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Karkat awoke the next morning, yawning and feeling better. His head was still foggy, but that was no doubt the result of Kanaya drinking his blood like water from a fountain. He tried to get his bearings.

He was on Kanaya's bed, wrapped in its soft, comfortable blankets. He yawned again, pressing his face further into the pillows. This bed was definitely more comfortable than the one he had.

"How are you feeling?" he heard Kanaya ask. He turned and there she was, walking into the room with a tray of breakfast.

"I don't feel bad," he replied.

"But it's still my fault you basically passed out," said Kanaya. "I'm sorry."

Karkat sat up, facing her. "It's okay Kanaya. I'm actually glad that you enjoyed yourself…"

He smiled softly, as he was never known to give the widest of smiles. Kanaya smiled widely for him, and she sat on the bed with him, kissing his neck.

"I patched up the spot I bit," she said, watching Karkat feel the bandage. "I went overboard… but at least my hunger was satiated." She paused. "Um… we're definitely matesprits now, right…?"

"No shit," said Karkat, and he kissed her lips softly. Kanaya held his face gently, returning the kiss and holding him. Karkat tilted his head slightly and pushed his tongue against Kanaya's lips, asking for permission to enter. Kanaya granted him permission, opening her mouth just enough to allow Karkat to slide his tongue inside, going over her sharp fangs and teeth; over her gums and every bit of her mouth. He loved the kiss, and did not want it to end.

Kanaya did the same, and slid her tongue past his, intertwining them and dancing her tongue around his mouth. A soft moan was elicited by the two of them, and they pulled away softly, their mouths making a small trail of saliva between them. They began panting very softly.

Wordlessly (as if words were even needed), Kanaya tugged Karkat's shirt, planting playful kisses on his cheek. Karkat took off his shirt and threw it aside, exposing his bare chest to Kanaya. She scanned his body with a light green blush, and followed suit, sliding off her shirt and letting it drop to the ground beside her on the bed. She sat there in her lime-colored bra; the color really complimented Kanaya, and she blushed and glanced away.

Karkat brought her face to meet his, and they shared another kiss. Kanaya wrapped her arms around Karkat's neck, bringing him closer and feeling more prominent warmth grow. The sounds of their kissing grew in volume and tempo. They wanted each other, and they were going to have each other, and nothing else mattered.

Karkat got up slightly and pushed Kanaya down, getting above her. He growled softly and pressed his face into her neck, starting to unzip her pants. Kanaya blushed heavily, and helped him remove her pants, leaving her in matching lime-colored panties. He threw them aside, wanting her to stay half-naked for him. He once again pressed his face into her neck, taking in her warm, comforting scent.

"W-What about breakfast?" whispered Kanaya.

"Fuck breakfast. You ARE my breakfast," replied Karkat. Kanaya giggled an "okay" and let him continue. Just as she had indulged in his neck time and time again, it was his turn. He bit her neck softly at first, then placed small bites everywhere on her neck. And with every playful bite, Kanaya would moan in his ear, heavily enjoying the new experience.

"Oh… oh my…~" groaned Kanaya. "Karkat, honey, do not stop…"

Stopping wasn't on Karkat's agenda, and he continued to bite Kanaya's neck with increasing force. Her neck was getting wet with his warm saliva, and salivating was what Karkat was already doing. He dragged his long tongue across Kanaya's neck and cheek, holding her close and tasting her. She melted in his arms, keeping her hands on his waist, and then slowly sliding them up to feel his chest. This close and intimate contact was heavenly, and the two young trolls would always indulge themselves in this behavior after this loving and delirious moment.

Karkat left one more bite on Kanaya's neck; one more big and hard bite, pressing his teeth deep into the skin of her vulnerable and soft neck. Kanaya let out a small noise of pain.

"Aah… Karkat…"

Karkat bit down hard, and pulled his mouth away from her neck, leaving Kanaya a hickey that was very noticeable. He looked into her eyes and moved some of her hair out of her face, staring down at her.

"Since you leave marks on my neck all the time," he began. "I didn't think you would mind if I returned the gesture."

Kanaya gave him a smirk and pulled him down. "Shut the fuck up and kiss me."

They shared another long kiss, and Karkat soon found his hands descending from Kanaya's face to her supple breasts, massaging them in his hands. They felt amazing to touch, and he was careful to treat Kanaya's body with respect and love and affection. He did not want to be too rough with Kanaya's breasts until she said so.

"Squeeze them. Touch me," she moaned. She scrambled to get her bra off, and wrapped it around Karkat's neck. This playful action gained a positive smile from Karkat, who went back to Kanaya's breasts with more vigor. He took a nipple into his mouth, softly suckling it and massaging the other breast with his hand. He squeezed it and played with it, occasionally switching hands and moving onto the other breast. Kanaya put her hand on the back of Karkat's head, keeping him down and busy. "Fucking dammit, Karkat… it feels soooo good… I've wanted this for so long…"

Karkat momentarily stopped to speak, agreeing that he had also wanted this. In this moment, Kanaya gently pushed him aside and requested that he sit on the edge of the bed.

Karkat complied, and realized that his pants were still on. At least, they were. Faster than Karkat would have expected, Kanaya bit down on his pants zipper, and yanked it down with her teeth, exposing him. Karkat was impressed to say the least, and raised an eyebrow.

"Did you learn that from your books?" asked Karkat. Kanaya blushed.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." replied Kanaya. "This is my first time of course… please forgive me if I do poorly, and let me know if I can do better."

Karkat nodded, although he doubted that Kanaya could fail something like this. Kanaya slowly reached into his pants and pulled out his thick, throbbing member, eyes going over every single detail. She appeared to be impressed, as her eyes widened.

"This is… this is downright ridiculous, Karkat!" she giggled. It was Karkat's turn to blush, as his tentacle appendage twirled and curled around Kanaya's soft fingers, already oozing itself onto her hand.

"Kanaya," said Karkat. Kanaya looked up at Karkat, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Please don't bite down," he said with a smirk. Kanaya laughed and rubbed his cock against her cheek, eliciting a moan from Karkat. He kept his hand on the back of her head as Kanaya wrapped her lips around Karkat's cock, going to work on him.

Karkat and Kanaya lay together on her bed, naked and panting. Kanaya had snuggled up to Karkat's chest and rested her head on it, licking her lips.

"Karkat, guess what. This is going to sound ridiculous," said Kanaya. Karkat kept his hands behind his head.

"It is? What is it, sweetie?"

"I had a weird feeling when I swallowed your…" began Kanaya, blushing. "And when I did, I realized that it was almost the same refreshing feeling as when I drink your blood…"

Karkat was still, and his eyes widened in immediate realization. "So that means…"

She slid up to his face, giving him a lustful smile. "It means that you can spend less time with bandages on your neck, and I can spend more time pleasing both of us in another, more intimate way…"

Karkat was in disbelief. "Are you fucking serious? That's the sexiest and most—"

"Ridiculous thing you've ever heard? I agree," said Kanaya. "But I know you love it."

She giggled and touched his chest, sliding her hand back down to his private area. Karkat gasped softly, taken by surprise.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I am thirsty and I would like a drink," she said in a manner that gave Karkat goosebumps. Kanaya began stroking his cock again, and when she began lowering her head down to his groin, Karkat Vantas realized that he probably had the best girlfriend ever.