Sorry this chapter is so short. They'll get longer (I think) but this one was sort of a introduction to the story, even though there's already a prologue.

"Scotty!" Jim screamed into the com. "Get us out of here!"

Jim could see the cracks in the hull getting larger, spreading. If they got any wider they would all be sucked out and into that black hole.

"I'm givin' her all she's got Capin!" Scotty's voice rang through the bridge.

Jim gripped the arms of his seat, the pressure from their failed warp pulling him backwards and giving him a massive headache. "All she's got isn't good enough!"

There was a noise of scrambling and a panicked Scottish man from the other end of the com but Scotty was as lost at what to do as the rest of them.


Okay, except maybe one person.

"Our chances of surviving this are-" Jim cut Spock off with a shouted, "I don't need your commentary right now, Mr. Spock!"

Spock looked thoroughly pissed off at being interrupted. "Captain our only chance of getting out of this alive is to let off of warp."

Jim blinked, the sound of the red alert making his head ring. If Spock hadn't been standing right beside him, clinging to the side of Jim's chair to keep himself up right, Jim probably wouldn't have heard him over all the noise. "But then we'll fall into the black hole, Spock."

"Affirmative Captain."

Jim didn't exactly want to fall into a black hole but the old man had survived it and so had Nero, so they probably would. Key word; probably.

"He's right Captain," Sulu said from the controls. "At this rate our hull will crack in half. We have to let off warp, it's the only way any of us are getting through this. If the same thing that happened to Nero happens to us, we'll make it through this, give or take a few years."

As if on cue, a long crack slicked across the front window. Jim's eyes went wide.

He scrambled back a little in his seat. "Damn it Sulu! Do it, do it, do it!"

Sulu grabbed hold of the warp peddle and pulled it back. Their warp engines slowed and died and almost instantly the Enterprise started to be sucked backwards towards the black hole.

Jim squeezed his eyes closed and muttered a quick prayer. He had no idea who he was praying to but he hoped that whoever it was was listening.

Jim kept his eyes shut for so long in the long silence that followed, anticipating some epic explosion, that he started to wonder if he was dead. He cracked one eye open and looked around. He appeared to be perfectly fine, despite his pounding heart and splitting headache.

"Jesus," he whispered softly, looking around at the stunned faces of the rest of the crew. It seemed like everyone had been expecting something much more climactic.

Jim pressed the com. "Scotty, status report," he said quickly, needing to make sure that everything was in working condition.

"Besides the gapin' hole in the side of my ship, everything seems to be in order Capin," came Scotty's irritated reply. Jim smirked and switched the com to sickbay.

"Bones, everything alright down there?"

"Jim, I hope you figured out a way to get us back to earth. And fast. Because I don't know if we have enough medical supplies to tend to all the wounded we have."

Jim closed his eyes and sighed. "We're not getting back to Earth any time soon, Bones. You're going to have to make do with what you've got."

He heard McCoy scoff. "Brilliant."

Jim switched off the com and rested his forehead in his hands. He stayed silent for a moment, trying to figure out what to do next.

"Scotty," he said, flicking the com again. "Send someone up here to try and repair the crack in the hull. Then get some more people down to sickbay and help repair the damage there."

"Aye Capin."

Jim looked up. "Sulu, Chekov, find out where the hell we are... damn, when the hell we are."

Sulu and Chekov echoed their acceptance and turned back to their consoles.

Jim put his face back into his hands and continued to think. He was definitely thinking. Not sulking.


Jim peeked out through his fingers to look at his first officer.

"You did the right thing, Jim."

Jim laughed bitterly and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, sure Spock. I trapped every person on this ship in some unknown time dimension with no hope of getting home. I should definitely be patting myself on the back."

"You saved every person on this ship."

Spock looked more sincere then Kirk had ever seen him before, which shook him slightly. He wasn't expecting that. "Yeah?" Jim said softly, a small smirk forming. "True."

"Uh, Captain?"

Jim looked up when Chekov called him.

"Yes, Chekov?" he asked, his captain voice slipping back.

"We travelled much farther back in time than I had anticipated. It seems, because of the amount of red matter used to create the black hole, that we were thrown all the way back to the 21st Century."

Jim's eyes went wide and he sat forwards in his chair. "Are you certain?" he asked sternly.

Sulu turned in his chair to look grimly at his captain. "I'm afraid he's right, Captain. To be exact, we've landed in the year 2013."

