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This is a collection of all of the 10 possible pairings of the Teen Titans... Rob/Star, BB/Cyborg, etc. In my quest to develop their characters, they will fight horrible monsters, despicable villains, each other!, but also find out just how strong the bonds of friendship are...

But I have rambled on long enough. Without further ado here is Ch 1...



Robin and Starfire

Robin woke up at 5:30 am, sharp, as he did every morning. Rolling out of bed, he felt revitalized after his nice long sleep. Time to greet the new day.

The first thing he did, as always, was put on his mask. Force of habit. The second thing he did was go to his bathroom and take a shower. Yes, with his mask still on. Not that it mattered, that thing was waterproof, but still...

The third thing he did was brush his teeth and get on his clothes. And after that he would gel up his hair into the long spikes that everyone was used to. And then he would leave the bathroom... no wait. He was forgetting something.

Ah yes. The final thing he would do before he left his room. Pose in the mirror.

And after that, he would walk out to the rooftop just in time to catch the glorious sunrise, smiling to himself as he breathed in the fresh morning air. A new dawn, a new day. A new day with endless possibilities. He stared at the dusky orange clouds as they slowly became pink and red, light bathing the tower and Jump city in its breathtaking radiance. Staring at the rising sun, he thought he could pick out a an oddly shaped pink cloud, one that looked like a heart. And that's when it hit him. Shit. Today was Valentine's day. And he had forgotten to buy a present for Starfire.

Starfire woke up as the sunlight meandered its way through her window and over her bed. Stretching her arms, she smiled widely, enjoying the sight and feeling of the beautiful morning, its cool air and magnificent sun. Humming to herself, she got out of bed and took a quick shower, before performing her usual hygienecs and brushing her hair 100 times. Err, oops. 101 times. Whatever. And then after that she would check on her Silkie, playing with him, feeding him, hugging and squeezing him until was about to burst - not that she ever noticed - but he would always smile back and radiate hearts at her. Ah, life was wonderful. Especially since it was a special day.

I wonder what boyfriend Robin will do for our first Valentine's Day. Oh, I can't wait to see what special things he has planned out for me!

She left her room still clutching her Silkie to her chest, singing as she walked down the hallway.

What the hell do Tamaranians like to eat anyway? Does she like chocolate? Robin stood in front of a pastry store, unsure of what to get for her. He had what seemed to be an unlimited number of options but... Starfire was known for her weird tastes. Then again, that girl would practically eat anything, so it didn't matter that much. Wait, what am I saying? Of course it matters! I have to get her something special. Something like...

He sighed. He really had no clue what she would like. An apple turnover. No. A box of chocolates. Nah, that had been done too many times. A fresh pie. How would he wrap that up? A tofu pastry. What the hell was that supposed to be anyway? Wait. Actually, I'll buy one of those for Beast Boy.

Aha! He remembered that she liked pudding-type things. He'd buy her some custards. He couldn't resist smiling when he walked out of the pastry store.

"Friends!" Starfire greeted Beast Boy and Cyborg as she walked into the Tower's common room. And as usual, they were both fighting over who got to make breakfast first.

"Hey! Your tofu bacon takes way less time to cook than real bacon. Hands off the frying pan! I get to go first."

"No way dude, that makes no sense! If it takes less time for me to cook my tofu, then I should get to go first! I'll be done fast and you can cook your... meat." The green boy shuddered at the thought of meat.

"Friends!" Starfire wrapped them both in a bone crushing hug, cutting off the air supply to their throats. That was always how their morning arguments ended. "It is such a won-derful day! We should not be spending it over who is cooking first."

"S-Star- air-" "Starfire-" They both gasped at the same time and she realized that their faces were turning blue.

"Oops. Sorry," she giggled a little and let them both go.

Cyborg rubbed the back of his head. "I guess Star's right. Here, you can go first," he gestured graciously to the stove.

"No, no, that would be very rude of me. You go first," Beast Boy made an equally chivalrous motion.

"No," Cyborg's voice was slightly edgier, "I insist that you go first."

"C'mon Cy, it would be selfish of me to do that."

"Damn it boy! Just use the stupid pan and cook your damn tofu!"

"I thought you wanted to go first! Stop changing your mind!"

And their argument started back up again. Starfire merely sighed. And then she gave a shout of glee as Robin entered the room.

"Robin!" She squealed and almost hugged him to death too.

"Star- can't-breathe-"

She let go before Robin turned blue - she was getting better at that! - and noticed the grocery bag in his hands.

"Oh Robin! What did you buy? Did you get some of those unhealthy little brown candies - what are they called.. um ..um.."

Cyborg looked up form his argument with Beast Boy. "Chocolate?"

"Yes! Or did you get me cookies? Or-"

"Here, Beast Boy," Robin tossed over the tofu... thing... him and he looked down at it.

"Sweet!" He said. "Rob bought me breakfast, guess I won't be needing the pan anymore."

Cyborg grumbled something under his breath but let it go and began cooking.

And Starfire turned a mournful gaze on Robin. "But... but... I thought you were my boyfriend, Robin. Not a friend who is a boy, but boyfriend. I thought-"

"I-It's not like that, Star, I just saw something and-"

"But you... you would rather be Beast Boy's boyfriend?"

