It had been decided. Despite his hesitation, Kurt was on his way to New York. He had to sign the paperwork to sell their apartment in Manhattan. It was going to be heart wrenching, having to let it go, but there was no reason to keep it. Kurt was miserable in New York without Santana and they had shared that apartment since their second year of marriage when her recording contract was picked up by a better label.

Levi was staying with his brother and Quinn back in Lima, but Holly was with her daddy. Quinn had been having a little trouble with her pregnancy and she was ordered by her doctor not to lift anything, so here was Kurt at the airport, looking for a taxi and hauling a ton of baby things around with him. Stroller, diaper bag, toys, bottles and formula: all the things a dad would need for a baby. Holly was, of course, having the time of her life, as everyone from the doorman to the stewardess fawned over her. It was exhausting.

Just as he set foot out the door into the pick-up lanes at the airport, Kurt spotted Brittany and waved. She pulled up and bounced out of the van to hug him, then scooped Holly out of her stroller and give her a kiss.

"I have a car seat all set up, Kurt. Just put her things in the back of the van and I'll strap my little princess in. It's good to see you, Kurt," Britt said.

"Good to see you, too, Britt. You know how much I appreciate your taking us in like this. With having to close the door to our old apartment, it has taken so much out of me. The stress is just...well, you know," Kurt told her. He waited while the skycap finished putting all the luggage in the van then tipped the man and climbed into the front seat.

Brittany pulled out into traffic and started back into the city, smiling and singing to herself. Kurt recognized the song and sang along. By the time they reached the neighborhood, both of them were smiling and Holly was fast asleep.

"How is Mandy?" Kurt asked. He missed Brittany's wife. They had been good friends over the past few years.

"Oh, she's doing fine. I talked her into taking some classes at the art school and she is now knee-deep in painting and drawing. It's fun to see her work on something she loves so much," Britt told him. "How is Levi taking to Ohio?"

"He is happy to be with his grandpa, I think, and Quinn has helped with the nightmares. I think he's going to be okay. I wish there was something more I could do, Britt, but I don't know what it would be. He goes to a playgroup twice a week with Carole and Dad takes him down to the garage to visit. I remember loving to be at the garage with Dad when I was little. With Finn there, Levi is happy enough to spend time with them," Kurt relayed.

"And you, Kurt?"

"I guess I'm okay. I was really starting to fade, but Noah came and dommed me. It's not the best situation, but it worked for now. I'm not struggling as much as I was when I left New York," Kurt said, looking at his fingernails.

"Ah, is Puck even gay?" Britt asked, glancing over at Kurt.

"No. But he is my friend," Kurt answered, maybe a bit sharply. Britt was going to ask another question, but stilled her tongue when she saw how visibly upset it was making Kurt.

"I think its going to be warmer today, maybe you'll let Mandy and I take Holly for a walk in the park?" Britt asked instead. She really missed Santana and having her daughter to dote over was a help.

"Of course, Britt. I might even walk with you if that's okay," he said, trying to give her a smile but it just didn't make it to his eyes.

"It's a date," she said, reaching over the console to grasp his hand and squeeze it for a moment. Kurt gave her the closest thing to a smile he could muster.


Kurt had met with Santana's lawyers and had been given a thick Manila envelope to take back to Brittany's and look over. There was a trust fund set up for both Levi and Holly and the funds Santana had set aside for her retirement along with properties they owned and several bank accounts, certificates of deposit, and bonds. Santana may have been brought up in Lima Heights Adjacent, but she was smart and had a financial wizard of an accountant. There was no reason for Kurt to worry about money, he had plenty. But, he thought to himself, I'd give up every dime and live in a shoebox if I could have my Tana back.

Kurt decided that after the meeting, he might walk for a while before getting back on the subway. It was a warm day and Holly had slept through the meeting with the lawyer, which was not usual since she had been due for her bottle over an hour ago. Kurt strolled along, looking at the tall buildings of lower Manhattan and feeling a sort of nostalgia for it. But Lima was where he belonged now, with his family and people who cared about him, people who would provide a steadfast loving environment for his two children to grow up. It was true that during high school, Kurt had been bullied almost non-stop for the first year. All of that calmed down a bit when he joined glee club and his new friends were a bit more supportive. It had helped even more when his father married Carole Hudson. Finn, the Titan's quarterback, became his brother.

