So, this is it. The conclusion of the story. The last chapter... I hope you'll like it. Big thanks to Myst for beta reading.

Garrus' mandibles flared, his heart raced. The way she touched him, curiously letting her fingers linger on the sensitive bony ridge just below the head of his member, nearly undid him.

Calibrations, he thought, desperately trying to regain some of his shattered self-control. Have to remember to go through the calibrations for... Shepard wrapped her fingers around him and started to stroke him, her thumb rubbing over the ridge that was the core of his pleasure. All coherent thoughts simply melted away.

Steeling himself, Garrus grabbed Shepard's teasing hand. "Wait", he gasped, then put his strong arms around her and rose. Shepard wrapped her legs around his waist, laughing as the turian nearly stumbled when his legs became entangled in his pants. He managed to cross the small distance to the bed before toppling over. The bed creaked as they fell on it in a heap of arms and legs. Shepard helped him tug the pants off and his boots followed suit. Then he took her in his arms again, pressing their bodies together.

Shepard's breath caught in her throat when she felt Garrus' weight on top of her. His body was hard against hers, undeniably real. His carapace scratched against her breasts but not unpleasantly so and when he started to follow the line of her throat down to her collarbone with a wet, slightly rough tongue she had to bite her lip not to moan loudly. He trailed a maddening pattern down her chest to encircle her nipples, first the right and then the left, nipping gently on the hard, sensitive buds. His taloned fingers becoming entangled in the silken tresses of her hair, so strange and alien to him and yet so utterly fascinating and beautiful.

Garrus nipped and licked his way down her body, revelling in the softness of her skin, in the strange wonder of how she trembled and gasped and sighed in response to him. Her rounded hips rose to met his rough caresses, her thighs parting. The scent of her arousal nearly undid him right then and there, but once again, he managed to reign in his yearning.

Gently, very aware of how sharp his talons were, how soft and delicate her body was, he touched the core of her. Her sex was like a flower, slick with wanton juices, glistening, begging to be touched, licked. He dipped his head a little and swept his tongue over the silken folds of flesh and was rewarded with a soft cry and her nails digging into his shoulders.

Her breath was quick and shallow and as he continued to taste of her, to drink of her pleasure, her back arched and she cried out again. He could feel her pulsating heat against his tongue, could feel the waves of pleasure that crashed in over her as she trembled.

"Garrus..." His name fell from her lips like a prayer. "I want you inside me..."

Garrus felt his heart jolt in his chest. His mandibles moving in time with his racing pulse. He followed as her fingers tugged at his shoulders, guiding him to lay next to her. In one smooth movement she straddled him, his erect manhood pressing against her wet sex.

Shepard leaned forward, kissing him, tasting herself as he opened his mouth to her, kissing her back in turian fashion, their tongues meeting in a mock-battle for dominance.

Garrus wrapped his arms around her and ran his talons down her back and over the curve of her buttocks hard enough to make her moan and tremble. Shepard thrust her tongue into the turian's mouth and couldn't hold back a wanton cry as he bucked up against her, rubbing his hard, length against the core of her, the bony ridge creating delicious friction that assailed her nerves and nearly pushed her over the edge.

The dance continued until both of them trembled and begged for release. Then Shepard lifted her hips and then slowly lowered herself onto him, taking her time, enjoying the slow, slow slide until he filled her completely. The talons that dug into her hips in that moment told her not to move and so she stayed there, trembling against him, listening to the breathes that rasped in and out of him together with a low dark growling noise, a sound that was possessive and primal and vibrated through them both.

Garrus looked into Shepard's heavy-lidded eyes. Her pupils where dilated with the drug of passion, and he knew she looked back and saw the same. In this moment desire ruled them both. He wanted to drag it out, wanted to see Shepard, the brave independent Commander, the Hero of the Citadel, who wore her confidence like armour, so vulnerable, so on the brink, praying to fall.

It was as if time had stopped, as if this moment would last forever and they would be locked together by passion until the star died and was reborn. Then Shepard's eyes fluttered close, Garrus purred as he felt her tense around him, and time started moving again. Unable to control himself any longer, he thrust deep within her all-consuming heat.

Garrus could feel the ecstasy build up. He yearned for it with every fibre of his being, just like he could sense Shepard yearning for it.

Their breaths came faster. Shepard raised her hips, her body arching. They moved and moved, like the rise and fall of the tide. Both wanting to prolong the pleasure, both yearning for the explosion into ecstasy.