Beast Boy snorted soymilk out his nose. Robin could not help but grin a little at that.

"No, I bought you something special too." He pulled out several very nicely wrapped custards and presented them to her. "Here, try one. I think you'll like them."

Starfire immediately brightened up and jumped in joy. She took a bite out of one and clasped her hands together, delighted. "Oh these are just like the glurtleslugs of my home planet! Oh thank you thank you thank you!"

She hugged Robin again and this time he almost passed out before she let up. Both Cyborg and Beast Boy merely smirked at that sight and went back to eating/cooking.

"Oh, by the way, where's Raven?" Robin said after he regained his breath. "It's already 8 o'clock."

The other three just shrugged. Raven sometimes slept in past noon. Or sometimes she just didn't want to come out of her room. Nobody really knew what she did in the mornings most of the time.

"I shall go fetch the Raven!" Starfire skipped happily through the doorway, leaving the three males to eat their breakfast in peace.

Raven woke up to the loud knocking at her doorway and grumbled off a few curses before putting a hand to her head. She always had a headache after waking up. Still grumbling to herself, she viciously shut the curtains to her room and pulled on her cloak, raising the hood, before moving to stop the annoying knocking. Opening the door a sliver, she came face to face with Starfire.

"Oh friend Raven! It is so good to see you up already-"

"You woke me up."

"Oh, well, sorry..." Awkward silence for a moment. "But, now that you are up you should come down and break the fast with us! Robin bought some of these delightful bread things and-"

"I hate breakfast."

"Um... well..." Starfire faltered and Raven made a move to shut her door, but the redhead stopped her. "But Raven it is the day of Valentines! You should be happy and enjoying life! Robin definitely has something special planned for me tonight, I just know it! You should also-"

"Starfire. I bet Robin didn't even remember today was Valentine's day until this morning. And I don't have a boyfriend. And I don't want one."


Raven shut the door. Starfire sighed. Raven was always grumpy in the morning.

The day passed mostly without incident, with just a single armed robbery at the local museum that Robin had managed to take care of himself. Of course, it was a question of why he was downtown in the first place, when he usually stayed in the Tower, either working on finding leads on Slade or crushing Cyborg and Beast Boy at racing games or training. But if anyone thought it was strange, nobody mentioned it.

Starfire secretly worried that Raven had been right, though. Robin did not seem like the type to remember things like the day of Valentines. He was much more obsessed with his work and with Slade than he was with her. Well, not in a lovey dovey way. That would have just been creepy. Robin and Slade more than just brotherly love...

Anyway! She sincerely hoped that he had planned something special for her. After all, they had already admitted their love for each other 9 months ago. He wouldn't disappoint someone important to him, would he?

Hopefully not.

Starfire looked at Beast Boy and Cyborg taunting each other while they played that fighting game that they always did, and then back at Robin, who was busy filling out a police report at the computer. And there she was, left alone, with nothing to do. Heaving a sigh, she tried to think of anything that she liked to do... sing the 900 verses of the Tamaranian song of love...

A minute after trying that, she had destroyed the ears of her three fellow Titans in the room, so that was out of the question.

She cooked a delightful Zorkaberry dish, but that didn't take very long and she was again alone.


"Not now, Star, I have to finish this report."

"Beast Boy? Cyborg? Can I-"

"Oh no you didn't! That's totally cheating!" "You're just jealous 'cause I'm better!" "Yeah right, I'll beat your ass anytime!" They didn't even hear her.

With a sad look on her face, she left the room to seek out Raven again.


"But we can find all sorts of nice things at the mall of shopping, like dresses, products of hair (hair products)-"


Starfire continued on. "... find you a boyfriend-"

Ah, that one hurt. Starfire grinned sheepishly before backing away from a furious Raven and leaving her room before something blew up.

And at last when evening came, it really seemed like Robin had forgotten all about Valentine's day. After finishing his report, he had shut himself up in his room to 'work on finding Slade's next plan before it found them' and that was the end of that. Starfire floated back to her room, depressed, and closed the door, laying down on her bed.

"Oh, Silkie. Life is horrible, isn't it?"

Silkie made a sad face to match her own.

"How could he just forget? I thought that I meant something to him." Starfire hmphed and closed her eyes, listening to her clock tick in the silence.

And then a knock at her door.

"Starfire? You in there?" Robin's voice.

She got up slowly and walked over. "Yes, Robin?"

He was surprised at the depressed tone of her voice. "Is something wrong?"

"No, Robin."

"Erm, well, I know I've sort of been ignoring you the whole day, and I'm sorry, but..."

Starfire was silent behind the door.

"They're hosting a dance on one of the ships in the harbor tonight, and I got us two tickets. Are you coming?"

Starfire broke down the door in joy and leapt at him, tackling the Robin - who was now in a suit and tie - to the floor and hugging him closely.

"Oh Robin, I knew that friend Raven was wrong! You didn't forget about today after all!"

"Well, actually I forgot until this morning, but I managed to get the tickets while I was-"

Starfire slapped him in the face but then leaned down and kissed him. After a moment, they got up, and holding hands, went down to the harbor to enjoy their evening together.

Next up: Beast Boy/Cyborg