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Raven and Slade Part II

She snuck back into the Tower with nobody noticing and hid the suit in her closet, not wanting anyone else to find out. Especially not Robin. She also kept the meeting to herself, of course, since it wasn't exactly... proper behavior for a Titan to talk so casually with Slade and just leave.

So, it was quiet for a few months as everything settled down.

After the Brotherhood of Evil had been defeated, the Titans had a new reputation for being, well, fearsome in some senses, or if not that, then at least capable superheroes, and so the crime rate in Jump had fallen drastically.

Honestly, there wasn't a lot to do anymore, and so all of the Titans had more free time to do whatever they wanted to do.

Which included trying to get to know Raven better.

It wasn't like they didn't know her, but they still really weren't sure of who she was. Her past, her inner personality and demon, everything. And it wasn't like she didn't want them to feel like she was being cold but... I'm afraid of what they'll think when they find out. I mean, they've stood by me all these years, even against Trigon, but they don't know that half of me is a demon, like him, capable of being equally destructive, equally murderous... what will they think of me? Most humans wouldn't be able to accept that side of me, or accept that even though it is myself, I hate it. I hate the darkness inside me, not because of what it is, but because I don't fit in since it's there. Yet it is who I am...

Most humans would be unwilling to accept that part of me, save for maybe the villains we fight... which, she knew, included Slade. Why was he on her mind so much now? Was it because he had literally seemed to stop everything that he had once done and was now seemingly living peacefully, giving nobody trouble? Giving Robin no trouble...

Or was there something more.

Of course there was. Almost nobody knew anything about Slade, who he really was, what he wanted, his past, of course there was a lot to wonder about him. And now, she even had the opportunity to study him, it seemed, to figure out what made him tick, since he no longer seemed so... aggressive. Well...

Strike that, he was still plenty aggressive, but he no longer seemed to be her enemy, at least, so he didn't attack her on sight. Maybe she would pay him a visit sometime...

Wait, what the hell was she thinking? Paying Slade a visit? Was she nuts? This was the guy who had nearly killed them all so many times, who had given Robin so much trouble, so much pain for so many years, helped her father... Raven sighed.

She also knew that it wasn't wise to judge someone without a full picture of who that person was. Not just appearances, not just past actions, but why he did what he did, who he was inside.

Not that Slade would show himself easily, but Raven was an empath of extraordinary power. She would definitely find a way to figure him out - but do I even care? A good question. Why should she care about someone who had only made them suffer?

Because. Everyone deserves a chance. Maybe only one, but if I don't give him a chance to begin with, how will I ever know whether he's changed or not?

It was difficult, but she realized that villains had their motives too, or perhaps had been caused, in some way, by external forces, to become what they were. She understood because she knew how precariously close to becoming a villain she herself was. Because she knew that superheroes were not always right and villains were not always wrong.

Why not? I might as well go see him. No harm in that, right?

He turned sharply, his visible eye widening in surprise as she emerged from a dark portal into his hideout. She herself was surprised that he would still be here. She had thought that he would have moved somewhere else, considering he was Slade, but... well, here he was.

"Never thought you would come here of your own accord," he said calmly.

"Neither did I."

"What do you want?"

Raven looked at him darkly from under her hood.

"You're... different now-"

"No different from before," he muttered. "Are you wondering why I no longer fight you Titans?"

Raven nodded.

Slade laughed curtly. "Then keep wondering. I have no intention of telling you. Now if your business is finished here?"

"You won't get rid of me that easily, Slade."

He turned away from her. "That's supposed to be my line-"

"But now any more, since we're not enemies. Or are we?"

"No, we are not. But we are not friends either-"

"I never said we had to be. I just want to know why-"

"And like I said, I have no intention of telling you."


"Perhaps for the same reason you kept your secrets hidden from your 'friends'. And still do, I might add. Your father told me many things about you."

"Then how is it fair-"

"Life isn't fair. Why are you so interested in me anyway?"

"Why shouldn't I be? You gave us so much trouble for so long, and now you're just giving up? I thought you had a grudge against Robin or something-"

"No. If I had a grudge against Robin, he wouldn't be alive right now."

"Then why?"

"For my own reasons."

Raven sighed and closed her eyes. "You know, I could try breaking into your mind by force."

"Then try. See how much good it does you."


Her soulself extended in the form of a black tendril and touched Slade's head. It was easy enough at first, since he didn't seem to have any mental barriers up to her. Images of herself, him holding her atop the tower, looking at her... strangely... what he thought of her, her strength, her character, something deep within him - suddenly he blocked her out and the images stopped.