Things had changed a little in out of the way Lima, though. He liked to think he may have had something to do with that, being the pioneer out gay kid at McKinley. He would occasionally see a gay or lesbian couple walking hand in hand near the school or at the mall and thought the town had made some progress.

Kurt was a little light-headed. It had been a few weeks since Puck had dommed him, but he thought he would be okay, after all he went almost four months after Santana had last dommed him before the baby was born. He wasn't feeling very well, but maybe it was just low blood sugar. He would find something to eat when they got home.

Shaking his head out of his reverie, Kurt saw a bench near a very small park – well, really a half-block sized lawn with a few benches serving as respite in the middle of the tall buildings made of concrete and glass. He sat down on the bench, trying to catch his breath. He really wasn't feeling very well. He leaned forward, pulling the stroller close to his side as he patted Holly. She didn't even move, which startled him and he leaned to pick her up.

Holly sighed, babbling out a few noises, but didn't wake up. Kurt brought her little face close so he could cuddle her to his chest, brushing her cheek first. It was red hot.

"Holly, baby, wake up for Daddy, wake up," he cooed at her, feeling instant panic and using everything he had inside himself to stay calm. He pinched a bit of her skin on the back of her hand to determine if she was dehydrated. She was a little, he'd have to get some liquid into her soon. He took his cell phone out of his pocket, still holding his baby close to his body to give her comfort if she woke up. He dialed her old physician's office, which was still programmed into the phone, and waited for someone to answer.

"Dr. Dimes' office," the cheerful voice of the receptionist came through his phone.

"Hello, I'm Kurt Hummel and my daughter, Holly, was a patient there." Kurt's panic was beginning to show as he spoke faster and lost the clarity in his speech. "We are visiting in New York and I'm sitting here in a park and I picked her up and she is sleeping past her feeding time and her cheeks are screaming hot..."

"Sir, SIR. Mr. Hummel, calm down. Is she breathing?"

"Yes, but it seems kind of shallow. And she is so hot..."

"Okay, do you have a thermometer with you?" she asked.

"Yes. In her diaper bag. Should I take her temperature?"

"Yes. I'm going to switch you over to the nurse, so hold on. Everything will be fine. Mr. Hummel," she said, remembering the sad story of Kurt and his children losing their mother when Santana died. She had always liked Kurt. He was polite and kind and brought her and the other receptionists flowers when he brought the kids in for their check-ups. She hoped this was just a fever and could be resolved quickly.

Kurt took Holly's temperature and reported to the nurse it was 103.7°F.

"Mr. Hummel, I can have an appointment for you today, just come right in and we will see her as soon as you get here. Where are you now?"

"I'm on the Lower East Side, so I can be there in half an hour. I'm on my way," he said, calculating the taxi speed from Lower East Side to Morningside.

"She will be fine. Babies tend to run pretty high temperatures as a rule. She probably just has a minor respiratory infection. I'll see you soon."

"Thank you."

Kurt hugged Holly close to his chest, holding her in his arms and beginning to shake. He knew he had to get her back in the stroller and walk quickly to the subway or just hail a taxi. Lying her down on her back, Kurt tightened the straps, making sure she was secure. He decided on the taxi and turned to push the stroller towards the sidewalk when he saw a taxi making its way down the street. He hurried to put up his arm and get closer to the street when he tripped on a break in the cement of the sidewalk and fell, severely twisting his ankle and plummeting to the ground unable to catch himself. His face hit the cement and he looked up, dazed for a moment, then grabbed for the handle of the stroller that had gone flying out of his hand. It wasn't there.

It was the worst thing he could ever imagine in his worst nightmare. The stroller with his sleeping baby was slowly rolling towards the traffic on the downtown street, nothing between her and the oncoming cars and buses that came streaming down the street. Kurt tried with everything in him to get up off that sidewalk, torn trousers and bloody knees, skinned palms and broken nose. He almost made it, a burst of adrenaline helping to lurch himself forward to grab the stroller.


But he was too late and the stroller went skidding out onto the street and at the last second Kurt told himself to close his eyes as the limousine came bearing down on her. Time had made everything stop and he could not close his eyes, much less look away. His life flashed in front of him as his voice, the highest pitch he had ever achieved, came screaming out of his mouth. He blinked.

[Author's note: I seriously considered stopping here and not updating until sometime next week, but I guess I'm just not that mean. Do you love me now?]

