouble – not animosity or anger, just some vague sort of anxiety. He wondered if it was having two small babies that demanded all of their attention. He remembered the days when they had brought Levi home, how long it took to be comfortable.

They had hired a full time nurse...Jeff's sister, Ellie, the one who had taken care of Holly when she was in the hospital with the ear infection. She was a welcome addition to their little family and took care of the babies as if they were her own. The names of the babies had been a difficult decision. Levi, Holly, Blaine and Kurt all had different ideas, but it all came together in the end and the men were waiting to tell the family when they got to Ohio.

Blaine had been on the phone with Cooper for days it seemed and Kurt was beginning to think there was a problem. The court case of his lawyer and Santana's estate had taken almost two years to finally finish, but the woman was now cooling her heels in the state prison for numerous counts starting with fraud. Levi and Holly's inheritance was safe, though. In addition, the problems with Santana's family were ongoing.

The children were allowed visits with Mrs. Lopez, but it was in Burt's home. Kurt felt bad, but he could not risk Ramon and Anita doing something such as taking the children. Mrs. Lopez seemed fine with it, never arguing or complaining. Ramon and Anita were allowed visits, too, and Burt reported that they went very well. Mrs. Lopez had really connected to Burt and Carole and they seemed to be friends, which made Kurt feel very much better. Kurt had offered to buy Mrs. Lopez a new house, but she declined, saying she was content to live in the house she had been born in, and Kurt understood that. He finally put a large amount of Santana's money in a bank account with her name on it and gave her the debit card to it. He didn't know if she used the money, but it was all he could do.

The last night before they left for Ohio, the babies were asleep and Ellie was in her room reading. She was going with them and had finished packing, ready to go in the morning. She wished Kurt and Blaine goodnight after they came to tuck the babies in.

"Call me when they wake up, Ellie, I'll come help feed them," Kurt said. Ellie smiled, Blaine had made the same offer an hour before. She kind of wondered why they had hired her – the two fathers were in the nursery more than she was.

Later in the bedroom, Kurt was lying in bed when Blaine came to climb in beside him. He ran his hand under Kurt's arm, pulling him on top. He loved feeling his Sub's weight on him, and with the new babies they had been so tired every night.

"It's our Anniversary, Kurt. Happy Anniversary. I love you," Blaine smiled, running his hand down Kurt's back.

"Happy Anniversary to you, too," Kurt returned, kissing Blaine. "I love you, too."

"I know we have to get up early in the morning, but I just want to feel closer to you, baby..." Blaine whispered in his ear.

"Please, Blaine...I do, too. What do you want me to do?" Kurt asked, rutting against his Dom at the thought of having Blaine inside of him.

"Just lay back, I'll do all the work, love," Blaine cooed, stroking Kurt's sides. Kurt purred his answer, stretching like a cat as he waited for his Dom to move.

It didn't take Blaine long to decide what he wanted to do. This was going to be a wonderful Anniversary and he could hardly wait to get to Ohio to give Kurt his real present. The anticipation of that was making Blaine nervous, on edge, and with all the drama of having the new babies, well...they needed something to unwind them. Blaine knew just the right thing.

"Here, let's get up and I can get rid of all of those clothes for you," Blaine offered and Kurt was up in a second, Blaine pulling off his pajamas. The Dom stopped to fill his eyes. His husband was the most amazing thing the Fates had ever made. His skin, even five years later, was like an opal, shimmering and luminescent. His chestnut hair was glossy and thick, and those eyes...all the best parts of the ocean with shades of blue and green with just a sprinkling of sunshine shining forth. Blaine could just sit and watch Kurt for hours. His attention was snapped back to the present as Kurt blushed a little at all the scrutiny, he had never learned to like just being stared at.

Blaine got up, he wasn't wearing any pajamas to begin with, and found a blanket to cover the bed, moving the clean sheets and blankets to the floor.

"Just hop up on the bed, I'll be back in just a moment," Blaine said, walking to the closet. Kurt sat on the bed, watching his Dom. Blaine was back in just a minute, a box in his hand with a big red bow. He handed it to Kurt.

Kurt looked at Blaine curiously, noting the darkening of those hazel eyes that meant he was in for an intense evening. His stomach fluttered in anticipation. He opened the box and found a slim silver wand and his heart jumped in his chest. They had never used toys before, and Kurt wasn't really familiar with them. He blushed dark red and tried to look at Blaine, but he just couldn't do it.

"Hey, are you all right, baby? We don't have to use that, I was just thinking it might be fun – but not if you don't want to," Blaine said, feeling a bit strange and wondering if he had crossed a boundary.

