A/N: Hello All! I have come back with yet another Fan fiction on the kick ass avengers! I watched the movie recently (For the 16th time in the past few months) and I realized that marvels screwing us over! I mean really disney do none (Tony and Pepper P. aside) Get the happy romantic ending we all are dying for? or at least go further into Black eyes relationship (Hawkeye and Black widow)! So to help with the waiting for the years until I'm old enough to work for (Own) marvel and get them to make a movie about it I'll write how I interpret there relationship. Enjoy!

Natasha Romanoff Pov

"You sure you're not free tonight Nat?" asked Clint as he shot another dummy down, but unfortunately two shot up in its place. Practice was drawing itself out.

"As much as I'd love to go see Resident Evil: Retribution Furry wants me to scare the newbies." I roll my eyes and snort as one of the drones shot at me. Dodging swiftly I run then round house kick it. The drone falls to the ground.

"Maybe another some other time then, but good luck with Ronnie" He replied as the room started flashing green meaning the training session was complete. "A little birdie told me he was planning to ask you to dinner. Poor thing. They don't learn do they."

I laugh softly "They never do, but you'd think they'd take the warning hence the name at least right?" Clint snorted as his cell started to ring, it belted out what i'm guessing was somebody that I used to know.

"Goty?" I teased as Clint picked up the phone and walked out of the sparring room.

Things have been hectic at shield since the attack in New York. Alot of lives lost. Alot of innocents hurt and killed and agents never the less. So I've been helping Fury with recruiting new agents and other things not of my job description. You'd think he'd have a possible Phil replacement, I mean in this line of work and all, but I suppose Furry didn't want to think of the possibilities of that happening.

I looked outside the glass door and saw Clint pacing. Even stressed the man looked good enough to eat.

Did I really just think that? I shook my head trying to shake the feeling off. I mean sure my partner was good looking, most of the guys at sheild were. Gaaah I'm probably just beat. I haven't slept in what? Two days now? I quickly walked past Clint and half dashed into the bathroom almost tripping on the trash can and threw water on my face. Maybe that would wake me up a bit.

Clinton Barton's Pov

"Yes, I did ask her. She has to work tonight. No I did not try to seduce her with my 'arows of looove' Steve I was joking about those!" I replied into my phone.

Ever since a few weeks ago during a drunken game of truth or dare, yes truth or dare (Steve doesn't gamble) The avengers men took a sudden interest in my (non-existent) love life, which just happens to involve a certain red head.

"I'll talk to you people later, I actually have a job I have to get back to!" Click. I hung up in the nick of time as Natasha seeming slightly jolted, rushed past. Did she hear what I said? Probably not or she would've stopped. Or maybe she was embarrassed. I walked past Natasha and grabbed my jacket."See ya later Tash"? I grinned a bit while putting it on. She only nodded seeming lost in her own thoughts.

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