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Starfire and Raven

Morning. 5:30 AM, to be precise, and ah, the sun had just begun to rear its ugly head over the horizon, casting its ungodly rays of light onto the stupid world and oh my God, sunlight sucked horribly. Well, it was that idiotic time of day called dawn again... so what better to do than go to sleep!

Okay, Raven didn't hate mornings that much. But she wasn't really a morning person.

Well, she wasn't really a day person either. The whole sunlight thing just didn't work for her.

Grumbling to herself, Raven stormed out of bed and slammed her curtains shut before crawling back under the covers.

Typical of Raven, she had been awake almost the whole night, and actually she had been outside on the shore of the bay, reading. It was something she loved doing, looking out over the dark waters - which was not something one might have usually expected of her... her friends always thought she would be cooped up in her room all day, reading her books, doing weird Raven things. Well, not true. She loved night not only because of her natural inclination toward it as a demon, but as a person as well. The moon was just so much better than the sun, and the varied patterns of stars in the sky were so intricate she thought she could stare at them forever.

Often, she would bring a book outside at night to read as well. One of her favorite spots was an abandoned dock with a single streetlight that dimly lit the old wooden planks and she would sit there, dipping her feet into the cool waters and feel a light breeze run through her hair. It was so quiet and peaceful compared to all the ruckus the others made during the day in the Tower. Even in her room she could often hear Beast Boy and Cyborg arguing, or Starfire's obnoxiously loud singing. Robin tended to be quieter - she appreciated that, even if he didn't intend to do it for her.

But, now it was day and her beloved night was over, so now she had to get some rest.

Ugh. That was why she hated mornings so much. The loss of night was like the loss of a good friend. And the sun, her enemy. Okay, not that extreme.

She still didn't like morning though. No need for a reason.

At least her bad mood was subsiding and she could sleep now...

"Oh Friend Raven!" Someone... gee, she wondered who... was pounding on her door.

Just ignore her and she'll go away.

"Ravennnnn! Might you be awake yet?"

Raven pulled a pillow over her head, trying to shut out Starfire's obnoxiously loud voice.

"Please Raven! The sun has already risen and the rooster has already given the call of morning! Surely you do not intend to keep sleeping..."

I haven't even slept yet...

"Fine," Starfire said grumpily after a moment. "You may just waste the morning away staying in your room sleeping. Hmph!"

Finally... into peaceful sleep.


"Friend Ravennnnnnn!"

Raven's powers went haywire as she was torn from her sleep and a bunch of stuff in her room went flying - her bookcase fell over, her mirror flew off the wall and almost shattered as it hit the floor, and her bed flipped over.

Extracting herself from under the pile of blankets and the mattress, Raven got up, fuming, and looked at the clock. 6:30. Less than one hour of sleep.

"Raven! Might you be willing to go to the mall of shopping with me?"

Star, the shops aren't even open yet.

Sighing, she began to put everything in her room back in place and lay back on her bed, feeling sleep close in again. Bad idea.

"Then I have no choice. I shall have to sing the one thousand three hundred and thirty seven verses of the - "

Raven was at the door instantly. "Fine. Just let me get dressed first."

Starfire jumped in glee.

Raven yawned as she walked through the very empty mall with Starfire, rubbing her eyes, struggling to stay awake. Because she had her hood over her head, it was hard to tell, but the dark bags under her eyes were enormous, although the expression on her face might... just maybe... have given away the fact that she was tired. Of course, Starfire was too busy looking at clothing and purses and all sorts of other dumb stuff to notice.

Although... Raven did fancy the floor-length raven black dress on display in one of the stores. It wasn't quite perfect, maybe a little too frilly for her tastes, but it was mostly plain, with a bit of embroidering at the edges. Maybe she could get ruffles at the end of the long sleeves instead, and maybe one with a slightly higher collar - she didn't exactly like revealing anything in her chest area, typically nothing even below her collar bones.

Of course, Starfire caught her looking and the next thing she knew, they were in the shop and the tailor was measuring Raven to find the most suitable dress for her, or if there was not one, to custom fit one to her.