"No, we can...I just...well, I don't know how..." Kurt was looking down at the mattress, across the room, anywhere but at Blaine.

Blaine took the box from his Sub and pulled him onto his lap.

"Kurt, if you feel at all nervous or apprehensive about using toys, we never have to do that. I just bought it on a whim, but it isn't something I've ever done, either, so we can just get rid of it. No harm done. Okay?" Blaine was confused. His Sub wasn't giving off scared or unhappy vibes at all, but Blaine didn't rely on just the vibes, he could see he'd embarrassed Kurt. His Sub slipped his arms around him, gathering courage to speak and Blaine could feel that. He waited, combing his fingers through the thick hair and giving him a kiss on his head to calm him. Finally, Kurt spoke:

"I am not saying I don't want to try, Blaine. It was just a surprise and I didn't know how to handle it. If you want to try, I'm game. It might be exciting," Kurt whispered, his arms tightening a bit more around Blaine.

"Okay, baby, just tell me if you don't like it, or if you want me to slow down or quit," Blaine said. He smiled at Kurt to try and get him to relax, then pushed him gently down on the bed. Lying next to him, Blaine pulled Kurt close and began to kiss him. They stayed that way for a long time, Blaine's fingers brushing across his husband's face. He outlined his cheekbones, his chin, and over his lips. Everything was slow and tender, his lips gentle and his tongue warm. Kurt was completely relaxed, basking in the adoration, whimpering when Blaine slowed too much or stopped.

Blaine traveled down Kurt's chest, brushing his lips and tongue along and humming in a easy manner. He reached the first nipple and Kurt gave a moan in anticipation because he loved having Blaine pay attention to his nipples. They were sensitive and stood up in peaks, asking for more all by themselves, Blaine thought. He licked wide swaths, then he pointed his tongue and went in circles and finally sucked one in and ran his teeth over the tips one at a time while Kurt arched his back and thrust his chest forward, asking for more. Blaine stayed there a few more minutes until Kurt's erection made itself known by bumping against Blaine's arm.

"Someone's eager..." Blaine whispered with a grin. "I can't ignore that..." he said and took the head of Kurt's erection into his mouth, sucking gently and wrapping his hand around the shaft in a delicate manner, not too much pressure.

Kurt was arching his back, his body hungry for Blaine. Blaine slid a hand under Kurt's thigh, pulling it up and spreading his Sub's legs. He reached for the silver wand and covered it with the silicon lubricant, leaving some on his fingers. Sliding his fingers over the rim of Kurt's entrance, he just gently massaged for a while, his cock getting harder as Kurt's moaning got louder.

Blaine pulled out his fingers slowly, knowing the drag of skin felt good to Kurt, judging from his face.

"Ready, baby?" he asked and Kurt nodded his head, keeping his eyes closed. Blaine inserted the slim wand slowly while watching his husband's face for any pain or discomfort. There was only a look of curiosity and Blaine pushed it in deeper. Using a gentle push and pull back a bit, push and pull back until Kurt jumped and a loud sound escaped his lips.

"Oh...there, Blaine...that's it," he murmured, his hand grasping for his hard cock to give it a few strokes and stiffen his leg muscles. Blaine's thumb swept over the base of the wand, flicking it on low vibration and Kurt's eyes opened in startled wonder. He was moaning in a few seconds, arching even farther, his hand on his cock grasping tighter and moving to pump his cock. Blaine could see his leg muscles clenching and stroked down the nearer thigh in an effort to calm him. Blaine began to move the wand slowly in and out, just a tiny bit to add some stimulation but not to lose contact with his prostate. Then he moved Kurt's hand back, leaned down and took Kurt's cock in his mouth. Kurt's loud moan almost made Blaine come just by the sound of it.

"'s soooo good, so good..." Kurt was babbling, not knowing what he was saying as the vibrations circles around in his body and coalesced in his stomach where they swirling in the heat and need and want. Kurt wanted this to last forever, he'd never even imagined so much and he could feel the tiny prickles of his orgasm gathering in his belly. Kurt could not have stopped this if his life depended on it and pressed his hands on Blane's head, burying his fingers in the silky curls.

Just as Kurt's moans and groans got to become a frenzy, Blaine moved his thumb and clicked the vibrator into the next level, then watched his husband come unglued. He was thrashing in the bed, not hard but small thrashes and his head turning from one side to the other as he bucked his hips and Blaine carefully held the slim wand steady.

Kurt closed his eyes to concentrate more, keeping up the dizzying effort to hold on as long as possible while his heart held out. He took one more big gulp of air and said," Oh...Blaine, Blaine...I'm going to come, NOW!" and Kurt came hard, shooting his hot semen into Blaine's mouth, his hands shaking in his curls.