Jim let out a low breath and sat back in his chair, his hand pressed to his forehead. "Shit," he whispered.

He had no idea what they were going to do. Earth hadn't even begun to explore the galaxy at that point in time. They had no idea about the existence of any of the species that existed in space.

Jim chewed his lip and took a deep breath. "Mr. Sulu, take us to earth."

"But Captain," Sulu started, obviously objecting, but Kirk held up a hand for silence.

"I understand how dangerous this is. Keep us far enough away that the satellites won't detect us but close enough to beam down. I need to see if there is any way for us to get the supplies we need. Even if it's old medicine, it worked."

Sulu nodded once and turned his chair back around. The elevator doors opened and a couple engineers rushed onto the bridge. Jim nodded to them before they started their work repairing what they could of the ship's hull. The crack in the screen was a little concerning.

"Entering warp," Sulu said, slowly pushing the warp peddle forwards.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Jim looked up from fiddling with his clothes to catch the look of concern on Spock's face.

"Of course I am. I'm the Captain, it's my job to make sure that my crew is safe and sound. And that involves getting them medicine."

Spock closed his eyes, searching for patience.

"I'm coming with you," he said, opening his eyes and stepping over to the transporter. Jim raised an eyebrow and looked him up and down.

"You're not really dressed properly, Mr. Spock."

Jim had changed his shirt into something more of the era they were now in. His pants would work, since they were simply black slacks, but he was pretty sure people would stare at his captain's shirt.

"And I think people will notice the ears."

Spock reached up and touched his ear, frowning a little. "That is a little concerning," he said softly.

"No need, I've got it covered," McCoy said cheerfully, walking into the transporter room. He patted the bag over his shoulder. "I've got something for him to hide under."

He was dressed similarly to Jim. Uhura followed closely behind him. Jim couldn't help but stare. She was dressed in a long blue dress. The front half cut off above her knees but the back flowed all the way down to her ankles. It was strapless and she had on a little white jacket cut to the bottom of her ribcage. She had her hair up in it's usual high ponytail.

"Wow," Jim whispered softly. Spock seemed to be having a problem finding words, as he just opened his mouth and closed it again several times. Jim looked at him out of the corner of his eye and snorted.

Uhura smiled and tilted her head to the side. "You approve, I take it?" she said, her sarcasm dripping from her voice. "I did some research on the styles of this era. Apparently they changed yearly back then. This dress is in style this year so I doubt I'll draw too much attention."

"I think you'll definitely be drawing attention looking like that," Jim said breathily, licking his suddenly dry lips.

Uhura raised a snide eyebrow. "Down boy."

She stepped up onto the transporter and smiled at Scotty, who was gaping at her. "When you're ready Mr. Scott," she said smoothly.

Scotty's facial expression didn't change at all, his hand just moved on the peddle as he turned on the transporter.

Jim felt the familiar pull in his gut as they beamed down to earth.

"Where are we again?"

They were standing in what appeared to be a long plain. The grass was a yellowish brown colour. Jim could see a small village a couple miles away.

"I believe we're someone in South East England, Captain."

Jim looked up at Spock and almost choked on his tongue.

He doubled over with laughter, his hand over his mouth to try and keep it in.

"Oh dear god, what are you wearing?"

Spock had a large fur hat with flaps to cover his ears shoved a little lopsidedly on top of his head. McCoy was standing next to him, looking happier than Jim had ever remembered seeing him.

"I believe it is a hat, Captain," Spock said, slightly disgruntled. "You yourself said that I should hide my ears."

Jim tried to sober himself, clearing his throat and straightening. "Yes... Yes I did. Nice work Bones."

McCoy smirked and nodded. "I knew it would look wonderful on him."

Jim lost it again, doubling back over as he choked on his laughter.

"If I'd known we were beaming down in the middle of a field I wouldn't have worn these shoes," Uhura said, slightly annoyed. Jim looked down at her feet, catching sight of the brown 4 inch heels she was wearing.

"What if we get attacked? You're not going to be able to run away."

Uhura put her hand on her hip and glared at Jim thoroughly. "You expect to be attacked?"

Jim shrugged and turned towards the village. "Not particularly. But still, you might want to go barefoot."

Uhura sighed loudly and slipped out of her heels, hooking two fingers over the straps of them to carry them. "Fine, let's go. It's cold out here."

Jim smirked. "Yes ma'am," he sang brightly, following after her towards the village in the dimming light.