Then he saw the limo screech to a halt, turning sideways as the driver realized what was about to happen. The driver saw that would not stop the heavy car from hitting the stroller, so he punched the gas and drove into oncoming traffic on the other side of the street, narrowly missing several cars. The back door opened as the limo was slowed down and someone jumped from the door, landing near the stroller and grabbing it, jerking it towards the sidewalk to avoid any other vehicles hitting the stroller. The man sat down abruptly on the sidewalk next to the stroller and took a big breath. He looked up as Kurt reached the stroller, grabbing the straps to unhook them and lift a crying Holly into his arms. He slid to the ground, his face buried in his daughter's tummy, sobs racking his body as he thanked God she was saved. He looked up to see the Samaritan. Kurt's eyes locked on rich hazel eyes staring back at him, the man still panting from his exertion. He smiled at Kurt.


Earlier that day in the offices of Anderson, Dawson, Giles, and Pierce. Attorneys at Law, Midtown Manhattan.

Blaine Anderson was sitting in his lawyer's office. He spent a lot of time here, but that would not be surprising since his lawyer, Cooper Anderson, was also his brother.

"So, Squirt, let me give you the run-down. Arthur's lawyer and I have worked out an equitable settlement, I think. Here are the details: since Arthur is gainfully employed, making a salary equivalent to yours, there is no need for spousal support on either side. Because you never had any joint banking accounts or property, you each leave the marriage with what you brought into it. Since you did not agree to my suggestion that you are the injured party, I did not ask for any monetary consideration on your behalf. Really, Blaine, I don't know why you asked me to be your lawyer in this since the two of you already agreed to everything before you even filed for the divorce," Cooper said, giving his brother a sad look. He had felt guilty about a lot of the way Blaine's life had turned out and he didn't feel like this was any help at all.

"It's fine, Coop. We are remaining on speaking terms, we don't hate each other. We just had irreconcilable differences that could not be talked out or solved by either of us. I don't see how it could have been resolved, Coop, no matter what, and I'm not getting any younger. I just got tired of waiting and he was digging his heels in deeper," Blaine said, not for the first time. "Cooper, I know you want the best for me, and I appreciate that, but I do reserve the right to decide what defines "the best" for me. Okay?" Blaine said, looking around his brother's office, smiling at the Michael Parkes prints he had given Coop last Christmas.

"You know what we had fought over since the first week of the marriage," Blaine said, looking sad once again and Cooper, who was leaning against the back of his green leather office chair, stood up and walked around the oak desk and pulled his little brother into his arms.

"It's going to be okay, Squirt. I promise I won't stop until everything in your life is the way you dreamed it. Okay, Bee?" Cooper promised. Blaine hugged him back, knowing Cooper could promise no such thing, but the sincere look on his brother's face stopped him from saying anything more. He just nodded and pressed his cheek against Coop's shoulder.

Twelve years ago, Westerville, Ohio

"What are you planning to do this summer, Blaine?" Sylvia Anderson asked her son as the family sat at the breakfast table.

"Sit by the pool, read that last novel by Stephen King, go skateboarding in the park?" Coop said. Blaine rolled his eyes. He had turned fifteen a few months before and was having problems in school. Oh, his grades were fine, all A's and well on the path to be valedictorian if everything went as planned. He had worked weekends on the Habitat for Humanity project to help out in a meaningful way, although he told his father it was something to put on his college application. Blaine was savvy enough to know that his father would slip a check with enough zeros to get him a place in the freshman class of any University he wanted Blaine to attend. He'd gotten Cooper into his own Alma Mater, Harvard.

Like most brothers, there was a friendly rivalry between Blaine and Cooper. They kidded around, had a real fight complete with slugging each other once in a while, but for the most part one always had the other's back. Until this summer.

"Actually, Cooper, I am not planning to have another summer wasting time in spite of the example set by my esteemed sibling. I plan to take some extra classes at Dalton in their summer program in hopes of getting a leg up on my classes for next year," Blaine snapped, glaring at Coop.

