Blaine was not the kind of man to panic. He was well known in the business circles he traveled for being made of ice, and he used this to his advantage now. He needed a few answers first, so he plowed ahead, his mind racing. He turned to Jeffers.

"Call Mt Sinai Hospital and tell them we're on our way with an injured man and a baby with a high fever. Have them page Dr. Wes Montgomery, and use my name, tell Wes I might have a sub in crisis," Blaine said in a clear and patient voice. Inside he was scared, but he knew Wes would make this right, plus Wes was a specialist in cases of subs in crisis.

"My name is Blaine. Tell me yours?" Blaine asked in a clear voice.


"And this is your daughter?" Blaine asked.

"Yes, this is Holly," Kurt answered, but he maintained his grip on her.

A crowd was gathering, but Jeffers asked them to move along. The last thing a frightened sub needed was a crowd staring and pointing.

"Kurt, when was the last time you were dommed?" Blaine asked. When Kurt didn't answer, he rephrased the question into a command. "Tell me the last time you were dommed, Kurt."

"A few weeks, back in Ohio," he answered, but there was no inflection in his voice.

Blaine thought for a moment. A few weeks surely wouldn't send a sub into this much trauma. But, the man had said his wife died and he had a very sick child. That could account for it. Add in the fright he must have felt when the stroller rolled into the street -well, even a dom might be in trauma over that.

"Kurt. I won't take Holly away from you, but we need to get into my car and get her to a hospital. Do you understand me?" Blaine asked.

This resonated in Kurt's confused mind. Someone was taking control, someone was giving commands and would take him to get help for his baby. He tried to get up, but he couldn't while he was holding her. He looked up at the man with the golden hazel eyes and asked silently for help.

Blaine sighed in relief.

"Kurt, I need to take Holly. I will hold her right here and Jeffers will help you up. Then I'll give Holly back," Blaine said.

Kurt allowed him to take the sick baby from his hands and then the large man helped him up from the pavement. His ankle buckled and only the man's strong arm kept Kurt from tumbling to the street again. The man helped Kurt to the bench, almost carrying him, and he sat down. Jeffers took the car seat part of the stroller and installed it in the back of the limo, then folded the wheelbase and put it in the trunk. Blaine explained to Kurt they were putting Holly in the car seat to be safe and then Jeffers and Blaine carried Kurt to the open door of the limo. He sat down across from Holly, shaking. Blaine got in and sat down next to Kurt.

"Sir, I was able to get hold of Dr. Montgomery directly and he will be waiting in the ER for us. The hospital is expecting us," he said.

"Thank you, Jeffers," Blaine said, then turned to Kurt.

"Kurt, I am going to take you and Holly to Mt Sinai Hospital where a friend of mine is a doctor. He is a specialist for subs in crisis and there will be a pediatrician to take care of your baby. Are you okay with that?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you. I don't know how I would have gotten her there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...ah...Blaine is it?"

"Blaine Anderson. You are very welcome. Can I ask you a few questions?"


"How long has Holly been sick?" He asked.

"I was in a meeting this morning and afterwards I was walking through that little park. We used to live here and I missed it. She hadn't taken her bottle on time, so I went to pick her up and she was so hot. I called her former doctor's office in Morningside Heights and they told me babies sometimes spike high fevers, so I shouldn't worry too much, but that I needed to bring her in right away. I was going to hail a cab when I tripped," Kurt said. His voice was shaky and high, and his nose was still bleeding from where he'd hit the pavement.

"You mentioned your wife passed away?" Blaine asked as delicately as possible.

"Yes, Santana Lopez was my wife, but she died of an infection after having Holly. I moved back to Ohio to be with my family," Kurt said, tears welling up in his eyes at the thought of Santana.

"Oh, I heard about that. She was a marvelous singer, Kurt. I admired her very much. My condolences," Blaine said, but when he looked back at Kurt, he realized Kurt couldn't hear him. He was lying back a bit, as far as the seatbelt would allow and his eyes were rolled up in his head. He looked like he had fainted.

"Kurt! Are you okay?" he asked, then realized what he had suspected all along, that Kurt had not been dommed recently and he was getting weak, then the sudden adrenaline-producing stresses one after another: realizing Holly was sick, and the fall followed by the stroller going into traffic. This was too much on the constitution of a healthy sub, but Kurt didn't look healthy at all. The loss of his wife and having to move...and he said he hadn't been dommed in weeks. It all added up in Blaine's head and he knew he had to take action or Kurt was going to wind up in a coma.

"Kurt, can you hear me?" Blaine asked and Kurt woke up enough to grunt. "You need to be dommed, and I'm going to have to do something quickly. We are still half an hour from the hospital, and I don't know any female doms near here. Is it okay if I do it? I'm a strong dom, Kurt, and I can get you to a safe level until we get you to the hospital. I'm sure they can take care of you, but for now, I don't want you to slip into a coma. Holly needs you," Blaine said in a clear voice. Kurt followed with his eyes and mumbled something, but Blaine couldn't hear it. He had to have permission, so he tried again.