Raven could be pretty picky about her clothing even if she didn't seem like the type to care about fashion, so the poor woman helping her had to bring out 11 dresses before she found one that Raven liked - similar to the plain black one, with ruffly sleeves and a high collar, only it was a deep orchid color, not unlike her hair. If one did not look carefully, it could pass as black. She decided she liked it.

And then she looked over at Starfire, who already had filled two shopping bags with clothing. It was a good thing the Titans had a lot of money from... well, everyone knew that Robin had rich friends.

But she had to give Starfire credit. Though the girl might not have been overly anal or obsessed with superfluous details as Raven was, she did pick things that looked good on her and were usually in style. Maybe it came with being a princess brought up in a royal court, but Starfire had picked up Earthly culture very quickly and had learned the intricacies of social etiquette almost as quickly as she had learned the English language. (Which incidentally had taken her but a second.) Raven had to admire the girl for being a lot more intelligent and observant than she appeared to be... though it seemed beyond her to observe that her friend was dying of sleep deprivation. And so the shopping continued!

Raven ended up buying three things - the dark dress, a mauve colored blouse, and a matching cloak that was only a shade darker. All purple.

Then there was Starfire, with seven bags of clothing and other accessories and the bill... well, Robin, err, rather Batman, was not going to be happy when he saw it. Despite all the money he had, the man was a stingy fellow.

Regardless, she had gotten a bit of shopping done, which she needed to do from time to time. (Little did the others know, she actually had a closet filled with different colored cloaks and she had a couple drawers filled with standard civilian clothes as well. Not much compared to Starfire's wardrobe but... quite a lot for Raven.) And it was only 9:30. She still had plenty of time to sleep. Raven rested her head on her soft pillow, blissful sleep finally overtaking her...

Just kidding. Ten minutes was all she had before the alarm in the Tower sounded.

Raven growled as she grabbed her communicator from her nightstand and looked at it.

Just Plasmus, Cinderblock, and Overload. They can handle it by themselves. I need to sleep.

It wasn't like Raven to miss out on a fight or anything; usually, she was the first one to arrive due to her teleportation ability and since she was the strongest one on the team in terms of sheer power, it was typically safer if she was there. Not that she did much of the offensive fighting anyway; she knew that if she accidentally lost control, someone might die.

Maybe she should go... well, actually, if they really needed her, she would be able to sense it anyway and she could be there pretty quickly. Sleeping was a better alternative. Back into the blissful world of dreams.

Her mind wandered about, meandering here and there among various scenes, a blur of whirling colors, different worlds, until it finally settled down on one. She recognized it from Starfire's descriptions of it - Tameran, prior to the Gordanian attacks.

Wow. It was actually just as beautiful as the girl had described it. Starfire was known for exaggerating things and not being entirely truthful about how good her planet was (mostly pertaining to its food), but she had been spot on this time. The lush plant life proliferated across the planet, broken occasionally by the dwellings that her people lived in. From afar, they appeared to blend in almost perfectly with the landscape and the many plants around them. There was a myriad of colors, green, purple, blue, red, all sorts of verdant flora that created a rainbow ambient, lacking only the brighter colors of yellow and orange, but it appealed that much more to her because of it.

It was placid too, without all the hustle and bustle of the busy cities of Earth. No rush. No swarm of a billion emotions from the too many people threatening to consume her mind.

Well, nothing was ever peaceful for long. She floated around aimlessly over the tranquil world for a while before a bunch of ships suddenly appeared overhead.

The Gordanian invasion.

She knew about it, Starfire had talked about it before, but hearing about something and experiencing it firsthand were two different things.

Raven's eyes widened, horrified, as she saw the landscape razed, people tortured then killed, war breaking out, the death toll rising on both sides... the war played out before her like a cinematic, as terrible as any of the nightmares that her father sent her, no, worse, because she could actually feel every single thing the Tameranians did. Including those feelings of being tortured, seeing loved ones die, seeing their homeworld destroyed.

Raven held her head in her arms and closed her eyes trying to shut it out, but the emotions were not so easily disposed of. They milled about inside her, millions of souls screaming in agony, crying out for help.

