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Chapter 1

Bonnie ran through the deserted corridors of the old witches house as fast as her legs would carry her. She knew that he was going to catch her eventually, this was all just a game to him. To Klause. Suddenly bonnie found herself up against the wall, his breath tingling on her neck as he spoke. "You're lucky, witch, that I want something from you... Otherwise I would have killed you a long time ago." Bonnie shivered at the thought. "We'll, what do you want from me?" She whispered. "Oh miss Bennett." Came the reply. "Have no idea of the power you possess." Then there was dark.

Bonnie woke with a start. It was just a dream. She sighed in relief but her relief soon turned to worry, when she realised that she had no idea were she was. As her eyes adjusted, she saw that she was in quite a large room. There was a bay window to her left with the curtains shut, and a closed door directly opposite her. When she listened Bonnie could hear the hush of people talking coming from below her. Bonnie wearily climbed off the large, four poster bed that she had been placed on and tiptoed to the door. Testing the handle she found that it was unlocked. The door creaked when she opened it and Bonnie heard the voices stop. "Okay there love?" Bonnie spun around to see Klause leaning on the doorframe of the room she was previously in. Panic overwhelmed her and a million different thoughts rushed through her head. "Where am I?" She asked, deciding that this was probably the most important question. "My home." Ame his reply. "Wow! You live here?" Bonnie was awe struck. "...wait. Who els is here?" She asked remembering back to the voices she had earlier heard. "Why, my family, of course."

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