Disclaimer: I have no money. I just own Sakura (whom looks like Sakura from CardCaptor Sakura, but has my personality. Get it? Name changes much later on), Smoke, and everything else that does not belong to the All Powerful Watase Yû-sama. I did not take this storyline from any of the Fushigi Yûgi episodes either in the TV shows, the VHS/DVD series, or the OVAs, but I made the outline to be able to somewhat tie into the series, as a sequel. Confused? Gomen! Lol … Watase Yû-sama owns Tasuki, Chichiri, and everything but the storyline, and what's obviously mine. Damn … I wish I owned them …

Summary: This is mostly about Chichiri and Tasuki, but there will be future reference and sightings of the other Suzaku Seishi and characters. The Suzaku Seven, that is, the three that managed to stay alive, have disbanded not too long ago. Chichiri is just as he was before, a wandering, lonely monk. But something extraordinary happens and brings him to an unexpected world with the most hyperactive (no, obsessive) person on the planet. The girl named Sakura (THAT'S ME ^o^!!), upon finding him in her bedroom (no hentai, don't go there), begins to teach Chichiri the ways of the real world. Later on Tasuki comes into the picture, blahblahblah. Sakura and Chichiri then have to teach Tasuki the knowledge and street smarts of the real world all over again, and Tasuki isn't making it any easier. Also, Chichiri and Tasuki pick up something strange from Sakura, and are determined to figure it out. Who is Sakura really? They DO figure this out, however, and from there, the adventure begins … (plot sort of changes as the story progresses)

Note: This story is originally from www.fushigiakugi.com -- my site … Joanna, in the story, is really Mits, on the site. Sakura, in the story … like I already mentioned, is Chiri (me) on the site. The name of this story may seem a bit odd, but I had no other ideas … lol … (also, I think the story gets a lot better as it progresses … don't lose interest right in the beginning! ^^;;; lol)

Fushigi A-kugi … Our Way

~ Prologue ~

Just the Beginning

"Daaa ... I'm getting tired …"

Chichiri, a lonely, wandering monk with his kawaii smiling mask and blue hair, sat down underneath a nearby tree with Mitsukake's pet cat, Tama-neko, or Tama. Mitsukake gave up his life for everyone injured and dead in the war of Konan vs. Kutou. As a friend, Chichiri 'adopted' the kawaii kitten with smiling eyes just like Chichiri's mask. Two peas in a pod.

"I wonder what everyone's doing Tama no da," Chichiri asked the kitten that was deep inside Chichiri's kasa, his magical straw hat. Tama's muffled meow replied and Chichiri smiled.

"I think we should visit Tasuki … he's the only one alive to visit anyway no da!" He chuckled and took off his mask. Chichiri placed his staff across his lap, protectively enclosed in his palm for immediate protection, yawned and tipped his hat to cover his face. Within seconds he was asleep.


Meanwhile in a totally different world a girl with medium length light brown hair turned over in her sleep. The alarm clock with the glowing red letters read two in the morning. As she turned over her arm swung over the edge and landed on a number of scattered homework right below.

Her hand landed on the paper, containing her Science work, and stayed motionless for ten minutes until something out of the ordinary happened. The paper glowed an eerie red … dull and faint at first, but got brighter with crescendo each second that ticked away. Her pet cat had already escaped from her room and huddled in the hallway, clearly frightened.

The girl's fingers twitched, causing some pictures to fall onto the glowing paper. The pictures were all of Chichiri, either his face or his whole body, black and white or color. Immediately the homework paper grew brighter, and the light engulfed the whole room. The girl didn't move or make any reaction to the light. Her fingers just twitched a bit more, spreading the pictures out just a little more.

That's when her life would change for the better, and maybe for worse.