He doesn't want me to go there. Fine. Further back into the past. Terra, Robin, a need for an apprentice, someone to follow in his footsteps, a child of his own, or at least something similar... further back, a girl who he seemed to be training... injecting her with some sort of drug... she went insane, and then there was her face, with its left eye missing... a boy with strange eyes, as if they could possess one's soul... he opened his mouth but no sound came out.

Further back into the past. The boy, laying on the ground with his throat slashed open... a man standing over him, frozen with shock, with grief... a woman, pointing a gun at the man's head... the bloody remains of an eye, the right eye, and then an empty eye socket again.

An old man, a companion to him, a dear friend, as far as she could tell, but now gone, leaving him alone, more utterly alone than he had ever been. He was not really a social man to begin with, but this level of abandonment affected even him.

Images flying through her head at blinding speed. Someone, perhaps himself, fighting, an insatiable lust for battle, but losing himself as well, his sense of identity, not knowing who he really was, what he really wanted, what his life was supposed to be about. A purposeless life.

Plagued by ideals like justice, honor, courage, steeped in reality, knowing that there was really nothing of the sort, that what was honorable to one might have been despicable to another... he simply thought of the world in different terms than the superheroes that imposed their virtues on everything. Not that he was guiltless. But not completely guilty...

Raven shook her head.

"I can't make sense of it."

"You looked too quickly," Slade replied.

The violet haired girl looked away. "I didn't think you'd want me in your head too long."

"You thought right."

"Who were... those people?"


"I recognized one of them," Raven said softly. "That boy. He's Jericho, an honorary Titan. How do you know him?"

"I don't."

"Then why is he in your memories?"

Slade sighed. "He's my son."

Raven was silent for a moment. "What?" It was hard to imagine two people so very different being related by blood like that. But then, maybe it was because Jericho hated Slade, his father, so much that he wanted to be different, made an effort to be...

"I see," she said softly.

"I saw him the other day."

"What did he say - right, he can't speak."

"I knew enough just by looking at him."

"Knew what?"

"It's not important. I don't know why I'm telling you this," he was cold again.

Raven gave off a noise of frustration. "I know there's more to you that you're letting on. Why won't you admit it?"

"Not to you."

"Then to who else? And why did you block off your thoughts of me? What were you thinking of?"

"You wouldn't want to know."

Raven looked at him darkly. "I'm not as innocent as you might think, Slade. I have an idea."

"A man's desires-"

"And a woman's-"

"Most women aren't like that-"

"How would you know? And I am half demon, in case you haven't forgotten. I have my own-"

"You would want to do something like that with me?" Slade spoke incredulously, puzzled. "Is that what you're-"

"Maybe," Raven replied softly. "Demons have their own needs. Sometimes they are there, other times they are not. But it's not like my 'friends' would approve of that side of me."

"You don't know that."

"Are you trying to... comfort me?"

"Not at all," Slade replied, keeping his voice smooth and even. "I want you to stop bothering me. I have better things to do than talk to a hormonal teenage girl."

Raven's eyes narrowed. "Not just any hormonal teenage girl. I know exactly what you wanted to do to me. But why me? I'm not the one that most people would call beautiful. That's Starfire, that's Terra-"

"You've clearly misread me if you think I like such... feminine girls. Ones who only reside in society's light side. You, you belong in the dark side, with me."

"I'm not evil-"

"Darkness is not evil, Raven. Even I am not evil, not evil as you would think I am."

Raven closed her eyes. "I know. I was just surprised that you thought of me that way. I mean, I didn't expect it-"

"That," Slade said forcefully. "Was not something meant for you to find out."

"If you're anything like Robin, and you are... then you probably can be pretty obsessive. So that's why I have to ask... have you gotten over it?"

Slade looked away from her, head bent. And then he looked up. "I am a person who values strength," he said matter of factly.

Raven nodded. That made sense.

"I also have no patience for fools who are always optimistic and can never understand how screwed up this world and its people are." And I like someone who understands. Who has suffered the same things I do and knows why... He didn't say it out loud, hell, he had a hard time admitting it to himself, but Raven understood.

Of course she did, she was an empath. But also more than that. Her personality was... somewhat like his. She was strong willed, and although not necessarily physically powerful, her knowledge of sorcery more than made up for that. She could be obsessive, dark, angry, brooding, but also deeply caring. Did he care about if someone cared for him?

He didn't know the answer to that, but he certainly relished those other traits. There was an allure to her that the other Titans did not have. And not just her personality. Her oddly colored hair, her pale skin, the smooth muscles on her body - she was... appealing.

"Ravishing," Raven muttered, voicing his thoughts for him. "You really think of me that way?"

"Last I checked, it was impolite for someone to read another person's thoughts without consent."

