Karkat grumbled and got up to answer the knock at his door, upset that he was being interrupted from reading up on computer hacking. Even if he was a very bad hacker, he at least wanted to brush up on it.

He opened the door to his hive, and was face-to-face with his friend Kanaya, wearing her everyday Virgo shirt. Karkat was currently wearing his Cancer shirt, although he had planned on removing it and relaxing.

"Kanaya?" said Karkat. "What are you doing here?"

If this were anybody else, Karkat would be aggravated. However, Karkat actually liked Kanaya, and respected her as a good friend.

"Oh, I just wanted to check up on my friend," she said, choosing her words carefully. "See how you're doing."

Karkat raised a eyebrow. "Kanaya, are you alright?"

She glanced away. "Of course. I am well."

"You sure don't sound like it..." said Karkat. "Is something wrong?"

Kanaya looked over at Karkat. "Well, I should probably just say it. I need your blood."

Karkat groaned. "Seriously? Again? You have to find someone else to tap for blood, Kanaya. I like helping you and all, but..."

Karkat grabbed his neck. "It... hurts."

Kanaya smiled a little. "I'm sorry Karkat... your blood is just the most delicious!"

Kanaya's friends had helped her deal with her vampiric tendencies. Oftentimes she would rely on them to deal with her urges, but after tasting Karkat's blood a few times, she'd grown fond of its taste.

"What if I make the process more comfortable for you?" suggested Kanaya. Karkat mulled it over in his head.

"Okay yeah, I guess that could work..."

"Great!" said Kanaya. "Do you have anywhere to sit?"

Karkat brought Kanaya up to his room and he sat down on the bed, figuring this would be the most comfortable place to do this. Kanaya looked around the room.

"So this is what your room looks like," she said. "Kind of... messy."

"It's not messy!" said Karkat. "It's organized chaos!"

Kanaya smiled. "Okay."

She sat down with him on the bed, getting close to him. "Just let me know when you're ready."

"How would you make this comfortable?" asked Karkat.

Kanaya thought for a moment. "I'm not entirely sure, actually. Perhaps I could be slower in my movements."

"That could work," said Karkat.

Kanaya turned her body to face Karkat, laying a hand on his shoulder. She slowly brought her mouth to Karkat's neck, her eyes half-open and preparing to take a bite. Karkat shuddered slightly, and found the situation quite uncomfortable. Kanaya made him uncomfortable.

Karkat felt Kanaya's hot breath on his neck, and instantly his mind began to flood with lewd and sensual thoughts. His eyes widened. Kanaya was his friend! His moirail! Of course there were times that Karkat would imagine himself and Kanaya blossoming into something more, but that was just ridiculous!

And yet…

"Hurry up and bite me already…!" said Karkat. Kanaya didn't have to be told twice.

Kanaya sank her fangs into Karkat's neck, and she heard him clench his teeth and suck in air, not expecting it. Kanaya wasn't very fond of causing pain to her dear moirail, however, she was already halfway done. She began to suck the cherry-red blood from his neck.

Karkat was never used to the sounds that Kanaya made when she sucked his blood. Maybe she did it to all the others, but Karkat always noticed her mannerisms and noises. It always sounded like... moaning.

But it couldn't be. That was just crazy.

Kanaya continued to suck the blood from his neck, and Karkat felt as if Kanaya jammed a straw through his body and sucked his blood from there. He let out a soft groan—a mix of pleasure and pain.

Kanaya adjusted herself and grabbed onto Karkat's shoulders with both hands, pressing her mouth firmly onto his neck and continued her slurping. Karkat felt Kanaya's soft lips on his neck, briefly imagining it as a kiss.

Yeah… just a really weird kiss… that's what Kanaya was doing…

Karkat closed his eyes and sighed, picturing himself making out with Kanaya. It certainly wasn't a bad idea. It certainly wasn't the furthest thought from his mind. Kanaya was a very cute troll, and her intelligence had always attracted Karkat.

For a second, Karkat thought that he had moaned. However, it had come from Kanaya. She let out a soft moan of pleasure and pulled her mouth away from Karkat's neck, finished with her feeding.

"Did you just moan?" he asked.

Kanaya's cheeks flushed a light shade of green. "Perhaps I was enjoying myself too much. Your blood is just so delicious."

"Well good thing you stopped. I don't want to feel more lightheaded than I already do."

Kanaya smiled softly. "Thank you Karkat."

She kissed his cheek and stood up, walking over to the door. But Karkat didn't want her to go. She turned to face him.

"Seriously, thank you. You're a great friend."

Karkat rolled his eyes. "You are too, even if you're a rainbow-drinking freak."

Kanaya smiled and stepped out of the room. They would eventually speak again, as moirails do, but Karkat would not forget this encounter anytime soon.

Once Kanaya had left his hive, Karkat slipped out of his shirt and lied on his bed. His mind was filled with thoughts of Kanaya again. He was looking forward to more encounters. Hopefully they would come soon. He really enjoyed her company.

He wondered if they would ever become anything more than friends. He let out a long sigh and closed his eyes, smiling when she appeared in his mind.

Karkat was flushed for Kanaya.

Author's Note: This story may eventually be changed to an M rating, for obvious reasons.

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