"Now, boys, there is no reason for this bickering. Stop it at once," Sylvia said, irritated that her sons were forever picking fights. She was oblivious to the fact that they might not be so quarrelsome if she didn't force Cooper to give up summer after summer to be a free babysitter for his brother, who was a decade younger. Cooper, quite naturally, blamed Blaine for this and Blaine resented his brother lording his position over him. Summers were sometimes torture for Blaine as Cooper egged him on, pushed and cajoled Blaine into doing things that got him in trouble with their parents. Coop had bought the bottle of Annie Green Springs wine that Blaine got caught drinking in his room one evening. Coop had brought along Linda Woodruff's little sister on a 'double date' and Blaine got in trouble for kissing in the poolhouse – in spite of the fact it was just a cover-up for Cooper who was having sex with Linda in the back of the changing room when Blaine got caught. These incidents happened too often to be funny, and they had built a wall between the boys.

As much as they fought, Blaine and Cooper did genuinely love each other. They thought of themselves as a united front against their parents, who in their minds didn't care two hoots whether they got into trouble or anything else as long as the sacred Anderson name wasn't dragged through the mud. Outward appearances were everything to Carver and Sylvia Anderson.

Cooper was at Harvard now and Blaine was not in need of close supervision, but they did plan to have some fun this summer. Cooper would start his last year of Harvard before law school and Blaine would start high school at Dalton. Blaine had been spending a lot of his time with his friends at Dalton that lived close. A few of them had cars now, being legal driving age, most had gotten a car as a present for their sixteenth birthdays.

One night last weekend, David and Wes had taken Blaine with them to a bar. Nick had gotten everyone a fake ID, and they were good ID's, not the tacky ones Blaine had seen before. They had a bit too much to drink, and were trying to think of something to do. They started out at the batting cages, but all the wine had made them very uncoordinated. Nicky insisted they go pick up their friend, Jeff, and the night was still young when Jeff suggested they go get tattoos. Jeff knew a place and Nicky wanted to go with his boyfriend so they all agreed to go.

In the shop, they chose small designs: Wes a tiny tiger on his ankle, David refused to get one, but did get his ear pierced. Jeff and Nicky got Calvin and Hobbes on their shoulders. When it came to Blaine, he was undecided and spent some time leafing through the binders filled with tattoo designs. He finally found one he could really embrace and got it on his left hip, just below the waistband of his jeans.

Several hours later, everyone a bit more sore for the evening, David dropped Blaine off at his house. Cooper heard him sneaking in and was waiting in Blaine's room when he got there.

"Hey, Squirt! Where have you been? Dad is here and he was looking for you earlier. I told him you were at a swim meet," Cooper told his brother. Blaine had been on the swim team last year.

"Thanks for having my back, Coop. I owe you," Blaine said. Coop was going to give him a high-five, but Blaine stumbled and Coop reached out to steady his tipsy brother. His hand came in contact with Blaine's hip and he yelped.

"Hey, Bee, what's wrong? Did you get beat up at school again? I don't get why the kids keep picking on you," Coop said, rucking up Blaine's shirt to see what he thought might be a bruise. Blaine scrambled to get out of Coop's grasp, but it was too late. There on his hip was the new tattoo.

"Blaine? Is that what it looks like? Why would you get that?" Cooper said, being an idiot since there was precisely one reason Blaine might get the design he did.

There on his hip was a tattoo of two circles intertwined. But they weren't just circles, they were the signs that indicated males. Two circles with little arrows pointing to two o'clock. Around the two male gender symbols were a vine with tiny flowers and hearts. Cooper stared at the tattoo, barely breathing. All the kidding he had done...calling his brother a fag, making insinuations about his lack of masculine qualities suddenly came home to roost. To Cooper's credit, the first thing he did was gather his scared little brother in his arms and hug him tightly to his chest.

"Blaine, why didn't you tell me?" Cooper asked.

"I was afraid of what you might say, of whether you would still love me," Blaine whispered, big tears beginning to form in the corners of his hazel eyes. He blinked and the tears began their path down the rosy cheeks, past the long thick eyelashes, to drop one by one onto Cooper's shirt.

"Oh, Blainers, you will always be my brother, no matter what. And I will love you until the end of time," Coop said with every bit of sincerity in his body.

Blaine hugged his brother back, so relieved that he still loved him.


"Blaine, I do understand why you wanted the divorce. When you were approaching the May Day Pairings of your senior year, you didn't ask for anyone in particular. Why not?" Cooper asked. He had been away at law school when Blaine came out to his parents, and Cooper knew it had not gone well, but Blaine had never told him the details.

