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~ Epilogue ~

            "…And that's why I'm back here with you guys."

            "Wow…you did all of that for us?" Mits asked.

            "Sure did." I smiled.

            It might have taken a long time, but I explained to everyone everything that had happened while I was in Heaven. The whole ordeal about my powers, and being the Heir, and now suddenly returning to them as fast as I had left them…it all had to be explained. I was glad I made the choice that I did.

            I was wrapped up in a group hug again, this time gentler.

            "We had though' we'd lost ya fer good back there," Tasuki uttered out in the middle of everybody. "Jus' don' do sumthin' like tat again."

            I smiled again and ruffled his hair. "I won't, you can count on it…my powers are gone and I have nothing to do with Suzaku anymore."

            "Now you technically don't have a real blood-related family, no da," Chichiri piped in his chibi-sounding voice. "Now that Suzaku is out of your life, na no da."

            "That's true…" I lowered my head, thinking for a moment. "I hadn't given that a thought yet, I didn't realize…"

            Mitsukake towered above the rest of them by a little bit. "Just think of us as your family now, I guess, you've got nowhere else to go."

            "…NOT like you're going anywhere, anyways…" Mits made her point across very well, and gave me a stern look. I shook my head, assuring her that I had no such intentions.

            The group hug broke up and I stood from my stool at the counter.

            "I'm…just gonna go upstairs to my room for a few minutes…" I walked out of the kitchen and headed to the stairs. "Gonna get changed out of these robes."

The rest, they stayed in the kitchen, totally silent.

After getting changed into a plain black T-shirt and jeans. I made my way down the stairs again. I met Mits, who was by herself, in the living room. She called me in for a moment.

"We need to start thinking about getting jobs for all of us to pay off the rent and all that other stuff," She mentioned casually as I sat down where she was on the couch. I nodded.

"Sounds good…I need something to get my mind off of recent … things…" My eyes glazed over for a minute, reflecting. I shook my head once I noticed I was going off-track. "Any ideas so far?"

She was quiet. "Not really." I sweatdropped and hung my head at the answer. She laughed and continued what she was going to say. "We can all just wander around the city for a day and find a job, you know…step one of the procedure."

"Logically speaking," I grinned with my fangs. "I guessed as much as that…seems easy enough for me."

"Wanna start today? I've got nothin' else ta do." She looked at me.

"Sure…just…" I looked around with a confused expression. "Where's everybody?"

She giggled. "They happen to be already out looking for their jobs," ...and she smirked.

I urked. "Ah…okay."

We stood at the front door, Mits strapping up the belts on her ankle-high boots that were showing off because of her knee-length black dress. I spent 10 minutes lacing up my knee-high boots and threw on my dark red sweater that reached down to where my knees bent, buttoning the first button and none of the rest.

"We'll start more downtown, since the stores near the apartment are kind of dead and don't pay well," Mits said while she adjusted her white over T-shirt and tied up her hair quick.

"I'm following you, I guess," I smiled, pulled on my fingerless black gloves, and shut the door behind us and headed downtown.

We had reached our destination and stopped, causing a blockage between rushing people trying to get to where they needed to go.

"We're all going to meet back at the apartment after we've found a job…okay?" Mits shouted over the noises of the cabs, people, and just everything.

"Right!" I yelled back, then, not knowing where to start, just walked aimlessly down the street past where Mits stood. Mits made a break for across the street, and I waved goodbye to her before continuing.

-- (Hour ½ later…) --

Mits passed a few stores, most being drug stores, 99 cent stores, and thrift shops … all seemed unappealing to her. She walked lazily passed by a weird looking costume store, and then a few expensive snooty clothing shops, until coming to the end of the street with a McDonald's, to where it broke off to a four-way intersection.

A mass of people walked out of the McDonald's as she approached it, and the crowd was so large she had to wait for it to subside. Mits casually people-watched those who were in the crowd, but her eye caught one person in particular that didn't stand out all that much from the rest.

The person, now recognizable as male, was wearing a long baggy sweatshirt with a hood, a hat he wore underneath that, and baggy pants with a metal chain that glinted in the dull city sunlight. Mits could only catch mostly the side and back view of him, but she could have sworn that she had seen him before.

She decided to follow him as he sipped on his drink he had purchased from McDonald's, and just waited him out, until he decided to turn around for some unknown reason…then she would get a look at his face.

