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3 hours later, at the old witch house, still nothing.
Elijah sighed and looked around the room.
Sat in the corner was Rebekah, frantically flicking through the books, occasionally stopping to look at something but then sighing in frustration and continuing.
Next to her sat Kol, practically drowning in books that Rebekah had thrown at him when she had finished to double check through.
At the other side of the room Klaus and Caroline sat together, huddled up, searching through anything they could get there hands on.
Bonnie was sat up in concentration, attempting to contact the witches on the other side.
Last was Elijah pacing the floor, a worried and yet murderous look on his face.
Rebekah suddenly made a sound of relief.
"Finally! Here's something!" She called out.
Everyone in the room turned to look at her, waiting on the edge of their seats, to find out what it said.
"Now, it's under 'curses' in general and is very brief, however it may give us some indication of a cure." She started.
"It says 'too rid oneself of a curse, one must find the being who asked the curse upon them, not the caster'"
Everyone in the room turned to face Bonnie.
"Is there some sort of spell you could do to find out?" Asked Elijah.
"Well-" she started before she was interrupted by Stefan Salvatore.
"You don't need too. I know who did it." He stated.
Everyone in the room looked at him in shock.
"Stefan! We didn't hear you come in!" Exclaimed Rebekah.
Stefan gave Rebekah a small smile before advancing forward towards Bonnie.
"I'm so sorry! I tried to come earlier but they locked me in the cellar." He cried.
"Wait a minute Stefan, back up a bit. What happened." Bonnie asked confused.
Stefan looked up at her.
"Damon and Elena found some powerful witch to curse you." He started.
"I overheard them talking this morning but they caught me listening."
Caroline gasped in horror and Bonnie's eyes filled with tears.
"Why would they do that?" Asked Rebekah sadly.
"I know." Came a reply from the back of the room.
Everyone turned to see Klaus stood leaning against the wall at the back of the room.
"Power." He stated simply.
"Damon's got a problem with people who hold power against him and now so does the doppelgänger."
"Niklaus is right! Both Damon and Elena had a problem with how much power you hold over the two of them and are looking for a way to get rid of you." Elijah thought out loud.
"Well now that we know who is responsible, what do we do about it." Rebekah asked.
Bonnie looked up with a hopeful glint in her eye.
"I think I know who can help us."

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