"I was in the pool with a bunch of the guys. Nicky and Jeff were making out, just a little but kissing underwater and holding hands. Dad walked out to the edge of the pool, sat down in a chair with his newspaper. He kept frowning at Nicky and Jeff and I waited until he was reading again and asked them to cool it for a while. They did, but I felt really bad about it. All the guys knew I was gay, but none of them knew my father didn't know. Anyway, Jeff got ticked off about me asking him to cool it and started a game of Marco Polo, but he was cheating so he could catch me every time. It got kind of wild and Trent lunged for me, just kidding around, and he got a hold of my swim trunks and pulled them down a little in the back.

"He let go right away, but he'd pulled them down enough for Dad to see my tattoo," Blaine explained. "He just stared at me for a minute, then he asked the guys to go home, the party was over. Trent felt bad, but he had no idea – either about Dad's homophobia or about my tattoo. I was pretty drunk the night I got that tattoo, but I often wonder if I just subconsciously wanted Mom and Dad to know and I was afraid to tell them."

"For what it's worth, I still don't understand their reaction. Blaine, you are still the same person. Why can't they see that?" Coop asked.

"That, my dear brother, is a mystery for the ages, isn't it?" Blaine said, shaking his mop of black curls.

"So, did Dad ever say anything about how badly he treated you?"

"No. When it came time for the May Day Pairings, I found out he had made a contract with Arthur's father. They knew each other through the firm, and Arthur's father didn't want him applying for the boy he really loved, Robbie. Dad had given up trying to change me by then – after the summer camp for "confused teens", where the only confusion was why our parents were so ignorant. I didn't have anyone to ask for, Cooper. Nicky and Jeff were in a claiming contract already, and they were married in a big wedding the next week. I might have even asked for Trent, we were and are best friends, but he was in another district by then and I'd lost touch with him. So, Dad made the match with Arthur's dad and we got married," Blaine said.

"Blaine?" Cooper said, not sure if he could ask the next question or not, but what the hell. He was Blaine's brother and he needed to know.

Blaine looked at his brother, his hazel eyes shining. He knew what Cooper was going to ask, and he didn't want to talk about it, but Cooper was his brother and he had his best interest at heart. Maybe this was how Cooper felt closer to Blaine instead of all the hugging many brothers do.

"You want to know why I had to leave Arthur." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. Blaine sighed.

"Cooper, ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted to adopt a baby. I love babies and all their craziness: all the feeding and cuddling and such cute little faces. I have always wanted to hold a tiny baby in my arms and know it's life is my responsibility – to keep the baby safe and to love him or her with all my heart. I just don't know if it's possible," Blaine confessed, his eyes tearing a little. He'd kept this bit of information to himself for so many years. He turned back to Cooper, but before he could go on, Cooper raised his hand in a gesture to quiet Blaine.

"And Arthur didn't want kids. Right?" Cooper asked his brother.

"Nope. It was non-negotiable with him and after five years of marriage, I gave up hope. We argued all the time about it. Well, I argued. Arthur got up and left the room. If I brought up the possibility children, he shut down. He wouldn't even entertain the thought of being foster parents. It just got to be too much. We've had separate bedrooms for two years now, Cooper, and that is not the way I want to live my life. I know I was a good dom to Arthur, but he had a stubborn streak a mile wide and there was no getting past it. So I decided to quit fooling myself and file."

"Does Dad know? Cooper asked.

"Yes. He didn't say anything, Arthur's dad left the firm right before that, so Dad didn't care. I do my work, keep my nose to the grindstone and don't kiss at office parties, so Dad is not saying anything to me. He'll support this, I know. He doesn't care if I'm alone, he just cares if I flaunt my true self in front of the clients," Blaine finished.

"Well, it's all done but the judge's signature, Squirt, and we'll have that by morning. I'm sorry it didn't work out, but I know you'll find someone. You're almost as handsome as I am, so the guys will be falling all over you. I bet by tomorrow at this time, you'll be in love already," Cooper foretold with a silly grin. He had succeeded in making his little brother smile, so he was happy. He pulled Blaine in for another hug, patted his back and led the way to the elevators for their lunch.

After lunch, Cooper offered to have the company limo driver take him home. Jeffers was waiting outside the building, having dropped off an important out of state client and Coop asked him to drop Blaine at his townhouse on his way back to the garage.

"Hey, Jeffers! I haven't seen you in a while. How are Brent and kids?" Blaine asked, an easy smile on his face. He liked Carver Anderson's two sons, but Blaine was his favorite. He had been the driver for the family since Blaine was born. He used to drive Cooper and Blaine to the swimming pool or the movies during the summers. Blaine was always smiling, a real happy-go-lucky kid with a kind word for everyone. Today was no different.