No sooner had she started following him did he turn around, backtrack to the nearest garbage and throw out his cup. Mits gasped, and then peered more at him to make sure she wasn't hallucinating.

The guy's hair, from what you could see through the hood and the hat he wore, was midnight blue, thin, and spiky. On his right cheek, was a clean slice of a scar running down his tanned skin, and his eyes were a bright emerald green.

"No way…" She weaved in and out of the crowds, making sure not to lose contact to where he was, and made her way to him as best she could. The guy started walking away from the garbage can, when she started to call out to him. He turned around, looking for the owner of the voice.

Mits seemed to have appeared out of nowhere from the depths of the crowds. She looked up and stared at him, now realizing that she had NO idea what to say to him! What could she say to prove her suspicions?

"Hey, y'know…you look really familiar," She cocked and eyebrow, rested a hand on her hip and pointed at him with her other hand. "What's your name?"

The guy looked at her funny. "I'm here lookin' fer a few people I used ta kno'…and I've neva met YOU before," She stuck his hands inside his pockets. "I've come from faaaaar away, lookin' fer 'em…"

Mits peered at him again, wondering. "Who is it that you're looking for?"

"You Prolly wouldn' kno' 'em…but…" He took out his hands from his pockets and waved them around, suddenly turning to a totally different person—with enthusiasm. "One has bright orange hair an' cusses an' drinks till hell breaks loose, he's also a close buddy o' mine…the other has blue hair tat kinda sticks up like tis," and he made a motion with his hands. "He's pretty weird, kinda hyper… and teh last one used ta be tall, but is kinda short now but wit' green hair tat kinda sticks up all 'way 'round an' wears a headband…" he caught his breath. "Ya seen 'em?"

Mits stood there, her jaw totally dislocated from her skull as she had been gaping. Then she started laughing out of irony.

The guy got defensive. "Whhaaat?!"

Mits shook her head and waved her hands around. "No no … it's just…I LIVE with three guys JUST like them!" She wiped her eye, as she had been laughing so hard. "The irony is astounding."

He stared at her in shock. "…REALLY?!" He acted even more like an idiot than before. "NO KIDDIN'?!"

She grabbed his arm and started sprinting down the sidewalk heading to the apartment. "C'MON…LET'S GO!" She dragged him down the street. "By the way…I'm Mits! YOU STILL HAVEN'T TOLD ME WHO YOU ARE!!" She pressed him more, even though she had a pretty good idea who he was already…

-- back in the apartment –

I stepped inside the apartment, sighing with exhaustion and unlacing my boots, placing them at the foot of the front door.

"I'm back!" I yelled as I hung up my long red sweater, but kept my gloves on.

I heard Chichiri yell from the kitchen. "Okaerie, no da!" Mitsukake and Tasuki, I got no response from.

I walked into the kitchen. "Well…at least one person's polite 'round here." I grinned at Chichiri, and gave Mitsukake and Tasuki a glare of death.

Mitsukake got defensive, talking with his mouth full as he was in the middle of eating his sandwich. I was lenient on him and didn't get mad at him; I rounded on Tasuki.

"Did I do something, Tasuki?!" I got in his face, baring my fangs at him. He looked at my lazily through a slitted eye. His head was lying in his crossed arms leaning on the counter. He must have dozed off.

"Eh?" He mumbled, half-awake. I wiped my brow and lowered my gaze, then patted him on the head.

"Never mind…" I noticed Mits was still the only one out. "Where's Mits at? She still out?"

Chichiri nodded, his bangs flopping every which way, as he cleaned up the kitchen after he had finished cooking. I crossed my arms.

"Wonder when she's getting ---!"

The door flew open, cutting my sentence short. Mits bounded in, kicked off her boots quick, and dragged in the straggler she brought with her and he took off his shoes and walk nervously behind her.

Mits popped into the kitchen, a wide, knowing and mischievous grin spread across her face. She looked like she knew something that we didn't, and we really wanted to know this something.

"Okkayy…what's going on?" I smirked as she squeaked and ran from sight for a moment, and Mitsukake, Tasuki, and Chichiri looked up and at the scene before them. Mits came back dragging a disgruntled stranger into their kitchen.

"Wh--?" Is what I was going to say, but I was again answered before I could even ask. The guy looked at everybody, his eyes widened in acknowledgment and excitement. He waved at everybody and made a half-smile. Mits presented him to everybody.

"Minna-san…meet KOUJI!"

The REAL End!!


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