"Stop, Blaine...stop it," Kurt said, a tiny bit anxious as the vibrations began to be painful in his overstimulated body.

"Are you all right?" Blaine asked his Sub, worried about how red his face was.

"No, no...I mean...yes, I'm just fine. Tired, but fine..." Kurt mumbled, pulling Blaine back up to lie down close to his side for a while, arms wrapped loosely around his partner.

"I'd ask how it was, Kurt, but I think I already know how it was, judging from your face." Blaine grinned. Kurt rolled his eyes.

"It's your turn next, my love," Kurt smiled at Blaine when his heart was once more beating calmly in his chest.


The flight to Lima was a little bumpy, but not too bad. Blaine flew frequently and was used to turbulence, but Kurt was kept on the edge of his seat with worry. He was sitting behind Blaine, each with a baby in a car seat strapped in next to them. Ellie was across the aisle, handing the daddies a bottle or whatever they needed. She was happy to be returning to Ohio. She'd grown up in Westerville with her brother, Jeff, and followed him to New York. She was happy for the opportunity to return even though she would miss her brother and his husband, Nick. But they were all good friends and she would still be in contact, plus the chance to do what she loved – taking care of babies – and being near a childhood friend, Blaine, she was very content.

The plane landed and she helped the men carry the babies through the airport. They were met by Cooper, who had flown in last week to get things ready for them. They would be spending a few days at the Hummel homestead, then...probably some time at the Anderson home. Blaine's folks were out of town right now, so things would go a lot quieter and smoother there. Blaine had called and told them about the new babies and both of his parents were eager to see them.

Driving up to Burt's driveway, Kurt could not keep the smile from his lips. He could hardly wait to show off the newest members of his family to his father. He smiled in anticipation, looking over at his husband and catching his eye. He walked closer, shifting the carseat from one hand to the other.

"Kurt!" Finn shouted, just stepping out of the house to greet them. Levi rushed past, arms flailing and feet running.

"Daddy! Papa! Did you bring the baby? Did you? Is it a girl or a boy?" he shouted, overjoyed to see his fathers.

"Calm down, buddy, you're scary when you shout like that. We will be inside in just a moment, then you and Holly can hold the new addition to the family," Blaine said, deliberately not telling him the secret of the twins. Nobody knew yet, they wanted it to be a surprise and Levi hadn't noticed the two car seats. Finn had and his eyes were wide as Blaine put a finger to his lips to ask Finn to keep the secret.

Sitting on the sofa with everyone crowded around, Kurt was anticipating the looks on everyone's faces. Ellie was following with Blaine and baby number two, but Kurt wanted to be first. He grinned seeing the family crowded around Kurt, who was pulling the blanket off of their new daughter's carseat. All ooohhs and aaaahhhhsss came from the assembled bunch.

"This is Kimberly Beth Hummel-Anderson," Kurt said, making himself heard over the excited squeals. He smirked, seeing how excited everyone was. Just wait until they see what Blaine has, he thought.

When everyone was engrossed in the newest baby girl, Kurt smiled at Blaine and waved for him to come in. Blaine had set the carseat down in the front hall and taken the baby out of his straps. He had him cuddled against his chest, holding him tight as he walked over to sit next to his husband. As he sat down, there was a sudden silence in the room, followed by several gasps.

"Papa! You have a baby, too! Is she ours also?" Levi asked, his eyes wide and sparkling.

"Well, she is a he, and yes, he is ours, too. His name is Trystan Cooper Hummel-Anderson and his is Kimmy's twin."

Levi was jumping up and down, and Holly was following his lead. She was so excited, but then remembered her fathers' instructions about the new baby.

"Shhhh. Everyone be quiet. Papa told me we have to be quiet and not scare the baby. Babies. Can I hold one?" she asked, standing close to her Daddy, a hand on his knee.

"Of course, sweetheart. Come sit on the sofa and you can hold your new sister," he said and Holly climbed up between her fathers.

Blaine only had eyes for one person in the room. Cooper had just sunk into an overstuffed chair in the corner, a stunned look on his face. He glanced back at his little brother, wondering if he had heard correctly. Blaine smiled at him, nodding because he knew what Cooper was asking. He got up and walked over to the new uncle, setting Trystan down in his lap, arranging his arms in the correct position to hold the week-old baby.

" named him after me?" he asked again, the look of stunned surprise still on his face.

"Yes. His name is Trystan Cooper. After the best brother in the whole world. You know I've always admired you, Coop. You were my whole world when we were kids, I followed you everywhere. Plus, he looks like you, don't you think?" Blaine asked.

