The Flammifer of Westernesse

Based upon the tale of Earendil the Morning Star, as translated from the Elvish tongues by J. R. R. Tolkien

Author's note: My favorite Tolkien poem of all time is Bilbo's account of Earendil's journey in "The Fellowship of the Ring". I cannot hope to ever compare, but the last line, "the flammifer of Westernesse" just seemed to wake something in me. I don't believe I did that thing justice in this poem, but I try.

There was a mariner of old

In elder days, of tales untold

Who built a ship in days of yore

Upon forsaken, blood-strained shores

Who stirred his flower of the foam

In search of hope that failed to come

The sea he braved, the silent west

The grinding winds that had no rest

The islands wrapped by fog and gloom

The lands of bliss, the lands of doom

The Blessed Realm he sought - and found

And there a fate to him was bound -

An endless journey that began

East of the moon, west of the sun

Shine for us, A Gil-Estel!

Of elder days your fair light tells

Of heroes in the barren north

Of shadows torn, of hope brought forth

A dark made light, a world made blessed -

The Flammifer of Westernesse

He brought the cries of dying Men

Of Elves despairing once again

Of lamentations from afar

The joyless songs of Arda Marred

He brought the tidings from the East

Where joy - where hope was sorely missed

Before the Hallowed and the Great

He stood alone, brought forth by fate

Brought forth by something greater still

Than godly wrath and godly will

Despair had sent him on the waves -

And hope him drove the west to brave

Shine for us, oh Star of Hope!

The endless battle never stops

Another dark will ever fall

Another shadow covers all

But you shall not despair, one blessed

The Flammifer of Westernesse

And thus in Valinor the fair

Were spoken words of dark despair

The light made dimmed, the joy made rage

The Valar rising war to wage

Upon the north; bright victory

To finally set the Children free!

And he who brought the tiding there?

What now shall do the messenger?

Of neither kindred he is born

His very soul and fate are torn

Not of this world can he remain

Who brought an end to endless pain.

Shine for us, Earendil!

Triumphant light above us still

With the rising of the sun

With falling dusk when days are done

The long cold night you make the less

The Flammifer of Westernesse

They set for him a ship of light

Fixed in the darkness of the night

The Silmaril, the cursed and loved

They radiant placed high above

Over Middle-Earth to sail

In skies of night to blaze a trail

With every dusk, with every dawn

A mission bold that goes still on

To light the darkest of the days

To answer those who for hope pray

A sign of godly love still set

That the West remembers yet

A brilliant sign in darkened sky

That light - that hope can never die

Shine for us, the Flammifer!

All the trials we would bear

If in the ending of the strife

Your light shall shine yet on our lives

And we will know - we too are blessed

The Flammifers of Westernesse