"No..." she breathed. "Stop it."

Of course it would not stop. The planet razed to the ground, verdant left destroyed. Turned into some sort of hell hole, not unlike the place her father had come from.

"No," she said a little more forcefully. "Azarath metrion zinthos!" She tried to summon her own powers to do something, anything, but they failed her. Had she really expected them to work?

"No!" She practically screamed. "Stop!"

Raven woke up, and instantly knew why she had had that dream. Starfire needed her help.

Letting out a string of curses, she pulled on a cloak over her leotard and began mentally searching for Starfire's location. She found it soon enough and quickly sent out her thoughts to the girl.

Star, I'm coming.

She waited a moment for a response, but grew yet more worried when she received none. She quickly entered one of her dimensional portals, and feeling the familiar darkness close in about her, hoped that Starfire was not seriously injured or worse.

She arrived at a junkyard with many piles of trash around, but not another soul in sight. Frowning to herself, Raven reached out with her mind, sensing everything within the immediate vicinity, and...

"Star," she whispered, and ran quickly to where the alien girl was.

She wasn't hurt too badly, but she was bruised all over and bleeding from a couple of wounds. Starfire made a shh-ing motion as she approached and Raven nodded, choosing to communicate telepathically instead.

What happened? A blue glow enveloped her hands and she began healing the other girl.

Slade. Starfire closed her eyes. It was not just the three creatures. He was here as well. I was barely able to make the escape. He is still here somewhere.

Raven looked at her seriously. We have to tell the others-

No, please. We cannot tell friend Robin, at least. He will not know how to deal with this well.

But we might need backup -

Friend Raven, if we work together, I am sure that we can beat the Slade and his foul beast.

But Star-

Starfire smiled. She was looking better already - her bruises were fading and the bleeding had stopped. Why do you not have confidence in us?

It's not like that -

Then what is it? She earned a critical look from the redhead. You... do not trust yourself? It was a question, but not really a question.

Raven looked away and sighed. Whatever. We'll do this your way. It's Cinderblock and Slade, right?

Yes. Friend, there is no need to be afraid. We will be able to fight them.

Starfire knew Raven well enough to know that the dark Titan had her fair share of doubts whenever she was forced to fight offensively. Typically, her position on the team was more defensive, shielding everyone, healing, all that good stuff, or subduing an enemy by restraining them with objects. But something like that didn't work so easily on Slade or Cinderblock. Whenever fighting such things, Raven was always afraid that trying to actually hurt them would awaken her inner demon and feed its bloodlust, eventually to the point where she would no longer be able to control it and her demon would be set free completely. She was afraid of her own lack of control. That was why she sometimes needed reassuring and that was what Starfire was there for.

Let's go, Star.

(A/N: Stated it many times, I'm bad at battle scenes, so I'm not writing one here.)

They won the battle pretty handily, though Slade got away like he always did. At Starfire's insistence, they did not mention the villain to the others mostly out of her concern for Robin's mental health. That was something else Raven respected about her. Her tact, often her concern for her friends and people in general that did not go noticed, and the fact that she did not care. Starfire would do things that would make other people happy or stay happy without them even knowing, and that was all that mattered to her. It was the act, not the credit. Raven actually admired that about her.

There was that certain measure of regard for the alien girl, though she was still annoying, that made them close in a way that she wouldn't be with the other Titans. Yes, Raven also respected Robin in some senses, but not the same way she respected Starfire, who, despite her being from Tameran, was in many was more human than the rest of them. Or perhaps humane might have been a better word for it. Either way, that was the way she felt about it, and that was precisely why she put up with going with Starfire to the mall so often, despite not wanting to most of the time.

It wasn't because Raven felt like she owed Starfire anything. It was more because she felt that as a friend, she would do things to make the girl happy, even if she did not enjoy the activity itself. Because she knew that Starfire would do anything to make her happy as well.

Which was why, the next morning, when Starfire came to ask to join in her meditation, Raven suggested they go to the mall instead.

A/N: A bit of a different portrayal of Starfire than the one in Wings of Crepuscule. More tempered, like classic Starfire.

Some explanation on character portrayals...

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