Shepard's blunt nails raked over Garrus' shoulders, hard enough to leave dark blue rivulets in their wake and he hissed in pleasure. When he rose up in a sitting position with her cradled in his arms, their eyes met.

"I've wanted you for so long, Shepard…" He whispered, his dual toned voice filled with wonder. "I never thought..."

"And I want you", Shepard responded breathlessly, caressing his alien yet beautiful face as if wanting to learn his features by touch. "I need you... Tell me it will be okay..." Her voice was quiet, the longing for a future making it sound younger, softer. She touched the scarred side of his face, running her fingers over the rivulets that marred the skin as if they were a thing of beauty. "Tell me we both will survive tomorrow. That we will go back through the Omega 4 relay, that we will have a future together."

"We will", Garrus promised. "No matter what happens we'll get through it together, Shepard. I promise." She brought her forehead to his, nuzzling against him and set a pace that drew a moan from him. The time for hesitation was gone. She wanted to fall beyond the edge of the universe with him. She pressed against him, creating friction against the core of her pleasure. She arched her back as he thrust up inside her.

Garrus could feel the explosion gathering in her loins, and in his. Control slipped away and a growl rose in his throat as she rode him hard.

Shepard trembled, her fingers dug into Garrus' shoulders. Her eyes were closed, her head flung back and her lips parted to moan his name. He could feel her orgasm, the muscles within her tensed around him. The sensation was delicious, and he grabbed her hips and plunged up into her rapidly, wanting to intensify her pleasure. She cried out and her consuming heat pulsated in time with their franticly beating hearts. With one final thrust he held her in place, spilling himself deep within her tight heat.

She fell against him and he encircled her, hugging her close. They lay together in silence, allowing their breathing to become normal and their hearts to slow its rhythm as they trembled in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Garrus listened to the sound of her breathing, of how it mingled with the purring noise coming from him. She lay with her head resting on his shoulder, one arm draped over his chest, her long, slender leg, entangled with his, his arms, in turn hugged her close, never wanting to let her go again.



He turned his head slightly so he could look at her, the silken strands of her hair brushing against his face. "I want to say that... ah..." He cleared his throat a little, closing his eyes for a second, trying to remember the words correctly. "You walk in beauty, like the night. Of cloudless climes and starry skies; and all that's best of dark and bright meet in your aspect and your eyes..."

A smile curved Shepard's lips and she propped her head up on his chest. Garrus trailed off when noticed the amusement glittering in her gaze. "What?"

"Lord Byron,Garrus?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow.

He let out a huff. "I was going to pretend I had written it myself. Thane said humans often use poetry in their courting rituals."

"Really? Cheap booze, stolen love poems and porn music. My, my, you are the romantic sort aren't you..." She couldn't contain a laugh and was rewarded with a playful smack on her buttocks that made her jump a little and punch him on the shoulder in response.

"Next time I'll just bring the booze", Garrus grumbled good-naturedly. "And maybe a new scope for your rifle."

"Garrus..." Shepard said with a hum in her voice that matched the purr in his. "You don't have to bring anything. All I want is you." She kissed him, brushing her so soft lips against his mouth, planting butterfly light kisses on his eyelids. She brought her hand up to caress his scarred face, and had to laugh again when he rolled on top of her, resting his weight on his arms. "Already?" she asked when he pressed his hips against hers and she felt him hard and wanton.

"Turians regains their stamina quickly", he purred. "We can go all night."

Shepard smiled, her long dark eyelashes fluttering as he gently entered her and started to move. The pace was slow, tender and loving, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved with him in that ancient dance of pleasure and of life, postponing the morning, keeping the darkness that loomed in their future at bay.

It would come, of course, like night follows day. But for now they had each other. For now that was enough.

And like a spirit, or a ghost in the machine, unseen by the two lovers, EDI was watching, analysing, and perhaps, in her own way, smiling gently, as the turian and the human found joy, comfort and love in each others arms.

The end.

It's been so much fun writing this story that now that it has come to an end I feel a little sad... Oh, well... on to bigger, better things, right :) I've already started playing around with the idea of writing an action story featuring Shepard, Garrus, Kaidan and James Vega. Once again, thank you all of you for being so lovely and supportive. This chapter is dedicated to you, dear readers. *** Sharma.