Raven shrugged. "It's also impolite to keep a lady waiting."

Slade froze. "You're serious about this?"


The masked man chuckled. "You know, you were the only one I couldn't figure out. The others, I could read like an open book. It was so easy to get inside their heads, to mess with them. I knew exactly what made them tick. But you..."

Raven cast aside her cloak. "There are many sides to me," and her voice seemed to grow hoarser, a little more vicious. "What one side of me needs is not what the other side requires, what one side hates the other loves. It sometimes happens that way."

"I already know that. But don't think you can intimidate me so easily."

"Not to be outdone? Brave words, for a mortal-"

"I bow to no one. Not even Trigon, and definitely not his daughter."

"Then kneel," Raven growled viciously and moved forward, almost threateningly.

She stretched out a hand - it almost seemed like a claw... maybe it was - and forced his head down.

"You like to play rough, don't you," he muttered. It wasn't every day that anyone physically forced Slade into any position, let alone a girl that was much smaller than him. But then, she had the strength of a demon in that form, and he did not.

"Of course I do. Now, have at it, mortal."

Slade suddenly stood and seized her shoulders. "If we do this, we do this my way."

Raven's eyes narrowed and glimmered with a wicked crimson light. Her claws suddenly darted forward and the man's clothing was shredded and even his skin torn in a couple areas. She glanced down.

"Excited, are we?" She moved a claw to his face, but he caught her wrist before she reached him.

"The mask stays," he said forcefully. "And," he moved a hand down. "Not nearly as excited as you are."

Raven smiled darkly, revealing her sharp teeth, and the black cloth covering her was gone as well. He glanced down. She glanced down as well.

"My human side does not like the idea of... sharp objects near her... precious."

"I don't care. Actually, it's better this way." And suddenly, his hands wrapped around her waist and he lifted her up, carrying over to another room with a large bed. He threw her down onto the sheets and dove in.

Raven growled, but after a few minutes those growls faded into harsh panting, her heart beating faster and faster, the blood practically boiling as it coursed through her.

"Enough," she rasped out as she felt the muscles in her stomach clench. "Not yet."

She pushed him back and tried to move on him, but he was faster and flipped her over, slamming her back down on the bed, face down. She rose to her hands and knees, feeling a little dazed, but that only served to heighten her senses, the feelings near her waist especially.

"First time?"

She turned slightly, eyes widening in surprise, the red light fading from them slightly.

"I had to be sure," he muttered.

"Physically, yes," she murmured. "But in my mind there have been things... never mind. Basically, no."

"Good," Slade said gruffly.

Raven's eyes widened again a moment later and the red light returned to them in full force.

"That's... the wrong one - agh -" she panted out, breathing yet more heavily than before.

"I thought you enjoyed pain," Slade still somehow spoke smoothly, although if one listened carefully, his voice was strained very slightly.

"Yours and mine both," Raven suddenly pulled away from him and pushed him back, then pressed down onto his body. "You're not the only one who gets to be in control-"

She had been surprised when he passed out before she did, but then again, he was only human and she was a half demon goddess. It was quite shocking that he had lasted as long as he did, long enough to make her nearly pass out as well, but demons were known for their stamina in such things. It wasn't exactly a fair battle.

Looking down at his chest rising and falling slowly, she wondered what was behind that mask, what remained for her to discover of that man. A lot of things, of course, but was it really her place to pry into it? Or would she let it be and let him remain a mystery, something unsolved... she knew his present emotions, all of his feelings, but not why, not what had happened to cause it, nothing. Would she ever find out?

A black void began to grow from the corners of her eyes, closing in over her vision.

There were many things that she could explore, that she could experience. The wonders of a world of immortals, the powers of a demon god, or any other god realms with the strength that she had the potential to wield. She could maybe find her own true power, a power greater than Trigon's own, a power rivaling that of the strongest demon lords, or find out what incredible and mystical things lay in other dimensions with their immortal beings.

And yet none of those were as interesting as this one man, whose past and suppressed emotions seemed to create a being of infinite depth, more powerful in some ways than any demon lord could ever be, more human than any other human could hope to be as well.

The blackness at the corners of her eyes grew more quickly and soon, her vision was obscured completely. And the world faded around her as the realm of dreams claimed her mind for its own.

She woke up in her own room in the Tower and instantly she began to wonder.

Did it really happen? Or just a dream...

She looked around. Then down at herself. She wasn't wearing anything and it felt like there was something sticky in her hair, and not the hair on her head.


Sighing, she got up and looked down, finding her clothes neatly folded on the floor with a note on top of them.

Perhaps some day you shall find out who I am. But for now, this is all you'll get.


Frowning, she tore up the piece of paper and went to go take a shower.

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