"Kurt, can I dom you? Holly needs her dad," Blaine said practically in his ear.

"Yes. Please, Blaine. Please," Kurt mumbled. Then he said something so quiet Blaine had to strain to hear it. "It's okay, I'm gay."

Blaine's mind stayed with that revelation for a moment, but he had no time to contemplate it with a crisis at hand. He reached over to a compartment in the side of the limo and took out a blanket. Undoing his seatbelt, he sat next to Kurt, spreading the blanket over them both so Kurt could stay warm.

"Okay, Kurt. Do I have your permission to do this?" he asked, and Kurt mumbled out a reply that he did.

"I'm going to unbuckle your belt and undo your trousers now," Blaine said, reaching to do just that, then he stopped talking as he lowered Kurt's underwear so he could touch his penis. Kurt startled for a second, then made a small sound as Blaine began running his hand up and down Kurt's shaft to stimulate him, but Kurt was too far gone. Blaine was getting scared and stepped up his game. He leaned forward ad placed his mouth on Kurt's plump, kissable lips. He kissed his lips, sliding along the soft mouth of Kurt, who was very good looking. It took just a few moments and Kurt was kissing him back.

The screen was up between the driver and the back and the windows were frosted, so they had complete privacy, Holly had fallen asleep. It wasn't something Blaine had ever thought he would do, but this was a desperate time, so he pulled away from Kurt's luscious lips and put his mouth on Kurt's hardening cock. Blaine was good at a lot of things. He was a crackerjack businessman, played a mean game of racquetball, and could sing with the pros, but his real calling in life – or so his ex-husband always told him – was giving blowjobs. He wasn't just good at it, he was amazing at it. Kurt wasn't in any shape to be critical by now, but he was amazed. Blaine had him moaning and panting by the end and when he cupped Blaine's cheek to let him know how close he was, Blaine used his hand to finish him into his handkerchief after pulling his mouth off with a reluctance that surprised him.

They laid back in the limo seat, Blaine wiping his face and searching Kurt's eyes to see if he was any better. Kurt was still breathing heavily, but his eyes looked much clearer and the intelligence was back.

"Are you feeling better, Kurt?" Blaine asked, helping him tuck himself back into his pants and zipping him up. Kurt was able to do his buckle.

"Thank you, Blaine. Is there something I can do to repay you for...everything? I don't know what I would have done if anything happened to Holly. She and Levi are my life," Kurt said, feeling as if there was nothing he could do to pay such a large debt.

"No, Kurt. We all need to help each other in this life, and I am just blessed that I was there when you needed me."

"Mr. Anderson, we are just pulling up to the ER entrance of Mt Sinai Hospital," Jeffers' voice came through the intercom. Blaine hit the switch to open the privacy screen.

"Thank you, Jeffers, if you could help me get all of the baby things?" Blaine asked.

"Of course, sir," Jeffers said.

"Thank you for your amazing driving, you saved my Holly's life," Kurt said.

"I'm just glad she is safe now, sir," Jefferes said, but he smiled.

Blaine helped Kurt unbuckle his seatbelt, then looked at him to try and determine if Kurt was able to make intelligent choices or if the sub weakness was still there. Domming was not an instant cure by any means, but he did look a little better. Perhaps Blaine could make suggestions. Detailed suggestions.

"Kurt, they are coming with a wheelchair for you, but would you like me to carry Holly for you? You still seem a bit unsteady," Blaine offered. Kurt was better, but he was in no condition to hold his daughter.

"Please, Blaine, can you hold her? She seems to have taken a shine to you," Kurt said, a bit in wonder because Holly was usually very fussy with new people. Right now she was calm and staring at Blaine's big doe eyes, and he was looking back at her. He had always wanted a baby, and Holly was so pretty and sweet tempered.

"I'd be honored, Kurt. Now, here's the wheelchair, I've got Holly," Blaine told him.

Once inside the hospital, Blaine saw Wes waiting at the door of an exam room. He hurried forward with Holly and whispered to Wes about the things that had gone on up until that point. Wes listened intently and then followed the orderly into the room as they lifted Kurt onto the gurney.

"Now, Mr. Hummel, I'm going to take a quick look at your daughter and then I'll be right with you," Wes told him.

He took the baby and set her on another gurney in the room, removing everything but her diaper. He felt how hot she was, then listened to her heart and lungs. He spoke to the nurse and then turned to Blaine.

"I'm not sure if Mr. Hummel can take responsibility for his daughter right now. In most of these cases, we call in Government Child Services. Blaine, is Mr. Hummel a friend of yours?" Wes asked.

"No, Wes, I only met him a little while ago. When he fell and the stroller went into the street, Jeffers almost hit it. He was able to steer away and I jumped out of the limo and grabbed the stroller. We avoided any more traffic and by the time I got it back on the sidewalk, Kurt had crawled over on his ankle to get her. We called the hospital and started over, but he was almost comatose by then. I think it's sub weakness, but I've never seen anyone that far gone. I dommed him as best as I could in the time and he seemed marginally better," Blaine explained.