"Brent is doing fine, Bridget is expecting again. Todd is going to be graduating in May," Jeffers told his boss's son.

"That's great! Is Brent's arthritis better? I remember last time I talked with you he was having some pain issues," Blaine said with a sad face. Jeffers remembered last time they had talked. He had mentioned Brent's arthritic pain and the next morning a man was at his door to measure for a heated spa tub to be installed in the bathroom. He had thought it was a miscommunication, but when he looked into it, he found Blaine had ordered one and it would be installed the next week. That was the kind of person Blaine Anderson was. He truly had a heart of gold.

"You know, Mr. Anderson, Brent is so much better after you gave him the spa tub. He can move around more and it relieves so much of the pain he was experiencing. Thank you so much," Jeffers said, but Blaine brushed it away as just a small token of his gratitude of all the years of service from the Jeffers family. Brent had been one of the cooks when Jeffers started as a driver and the two had fallen in love. It was years before they became spouses, and even then they didn't tell their boss, Carver Anderson. It wasn't until Blaine had told Jeffers about the accidental coming out to his dad over the tattoo incident in the pool that he was able to tell Blaine he and Brent were living together. Blaine had been over-the-moon excited for them, even if it had happened years ago.

Blaine came to the christening of both of the babies Jeffers and Brent adopted. Bridget first, then Todd. Blaine kept up with the family when he could between school and obligations that took him back to Ohio, but he was there when Bridget got married and now he would get to see her baby. The relationship between Jeffers and Blaine was a long standing one, even though they didn't talk very often, so they were deep in conversation when Jeffers looked up and saw the baby stroller roll into the street. He had special training in evasive and defensive driving due to his job working for the law firm. They had many high-profile clients and needed to protect them from time to time.

As Jeffers saw the stroller, started to swerve but realized it would still hit the stroller sideways, he punched the gas, driving into the oncoming traffic on the other side of the street. Blaine saw what was going on and on instinct he threw open the door and jumped, landing my sheer luck upright and was able to move the stroller out of the way of the taxi and buses coming behind them.

He saw a man, probably the father, drag himself over – bloody and terrified – and take the tiny baby out of the stroller, holding her close and losing it completely. Blaine understood. If that had been his child, he'd have done the same.

By the time Blaine could breathe again, he was kneeling in the middle of the sidewalk, staring at the man holding the baby. This man had looked at him with those wide blue-gray eyes full of terror and was sitting on the sidewalk, bleeding heavily from several injuries but not letting go of the baby.

Jeffers had managed to move the limo out of traffic. He hadn't hit any moving cars, just two that were parked at the side and the damage was minimal. He had rushed to see if Blaine was okay and was faced with the man holding the baby.

"Sir, is the baby okay?" Blaine asked. There was no response, the man just sat there in shock, trembling in every muscle of his body. He was holding the baby too tightly, and Blaine was afraid he might harm her.

"Here, let me see. Loosen your hands so I can check her, okay?" he asked in a soft voice so as not to startle the man. Kurt just turned away from Blaine, as if to shield the baby from him.

Blaine watched him for a few moments before he realized what was going on. This was a sub and he hadn't been dominated in a long time. He was lost and it was up to a dom to make sure he was safe.

"Where is your dom?" Blaine asked, worried but willing to go get the person if needed.

Kurt's terrified eyes looked at Blaine. "I don't have one anymore. My wife died," he said, swaying back and forth on the sidewalk but holding Holly to his chest for dear life. He was having problems stringing words together and somewhere in his subconscious he knew the next step would be problems thinking of how to do things. He was panicking.

Blaine reached forward to try and coax the man to let loose of the baby for a minute and he brushed her cheek.

"Oh! She's burning up!" Blaine said, startled.

Kurt turned to him once again.

"I know, I was taking her to the hospital, but I fell. Can you...?" but he never finished his sentence. He was dizzy and nauseated and starting a panic attack. He couldn't breathe, and struggled with each bit of air he was able to suck into his lungs. Most of all, he needed to keep his Holly safe, so he curled around her and just sat still.

Blaine had to do something,so he looked over at Jeffers. The man he had known all of his life was looking back with an air so confident that Blaine could fix this, he had to try. He took a deep breath and took charge.