Trystan yawned and tried to open his eyes, which were blue as most babies' eyes were. He had a thick crop of shiny black hair with a gentle wave, just like his uncle, and his mouth was the same shape. Cooper smiled and held him closer. He kissed the tiny little head, marveling in how beautiful the baby was. The two of them had shut out the rest of the world, and Kurt didn't want to intrude in the moments his Dom was having with Cooper.

"I think it's about time that we fed them, Holly. How about you let Levi hold the bottle for Kimmy? He knows how to do it because he fed you when you were this tiny," Kurt distracted his children. He pulled out the bottle and Carole helped Holly move the baby to Levi's lap. Levi was thrilled, his new baby sister drinking her bottle and holding his finger in a tight grip with her whole fist. Levi couldn't have been prouder.

Cooper finally let Blaine take the baby back and then Holly got to hold his bottle. Everyone was thrilled with the new babies, even Finn and Quinn's son, Andy, was enthralled. When they had finished eating, Kurt and Blaine held them to burp and it was obvious they were going back to sleep. Kurt looked over at his father and Burt gave his son a smile. Kurt went over and set Trystan in his father's lap and Burt folded the blanket around the new baby, snuggling him down into his arm and smiling.

"Congratulations, Daddy," Burt said.

"Congratulations, Grandpa," Kurt said back, his face showing all the love he had for this wonderful man.


It was several days later when Blaine had asked Burt and Carole if they could watch over the twins and the older kids while they went out for lunch. Both grandparents were eager to have the babies all to themselves, so Blaine went to Kurt to tell him they were going on a date. Blaine had been spending time with his brother and wanted to have some alone time with his husband.

"I know it's after our actual anniversary, Kurt, but I had one more present for you," Blaine smiled. Kurt looked back in surprise and took Blaine's hand.

"You don't need to give me another present, Blaine. I think the twins are enough for all of us!" he said, but Blaine could see the excitement in his eyes.

"Let me be the judge of that, my love. Now, where do you want to go to eat?" he asked and they decided on a new French bistro-style restaurant in Bellefontaine, which was about halfway between Lima and Westerville.

They had a wonderful lunch and afterwards, Blaine asked Kurt if he would like to walk around the streets of the quaint little town for a while. Kurt loved the idea and they walked hand in hand to the park and sat to look at some of the architecture. From the bench where they sat in the park, looking across the street was an old brownstone house, built in the Victorian style with mansard roofs and a large porch.

Blaine sat forward, slipping his hand into his jacket pocket. He brought out a small black velvet box and turned to Kurt. Kurt glanced at the box and then at his finger where his wedding ring shone brightly in the spring sun.

"Blaine...I already have a ring. I've never taken it off since the day you put it there," Kurt said, looking at Blaine in bewilderment.

Blaine leaned forward and kissed Kurt softly on the lips.

"It's not a ring, baby. Just open the box," Blaine said, looking into Kurt's eyes and smiling.

Kurt opened the box. Instead of a ring, there was an old brass key with a lion's head etched on the part by the keyring.

"Oh, Blaine, this is beautiful!" Kurt said. He collected small antiques and this would be a special treasure to add to his display.

"Don't you want to see what it opens?" Blaine asked and Kurt looked at him, his head cocked a little to the left. He always did that when he wanted to ask a question. Blaine stood up and took Kurt's hand and led him across the street to the Victorian house. They walked up the stairs and across the porch, and Blaine held open the screen door.

"It fits this lock, my love," Blaine said and Kurt looked at the plate on the lock. There was another lion's head on the ornate brass plaque. He inserted the key in the lock and opened the door. His eyes got big, taking in the oak floors and the bay windows at each side of the room. In front of him was a field-stone fireplace with a polished black walnut mantle. Even without furniture, it was warm and cozy.

"Blaine? What is this?" Kurt turned back to Blaine and his eyes asked the question. Blaine pulled Kurt close and hugged him once more.

"This is our Anniversary gift, my love. I know you wanted to move home to Ohio to be closer to your family, and this is such a beautiful little town. With four children, we needed to have more room and a place for them to run and play. Wait until you see the back yard! We could have a dog for them. I can do my work anywhere and although I know we both love New York, I think this might be a good place to raise our children," Blaine said.

"'s like a dream, Blaine. We can keep the apartment in New York, but this is so perfect. I love you, Blaine. Oh, I love you so much...," he said, tears in his eyes as he held out his arms. Blaine was in them in a second, holding Kurt close and dancing around the large space, spinning him around as they laughed at how wonderful life was.

~#~#~#~#~#~#~ THE END ~#~#~#~#~#~#~

I hope you have enjoyed my silly attempt at a S/D story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you to all of my wonderful supporters and friends that helped me through this process. (Especially my LisaRenai).