"I haven't examined him, but I can see he's pretty far gone. I can call in Government Child Services, but I can see in your face, Blaine, that you care about this guy and his kid. I'd hate to see him lose custody if you care about him. What do you want me to do?" Wes asked his old friend.

"If it's okay, put me down as his dom for now, but not claimed status. That isn't exactly a lie, and I can straighten it out later. I'll be responsible for Holly as well and send the bills to me. Sending them through insurance channels might red flag something and this guy doesn't need any more problems in his life. Wes, I've just got a feeling about him."

"A feeling in your pants? He is pretty to look at," Wes grinned at Blaine.

Blaine turned red, but brushed away his friend's comment.

"Shouldn't you be sending him to X-ray or something?"

Wes turned and got to work. He looked at Kurt's nose and determined it was not, in fact, broken, just bruised. He dressed the abrasions and cuts on his hands an knees and put his ankle in an air cast. It was also not broken, just mildly sprained. He should be able to walk on it by morning.

"Now, Mr. Hummel. We need to address your other problem. I want to reassure you that this is completely confidential between you and I. I can ask Mr. Anderson to leave the room if you wish, but we need to talk about your sub status," Wes said gently. This was what he did best, put subs at ease and find out the best way to treat them.

"Blaine can stay. What about Holly?" he asked. She had been taken behind a curtain so the nurse could administer an IV without the added stress to Kurt of seeing them poke needles into his daughter.

"She will be back with us in a moment. She was very dehydrated due to her fever. She has an ear infection, so there is no way you could have known she was ill until she got fussy today. I understand you called her doctor immediately, which was the right thing to do. You did everything correctly, Kurt," Wes told him. It was very important that subs understood they were not to blame for things beyond their control.

"Now, I need to speak to you about a few serious matters. First, are you understanding me?" he asked.

"Yes, sir. I do understand what you're saying," Kurt answered.

"Okay, you came in with some injuries from a fall, but that does not account for your condition. I read from your chart here that your wife passed away a few months ago and you had an unclaimed dom association in Ohio that ended a few weeks ago, then Mr. Anderson assisted you in an emergency capacity on the way here. Is that correct?"

"Yes, sir. I am feeling much better," Kurt said.

"Yes. But not good enough. In most cases like this, a sub in charge of two children with no permanent dom can have those children removed by Government Child Services if the sub is deemed to be in a state of weakness. However, Mr. Anderson has volunteered to sign for you and take on the responsibilities of unclaimed dom for now. This makes him responsible for you and in this case your daughter, since your son is in Ohio, for the period of one month. Do you agree to this?" Wes asked.

Kurt looked around him. Was he hallucinating? He could lose Holly to GCS? He couldn't let that happen. He looked at Blaine, begging for his help. Blaine was strong and had helped him on the way here, maybe he could do it again, the doctor had even said so.

"Blaine? Is that okay? I'll find a way to pay you back. I promise. But Holly likes you and I can't do this on my own," Kurt said in a very soft voice, hardly hoping that this might work. Blaine Anderson didn't need him, he was a big city businessman.

"Yes, Kurt. It was my idea, actually. I can take care of you and Holly and keep you safe, Kurt."

Kurt agreed and signed the paper.

"Now, for the second problem," Wes said. "You are extremely, even dangerously depleted and need to be dommed. I know you had an emergency session in the limo, but that is not enough. With the stress of losing your wife, having a sick child and your other child in Ohio, and then falling and the averted tragedy...Kurt, you are lucky I'm not inserting a breathing machine right now," Wes said gently but very clearly.

"I can do one of two things. I can give you an injection of synthetic dom hormones to kick start your system and then you can hire someone. That will probably work, but getting the synthetic dom hormones out of your system isn't easy and in your weakened condition, it is a risk. The other thing you can do is the natural way, but it will need to be soon. Do you have someone here in New York? Holly will need to stay here for at least several days, but given your condition you don't have time to go home to Ohio. I can set you up with a service if you would like."

Blaine knew that what Kurt needed was someone who cared about him. The synthetic 'juice' as they called it, would work but the side effects weren't good. It was more difficult with a paid dom because they didn't actually care, and it was not the good connection that delivered the best dom hormones and so it had to be repeated more often – resulting in a lot of expense and could be very damaging to a sub's psyche after a while. What Kurt needed to get back to his normal self was an individual that cared about him, was a strong dom, and had the time on their hands to develop a rapport with him.

Blaine had no idea where the urge came from, but suddenly he had to find a way to convince Kurt that he, Blaine, could be the answer. Blaine did care about Kurt, and he had just about fallen in love with little Holly. He could do this.

He got in front of Kurt, his hands on Kurt's knees. He locked his eyes on those beautiful silvery-blue eyes and saw there were bits of gold, like sunshine peeking through clouds. Kurt looked back. He might be a sub, but he had a steady gaze and somewhere Blaine could tell, this man had strength.

"Kurt, I am willing to do this. I am not married or in a claim. I was, but I'm divorced now and so I can commit to this. I really don't want anything to happen to Holly, so I am willing to take care of her – and you – until you are able to take care of yourself. Is that agreeable to you?" Blaine asked.